Cipro Swelling Of Hands

Cipro Swelling Of Hands, Here is the MSD-sized head that I sculpted for the St. Louis BJD Con in November.  He's an LE of 30, 200mg Cipro Swelling Of Hands, Cipro Swelling Of Hands uk, in a color that matches Volks pureskin normal pretty darn well.  I'll be opening sales for him soon for con-goers for delivery at the event... and I will be selling the leftovers online, Cipro Swelling Of Hands india. 150mg Cipro Swelling Of Hands, Still in the air on names, but I'm leaning toward either Laumei or Peabody for the sculpt name.  My favorite thing about him is the crook in his nose, Cipro Swelling Of Hands paypal.


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Is Generic Cialis The Same

Is Generic Cialis The Same, The weekend was nice. :)  And now I have another 7 days off!  YAAAAAAAAAY.

On Saturday I went through all the clothes, eyes, and wigs to decide what was staying and going.  Lacey's entire trouseau is heading out, minus the Anotherspace DoA 5th anniversary outfit.  If you've ever wanted a red Atelier Momoni bunny outfit or the School of Vambane girl's outfit, well, I'll be selling them after they're lintrolled and photographed.

I am going to be listing the following heads on DoA as well:

  • White K-Doll Karon head

  • NS Ylisande head

  • NS Infinitidoll Louis head

  • NS Nanuri 2005

  • NS LUTS DoA Abadon with LE faceup (open-eyed)

  • Slightly modified NS POPO Doll NanGong You

  • Tan F-40 head

I'll also have a number of urethane and glass eyes that will be going, Is Generic Cialis The Same paypal. Hurrah. I hate selling things, though.., Is Generic Cialis The Same. it's such a hassle. This week, though I'm going to photograph everything and get it out.

I repainted Swill yesterday and he looks pretty awesome. His old faceup was something like 4 years old... Is Generic Cialis The Same, >_< What a difference. The expression is the same, 50mg Is Generic Cialis The Same, but the colors are much deeper and the linework is better. I'm hoping to photograph him too. I also repainted Mandy's Napidoll Shane, who is a new character. I'm not going to steal her thunder, but I'm pleased with him. The head was going on a Souldouble body, which is REALLY pink, Is Generic Cialis The Same. So I airbrushed it with a very translucent pink and it matches really well. I'm still not good with an airbrush, so I am always excited when I can make something work, 200mg Is Generic Cialis The Same. I'm sure she'll post pics sometime soonish too.

Next up for painting (hopefully this week):

  • Doc

  • Twist

  • Harlequinn

  • Shout

  • Delia

  • Eden

I'm excited that I'm getting an Alain head for Fitz!  It should be perfect.  I may start modifying Mandy's School A this week... Is Generic Cialis The Same, and I may resume working on my long-term automaton project as well.  I need to decide if the automaton is having both human-looking eyes or if I'm going to make one more mechanical.  I'm not sure now, since the School A has a mechanical eye.

I'm also torn on whether or not I want to repurpose a trio of dolls... Cog, Shai, and Breaker.  Cog would become Valentine, Shai would probably become Oscar, 150mg Is Generic Cialis The Same, and Breaker... well, he'd probably get sold.  I'm not sure, though.  Cog to Valentine is a good move (otherwise I was planning to eventually buy a Crobidoll Lance because they look very similar).   I'm not sure on Shai to Oscar, though.  The expression and eyes/nose are a good match for Oscar, but Oscar is always described as having full lips... which the Lucas does not have. >_<  Ugh, dolls, Is Generic Cialis The Same usa.

I need to order more Mr. Color.  Leeke has the most colors at the best price.  Does anyone want anything from Leeke?  I could organize a small group order if desired.

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Cipro Overnight Visa

Cipro Overnight Visa, I suppose this counts as the DIM casting service...

Awhile ago, I asked DIM if I could modify my MiniMee head and have them recast it for me.  They said this was okay, Cipro Overnight Visa japan, so I modded an extra MiniMee head I had from when I ordered the body a couple years ago... and I sent the head off to them about a month ago.

I really like how it came out. :)


The new head is on the left, Cipro Overnight Visa craiglist, the old head is on the right.  I made a lot of small changes.... the biggest, most improtant change, though, was that I moved the neckhole quite a bit.  It has always bothered me that the neck hole was so close to the chin because it made it look like he always had his chin tucked down.  Not particularly sexy!  I figured that as long as I was having the head recast, I'd fix some other things.  I lifted the brow ridge a bit, thinned the nose, and evened out the lips.  I also widened the mouth and curved it up a bit more to make it more smiley.  Knife should always smile!  Last, I cut out the eyes entirely and resculpted them a bit smaller and set further into the socket to give the features more depth.  All in all, I like it.., Cipro Overnight Visa. it's more my style, Cipro Overnight Visa coupon, I guess.

Of course, I've basically altered the MiniMee head into the head I was going to sculpt from scratch... so I guess I'm off the hook for that project, Cipro Overnight Visa overseas.

I'm thinking of finishing Fawn (finally) and seeing if there would be interest in getting her cast by DIM.... I don't know when I'll have time, Cipro Overnight Visa ebay, but it's an idea.

I can't wait tilll January, when I will have time to sculpt again.

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Buy Clomid Forum

Buy Clomid Forum, I love the new twins.



Peakswoods Fairies of Fairytales Hucky twins.  They're about YoSD sized and are freaking adorable.  I'm also impressed with the quality.  The sculpt is very good, and the resin is really nice... 20mg Buy Clomid Forum, it's heavy with just the slightest bit of tooth.  They came with 3 sets of hands, all of which are adorable.  My heart is alight with squee.

Kani (left) has a magic mutation that his twin does not... his parents haven't figured out yet that it's why he's always hungry and has slightly metallic eyes.  Kani is the quiet, Buy Clomid Forum canada, clingy one who schemes and pouts.  He likes to hang on to Swill's legs when he's cooking for brewing potions, and someday he wants to learn how to make the healing draughts too.  Kana (right) is boisterous, 1000mg Buy Clomid Forum, troublesome, and willful... but not in any way a malicous kid.   He just has a lot of energy.  He loves to sing and climb, and really only settles down when his battery is on empty, Buy Clomid Forum.   Both love monkeys.

I also took profile pics for Proof and Vanilla.  They're nothing special.., 750mg Buy Clomid Forum. I'll need to take them again soon, so I just snapped some quickies.  Vanilla needs a new wig (this one hides his face too much) and Proof needs new eyes (he needs 18s, 200mg Buy Clomid Forum, but I only have his old 16s).



(I like him so much better with the darker line between his lips... this was before.).

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What Is Cipro

What Is Cipro, Sometimes I'm jealous when I read friends' LJs... because it seems like other people post more progress pics and finished commissions.  I don't post pics before the owner is given the opportunity (it seems like stealing their thunder)... and by the time they've received the doll, I've mentally moved on and never post pics.  That's not good, is it.

So anyway, I thought I'd document my Ryoya modding a little, and show a little bit of how I analyze things both before and during a project.  A lot of artists are really organic... 250mg What Is Cipro, and I really envy that.  I am really analytical, and tend to really think and plan before I start a project.

I forgot to take a pic of his blank head for reference...  I wish I had.  Here's a pic from Y!J of the unmodded head with faceup as a starting point, What Is Cipro.


The faceup is not good.  The Oreo cookie mouth is highly distracting.... and really very unflattering.  The biggest problem for me is that the eyebrows are painted entirely below the brow ridge, making the eyes seem close-set... the angle and placement of the brows creates a snarky expression.  Though this coupled with the mouth's forced smile makes him look... alternatingly menacing and dim-witted.  The geometric eye shape is accentuated by downward-pointing liner at the outer corners.  The face is blushed heavily in mauvey, vaguely bruise-like colors... What Is Cipro, the placement of color serves to sharpen his already impressive cheekbones.

From a technical standpoint, What Is Cipro japan, the faceup is gorgeous - the linework is fabulous, the artistry is so totally there.  It is just not really suited to this head.

With the paint off, the head retains much of the same character, but the lines of the face are much more apparent.  The corners of the mouth are very deep... and they do have a slightly upward quirk even without the heavy dots.  The eyes are as angular as they look with paint, and the slight crease at the outer corner is sculpted rather than just having been painted like I had thought.  The face is very detailed and somewhat "craggy", What Is Cipro craiglist, especially the forehead.  The brow ridge is low and sharp, very close to the dop of the line.

The biggest issues I have with the head are all centered around the eye region.  My goals are to reshape the eyes and soften their edges... and to give him an eyelid crease.  The character isn't Asian, so I would prefer he have an eyelid crease.  At the same time, I want to "lift" his brow ridge.  This will make him look less scowly and will also be rather necessary if I open the eye upward at all.  Other minor fixes are that I would like to work on the outer edges of the bottom lip a bit.  On people, the lower lip sort of tucks into the upper lip at the corner.  If you look in the faceupped picture, his don't.., What Is Cipro. and there are those odd places where the mouth catches the light at the corners.  Then there is also the furrowed brow - that needs to be sanded a bit.

In general, I want to "youthen" him.  The head is a bit too mature, verging on looking old.

Here is where he is now.


I think it's coming along.., What Is Cipro usa. What Is Cipro, I have done more work on the (viewer's) right side, the other is still somewhat rough and uneven.

Putting in eyes shows me that I need to fix the inside corner of the (again, viewer's) right upper eyelid.  It has a weird curve to it that doesn't match the other.  And doesn't really look good.  This pic also shows how unfinished the left is...


The things I can't fix about the head are the hollow cheeks and the deep corners of the mouth.

I find Ryoya really compelling because he's not beautiful... he looks like a beautiful man who has lost a lot of weight.  That suits Proof, due to his situation for the last few years (being on the wrong side of a revolution is rarely a good thing)... in an ideal world, I would have a Tsukasa for Proof.   To me, he looks a little like a Tsukasa who's got some health issues, What Is Cipro.

Not sure, 50mg What Is Cipro, though.  Popped his wig on him, and from the front I can see it.


But in 3/4 view, I'm not so keen.


He does look good with Vanilla and Versai, though.. so that is in his favor.

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Indocin And Colchicine Compatibility

Indocin And Colchicine Compatibility, I had strange dreams again, this time that I was living overseas.  I dreamt that I was in high school in Korea with a few people who I have been emailing a lot lately.  My uniform was very cute and my hair was long again.  (For some reason, I always have long hair in my dreams... unless I'm dreaming that I am a boy, which seems to happen a lot too.)  The teacher told me that I was overthinking Hangul, and you just read the syllables as whatever they look most like in English.  So lt would be "Lt" and oh would be "oH."   Then there was some thunder and someone told me that my umbrella had been stolen.  My alarm really startled me and I almost knocked Sebastian off my dresser when I turned it off.

I know that they say when you dream, it's your deepest cycle of sleep.  But I always wake up exhausted when I dream, 30mg Indocin And Colchicine Compatibility.

Last night I finished painting 4 heads!  2 Yos, a Cristal, and a Yujin.  Lately if I have more than one head to paint, I work them all in stages.  I'd been working on these 4 in bits since Sunday night. Indocin And Colchicine Compatibility overseas, After having vanished from tracking for 4 days,I fought the post office to hand over my Ryoya.  YAY!  It's the first time I've been in a Volks lottery split... and the wait is brutal.  Watching everyone else get their Ryoyas has been torture.  Still, my split partner has been nice to work with, and I got a much better price than the ones going in the MP now, Indocin And Colchicine Compatibility.
He is a really weird head.  Some parts of the sculpt are almost entirely unappealing.  However, just getting his faceup made him probably 100 times more attractive!  I meant to take a pic, but then forgot in my gusto to start modding him.  Do far I have reshaped the eyes... and I am in the process of giving him an eyelid crease and.., Indocin And Colchicine Compatibility mexico. for lack of a letter description, lifting his brow ridge.  He'll also have some changes made to the corners of his lower lip.  He's really starting to look more like what I pictured for him.  Is he Proof?  I don't know yet.  But I think the potential is there.

I've been trading a lot lately... Indocin And Colchicine Compatibility, currently in process with trading Proof's old body for an SD13 body.  I also just concluded a head trade (pics forthcoming, probably this weekend)... trading some eyes at current.  I'm digging trading.  I should see if people want to trades wigs.... 200mg Indocin And Colchicine Compatibility, I'm excited because I'm off Friday, Monday, and Tuesday.  Granted, it was time I'd asked off for Dolpa... but it still works out well because I have a metric fuckton of packing to do.  The goal is to get the back bedroom completely packed (everything off the bookshelves and into boxes) and to get all the dolls packed up in their boxes.  Well, most of the dolls anyway, Indocin And Colchicine Compatibility coupon.

We got the mortgage commitment yesterday... so yay, looks like the house is still moving forward.  I can't wait to move. :)  I'm so excited about my little granny house.

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What Is Amoxicillin Used To Treat

What Is Amoxicillin Used To Treat, It's been a decent weekend, though I haven't caught up on sleep at all.  I just can't sleep in lately... I know sleeping in doesn't actually help you "catch up" on sleep... but I feel like it would help.

I finally painted Vanilla's head.  The El head works really well with the Feeple body...  but I can't believe that CP used the same size hands for Delf as they did for Feeple.  The hands are small even on Delf and are absolutely TINY on Feeple.  I swapped Twiglimbs hands in for Vanilla, gave the (gorgeously sculpted) Feeple hands to Proof.  And everyone's happy!  The faceup is not my best, 40mg What Is Amoxicillin Used To Treat, but it's good enough to stay for now.... and I'll hopefully be able to take some pics of General Vanilla and Proof later.  We'll see if smushing Vanilla's wig in the bookshelf will help it sit better.  Either way, he'll probably be getting a new wig because this one is too dark. (I had originally bought it for Shai, but Shai's forehead looked gignormous in it.)

Michelle came over for a couple hours yesterday, and that was nice!  We hadn't seen her in awhile.., What Is Amoxicillin Used To Treat. and we got to see her sunlight F-01 girl and her Irvin!  Irvin is much darker in normal lighting than he seemed in NY.  In NY, he really didn't seem much darker than regular sunlight.  But the color is actually very nice, not orangey.., What Is Amoxicillin Used To Treat japan. and I really like how Michelle has accented his skintone with violet eyes/wig/clothes/jewelry.  It works really well.

We also started watching Air Gear last night.  When I say we started watching, I mean we ended up being up until 1:30 after watching 10 episodes.  The 10th episode got really weird, and I kinda wish we'd saved it for today because by then my brain sort of went "Buuuhhh.....?"  Seriously, What Is Amoxicillin Used To Treat usa, Roommate and I just sort of stared at the screen with matched looks of "WTF!  This is a shonen series!"  It's an oddly addictive series, though, and I really like the characters.  The only thing I just can't get into is the character age set.  They have these huge-boobed 14 year olds and the main character (with his big manly voice) is supposed to be 13.  It's not like Eva where it seems like young characters have been forced into really stressful stituations that force adult maturity... it's more like the characters are older and they're just SAYING that they're the age they are so that they can still mix high school hijinks with their supersnazzyATaction.  I mostly just superimpose it onto college-age characters, then get sort of jarred when they mention their ages. But it's a really fun series, 500mg What Is Amoxicillin Used To Treat, I wouldn't mind reading the manga.  I love Agito/Akito. :)

I think today i'm going to finish the eye-opening on the stargazer and try again on John Barleycorn's faceup.  Yesterday just didn't work well... I think it was the humidity.

Anyway, 100mg What Is Amoxicillin Used To Treat, breakfast, photos.

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Can You Take Bactrim With Flagyl

Can You Take Bactrim With Flagyl, I think the size is good.  I do think he's the 22" though.

, 200mg Can You Take Bactrim With Flagyl. 150mg Can You Take Bactrim With Flagyl. 1000mg Can You Take Bactrim With Flagyl. Can You Take Bactrim With Flagyl japan. Can You Take Bactrim With Flagyl australia.

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Generic Synthroid

Generic Synthroid, It's March first, and we have a couple inches of snow on the ground after it snowed fairly steadily for the last three days. Last night seemed like something of a freak blizzard when I was leaving work, and I was expecting there to be even more snow when I got up this morning. Generic Synthroid india, It seems that it must have tapered off after the commute, though.

So it makes me think it's not too late for this photoshoot. :) I took these pics this morning, 10mg Generic Synthroid. I played in PS to try to tone down the rather golden light this morning and try to make it a little more wintery with a bluish cast, Generic Synthroid. Kinda desaturated it and upped the blue... I think it got the right feel, 200mg Generic Synthroid, mostly.

Also trying to get away from taking just headshots, though I still don't have any full-length ones. Also trying to change the pose at least a little in each pic, 1000mg Generic Synthroid, rather than just shooting the same pose from different angles.

Guest appearance from Apollo, 250mg Generic Synthroid, the stern Kohya from Stardust Asylum.


winterlove3.jpg winterlove4.jpg winterlove5.jpg winterlove8.jpg



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Where Do I Buy Colchicine

Where Do I Buy Colchicine, I am so tired of studying.  I hate the stock market and everything in it.  I hate bonds, especially municipal bonds.  I hate the treasury issues that are quoted in 1/32nds of par.  I hate par.  I hate settlement dates.  I hate the MSRB.  I hate FINRA.  I hate Regulation T.  I hate margin.  I hate options.

I love Cog though, Where Do I Buy Colchicine overseas. Where Do I Buy Colchicine us, <3

Cog-mai's new body came today, and wow..., Where Do I Buy Colchicine craiglist. 750mg Where Do I Buy Colchicine, they really did an amazing job matching his resin to pureskin.  It looks so good.

Some pics for my dear Lizzu, Where Do I Buy Colchicine canada. :)

cogmai-psb2.jpg  cogmai-psb1.jpg

cogmai4.jpg cogmai-psb3.jpg.

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