Generic Name For Diflucan

Generic Name For Diflucan, I tried pouring again last night... A pale tan in a different resin. Again, 10mg Generic Name For Diflucan, the pieces were stuck in the mold.

I've slit the mold in a few places and extracted the pieces... And between all three attempts I have enough mismatched pieces to string one doll.

The colors of the first two days go together well - they're the same basic color, the first day just has blue pearl, Generic Name For Diflucan. The newest pieces do not go together well, Generic Name For Diflucan us, being that they are much paler and more opaque.

I'm playing with two ideas for customs. 200mg Generic Name For Diflucan, I could either do an automaton and do the mistmatched pieces brass and then work the mechanical theme throughout.... Or I could work with the blue pearl and airbrush some areas pearlly metallic blue and work with more color gradations... Generic Name For Diflucan, Then make a little fimo wig that's translucent and sparkly like the one I made for Lacey for the triathlon....

I like both ideas and would have fun with either custom.. So I'm not sure which direction to take, Generic Name For Diflucan canada. I think I lean toward automata in general, but the pretty pretty princess in me would love to make a sparkly fairy. Generic Name For Diflucan uk, Opinions.

I'm not doing any casting until the procasts come in.., Generic Name For Diflucan. Then I'll use one of them to make a new set of molds. I need to focus on Starling and Derrida now anyway... And make a start on Darkling. I want to start him no later than January 15th....

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Augmentin Vs Amoxicillin


eden-mod2sm Augmentin Vs Amoxicillin, O, do not forsake me, my indolent friends
O, do not forsake me though you know I must spend
All my darkest hours talking like this
For I am one thousand years old

One thousand years old
Sure, you think that's old
One thousand years old
But what do you know.
In my darkest hour I'm talking like this
For I am one thousand years old

Oh, some have forgotten the flower of speech
And walks through the garden where I go to defend
Misbegotten notions while talking like this
For I am one thousand years old

One thousand years old
Sure, 200mg Augmentin Vs Amoxicillin, I'd say that's old
One thousand years old
But what do I know. 750mg Augmentin Vs Amoxicillin, In your darkest hour, my indolent friends
We'll be one thousand years old

[They Might Be Giants, O, Augmentin Vs Amoxicillin coupon, Do Not Forsake Me)

Mod of a Volks Eden for Gus... Augmentin Vs Amoxicillin mexico, much carving, a million years of sanding, and a faceup with age spots and uneven pigmentation.  The wrinkles are largely carved, 150mg Augmentin Vs Amoxicillin, but there are also smaller painted wrinkles for more texture.

It was interesting to think "Well, what makes someone look old?" and trying to decide how an Eden would age.  I think it turned out pretty well.

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Will Amoxicillin Heal Tooth Absess

I think the mod Ryoya does Proof pretty well.   He's very different from old Proof Will Amoxicillin Heal Tooth Absess, , but I think the character continuity is there... especially through the faceup, clothes, 500mg Will Amoxicillin Heal Tooth Absess, and wig.  It suits Proof to be a little bit less smiley, 100mg Will Amoxicillin Heal Tooth Absess, really.  He is playful, but he has seen a lot of hardship and does have a slightly melancholic look to him.  I think the mouth smiles enough, though, Will Amoxicillin Heal Tooth Absess us.

I'm not positive, Will Amoxicillin Heal Tooth Absess uk, and I will think more on it tomorrow when I take some "real" pictures.  :)


And in case anyone is interested, here is a before and after shot.

ryoyamod4a, 30mg Will Amoxicillin Heal Tooth Absess.

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Cipro Ibuprofin

Cipro Ibuprofin, Well, it would be more accurate to say "Modding completed."  The mods to the Ryoya head are done.... he's just been cleaned again and is doing to dry over night, 1000mg Cipro Ibuprofin. 50mg Cipro Ibuprofin, Do I love him?  I'm not sure yet.  I can see him as Proof, but at the same time I think I may be too shallow not to have a beautiful doll as that character, Cipro Ibuprofin ebay. 200mg Cipro Ibuprofin, However, I've gone as far as I think I can with modification, Cipro Ibuprofin mexico, and now some parts will need to be done through faceup.



I hope to paint him tomorrow.  Maybe will have to wait till Saturday though.

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What Is Cipro

What Is Cipro, Sometimes I'm jealous when I read friends' LJs... because it seems like other people post more progress pics and finished commissions.  I don't post pics before the owner is given the opportunity (it seems like stealing their thunder)... and by the time they've received the doll, I've mentally moved on and never post pics.  That's not good, is it.

So anyway, I thought I'd document my Ryoya modding a little, and show a little bit of how I analyze things both before and during a project.  A lot of artists are really organic... 250mg What Is Cipro, and I really envy that.  I am really analytical, and tend to really think and plan before I start a project.

I forgot to take a pic of his blank head for reference...  I wish I had.  Here's a pic from Y!J of the unmodded head with faceup as a starting point, What Is Cipro.


The faceup is not good.  The Oreo cookie mouth is highly distracting.... and really very unflattering.  The biggest problem for me is that the eyebrows are painted entirely below the brow ridge, making the eyes seem close-set... the angle and placement of the brows creates a snarky expression.  Though this coupled with the mouth's forced smile makes him look... alternatingly menacing and dim-witted.  The geometric eye shape is accentuated by downward-pointing liner at the outer corners.  The face is blushed heavily in mauvey, vaguely bruise-like colors... What Is Cipro, the placement of color serves to sharpen his already impressive cheekbones.

From a technical standpoint, What Is Cipro japan, the faceup is gorgeous - the linework is fabulous, the artistry is so totally there.  It is just not really suited to this head.

With the paint off, the head retains much of the same character, but the lines of the face are much more apparent.  The corners of the mouth are very deep... and they do have a slightly upward quirk even without the heavy dots.  The eyes are as angular as they look with paint, and the slight crease at the outer corner is sculpted rather than just having been painted like I had thought.  The face is very detailed and somewhat "craggy", What Is Cipro craiglist, especially the forehead.  The brow ridge is low and sharp, very close to the dop of the line.

The biggest issues I have with the head are all centered around the eye region.  My goals are to reshape the eyes and soften their edges... and to give him an eyelid crease.  The character isn't Asian, so I would prefer he have an eyelid crease.  At the same time, I want to "lift" his brow ridge.  This will make him look less scowly and will also be rather necessary if I open the eye upward at all.  Other minor fixes are that I would like to work on the outer edges of the bottom lip a bit.  On people, the lower lip sort of tucks into the upper lip at the corner.  If you look in the faceupped picture, his don't.., What Is Cipro. and there are those odd places where the mouth catches the light at the corners.  Then there is also the furrowed brow - that needs to be sanded a bit.

In general, I want to "youthen" him.  The head is a bit too mature, verging on looking old.

Here is where he is now.


I think it's coming along.., What Is Cipro usa. What Is Cipro, I have done more work on the (viewer's) right side, the other is still somewhat rough and uneven.

Putting in eyes shows me that I need to fix the inside corner of the (again, viewer's) right upper eyelid.  It has a weird curve to it that doesn't match the other.  And doesn't really look good.  This pic also shows how unfinished the left is...


The things I can't fix about the head are the hollow cheeks and the deep corners of the mouth.

I find Ryoya really compelling because he's not beautiful... he looks like a beautiful man who has lost a lot of weight.  That suits Proof, due to his situation for the last few years (being on the wrong side of a revolution is rarely a good thing)... in an ideal world, I would have a Tsukasa for Proof.   To me, he looks a little like a Tsukasa who's got some health issues, What Is Cipro.

Not sure, 50mg What Is Cipro, though.  Popped his wig on him, and from the front I can see it.


But in 3/4 view, I'm not so keen.


He does look good with Vanilla and Versai, though.. so that is in his favor.

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Clomid Package Insert

Clomid Package Insert, As a reward to myself for finishing a couple things, I let myself redo Rory.  (It's also my overdue reward for passing the 7).

Before and After shots:
Slimmed his jaw, 40mg Clomid Package Insert, Clomid Package Insert us, broadened his mouth, and took the pointy part down a bit on the center of his upper lip, Clomid Package Insert coupon. 100mg Clomid Package Insert, keeper1.jpg  keeper2.jpg  keeper3.jpg keeper4.jpg

Rory's still my special boy. :) *hugs Rory!*, Clomid Package Insert australia.

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Flucytosine And Diflucan Cryptococcal

Flucytosine And Diflucan Cryptococcal, I like snow. I enjoy walking in it, looking at it, photographing it, etc. However, I don't like snow where it relates to my car. I hate brushing off the car (or worse, scraping the ice off of the windshield) and I am very skittish about driving during blizzards despite having lived in Lake Effect Land for my whole life. Flucytosine And Diflucan Cryptococcal australia, We're having a bit of a storm. It took about 10 minutes to brush and scrape the car this morning, and then about 20 minutes extra to drive to work, Flucytosine And Diflucan Cryptococcal. It was a total white-out and for awhile we were going 22 miles per hour.

Visibility has improved somewhat, but I'm looking forward to going home to where I can just sit and sip my cocoa and look out at the pretty, sparkly powder... but not have to worry about travelling it in.

I did some casting last night and made some heads that are really close to Luts BW. Flucytosine And Diflucan Cryptococcal, I was impatient and pulled one of them out of the mold too soon and messed up the tip of his nose and ears... I shaved off the wumbly parts and I kinda like him better without the pointy tip on his nose. One of the casts has a faint swirl in the cheek... another has has a freckle in the lower lip, 750mg Flucytosine And Diflucan Cryptococcal. *sigh* Not a good night for casting in general. But hey, in good news, they have UV additive so they won't yellow, Flucytosine And Diflucan Cryptococcal. Hurrah. :)

I have so much to get done... I think I need to start making myself nightly to-do lists again so I can make sure everything gets done in a reasonably timely manner.

  • Pick up ornaments from Color Me Mine (+ buy gift certificate)

  • Pick up boxes from Dad's house

  • Basic eye opening on Shiwoo elf

  • Faceup other Shiwoo elf

  • Install magnets in Ein headcaps

  • Finish inner fiddly-bits in Ein head for magnets to stick to

  • PM a couple people

  • Do some practice questions for Chapters 6-12.

I have to work late tonight, too. Flucytosine And Diflucan Cryptococcal, *diiiiiies* Tuesdays are definitely the worst day of the week. Those Pukipukis aren't getting painted or clothed for a week or so yet.

My entire flist is innundated with BPAL commenrary, 100mg Flucytosine And Diflucan Cryptococcal, so I am keeping my reviews to myself for the most part. I will say, though, that I am SO glad that I read Emi's review of Pumpkin #3 and ordered a bottle. I've worn it two days now and I really, really like it. I'm not sure about my Christmas scents, though, Flucytosine And Diflucan Cryptococcal. November is nice, but it's not really "me." Archangel Winter is a lovely smell... I really like it. I'm not sure I'm going to keep it though, Flucytosine And Diflucan Cryptococcal coupon. I may put one or both up for trades. I looooove Lick It One More Time Flucytosine And Diflucan Cryptococcal, ... but I am unfortunately finding that it just doesn't last on me. (I am highly distressed about this - I absolutely love things that smell like peppermint.) I'm hoping to get together a bit of money in time to order a bottle of the hot cocoa-inspired scent and a bottle of Mechanical Phoenix before the order period is up. But I have Christmas presents to order and Twiglimbs to fund first.

My fragrance tastes tend to depend on my mood. For things that smell tasty, I like Hellcat (buttercream/almond/cherry?), Sugarskull (sugar sugar sugar), Lick It One More Time (peppermint/vanilla), and Pumpkin #3 (pumpkin/white chocolate/caramel/pomegranate), Flucytosine And Diflucan Cryptococcal. For when I want something lighter, I like The Apothecary (light herbal) and Roadhouse (It's supposed to be seedy bar smells, but it smells like apples and dandelions to me... 1000mg Flucytosine And Diflucan Cryptococcal, though I do sometimes get a random whiff of alcohol). When I want something a little more subdued, so far I like Archangel Winter ("ozone," whatever that smells like).

With our last order, we got a bunch of imps that I'm pretty psyched about but would probably never have ordered on my own. I'd like to find a good amaretto/cherry/almond scent and a pleasant-and-not-fakey chocolate... any recommendations.

I need to get my extra Imps together and put them up for trade.

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Cipro Half Life

Cipro Half Life, I got stuff to post about the Artist Retreat, but I wanted to just post this here real quick too.... customer appreciation stuff. (Crossposted from DoA) I'm also unlocking my post from the 10th, as it's just about the head I made. :) I wanted to sort of 'debut' it at the Ohio Artist thing, so I haven't really posted pics of it online.

I'm sorry for the delays, I will be putting up information in a few days with information for November spaces and the next "Surprise package" commission period. I am just finishing up what's in hand, Cipro Half Life.

I did want to take a moment, 150mg Cipro Half Life, though, to post about some small customer appreciation "events" coming up in the future.
Event #1: Gift Head Raffle
I finished the original head I have been working on sporadically for the last year.

The sculpt is named Rachis, and it's my first... so it does have some imperfections. Cipro Half Life, Namely, the headcap sucks. It can wear 14, 50mg Cipro Half Life, 15, or 16mm eyes. Ideally, it looks best in 16/8 eyes. It is SD sized and fits several kinds of body rather well... and works bizarrely well as a male or female character. He is an elf, Cipro Half Life.

I will be raffling two heads for free (well, plus shipping) to anyone who has commissioned me since I opened shop in 2005. If you are interested in a chance at winning a free head, Cipro Half Life mexico, please PM me. The only stipulation is that if you win the head, you must agree not to sell it. If you decide it is not the head for you, you are must return it to me (I'll spring for the return postage if necessary) so that I can raffle it off to someone else. Cipro Half Life, There will be a normal skin head and a white skin head, please specify which one you would like to enter for. The drawing will be held on November 1st, so if you'd like to put in, 100mg Cipro Half Life, please PM me ASAP. I have not actually cast these heads yet, as I am waiting on some UV protect additive to add to the resin.

Event #2: Repaint Sale
I will be offering half-priced faceups in February for any heads that I have faceupped in the past. I appreciate you commissioning me when I perhaps wasn't particularly good, and I understand that all faceups wear anyway... so if you have commissioned me in the past and need a refresher on an old faceup that I did, please drop me a PM and we'll schedule you in to have it redone. I promise that my work has improved, 500mg Cipro Half Life.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your patience. I know I'm not the easiest person to commission, but I aim to please.

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Men's Health Retin A

Men's Health Retin A, I received the most wonderful thing in the mail yesterday... which was especially awesome, because I'd forgotten it had been mailed!  It's not dolly stuff, but I got it in exchange for some dolly stuff a few months ago.  I'll take pics tonight, 500mg Men's Health Retin A, I hope.

Antagonist's head is going reasonably well, 150mg Men's Health Retin A, too!  I just need to do some sanding tonight, then it's ready for primer.  I keep looking at stuff by other people who can just chug out a whole doll overnight... and part of me is jealous, but the rest has mostly just accepted that I'm not a naturally sculptor.  Any hey, 50mg Men's Health Retin A, that's okay.  I plunked Antagonist's wig on his little head last night and I am SO looking forward to seeing him cast and finished. I need to figure out his magnets, Men's Health Retin A india, though... or magnet, singular, as the case may be, Men's Health Retin A us.

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Zithromax And Iv Use In Children

Zithromax And Iv Use In Children, Yesterday was fun, we went to the New York State Festival of Balloons.  I took some neato pictures, but I haven't resized anything yet.  Maybe tomorrow.  I'll write more about it when I post pics... but it ended up taking forever to get home afterwards.  It was one of those events that had a definite "ending" time, so everyone was leaving then... 100mg Zithromax And Iv Use In Children, and the parking lot was atrocious!  I've also never seen so many rude assholes, either not letting people out or forcing their way into the line.  And some random woman took it upon herself to direct traffic... and she rewarded people who were cutting in by letting them go!  I was so mad.  It took 45 minutes to get out of the parking lot... and then about an hour to get home.  The festival was fun, Zithromax And Iv Use In Children canada, we got home so much later than we'd planned.

We've been cleaning the apartment all day.., Zithromax And Iv Use In Children. I love when the apartment is clean, 20mg Zithromax And Iv Use In Children, but I hate cleaning.  My parents are coming over for dinner tonight, so all of my moldmaking and modding stuff is put away.  I feel weird... like I've got my hands tied behind my back or something!  After the parentals leave, it's time to demold and see how it worked out, Zithromax And Iv Use In Children india. *crosses fingers*  I'll probably post-cure it in the oven a few hours tonight and do the first junk cast tomorrow.  I only need to pull 2 successful casts - one for me, one for Therese/a. Zithromax And Iv Use In Children mexico, I think tomorrow I can finish everything else and box it to ship on Tuesday or Wednesday.  W00t.

And I apologise to anyone to whom I owe a PM - I can't seem to get to my inbox on DoA except to see that there are indeed messages there waiting for me.

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