Zithromax Dose

Zithromax Dose, I was pretty productive this weekend.  I finished two faceups (Elfdoll Wu for Donna and Volks Tanpopo for Mandy) today, which always makes me feel better.  I like finishing things.   I also started two other faceups for myself - Dia (Knife) and Alain (Fitz).  Pics eventually.

We went apple-picking around three weeks ago, 100mg Zithromax Dose, 10mg Zithromax Dose, which was fabulous.  We've had fresh apples every day since, but they're starting to go soft.  Mandy made a vat of applesauce in the Crockpot yesterday (SO GOOD) and I made a spice cake with apple filling.  It turned out reasonably well, Zithromax Dose craiglist, 30mg Zithromax Dose, though the outside of the cake got a little darker than would be considered ideal.  It doesn't impact the flavor, but it annoys me nonetheless.  To make it a little more interesting, Zithromax Dose japan, Mandy made a brown-sugar cinnamon buttercream frosting for it.  She wanted to practice her frosting smoothing, so she did all of the flat surfaces and I did the piping details.


[gallery link="file" columns="4" orderby="title"].

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Lumigan Eye Lash

Lumigan Eye Lash, First, I have two scarves for sale.  Please PM me on DoA or email me at armeleia at gmail dot com if you would like one. :)

The first is fireflies.


Fireflies - $50, available

fireflies4 fireflies fireflies2

I like the bead accents on this one... it's more systematic than the usual little random sparkly clusters I put on.  The smallest fireflies have frosted glass dagger beads sewn on to the wings.  Other accents are a lentil bead with a swarovski crystal or a single little tiny glass pearl.   It's very pretty.

Fireflies are one of my favorite kinds of bugs... but until I did this scarf, I didn't think much about them beside their outer wing casings, which always remind me of the black outsides of sunflower seeds, and their characteristic glow.  I never really realized that have very large, rather lovely eyes and surprisingly pretty faces, Lumigan Eye Lash. 500mg Lumigan Eye Lash, The next is... Scutigera Coleoptrata, which more people would recognize as a common house centipede or "one of those creepyass things with all the legs."


House Centipede - $50, available.

housecentipede1 housecentipede3 housecentipede6 housecentipede5

House centipedes are another insect that I like - they're very misunderstood little creatures.  They are extremely beneficial predators - they eat spiders, roaches, beetles, Lumigan Eye Lash canada, bedbugs, fleas, and pretty much any other pest that you wouldn't want in your home!  In addition, they are completely harmless to humans... and don't bite or sting.  Really, 30mg Lumigan Eye Lash, they're a pretty sweet addition to the domestic wildlife. Lumigan Eye Lash, They also have surprisingly cute faces as well.  They're totally little "O HAI THERE" faces.

Anyway, this scarf is cutesy and a little silly.  It's pink and has hearts and sparkly swarovski crystal accents.  I like the linework a lot.

If they don't sell here, they'll go to Etsy in a few days.

Here's what was on the frames as of noon:


Left is blue-banded bees (they're Australian!) and the right is jellyfish.  YAY.

Then we went on errands, Lumigan Eye Lash coupon, and I picked up stretchers to make myself a 23"x23" frame (I had been suffering through an ill-fitting 16"x20" frame for the 22"x22" squares) and a 12"x24" frame so that I could do two 11"x11" handkerchiefs at a time.  Of course, I wanted to try them out, so...


We now have a 22"x22" waterlillies (dull), a honeybee handkerchief, an octopus with a tophat handkerchief (I drew the octopus off-center, so the tophat seemed a way to balance it), plus the ones from earlier.  I am totally psyched to start dyeing them!  I'm trying to really play with the different resists.., Lumigan Eye Lash. I am primarily using the gold and the clear.  NEAT.

I could ramble on for awhile about random life-y things, 40mg Lumigan Eye Lash, but I don't really think anyone would wade through it (as it is, I'm pretty sure that if you've made it this far it's only because there were pictures to break things up).

I am off to go and do some more finishing on Starling and Pussface - wish me luck.

For now, I leave you with these two pictures of my dogs.



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Armour Synthroid Conversion Chart

Armour Synthroid Conversion Chart, Life has been so incredibly busy lately... I feel like I am just now coming down from being on a frenzied high for almost two months.   The most notable happenings were KT's wedding and the surrounding events and preparations, then the last weekend of May I went to Anime North/Doll North as a panelist.

I feel like I've reached the point where there is too much to even summarize.  I'll just say that it was all lovely, and I enjoyed both being surrounded by people I care about and meeting new people.  If I go next year to AN, I will both bring dolls to sell and I will try out cosplay for the first time.

I cut my hair around 3 weeks ago and it's too short.  That is to say that I elected a cut that I ended up feeling was too short, not that the stylist did something incorrectly.  I wanted to try out a pixie cut... Armour Synthroid Conversion Chart overseas, and while everyone says that it's great and fab and all, I haven't quite settled into it and I think I will grow out the front and keep the back short and spikeable.  I'm incredibly laid back about my hair - it'll grow back, after all.  I did the photography for KT's wedding, so I dressed to coordinate with the regency theme.  I looked like this:


I loved this shirt. <3  This isn't how I usually style the cut, but I was going for a more boyish look since I was wearing trousers, Armour Synthroid Conversion Chart.

The summer diet/exercise has begun, though not with any ridiculous burst of unsustainable enthusiasm.  I would like to get down to my college weight (current - 30), though I'm not sure how it will look now that my face has thinned out.  It's strange... I was much thinner when I was younger, but my face was so much more plush.  I sort of feel as though if I lose even 10-15 pounds, 500mg Armour Synthroid Conversion Chart, my face will become unattractively gaunt.

I haven't felt very good for about two weeks.  I am attributing it to stress and prolonged use of allergy medication, but if I don't feel even slightly better tomorrow I think I will try going to the doctor.  I hate going, though, because it's always "I don't know what's wrong with you, so let's try bloodwork, oh look your bloodwork is fine, 40mg Armour Synthroid Conversion Chart, just deal."  It feels like a waste of time and a waste of a copay.

I'm trying to be artistically productive... Armour Synthroid Conversion Chart, but I have had both faceup and sculpting fail.   Feeling epic rawr jealousy for you ladies who are succeeding. :)  If you have any win you can bottle and send my way, please do.  I started a batik out of irritation with other media, so I'm going to try to continue with that to bolster my confidence before taking on this faceup again.  Tonight I'll wipe it and tomorrow I'll get back in the saddle.  The batik is an experiment... it will be a mixed media piece to frame.  I like how it's going so far, but I'm afraid I'll ruin it in later stages.


I'm going to do some more batik over the next few weeks.  Different insect-themed, mostly.., Armour Synthroid Conversion Chart coupon. next up will be more bees, a spider or two, more fireflies, and some fuzzy moths.  I'm trying to steer away from the more ubiquitous butterflies and dragonflies.  I may do some flower scarves, but I don't know... flowers are like the thing to batik, so I don't think I want to go down that path, Armour Synthroid Conversion Chart.

Whenever I see pics of my dad when he was young, I always realize how much I look like him. 250mg Armour Synthroid Conversion Chart, dad

Man, I love finding old pictures of my parents.  They were so cute.  I also love that my dad has had approximately the same haircut and way of standing since he was 20.

This has been a bit of a mishmosh... I'll try to get back to posting about dolls again soon. :).

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Flagyl And Bronchitis

Flagyl And Bronchitis, I think I almost have the knee situation figured out... The design is not so revolutionary, Flagyl And Bronchitis australia, akshully, but I think the overall effect will be attractive and have a good range of movement. I'm wondering if I also want to double-joint the elbows, Flagyl And Bronchitis us. I'm not sure yet, Flagyl And Bronchitis coupon, or if I think double jointing the elbows would just lead to moronically small pieces.

The double-jointed knees aren't a certainty anyway, though, 150mg Flagyl And Bronchitis. Even if I end up getting it just right, if I think the resin is too thin or will be fragile I'll just keep the single knees, Flagyl And Bronchitis. I also don't want the shape of her legs to change much... Flagyl And Bronchitis overseas, So that's a consideration.

What are your thoughts on single versus double jointing. A friend of mine made a very compelling point, which was that she very rarely uses the extra range of movement.

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Zithromax By Vbulletin Intitle View Profile

Zithromax By Vbulletin Intitle View Profile, Trying out LaDoll Premiere.  I don't know if I like it.  Part of me is like "WOW!  This is so easy to modify!"  but I am worried about crushing it and I'm wondering how it will be when I get to the sanding/finishing stage.


MSD-sized faceplate-thingy.  I need to close the mouth more - it's too open.  It's a little derpy.  The whole thing is a bit unbalanced and needs to be slimmed, especially at the top.  It's just to play with LaDoll, but I may as well try to make it something that doesn't suck too hardcore, 200mg Zithromax By Vbulletin Intitle View Profile.

I need to start working on Inkling's sister's faceplate.  I'm not sure Inkling herself will be offered again, but I think I'll probably offer other face sculpts with the same body and same faceplate concept.  I'd like to do a few sizes of dolls, 10mg Zithromax By Vbulletin Intitle View Profile, all with different expressive plates.  That's sort of where I'm at right now.  I always want to do photostories, but most of my ideas rely on facial expression.  I sort of wonder if what I really want to make are stop-motion maquettes. The mini plate above may eventually become a doll - who knows.

Diana left this morning.  It's strange because I feel like I waited so long to meet her and then it was over so fast.  It always happens that way.  Maybe next year I will go to Korea for her wedding, Zithromax By Vbulletin Intitle View Profile australia, though.  I miss her already.

I feel sometimes like my life is a collection of wonderful misfits.  All of my friends are in some way nerdy or eccentric or unusual, Zithromax By Vbulletin Intitle View Profile mexico, but in their own ways perfect.

I am crazy hormonal today.  It is the oversensitive day, though not on my own behalf.  It's the day of the month where I feel intensely sad for other people and guilty about my own good fortune.  I try to avoid going out because the sight of an old man eating by himself at a diner makes me feel lonely; I try to avoid talking to people because people making comments about other people makes me feel depresses.  Today one of my coworkers said that someone was "a joke" and I got all ;_; and wanted to assign the guy all sorts of accounts.  Seriously.  I hate seeing people struggling or without things that they want.  This is the day when I do NOT make moderation decisions on DoA of any kind because I'd probably be all like "Awww, let's let the banned people come back.  They just made mistakes and now they're out in the cold!"

I need to go and fight the battle of the email (I'm buried), Zithromax By Vbulletin Intitle View Profile overseas, or go and paint heads, or photograph Inkling in other clothes to show people, or sculpt something... but the seductive power of my couch has entranced me and it seems that I am powerless to do anything other than ice cream and surf the internet.  Life is so hard.  *dramaflop* *ice cream rapture*.

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Effects Of Tetracycline In Urine Test

Effects Of Tetracycline In Urine Test, We're painting Mandy's room.  We removed the wallpaper two weeks ago and spent the interim mending the plaster walls.  This morning we primed the walls and painted the ceiling.  The ceiling was an institutional green, so it took two coats.

We did the first coat, then I ran out to Home Depo to pick up another brush.  When I got home, 150mg Effects Of Tetracycline In Urine Test, I went in Mandy's room and shut the door, Effects Of Tetracycline In Urine Test japan, then moved her bed in front of the door so I could put my ladder in front of the window to start in that corner.

Then I realized that I was still wearing my good jeans from when I went out.  But I'd just blocked myself in.  Since I was the only one in the room, I just stripped off my jeans, 250mg Effects Of Tetracycline In Urine Test, put them where they couldn't get dripped on, 10mg Effects Of Tetracycline In Urine Test, and climbed up to start doing the edging. .  I forgot that I hadn't closed the blinds.

And that's how I ended up standing on a ladder in my underwear in front of the window with my neighbor's visiting guest gawking at me in the driveway, 40mg Effects Of Tetracycline In Urine Test. >_<.

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Amoxicillin Child

Amoxicillin Child, I've been sick all week.... Like, I actually stayed home on Tuesday which is pretty much unheardof for me. I am behind on everything, 500mg Amoxicillin Child, but I still will be mailing out Inkling #2 tomorrow and hopefully will get #3 sanded tonight. #4 tomorrow night, 200mg Amoxicillin Child, then I will paint both over the weekend and ship soon after.

It's kinda weird, I haven't actually painted an Inkling yet. A lot of people I know will paint up their original just to test it out.., Amoxicillin Child. I guess I just haven't been into it so much, Amoxicillin Child uk. I am excited to paint these two though... And then to move on to working on the darker toned Inklings. 1000mg Amoxicillin Child, I am so looking forward to her arrival at the casting studio. Amoxicillin Child, I am still nervous that she will somehow be considered uncastable, like because she's so small or because of her stringing channels. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I think when all matters Inkling are settled, I am going to start sculpting either an SD-sized head or a mature mini boy, Amoxicillin Child usa. I need a break from the picayune.

I have also received some things in the mail that have been Most Awesome and those deserve their own post as well. :) .

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Brand Generic Synthroid


MAKE IT STOP, Brand Generic Synthroid overseas. 750mg Brand Generic Synthroid, snowtulips. Brand Generic Synthroid craiglist. 250mg Brand Generic Synthroid. 100mg Brand Generic Synthroid.

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Colchicine Lawsuits

Colchicine Lawsuits, I finally cut the grass last night... It had been either rainfong or dark by the time I got home since the grass work up... So it had gotten really deep. I bagged the clippings and ended up with 5 full bags, Colchicine Lawsuits australia. I still have a bit more to do though... I like working outside though, so I don't mind too much, Colchicine Lawsuits.

I worked on a modding commission last night... Colchicine Lawsuits craiglist, Hopefully tonight I can get it to the point of only needing sanding tonight. That would rock.

I also started on Inkling's angry faceplate last night. Colchicine Lawsuits, Her forehead is a bit too big now, so that will need work. It's going to be a yelling plate, Colchicine Lawsuits mexico, I think. I need to sand the two mostly-finished plates. Colchicine Lawsuits canada, I also may have fixed her knees. Going to probably change her thigh stringing so she has visible stringing slots because the invisiboo stringing style makes her legs pull in too much. I think it could work with perfect stringing, but that's not veryuser-friendly, Colchicine Lawsuits japan. I just want to get the structural stuff done so I can surface her and be ready to mold. I CAN do that by June.

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Erythromycin Positive Gram

Erythromycin Positive Gram, The weekends go too fast.

We have a new toilet and I am stupidly elated about it.  The toilet that was in the house when we moved didn't flush very well and it was very annoying.  The new toilet is very nice.  The packaging helps illustrate the differences between men and women, though.  It proclaims that it can flush 12 golfballs in a single flush without clogging.  Mandy's dad was like  "THIS IS THE ONE, Erythromycin Positive Gram paypal," whereas Mandy are I were  going "...I don't shit golfballs."  Much less a bucket of them. Erythromycin Positive Gram india, I'm not doing very well on communication lately.  I need to sit down and write back to the people who have written to me.

The dogs are settling so I think I may be able to do some painting tomorrow night.  Uber exciting. :)  I have a couple of things to work on that I'd like to get done.    That would be very awesome, Erythromycin Positive Gram australia.

I haven't posted any pics in awhile.  These are the three faceups in the faceups tutorial.  The owners have all received them, 40mg Erythromycin Positive Gram, so I think it's okay to post them!  The pics linked from the thumbnails are big.  The Scarface Cecil belongs to Julia's daughter, the MNF Marcia belongs to Sher, and the Leeke Min belongs to FairEmma.  I am trying to finish the video, 10mg Erythromycin Positive Gram, but my file got corrupted and I had to go back to a backup that is older and missing a lot.

[gallery link="file" orderby="title"]

I am also thinking of doing a couple short BJD faceup sessions using my webcam and Livestream.  Would anyone be interested.

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