Lumigan Eye Lash

Lumigan Eye Lash, First, I have two scarves for sale.  Please PM me on DoA or email me at armeleia at gmail dot com if you would like one. :)

The first is fireflies.


Fireflies - $50, available

fireflies4 fireflies fireflies2

I like the bead accents on this one... it's more systematic than the usual little random sparkly clusters I put on.  The smallest fireflies have frosted glass dagger beads sewn on to the wings.  Other accents are a lentil bead with a swarovski crystal or a single little tiny glass pearl.   It's very pretty.

Fireflies are one of my favorite kinds of bugs... but until I did this scarf, I didn't think much about them beside their outer wing casings, which always remind me of the black outsides of sunflower seeds, and their characteristic glow.  I never really realized that have very large, rather lovely eyes and surprisingly pretty faces, Lumigan Eye Lash. 500mg Lumigan Eye Lash, The next is... Scutigera Coleoptrata, which more people would recognize as a common house centipede or "one of those creepyass things with all the legs."


House Centipede - $50, available.

housecentipede1 housecentipede3 housecentipede6 housecentipede5

House centipedes are another insect that I like - they're very misunderstood little creatures.  They are extremely beneficial predators - they eat spiders, roaches, beetles, Lumigan Eye Lash canada, bedbugs, fleas, and pretty much any other pest that you wouldn't want in your home!  In addition, they are completely harmless to humans... and don't bite or sting.  Really, 30mg Lumigan Eye Lash, they're a pretty sweet addition to the domestic wildlife. Lumigan Eye Lash, They also have surprisingly cute faces as well.  They're totally little "O HAI THERE" faces.

Anyway, this scarf is cutesy and a little silly.  It's pink and has hearts and sparkly swarovski crystal accents.  I like the linework a lot.

If they don't sell here, they'll go to Etsy in a few days.

Here's what was on the frames as of noon:


Left is blue-banded bees (they're Australian!) and the right is jellyfish.  YAY.

Then we went on errands, Lumigan Eye Lash coupon, and I picked up stretchers to make myself a 23"x23" frame (I had been suffering through an ill-fitting 16"x20" frame for the 22"x22" squares) and a 12"x24" frame so that I could do two 11"x11" handkerchiefs at a time.  Of course, I wanted to try them out, so...


We now have a 22"x22" waterlillies (dull), a honeybee handkerchief, an octopus with a tophat handkerchief (I drew the octopus off-center, so the tophat seemed a way to balance it), plus the ones from earlier.  I am totally psyched to start dyeing them!  I'm trying to really play with the different resists.., Lumigan Eye Lash. I am primarily using the gold and the clear.  NEAT.

I could ramble on for awhile about random life-y things, 40mg Lumigan Eye Lash, but I don't really think anyone would wade through it (as it is, I'm pretty sure that if you've made it this far it's only because there were pictures to break things up).

I am off to go and do some more finishing on Starling and Pussface - wish me luck.

For now, I leave you with these two pictures of my dogs.



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Can I Take Synthroid After Eating

BPAL first~! Can I Take Synthroid After Eating, ALL 5mL LEs, all $17 each.  Each tested twice off the cap (once for me, once for Roommate).

  • Suck It 2009 - "Sexy and suckable: black cherry brandy."

  • Spooky Ressurected 2009 - "Pomegranate, Tamil Nadu sandalwood, lavender, tamarind, hazelnut, Atlas cedarwood, Can I Take Synthroid After Eating mexico, sugar date, bitter clove, and Arabian myrrh."

  • Lick It One More Time 2007 - "... a peppermint candy cane with a flash of vanilla and an extra jolt of sugar."

  • Sugar Skull 2008 -"Vibrant with the joy and sweetness of life in death. A blend of five sugars, lightly dusted with candied fruits."

  • Bite Me 2009 - "Croquembouche with almond silk and a drizzle of caramel."

  • El Dia De los Reyes 2007 - "Hot cocoa with cinnamon, Can I Take Synthroid After Eating coupon, coffee, and brown sugar."

  • Sleipnir 2009 - "Confections spun of hazelnuts, honey, elderberries, and bilberries with a dusting of hay and a bit of carrot."

  • Pomegranate III 2010 - "Pomegranate, Tamil Nadu sandalwood, lavender, 500mg Can I Take Synthroid After Eating, tamarind, hazelnut, Atlas cedarwood, sugar date, bitter clove, Can I Take Synthroid After Eating australia, and Arabian myrrh."

  • Eggnog 2010 - "Sweet brandy, dark rum, heavy cream, sugar, and a dash of nutmeg."

I also have Desert Absinthe by The Morbid The Merrier (an Etsy brand similar to BPAL).

I also have a baggie of imps (LE decants and GC), but I don't know yet if they're going to go in a lot on ebay or individually, 30mg Can I Take Synthroid After Eating.

Please PM on DoA or email at armeleia at gmail if you're interested. :)  I take Paypal.

Next up will be doll heads and eyes.

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How Does Retin A Help Wrinkles

How Does Retin A Help Wrinkles, I've realized that my Katias are just too high for me.  Though they are pretty much hot and make me legs look awesome, I'm more of a ballet-toe flats kind of girl.

So I am selling these Fluevogs:

Size 8 1/2, How Does Retin A Help Wrinkles india, 150mg How Does Retin A Help Wrinkles, in very good condition though they have been worn a few days.  When I went to the Fluevog store, I asked them to work the toe a little with their special tools, 250mg How Does Retin A Help Wrinkles, 750mg How Does Retin A Help Wrinkles, which made the toes a little less snug and much more comfortable.

I'm asking $100+shipping.  Please email or PM me if you want them, How Does Retin A Help Wrinkles japan.

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3 Tabletten Clomid Gevaren

3 Tabletten Clomid Gevaren, INKLING'S PREORDER IS FULL, THANK YOU. :) :) :)


I haven't finished the masters, but I want to order my casting materials... so I am taking pre-orders for 4 dolls. :)

Because I can't guarantee the quality of the final casts, these three dolls will be cast in the buyer's choice of resin color.  This can be anything from cream to blue to orange.  I will just need to know the color at the time that I accept the order so that I can acquire the right dyes.

This is the only preorder that I intend to do at this point;  after this initial order, 500mg 3 Tabletten Clomid Gevaren, I will just be casting dolls as I have time in the colors and styles that interest me, then listing them for sale on my blog.  I don't intend to do custom orders because I think it would be too stressful.

Important information

Please reference the pictures posted Friday for the shape of her body and her general posing, 3 Tabletten Clomid Gevaren.

Before she is cast, all surfaces will be perfected.... thought he shapes of the joints and general body lines will not be altered.  I will be continuing to post pictures as I do her surface finishing.  The goal for preparing the pieces for molding is June 1st, though it may take longer for the best craftsmanship.

The molds have not yet been made, but they will be created under pressure, 250mg 3 Tabletten Clomid Gevaren, which should result in a clean, bubble-free molds that will perfectly reproduce the prototype.  The dolls will also be cast under pressure.  As a result, there should be no visible bubbles in the surface.

However, I cannot make any guarantees of quality as I have not yet made a final cast.


3 Tabletten Clomid Gevaren, Each doll will arrive to its owner fully strung with magnets installed.  Each doll will come with the body, headback, and 4 faceplates - default, smiling, sleeping, and pouting.  (The pouting face above isn't done - the brows are way too caricatured, and I think I'm going to make the eyes a bit squinty.  It will be very modified.)

Each doll will come with 4mm eyes - please tell me at the time of order if you would like brown, green, or blue.

The doll will come nude. 3 Tabletten Clomid Gevaren overseas, The price of the doll does not include a faceup, though I can do one for an additional $25.  If you would like me to sew some kind of outfit, we can talk about that too.


After payment has been accepted from preorders, I will order my compressor, silicone, resin, and dyes.  I anticipate that those will come within 2 weeks of ordering.  During that time, 3 Tabletten Clomid Gevaren paypal, I will clay in my pieces and prepare for molding.

I anticipate being able to ship the finished dolls by early July.  Please understand that molding and casting may have unexpected delays, so this is only a tentative schedule.  I will be keeping my blog updated with progress shots, as I have through the entire sculpting and junk molding process.


I will be asking $225 + shipping for each doll.  Due to the size of the doll, shipping should be between $5-7 domestically, 3 Tabletten Clomid Gevaren.

If you would like to pre-order Inkling and are comfortable with all of the information listed here, please email me at armeleia (at) gmail (dot) com or PM me on DoA.  I will be accepting orders on a first-come basis and will edit this post when the pre-order is full. 750mg 3 Tabletten Clomid Gevaren, I reserve the right to decline a preorder buyer if I feel that my production style (and potential quality issues) will be a poor match with the buyer's expectations.

About Future Orders:

Future orders are entirely dependent on the casting quality and difficulty of this first batch of dolls.  I would like to sell her regularly because I am ridiculously proud of myself... but if you know me, you know that I am extremely anal retentive and would not send out something that I would not be excited to receive.

If I continue to sell her after the pre-orders have been filled, I will most likely sell by posting dolls for sale upon completion.  I don't think that it would be wise for me to take a lot of orders (and deposits) when I am fairly certain that my own schedule means that production will be erratic.

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Augmentin With Diflucan

Augmentin With Diflucan, Okay, I've thought about it all weekend and I'm ready to upsize Antagonist to the new ChicLine from Fairyland. By upsize, 150mg Augmentin With Diflucan, 50mg Augmentin With Diflucan, I mean "mature" him... He'll actually be getting smaller, Augmentin With Diflucan paypal. Augmentin With Diflucan uk, So I'm selling his current Narin form for cheap. $360 + ship for a golden beige French resin Narin Classic, Augmentin With Diflucan usa. Info on DoA:

DoA Sale Thread

PM me on DoA if interested. Pics pending.

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Colchicine Makes My Gout Worse

Colchicine Makes My Gout Worse, Thinning down again.... please PM me on DoA if you're interested in any of these.  If you know anyone else who's looking, please point them my way. :)

Infinitidoll Chris head: $100 + shipping
It's LE, 250mg Colchicine Makes My Gout Worse, it's gorgeous, it matches Volks normal and LUTS Realskin.  Give him a home.


VOlks SD13 Eden head: $200 + shipping
I'll wipe the faceup for you if you'd like.  It's really lovely in person, but the color is probably a bit too specific for most.  Though it is awesome with a blue wig. ;)  Unmodded, Colchicine Makes My Gout Worse uk, perfect condition.


Custom House Hyun: $250 + shipping
I waited four months for my twins, then decided that they looked too young to be who I'd planned them to be.  Keeping one, selling the other.  He is great quality and doesn't have the problems that a lot of people have mentioned - the seams are normal and there's no resin debris in the joints or along the seams.  The resin is nice quality and the pieces are thick-walled.  I'm selling him for what I paid to get him here.., Colchicine Makes My Gout Worse. great opportunity to get a gorgeous doll at a good price without the irritating wait.  If you want to hybridize, the resin is a pretty good match to the LUTS realskin normal heads I have around (though it is slightly pinker). 150mg Colchicine Makes My Gout Worse, hyunsale

SD13 Boy body, long legs, pureskin UV cut: $400 + shipping
Excellent condition, not yellowing, chips, Colchicine Makes My Gout Worse mexico, scuffs, or other damage.  No pics, but I can take them if you need them. Colchicine Makes My Gout Worse canada, Leeke Min Head: $80 + shipping or trade for good quality 60cm girl head

LUTS Winter 2009 Event Head: $60 + shipping or trade for good quality girl head
I bought this head a week or two ago when I was flipping out over Knife's head.  It didn't work as him, I am hoping to ship it back out and put the episode of hysteria behind me. -_-;; Gorgeous head though, I have to say.  So docile.


I have other things to put up... but haven't gotten to them yet.

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Zithromax American Made

Zithromax American Made, Autumn is a bittersweet season for me.  I find that it is my melancholy season, but it's a sort of savory sadness. Sort of like how it feels kind of good to stand under your umbrella in the early-morning rain, letting the damp cold permeate your clothes and lick your skin; sort of like how a gray sky never looks so beautiful as it does backed against the fiery-bright autumn leaves.  I feel like I am at my most creative in autumn and the seasonal mourning gives me an odd inner strength.

I'm working on an art project... maybe some of my writer friends can play along when I'm done.  :)

The dining room is complete, 150mg Zithromax American Made.


It came from this:


The new color doesn't look like this.... it's not as.., Zithromax American Made. immediately orange in person.  It's darker and richer, slightly more caramel-pink in person.  It's much classier.  Anyway, Zithromax American Made ebay, I love it.  We're actually thinking of starting the living room in November because the dining room looking so swank makes the rest of the house look even more painfully outdated.  I can't wait to rip up the carpet next summer and refinish the hardwood underneath.

Electrical work is progressing... we got the go-ahead from the eletrical company, so now we can officially schedule with the electrician.  Yaaaaaay.  We're a step closer to securing our homeowners insurance!  Our broker told us that we'd be fine as long as we got the work done immediately and could show their underwriters the electrician's contract before the end of October... but Met canceled our policy anyway on 10/1, 10mg Zithromax American Made, effective 11/2.  I am appalled that they didn't even give us the chance to get the work done before canceling us!  Not only that, but we never actually got any notice from Met in writing... the first we received about the cancellation was the cancellation notice.  Which we received 4 days after Zithromax American Made, they cancelled and refunded the policy!  Fuck them!  We have coverage through the end of the month, and I've already pretty much secured a new policy through Amica.  When I told the broker at Amica why we were looking for a new policy, she was like "Huh?  They didn't even give you an opportunity to respond?"  The new policy is about $15 less per year and gives us a lot more coverage.  The first policy was a market value policy... the new one is a replacement cost policy for 80% of the replacement cost of the house.  The personal liability and personal possessions coverage is also much higher.  I feel we're getting a much better plan for the money. Zithromax American Made coupon, I'm waiting for mohair to arrive here... both a mohair plate that I will use to wig and trouser(?) my Puki Chichi, and two mohair wigs from PamSD for the twinzors.  I'm waiting till the wigs arrive to paint the twins... so hopefully soon.


I am selling the Cherish doll.., Zithromax American Made paypal. it's just not the size I had pictured.  I am a moron when it comes to the measurement to reality thing.   I also need to finish painting the Little Monica Dyuke head (that was going to be Proof before Tsukasa happened) and get him up for sale.  And I need to sell Vanilla's old Landy head... and the Wintery head... blah.  I am wondering if it's worth painting the Wintery head or if I should just sell it blank.  Faceups don't increase the price anymore, but it may help to move the head.

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Information Tetracycline

Information Tetracycline, The Euclase and the Mono are both sold.... anyone who knows me knows that this just happens... 30mg Information Tetracycline, twice a year I just tend to have a big turnover.

For reasons yet to be revealed, Lacey needs to grow up into an SD-sized doll.., 150mg Information Tetracycline. so I will be selling the Soulkid Liddell and her full wardrobe of fabulous clothing.

She is white skin (and when I say white, I mean WHITE) and has a faceup by yours truly.  She is on the general (not double-jointed) body and poses beautifully.  She's gorgeous and I really like her, but she just needs to be bigger, Information Tetracycline. Information Tetracycline japan, I'll also post up her beautiful clothes tomorrow.  Dibs on the clothes would go to anyone who wanted to buy the doll.

I'm asking $320 + shipping for her.   Giving dibs to the flist and blog readers, but she'll go to DoA on Tuesday, Information Tetracycline usa. Please PM me (armeleia) or email me (armeleia at gmail) if you are interested in her. Information Tetracycline coupon, Also, because Proof is going to be a Tsukasa, I won't be needing the Little Monica Dyuke head I ordered for him.  It's in mid-faceup because the Tsukasa happened rather suddenly... but the Dyuke head will probably be up for sale in a day or so too.  I just need to finish the faceup.

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Babymed Clomid Calculation

Babymed Clomid Calculation, BINed a Tsukasa head.  He's mine.  I will finally have my Holy Grail doll.  Yaaaaaaaaay.

So... um... Babymed Clomid Calculation craiglist, I'm going to thin out a little.

I will be selling my Euclase and my Limho.  I wanted to give first dibs to my blog readers and flist.

Sooo..., Babymed Clomid Calculation.

Euclase, asking $750 + ship.
Human body and open-eyed head (no eyes or wig).., Babymed Clomid Calculation us. with a fabulous faceup.  He's the prettiest Euclase in the world, as far as I'm concerned. Babymed Clomid Calculation usa, Perfect condition.


Limho, asking $290 + ship
NS and about... 7 months old.  No staining, Babymed Clomid Calculation ebay, yellowing, or other damage. 10mg Babymed Clomid Calculation, percival3

For $320 I'll include his Hands Glass eyes, fur wig, HDS buttondown and HDS emojeans.

PM me on DoA if you're interested... or drop me an email at armeleia (at) gmail (dot) com.

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Azithromycin Vs Tetracycline

Azithromycin Vs Tetracycline, Twigling and Pat have both given me their blessing on selling Crest.

She's up for offers on DoA until Sunday evening, Azithromycin Vs Tetracycline overseas. 150mg Azithromycin Vs Tetracycline, Wish me luck.

Calling the inspector today.., Azithromycin Vs Tetracycline coupon. Azithromycin Vs Tetracycline japan, and finding an attorney.  Gleh. 100mg Azithromycin Vs Tetracycline.

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