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s8tyr5.jpg Cialis Free Coupon, Heh, Mandy's joke, not mine, but now the real song has been stuck in my head for days.

Anyway. This is my new boy. He took much time and effort, and I'm rather happy with him. :) His legs were chopped off a bit below the knee, and then I made a wire armature and sculpted his new goat legs on. He has also been heavily furred and horned..., Cialis Free Coupon. and he has sculpted-on pointed ears. He's the DP5 optional head.

Yay for Satyrs.

Here are some more pics of him. Cialis Free Coupon, :) I might be doing a white-furred unicorn one for Mandychu, but we're not sure yet. Either way, I'm out of milliput, so it's on to Tamiya Epoxy putty cuz milliput is toooo expensive by comparison, Cialis Free Coupon uk.

And Japan isn't on daylight savings time. So you're now another hour behind us. Cialis Free Coupon coupon, Lastly. Pinky thing I forgot to mention yesterday. (click below)

Pinky magaziney thing from ANIMATE.


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Zithromax Suspension Dosing Instructions

Zithromax Suspension Dosing Instructions, I have been unable to find the new Pinky Street figures.....

Until today. :D (Thanks Seph and JoAnn!)

I went to a neato torpedo store called Animate. It was a rather large store, and is now on my list of favorite places. The first floor was manga; the second was half character goods (pencil boards, figures, wallets, keychains, pins, etc) and half SHONEN-AI/YAOI(!)*; the third floor was dvds and cds relating to various anime. On the second floor, they had a nice Pinky Street display.., Zithromax Suspension Dosing Instructions. very nice. They had the most recent three Pinkys, Zithromax Suspension Dosing Instructions canada, then the newest three. They had stuff for doing custom ones, and various paints... and then they also had a display case with a sample of all of the Pinkys to date... Zithromax Suspension Dosing Instructions, and a weird foot-tall Pinky. They also had some Pinky buttons, memo pads.... a little Pinky-sized display case... oh, they also had a box set I don't remember having seen yet. It had what looked like a cd with it. I don't remember what it was called, but it wasn't the pink box or the white box, it was sort of tie-dye colored, Zithromax Suspension Dosing Instructions.

After making my Pinky purchases (the boy Pinky for me, a girl for Mandychu), I was starting home, and I passed by another store.., Zithromax Suspension Dosing Instructions mexico. that had a ton of gashapon machines in the lobby. So I thought, well, let's see what it is. It was something like Gigastore... Zithromax Suspension Dosing Instructions, it was this massive electronics store. It had all sorts of computers, laptops, digital cameras, IPods... etc. It also had a hobby section with different models and modelling equipment. And.... the three new Pinkys, Zithromax Suspension Dosing Instructions. 40mg Zithromax Suspension Dosing Instructions, For the cheapest I have seen them yet - 563 yen. Unfortunately, I had just bought them. ^_^* Oh well, I know for next time. And they also had the nice white milliput and the Tamiya Epoxy putty for cheaper. Zithromax Suspension Dosing Instructions, I can't find the place I pased when I was lost the other day... I wanna get these jewelled haircombs for my mom for Christmas. *huffs*

Maybe by tomorrow I can finish my new 1/6th and post him. *little hearts* I've been working on him for... 2 weeks now.

*Read the rest of the entry to find out about the yaoi/shonen-ai section, Zithromax Suspension Dosing Instructions. If it's not your deal, don't. No rude comments please.

I have to linger a moment on the half-floor of yaoi/shonen-ai, Zithromax Suspension Dosing Instructions us. Wooooow. Zithromax Suspension Dosing Instructions, Wallscrolls, manga, novels, anthologies, doujinshi, computer games, PS2 games... all with lots o' gorgeous men with other gorgeous men. Some of the things looks rather scary, like this one computer game where it seems the objective is just to coerce as many semi-willing guys into bed with you as possible. There were three big aisles of stuff. o_O I picked up a doujinshi for Full Metal Alchemist that had a beautiful cover... I didn't really pay attention to the "18" sticker on the cover, which meant I'd need ID, Zithromax Suspension Dosing Instructions. Well, that's not accurate. I noticed it right before I got to the cashier, but I didn't think she'd actually card me - I'm 22. But she did, and like the flustered dumbass that I am, 150mg Zithromax Suspension Dosing Instructions, I pulled out my NYS drivers license and handed it to the clerk. Then I realized that, duh, it doesn't mean a thing to her. So I scuffled around and got out my Alien registration card, and all was good. I also now have an Animate card, on which I can accumulate points. I have points on it now.... :D.

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Can Synthroid Cause High Blood Pressure

Can Synthroid Cause High Blood Pressure, First, a note:
MSD FCS: Yes, I may take a few orders, three at a time during at ordering period. Price is $45 deputy fee, plus $8 subway fare, then you pay for shipping and packing materials. Sunlight skin is not an option, sorry. That's Sato only. Custom faceups also done for a fee. ;)
Regular Deputy: 9% commission + $2 subway fare, you pay the shipping and boxing materials cost, Can Synthroid Cause High Blood Pressure. Volks, Obitsu, Azone, Pinky, used manga, limited other things, Can Synthroid Cause High Blood Pressure india. Wishlists via e-mail, I'll check it over, then payment via paypal (bank transfers only).

Annnnyway, I wasposting about the new Tokyo "Shonen," Jun. Jun is Shirou's little sister. Can Synthroid Cause High Blood Pressure, *blank look* What the f===. A girl. The whole thing, at least for me, of the Tokyo Shonen is that VOLKS MAKES PRACTICALLY ALL GIRLS AND IT'S AN OPPORTUNITY FOR A NEW AND DIFFERENT BOY SCULPT. There are so few Standard BOY sculpts, 500mg Can Synthroid Cause High Blood Pressure, and most of the LEs are girls.... I'm so annoyed.

Isao will be available again, though..., Can Synthroid Cause High Blood Pressure. so I don't know. I would really like to know what his price will be. I am VERY fond of Isao. But I believe that last time, he was something like 96,600 yen. Can Synthroid Cause High Blood Pressure, That's about 10,000 yen too much for me, maybe even 20,000. Most I would drop on one doll is 86,000 yen. TOPS. Because you figure, that's before tax, too, Can Synthroid Cause High Blood Pressure overseas. And tax will constitute a significant amount with a price that high - tax in my area anyway is 5%. So Isao being 96,600 would really mean he's 100,000 yen, Can Synthroid Cause High Blood Pressure. Noooo. I'm really thinking that Link is going to be my boy this year.

Read about it on DOA.

EDIT: Anyway, to continue... if being a girl wasn't bad enough, "Jun" is also the name of a Custom House LE doll. Can Synthroid Cause High Blood Pressure, An LE BOY doll. Yeah. Like there aren't ANY other names out there to use. I don't expect Volks to thoroughly research the doll market, but I'm pretty sure that if CH did an LE and called it "Shirou," Volks would have a fit. Can Synthroid Cause High Blood Pressure australia, ^_^* I've mentioned it before, but Volks has kinda annoyed me lately with their almost-copies of various other companies strong sellers. For example, making squidgy boob dolls that have many similarities to Obitsu SB dolls (i.e, Can Synthroid Cause High Blood Pressure. vinyl torso and also the soft hands, which I don't think Volks has on any other girl doll), and then recently making an UNOA-like "Super Dollfie Cute." And then they say "There are many imitation dolls on the market. Beware of imitations!" on every page of their website. ^_^* Heh, not that I think Volks is copying CH's doll or trying to use their popularity [Volks is way more popular anyway]. It just reminded me of something else, so that was kinda tangental. Can Synthroid Cause High Blood Pressure, Anyway, back to my point, Jun is a stupid name for the doll. The name itself isn't stupid, I'm fond of the name. But they also JUST released a doll named Kun. Oh, 200mg Can Synthroid Cause High Blood Pressure, I know, Jun and Kun are prettysoldier best friends.

Man. Isao is so pretty. But he JUST came out.... if they were going to release a Tokyo Shonen, why couldn't it have been Tsukasa. :).

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Ketoconazole And Diflucan

Ketoconazole And Diflucan, I'm rather torn.

I'm thinking about what doll I want to buy around Christmas time, and I just don't know. I saw an UGLY HORRIBLE Black Yen on Y!Japan, and I was just so appalled by how ugly the head was, that it's quite scared me off of wanting a Tender Yen. So... I dunno.

Right now, I'm considering a few dolls, Ketoconazole And Diflucan. 1000mg Ketoconazole And Diflucan, 1. Link - I think customized, he could be the doll for me. I like a lot of things about him, like his nose and mouth. My only concern is that his eyes are to close set. Ketoconazole And Diflucan, It's so hard to tell by the floor model, as his eyes are in wrong. Really crookedly wrong. ^_^* I'll need to wait for a custom on Y!Japan to see how he'll look. Like for example, Ketoconazole And Diflucan japan, I HATE the default paint job on Michele, but I love how he looks customized.

2. Tender Too and Bee-a set: I really rather love Bee-a's snooty little face, and the "Yeah, wanna go?" look to Too, Ketoconazole And Diflucan. They wouldn't be lovers, though, because that's just weird. I'm trying to think if Too could be customized into the character I had originally wanted Tender Yen for. 20mg Ketoconazole And Diflucan, I don't think so. Hmmph. Ketoconazole And Diflucan, 3. The next Tokyo Shonen doll..... I wish Volks would post some info on the last Tokyo Shonen. When does he come out. And does anyone know the date for the frelling Dolpa. I'm thinking of going, but I think it would be deleterious to the bank account and budget, Ketoconazole And Diflucan.

4. FCS SD13: F-16 boy with longer legs and arms. Normal skin tone, 10mg Ketoconazole And Diflucan. I dunno. Ketoconazole And Diflucan, It's the MOST EXPENSIVE option. So that makes it the least viable. That... and... well, EVERYONE has the F-16/F-28 head. I want someone different, Ketoconazole And Diflucan.

What would you pick. 100mg Ketoconazole And Diflucan, Oh, for deputying - I've been too lazy/busy to get the site up for it. The basic thought is that for stuff other than FCS, it's a 9% deputy rate + $2 for my subway fare. Then exact cost for shipping. Wishlists takes via e-mail.

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Quinidine Erythromycin Interaction

Quinidine Erythromycin Interaction, Today I went to the Volks Showroom and Tenshi no Sumika to see the new standard models.

I have to admit to being rather disappointed. None of the new standards really grabbed me, and some were downright ugly. The new standard MSDs are hideous; Hisuu and Kohaku are just... ugh. Their eyes are too close set, and they have a shelf-nose and mouth sculpt that reminds me of a pre-teen's Sailor Moon fanart, Quinidine Erythromycin Interaction. Guh. They total lack the stylized realism of other Volks sculpts. Nagisa is pretty weird looking, on account that her eyes are also too close set, and then they are low on her face, giving the impression that he face is a little melty. She isn't horrible, but I wouldn't buy her. Quinidine Erythromycin Interaction, The cutest of the MSDs was by far Midori. She was actually rather cute and charming, with a sweet personality. Her default paint job wasn't very good, Quinidine Erythromycin Interaction craiglist, though - they glossed her lips practically to her chin. ^_^* But she was actually very cute. If I was into MSD girls, I would have really been tempted by her. I'm sure that customized, she'd be adorable, Quinidine Erythromycin Interaction.

Kun... was all right. She has a slightly Unoss-ish look to her face, but her facial proportioning is really strange in person. Her eyes were also very close set, which really bothered me. Quinidine Erythromycin Interaction, Her default paint job is horrible. She had a very nice nose and mouth, though. Her face had a lot of personality. Yori is really rather pretty; I would definitely consider her if I was in the market for a girl SD13. She is very elegant and gentle looking, Quinidine Erythromycin Interaction usa, with a little pride to her face.

Link..., Quinidine Erythromycin Interaction. Link, Link, Link. Sigh. I'd been thinking that from the pictures, he was rather cute. In person... Quinidine Erythromycin Interaction, I'm not sure. His eyes are VERY close set, following the trend of the other new standards. That bothers my sense of aesthetics. The floor model's eyes weren't in quite right, so I couldn't tell if I liked him or not. I am rather fond of his nose and mouth, though... so he might still be someone to consider for when I eventually get my SD13, Quinidine Erythromycin Interaction. I'll need to see some customs of him first... otherwise, 30mg Quinidine Erythromycin Interaction, it'll be an FCS with the F-16 head. But that's almost 10,000 yen more. So I dunno. Quinidine Erythromycin Interaction, But if I'm gonna spend that much money eventually, I should get the doll that makes me happiest. Though at the moment, I am sort of thinking that maybe Volks isn't the company for me.

So as of right now, I'm still on for ordering Tender Yen for Christmas. W00+.

Man, it's already almost 5... where did my day go, Quinidine Erythromycin Interaction.

Oh, things people asked me to check for:
1. SD Bibles are still in stock... something like 5000 yen
2. Quinidine Erythromycin Interaction ebay, SD-sized cellphones are 315 yen for the simple kind, 680 yen for the kind that flip open. Quinidine Erythromycin Interaction, 3. Beauty E, J, and.... F. Are all in stock. (squidgies) 1680 yen
4. There are all sorts of pre-rooted heads available in many colors, Quinidine Erythromycin Interaction.
5. Rement is all there
6. Century models Benjamin and Ashley are still sold out.

The new FCS is happening at the Nagoya branch now too. Quinidine Erythromycin Interaction, Granted, many heads are Sato only, so they are unavailable... but it's not so bad. We have the F19 and F16, which are the ones I'm most interested in. We have full MSD FCS, yay, 250mg Quinidine Erythromycin Interaction. Mandy's gonna be doing that in about 3 weeks.

I also finally got to a fabric store today, Quinidine Erythromycin Interaction. WOW. I went to Otsukaya in Kurumamichi. It's so cool. I went for craft fur, and they had a whole WALL of it... Quinidine Erythromycin Interaction, in every color and texture and length you could possibly want. *starry eyed* Fur wigs may be in order.

Dammit. I forgot to get eyelashes. Tomorrow....

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Betta Tetracycline

Betta Tetracycline, Today we went to Volks and saw posters for the new dolls. Wow, Link is really a cutie in some of the newer pics. His eyes aren't as squinty, and I can see how he's be really gorgeous with a new faceup. After I see him in person (maybe next week), 500mg Betta Tetracycline, I will decide what doll I will be saving up for next. *nods*

We also saw the doll blessing ceremony for an FCS SD13 girl names "Yuri Transylvania." The girl who ordered her really went all out - she bought the wig, gown, shoes, stockings, huge black wings, hat, Betta Tetracycline canada. The doll really kinda weirded me out, though it was a neato doll, Betta Tetracycline. She had really intense gothic makeup and bi-colored eyes... and her fingernails were bloody. Eeek. The blessing ceremony is very short, and is in Japanese (duh) so I didn't get much out of it. Betta Tetracycline, But it's neat to watch. 200mg Betta Tetracycline, One of the employees (the manager, I think) dons a big blue and silver cape, then comes out with a silver candle. He says some things, lights a twisty silver candle on either side of the doll. The owner stands up beside him and the doll during what sounds like a recitation of the doll's name and story (written by the owner, maybe?), 100mg Betta Tetracycline, then a little blessing thing, some bowing.... and then the guy takes the candles from next tot he doll and has the owner blow them out one after the other. There's a little closing, then they turn all the lights back on, Betta Tetracycline. It's a pretty little ceremony and now mandy can't wait to do her MSD FCS.

I got some stuff for a project that I'm sort of obsessed with. 1000mg Betta Tetracycline, I'm doing it as a trial run for an MSD version... though I am really hoping that this just gets it OUT OF MY SYSTEM. ^_^* I don't want to have to do this for MSD. But as I said, I'm obsessed. *dies*

Tokyu Hands persists in being out of stock on the 100/0 brushes. *huge sigh*
And does anyone know where in Japan I can buy craft fur and other fabrics.

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Hydrocloride Tetracycline

Hydrocloride Tetracycline, This is my first entry in the new journal, hurrah. :D

This is a head I painted. It will be for sale, but I haven't decided if I want to try Yahoo!Japan, Ebay, Hydrocloride Tetracycline overseas, or just see if anyone is interested. If you are interested, make an offer.

Blah, Hydrocloride Tetracycline india.
I also haven't transferred my dollblog links over yet, Hydrocloride Tetracycline. If you would like to be linked, please leave a comment about it.

And a quick note to Miva, should she read this.... 150mg Hydrocloride Tetracycline, I can't access your domain at all. I can't get to your blog and I can't see any of your images (like the one for your recently ended auction). Do you have it set somehow so it can't be accessed from overseas.

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