Erythromycin Skin Ointment

Erythromycin Skin Ointment, I am sad about the disaster in Thailand.
I keep thinking "The death toll HAS to stop there" and then it doesn't, 30mg Erythromycin Skin Ointment. Erythromycin Skin Ointment coupon, How can that many people have died at once. I don't understand how something like that can happen, 100mg Erythromycin Skin Ointment. Erythromycin Skin Ointment japan, It's at something like 114,000 now, 200mg Erythromycin Skin Ointment. Last I checked, it was at 73,000.
I hope it stops.

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Analysis Of Tetracycline

Analysis Of Tetracycline, I worked a bit tonight on esthetizing Rory(Link)'s body. I am always amazed by how time consuming it is. I can sand everything in about 2-ish hours on an MSD usually, but SD13 is just so much bigger, Analysis Of Tetracycline ebay. It's awful. I watched a Disney movie and sanded pieces, 150mg Analysis Of Tetracycline, and I only got about 1/2 done. Blaaaaaaaaah, Analysis Of Tetracycline. I don't want to rush the experience because I love the whole customizing groove, but sanding is just so awful.

I'm a bit disappointed by how limiting certain features of the head sculpt are, Analysis Of Tetracycline usa. For example, the eyelids. Analysis Of Tetracycline uk, They're shaped oddly and are a bit thin to start... Analysis Of Tetracycline, s I can't enlarge the eyes very far in the upward because it would look weird. I don't want to enlarge them downward because I think his eyes are a little bit low on his face already. *sigh* I enlarged them slightly and widened them slightly, about 2 mm up and out, Analysis Of Tetracycline us. But it's almost unnoticeable. I also changed the bridge of his nose a bit in profile.

Here is a picture for you to squint at to see the minute differences. ;)
I think another problem is that the pics aren't from quite the same angle.

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Generic For Lumigan

Generic For Lumigan, Well, I removed Rory(Link)'s faceup... and he is here in all of his unstrung, unpainted glory. I feel sad having him taken apart, I miss him already. ;)

In case anyone wondered what an unpainted Link looks like, here are some pictures. I think the sculpt is really nice. I'm going to make some light modifications to him before I repaint him, but not as much as I had originally planned, Generic For Lumigan. It's amazing how different his eyes look without those horrible eyebrows.

I still plan to open his eyes a little to make them a little less angular. I think that the angularity of his upper eyelid is what made him look "squinty." I think just rounding it out the tiniest bit will help... as will handling the upper eyelid differently. Also, someone on DoA was saying that the nose just sort of goes straight into the forehead without very much of a bridge. I can see that, looking at him, and it bothers me. So I'm going to very lightly work on that area as well to define the bridge of his nose.

Heh, 1000mg Generic For Lumigan, if I mess up, I'll love him anyway.

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Antibiotic Flagyl Dosage

Yesterday when I went to Volks (Christmas Eve), they were setting up for the Afterparty. Stacks and stacks of boxes of LEs. ^_^* None for sale till the following day - which was good, really, 500mg Antibiotic Flagyl Dosage, since I couldn't buy any of them. Saw the new DDs again, Antibiotic Flagyl Dosage mexico, saw Jun and Kohya again... saw the WTGuy boys (rather nice, really) and some NICE Lolitawear for the SD girls. Pretty cool, Antibiotic Flagyl Dosage.

Rory (Link) is sporting his new pimptastic Christmas clothes from Mandychu, Antibiotic Flagyl Dosage overseas. He has on his new wig and eyes, but the eyes won't sit right because I haven't gotten all of the glue out of the inside of his eyewells. 100mg Antibiotic Flagyl Dosage, Also to note - the first pic is from BEFORE I cut his hair. On closer inspection, his default glass eyes have a tiny pinprick-sized chip that deflects light annoyingly like a little white spot. Antibiotic Flagyl Dosage, I'm gonna see what I can do to fix it, maybe.

It suddenly just looks like we have a lot of dolls, 40mg Antibiotic Flagyl Dosage. I'll try to take a family pic in natural light tomorrow before work. Sorry the pics of Rory suck too.

*practically falls over* Miva's blog loaded for me today. Merry Christmas.

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Side Effects Of Taking Prozac

Side Effects Of Taking Prozac, Christmas photostory below the cut. :)

Christmas card.

Then individual cards. First is Mandychu's card, then JoAnn's, then PJs, then Emi's.

And a bit of non-Christmas. Due to confusion in the whole how-a-preorder works thing, I now have the potential of getting up to three more of the blue-haired Animate Pinky, Side Effects Of Taking Prozac. If you are interested in one and missed out on the preorder, they're $10 plus shipping. Let me know via e-mail to Armeleia @ gmail (dot) com.



(The letter reads: "Dear Santa, I would like a motorcycle and a nice pair of boots. I have been very good this year. Please bring a pony for my sister. She's been evil, but I don't think she can help it. Side Effects Of Taking Prozac canada, Thank you. Merry Christmas, Love, Leif.")


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Synthroid And Weight Loss

Synthroid And Weight Loss, Note: The F-9 is a smaller head than the Ken or Akira heads. I don't have a tape measure, but the wig fits much looser on him than on the Akira.

Mandy's FCS is to replace her Akira doll. Well, that's not worded quite right. Her Akira was customized to be a particular person - the poet, Thomas Chatterton, the subject of her thesis paper. As a "thank you" to Chatterton for successful completion of her thesis, she got him a new, pale pure skin F-9 doll, Synthroid And Weight Loss. So the F-9 will be customized (probably in a week or so) to be the new Thomas. Does that make sense.

But that left the old body with no purpose, Synthroid And Weight Loss australia. So it was recustomized about a week ago.... Synthroid And Weight Loss, so meet Lis. Lis means "fox" in Ukrainian. :) He's got henna-like tattoes on his face, hands, wrists, feet, and ankles. He hasn't been willing to photograph well, so this is all I have. Mandy's gonna add sme white extensions to his new wig. 10mg Synthroid And Weight Loss, .

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Cost Of Diflucan

Cost Of Diflucan, Today I stopped into Volks to pick up a few things for esthetizing Link and Thomas. I picked up Mr. Super Clear Flat UV Cut. I don't know anything about it, but I think that if it helps to cut back on the UV, it might help reduce yellowing over time. Who knows. :) And Link needed eyelashes, Because his are sue to get ruined when I redo him, Cost Of Diflucan. I'm very very bad at eyelash conservation.

I baked Christmas cookies the other day (in my toaster oven), so I made up a little bag to give to Mayumi, Cost Of Diflucan coupon, the girl who always helps us at Volks. Mandy and I wrote a little card to her and gave them to her today. She was SO cute. Cost Of Diflucan, She was really surprised and cheerful. It made it feel much more like the week before Christmas. She gave us a present for Link.

A little Gameboy Advance.

I was so surprised. It was so sweet of her, Cost Of Diflucan. The game is removeable and the detail is exquisite, Cost Of Diflucan paypal, down to the places in the backf or the AC adapter... I almost had to pull Link out of his box again, but I was strong. (Oh, in case anyone wonders, my GBA has an extra battery, so it sits differently. Otherwise they're dead-on identical).

I also saw the new DD bodies. NICE, dude, Cost Of Diflucan usa. They hold their poses beautifully and they are pretty much awesome. The new inside skeleton means that they really bend awesomely in the middle. Their backs are wonderfully flexible as well. Totally awesome, Cost Of Diflucan.

June is pretty wicked cool in person. I don't like her shirt, but her boots are awesome. She's very pretty. Kohya was rather cool in person, 200mg Cost Of Diflucan, though I wanted to see him without his doofy aviator glasses. Cost Of Diflucan, His lips are too pink, but I did rather like him. Tohya is still ugly. They also had some new one-offs, including a Madoka boy. I didn't really like her... they had a gorgeous F-19 boy, though, and I was enchanted with him. They had a gothy little Hisui, but I just hate that head sculpt, Cost Of Diflucan uk.

All in all, I'm happy. ;).

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Cialis Coupon

Cialis Coupon, Okay, pictures in natural lighting.

Oh, and to note... he is the "event" Link. Something that I am not really too impressed by... and I'll be repainting him and probbaly selling his "special" things. ;)

First, a baldie pic of Link to show his blushing and whatnot, Cialis Coupon. It's also a reference for me for a before and after pic. ;) Then a closeup pic of his default eyes.

Mandy's MSD is gorgeous, so I'm posting some pics of him. He'll also be repainted in over New Years break. Cialis Coupon, He's a pureskin snow with the F-9 head and FCS-only gray eyes.

Then there is the ever-popular comparison pic of pureskin and pureskin snow... as well as an SD13-MSD size comparison pic.

I also repainted Mandy's Akira last weekend and gave him full esthetics. I'll post him later, Cialis Coupon ebay, though, since I don't have any really good pics of him.

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Quitting Prozac Remeron Clonazapam

Quitting Prozac Remeron Clonazapam, Today we picked up Mandy's FCS MSD, and he is beautiful. His name is Thomas. He's a pureskin snow with an F-9 head. He's lovely and adored.

Today Link came home as well. My new baby, Quitting Prozac Remeron Clonazapam. :) He looks different than other Links, somehow. His face is a little more gentle in person. I really love his big nose and his chin. His sculpt is just generally pretty cool, Quitting Prozac Remeron Clonazapam paypal. Quitting Prozac Remeron Clonazapam, I can't wait to get rid of those angry eyebrows and work on his lips. I'm going to open his eyes a bit and work a bit at the bridge of his nose. He needs aesthetics badly, especially his poor fingers. THey have bits of flashseam just roughly sticking out. I'm a little disappointed by that.

His default eyes are gorgeous, Quitting Prozac Remeron Clonazapam. But they're getting changed because I want them to be hazel. So I'll probably be selling the eyes.... I'm definitely selling his wig. 100mg Quitting Prozac Remeron Clonazapam, It's the SD Fair exclusive wig and eyes.

I can't get over how... BIG he is. I was holding him earlier and I was just like "Damn, this is a big doll." It's weird, because I look at SD13's pretty often at Volks, and I see how small MSDs look next to them... but... he just looks even BIGGER in my apartment.

But I'm not allowed to play with him until Christmas, Quitting Prozac Remeron Clonazapam. *dies*
So he's in his gold box under my coffeetable.

Oh, Quitting Prozac Remeron Clonazapam ebay. And today I got some miniature tatami mats at Tokyu hands. They're meant for New Years stuff, but they're a nice size for 1/6ths. Quitting Prozac Remeron Clonazapam, I got 4, but I think I'll go back and get a few more tomorrow.

Also picked up some of the new Rement today and got the set we wanted right off. Christmas set!. I also picked up one of the traditional Japanese foods ones and got the New Year's bento sets, Quitting Prozac Remeron Clonazapam india. It's AWESOME. Three-tiered traditional bento filled with stuff, teapot with cord knotting and cup, chopsticks and holder. Pics forthcoming.

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Turmeric And Synthroid

You should look at this dress Turmeric And Synthroid, .... wow. This is an amazing piece of work. Look at that bustle, 750mg Turmeric And Synthroid. o_O Makes me wish I had a girl doll. It's only at 6,250 right now, Turmeric And Synthroid. It HAS to go higher. Turmeric And Synthroid overseas, I mean, WOW.


And you'll have to wait till tomorrow too, Turmeric And Synthroid usa, Sam. Turmeric And Synthroid, ;)
He's not an LE or anything, but he makes me happy and will be a fun customizing project. I already have his wig and eyes... Turmeric And Synthroid us, I hope they work. Otherwise I don't know what will...

In other news.... I live in this country, 250mg Turmeric And Synthroid. And after living here, this doesn't surprise me at all.

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