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Buy Clomid On Line, There was a thread on DoA of BJDs and their toys. It reminded me of all of the toys that our dolls have... it's kinda sad, actually. They have more toys than we do.


This is Friday and her Gameboy Advance. We have an excess of SD sized GBAs, Buy Clomid On Line. Buy Clomid On Line india, It started with the blue one from Mayumi-san, and we have since found two of the "retro" GBAs at the gashapon shop. Will we buy more if we see them. You betcha.


This is Mandychu's Lis and the miniature Sylvanian Families set I picked up at the grocery store. Buy Clomid On Line, It has all sorts of wonderful pieces to choke children under the age of 3.


Mandychu's Harlequinn and Thomas and my Tamlyn. Tam and Harlequinn are playing with a little wire-and-beady toy, Buy Clomid On Line paypal, like what they have in the waiting area of every doctor's office in the US. Thomas has GBA #3.


This is Thomas and my little squishy lucky kitty from the temple at Osu. Thomas really loves it for some reason, Buy Clomid On Line. We have numberous pictures of him with it... and I don't remember taking half of them. 200mg Buy Clomid On Line, chrisnowanowa.jpg

By the same token, Chris has claimed one of Mandy's stuffed animals: NowaNowa, the miserable french-ish yellow sheepy-puppy-thing. It's not very manly, and it's not really to scale.... Buy Clomid On Line, but he loves it SO much. I think I'm going to wind up buying one of the stupid things just so he can hold it.


Last one - kinda similar to a previous pic, 1000mg Buy Clomid On Line, but it's also got some little cups (from my ice tea) and a little box of my favorite chocolate. Mmm. This little table is from the 100 yen shop. It has little colored pencil legs, Buy Clomid On Line. Note also, Little Whiskers (Teenie Tiny Pony) at Harlequinn's side. Buy Clomid On Line usa, He's a Mafia boss, we think.

The worst thing. That isn't even everything.

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Acomplia Guaranteed Overnight Delivery

Acomplia Guaranteed Overnight Delivery, Yeeeeaaaaah. Below the cut (cuz it's pretty long).
Mix of my dolls and Mandy's doll's.

Harlequinn: So anyway... he was sleeping, so I took his hat and boots....
Friday: He's going to kill you, you know, Acomplia Guaranteed Overnight Delivery.

Harlequinn: Naaaaaah. He won't, Acomplia Guaranteed Overnight Delivery uk. He's too squishy. And I look so much better in them anyway....

Chris: Acomplia Guaranteed Overnight Delivery, Hey. Squirt.

Harlequinn: Ummm.... Heya Chris.
Chris: Yeah, 30mg Acomplia Guaranteed Overnight Delivery, yeah. Get over here, Puss in Boots, Acomplia Guaranteed Overnight Delivery.

Harlequinn: What.
Chris: Give them back.

Harlequinn: Chris, I have no idea what you're talking about.

Chris: . . .

Chris: Hat, Acomplia Guaranteed Overnight Delivery overseas. Boots. Now.

Harlequinn: SIIIIIGH, Acomplia Guaranteed Overnight Delivery. Fine, fine... but... you have so many boots. Acomplia Guaranteed Overnight Delivery australia, More than anyone.

Harlequinn: Acomplia Guaranteed Overnight Delivery, I'll give you your hat if you let me keep the boots.
Chris: Oh.
Harlequinn: Otherwise, well, you'll have to chase me for them.
Chris: *grin* You drive a hard bargain, squirt.

Chris: ...but it's a deal, 750mg Acomplia Guaranteed Overnight Delivery.
Harlequinn: I'll spare you the burden of picking out your boots if you give me a ride...

Harlequinn: Yes, yes, I think it's going to be a purple creepers night...

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Expired Erythromycin Topical Felt Sick

Expired Erythromycin Topical Felt Sick, Stolen from JoAnn, who stole it from Tasha (who lives in the house that Jack built). :)

Ever wanted to see something about my life. I have a digital camera, Expired Erythromycin Topical Felt Sick mexico, so REQUEST A PICTURE. 10mg Expired Erythromycin Topical Felt Sick, You can request anything you want--a picture of something in my house, in my life, at my school, 500mg Expired Erythromycin Topical Felt Sick, in my neighborhood, Expired Erythromycin Topical Felt Sick ebay, ANYTHING. I will either post a picture that I already have, or I will take a new one.

Restrictions: Nothing rated higher than PG, Expired Erythromycin Topical Felt Sick japan, please.

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Amoxicillin And Clavulanate Potassium Infants

rainy.jpg Amoxicillin And Clavulanate Potassium Infants, Lately I feel like all my pictures have the same rainy morning lighting. You know, 40mg Amoxicillin And Clavulanate Potassium Infants. 100mg Amoxicillin And Clavulanate Potassium Infants, That bright-but-flat-it-should-be-sunny sort of grayed out lighting. Which is completely different than evening snow lighting, 20mg Amoxicillin And Clavulanate Potassium Infants, Amoxicillin And Clavulanate Potassium Infants canada, which is bluer. Blah, Amoxicillin And Clavulanate Potassium Infants us.

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Diflucan By Vbulletin

Diflucan By Vbulletin, Just finished making this for Mandy to be her avatar. ;)


I have to admit to a certain bit of glee from lazily photoshopping in a cell phone for Sephie, Diflucan By Vbulletin ebay. Diflucan By Vbulletin craiglist. Diflucan By Vbulletin mexico. Diflucan By Vbulletin overseas. 10mg Diflucan By Vbulletin.

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Retin A Micro Effectiveness

"Moshi moshi."
Retin A Micro Effectiveness, . 250mg Retin A Micro Effectiveness. 1000mg Retin A Micro Effectiveness. 150mg Retin A Micro Effectiveness. Retin A Micro Effectiveness canada. 30mg Retin A Micro Effectiveness.

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Cialis Alternative

Cialis Alternative, Acquire wigs, Chris, Friday, sexxxxy Apollo....

I took a ton of pictures today... They're below the cut to try to spare my bandwidth.

Friday is so photogenic. Most of these are her in the new Acquire wigs.

Chris' head fits a DD wig pretty decently - though even that is actually the slightest bit big, Cialis Alternative. I got one of the DD wigs today at Volks and cut it... it suits him really well and matches his eyebrows. YAY. I'm going to sell the bleached-with-roots wig, I think. Cialis Alternative, I don't have anyone who really wants to wear it. It had been intended as Chris' default, but it's just too big. And Chris is a natural blond anyway. I really like Chris' body. I love how it fills out those shirts. :D He's so buff, Cialis Alternative.
And an almost nekkie pic for you, Brent.

Mandychu's Apollo got some fun new things yesterday. Cialis Alternative us, Unfortunately, the shorts won't close. But still.... Cialis Alternative, now he's all legs. The first pic, I was bored so I tried photoshopping out his joints. I think it looks silly, but it's kinda fun anyway.

And last, a few random pics of Acquire wigs. The green wig Tam is modelling is the one I snipped in the back. *dies* I can't believe I did that, Cialis Alternative. It sticks up in the back... so there was some judicious cropping. The hot pink one is being modelled by Mandychu's Thomas. It's going to get cut and styled soon - it's nice, but it needs some work to frame Thomas' face right. Cialis Alternative, I still need to take a pic of Rory in the long, straight red wig... but I haven't gotten to it yet. He is uber sexxy in it, too.

Whew. That's it for now.

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Can Prozac Be Taken During Pregnancy

Can Prozac Be Taken During Pregnancy, Well, Chris (Souldoll Paris) is finished now. Though tomorrow I may redo his eyebrows... if there's any way I can do that without having to redo his whole face-up. I think I'm satisfied with him otherwise, but I'll need to wait till tomorrow when I'm not sick of looking at him.


Anyway, a quick review of the Souldoll boy body.

First, resin quality-wise, it's not too bad, Can Prozac Be Taken During Pregnancy. I would compare it to Volks old resin, though slightly yellowier and a touch more translucent. The seams on the doll were BAD. Previously, I'd thought Delf dolls had the worst seams, but Souldoll seams were really bad. In some places, I'd say that the seams were probably 1-2 mm deep. Can Prozac Be Taken During Pregnancy, So seriously seamy. 50mg Can Prozac Be Taken During Pregnancy, I actually used a fine file to mostly remove the seams, and then we sanded the file marks out and gave all of the pieces a good sanding. The casting molds tend to discolor the resin slightly - which accounts for at least some of the color differences between the outside color and the sanded areas. Sanding the whole thing usually helps... but in this case, the seams are still visibly lighter.

The stringing is slightly different around the headcap, Can Prozac Be Taken During Pregnancy. Like with the Delf body, there are two body strings (one for each leg) and then an arm string. There's a little bar in the neck that holds the stringsand then a seperate little pieces that goes up to hold the head on. It's rather nice there, design wise. Except that it's a total bitch to string. Can Prozac Be Taken During Pregnancy, ^_^* But once it's on, it's pretty nice because it's so easy to just take the head on and off. I seriously think I'll just be popping the head off to change eyes.

Aesthetically, I think the whole doll is really pleasingly proportioned. The head is noticeably smaller (especially next to Delf El), 40mg Can Prozac Be Taken During Pregnancy, and the body is just slightly slimmer overall. The scale is VERY slight different, I think. Like instead of being 1/3, it's more like.., Can Prozac Be Taken During Pregnancy. 1/3.15. Does that make sense. He's just a little smaller looking than SD13 or Delf. That said, he's actually a little taller, I think. Can Prozac Be Taken During Pregnancy, His proportions are more "mature" than either of the abovementioned dolls. He's nice. ;) I don't think his body would suit other companies' heads though, just on account of the body proportioning. That said, though... 500mg Can Prozac Be Taken During Pregnancy, I think the Paris head would make a bizarrely attractive girl. With certain handling, I think he could be reminscent of Kun, Can Prozac Be Taken During Pregnancy. Anyway. There is a lot of detail to his sculpt, in the form of fine muscle definitions. His range of movement is good, his joints aren't too much of an eyesore in general.

The negatives: His head, being smaller, doesn't fit normal wigs well. Can Prozac Be Taken During Pregnancy, The wig which I had bought to be his default swims on him. I'm not entirely sure what size wig he DOES take. The design of the neck and head means the head can just randomly... swivel when you're moving him around. Range of movement, check, but no control. For all the delicate muscle detail, parts of the sculpt seem to be very amateurish - things that should have been smoothed out just weren't, Can Prozac Be Taken During Pregnancy. So some areas seem the slightest bit.., Can Prozac Be Taken During Pregnancy paypal. lumpy. Not enough to detract from his appealing bod, but enough for me to notice when I'm being insane. ;) The knee joints are a bit of an eyesore - they are very ball-like. Can Prozac Be Taken During Pregnancy, Overall, though, I like the doll very much. I don't intend to make anymore big purchases from Souldoll, though, on account their their customer communication is crap... but it is a nice doll. I like him a lot. :) I think the longer I have him, the more I will come to enjoy him.

That said, Rory remains my special boy, Can Prozac Be Taken During Pregnancy. *grin*

But anyway. Today I also got my wigs from Acquire. I committed today's Random Act of Stupidity with said wigs as well - in opening the package, Can Prozac Be Taken During Pregnancy uk, I cut a piece of one of the wigs. ;_; EEEEK. It's all right, since it's in the back... but still. STUPID.


I'll try to take pictures that don't suck tomorrow.

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Atenolol Interaction With Synthroid

fridayredwig3.jpg Atenolol Interaction With Synthroid, The CP Delf Soony is SUCH a gorgeous doll. She's so amazingly photogenic - it's great. There are only a few angles from which I don't think she looks stunning. I need some new wigs for her, though. It seems that all of Fridays old wigs (which had bangs) don't suit her so well. We need some bang-less wigs, Atenolol Interaction With Synthroid.

I also sewed her a really simple little outfit. She's mighty pleased with herself.

The CP girl body is great, though she does seem to suffer from what some have termed "crazy legs." Unfortunately, the knees don't lock. Anyway, overall, a short review of the body. Atenolol Interaction With Synthroid, It has many of the same pros and cons as the El body - with the exception that she doesn't have the little inset joint cups on her thighs. No butt cups. However, it doesn't really seem to affect the aesthetic, and the body is overall really nicely balanced and proportioned. The Lishe-mature body is rather boobtastic, which is a nice change from blushing and painting a flat boy chest. Friday's pleased with herself for how she fills out her clothes. Good for her, right, Atenolol Interaction With Synthroid. Her wrists, like El's, are kinda a weak point (design-wise) in my eyes. Atenolol Interaction With Synthroid japan, But her hands are absolutely gorgeous. Talk about a beautiful sculpt. She has these little delicate nails that look so pretty when they're all painted up like she has a french manicure. Atenolol Interaction With Synthroid, The headcup is nice, but I have a hell of a time opening and closing her head. And it is a BITCH to get her head off. Luts says you should use "nipper scissors," for head switching, but we don't have any. Mmm.

All in all, very nice. And as with Mandy's order, Luts was a pleasure to work with, Atenolol Interaction With Synthroid.

I also received Paris the other day. I adore him, though I can't wait to get him esthetized and put together again and painted. I can see there things about his sculpt that I love and don't love. And seeing him lounging on the couch in his leopard print undies from Luts just fills my little heart with joy. Atenolol Interaction With Synthroid, I'll post pics of him when he's finished. Have to say though, my favorite design thing about him is his headcap - it's magnetic. Glorious. Stays on, pops off. Great. the head has a disturbing habit of just randomly swivelling about though, 20mg Atenolol Interaction With Synthroid.

I had to pay 5100 yen customs and duty on him. *dies* He has ended up being an expensive doll. I think my collection is basically finished now.

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Use Of Colchicine Injection

Use Of Colchicine Injection, Well, Fridayv.2 has been esthetized, and her pieces are drying on my kitchen floor. As I look at the pieces in this light, I can't help but think that the CP white skin is pretty unhealthy looking if it's just left plain. I can't imagine not blushing it or in any way trying to make it look a little more lifelike. ^_^* Mandy's Apollo is the same color, but he looks fine because he's blushed and coated, Use Of Colchicine Injection canada. Friday's pieces just look... strange, Use Of Colchicine Injection. :)

Tomorrow morning I have to go to a luncheon... I say "have to", but I actually do want to. Use Of Colchicine Injection coupon, It's a goodbye party for a Japanese friend who is moving to Kagoshima (very far away - on another island. Kyushu, I think). Use Of Colchicine Injection, I'm going to miss her.... :( I don't know if I'll be able to get finished blushing and esthetizing Friday before I run out of daylight. Very sad.

Paris has cleared customs and is at the post office, Use Of Colchicine Injection us. Unfortunately... he is dutiable, according to EMS, Use Of Colchicine Injection. I don't know how much, though. I know nothing about Japanese customs. Use Of Colchicine Injection mexico, Man. That sucks, though. Use Of Colchicine Injection, I'm anticipating like 3,000-5,000 yen though (8-10% of the package's value?). I totally prefer eLuts. They say the package is worth $50 and they declare it as a gift. Probably not legal, Use Of Colchicine Injection craiglist, but it means that you don't have to pay any more than you expect upfront. Sigh.

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