Colchicine Brand Name

Colchicine Brand Name, First: Here's Sliver 1/6th with Kid Delf Sliver.

His hair will be like the 1/6th's hair when the Acquire wigs get here in a couple of days.

Next: Rory wearing the Heath wig (now sold):

And then... Colchicine Brand Name paypal, Mac. I'm really happy because someone's selling EXACTLY the wig I want on DoA. So I'll be able to get Mac's wig within a week or so, Colchicine Brand Name. Which is great, since the one he's wearing.., Colchicine Brand Name coupon. I really chopped badly. ^_^* I just wanted it short. 250mg Colchicine Brand Name, I need better scissors. Colchicine Brand Name, It's decent still, but definitely not like the one I'm buying... no. ;)
I also need to start making his pinstripe suit. But I need to wait for Mandy to sacrifice one of her old work shirts for me to cut up - she said she would this weekend, Colchicine Brand Name us, once we get to our vacation. I'm going for a nice sort of 40's dandy/film actor look for him. Man, I can't wait for his new wig, Colchicine Brand Name. 40mg Colchicine Brand Name, So here are some more Mac pics. I probably won't post too many more till he's wigged correctly and dressed a little more dapper.

Man, I love him. I'm really happy with my collection and don't need anyone else, save maybe a little tiny doll a couple months down the road.

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Bacterial Enteritis Cipro

Bacterial Enteritis Cipro, Well, I finished Heath... and I also finally finished a customizing job for Mandy(Junkets).

Silver is a big (MSD sized) version of the 1/6th Sliver I posted a few months ago. He's one of Mandy's characters... and he took FOREVER to do as a 1/3rd scale doll.


Heath is interesting, Bacterial Enteritis Cipro. His face sculpt is so different from other Volks heads - I know he resembles Madoka (who I don't really like), 750mg Bacterial Enteritis Cipro, but I really think his sculpt is exquisite. His body.... I esthetized his body last night, with the help of Mandy. Bacterial Enteritis Cipro japan, It took a FREAKING LONG TIME. Bacterial Enteritis Cipro, The seams were atrocious. Probably a millimeter or two deep in a few areas. Totally different from when I was esthetizing Rory back in January. I've been thinking about it though... and the impression that I get is that Heath was made very quickly. I think maybe that Volks really realized how many people wanted the LE Heaths and maybe really booked it to make a larger quantity for the after events, Bacterial Enteritis Cipro. So maybe in haste, Bacterial Enteritis Cipro ebay, some of the molds weren't aligned as carefully as usual.

Anyway. Heath. He has been repainted and renamed - MacHeath, 1000mg Bacterial Enteritis Cipro, after a roleplaying character. Bacterial Enteritis Cipro, He's a rune mage, and tends toward 40's style. Mac is a good natured, confident guy. I adore him already, though he desperately needs a better wig. I know exactly which one I want, 100mg Bacterial Enteritis Cipro, but it's out of stock on Leeke Asia and Leeke US. (I'm still waiting on Knife's wig from the preorder. Waiting is horrible!)


I'll take better pics tomorrow.

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Lithium Orotate Namenda Prozac And Aricept

Lithium Orotate Namenda Prozac And Aricept, Well.... my tortured days/weeks/whatever of doll turmoil have ended. Today, 30mg Lithium Orotate Namenda Prozac And Aricept, I woke up at 10 am with a strong resolution.

I bought Heath.

I'm selling his clothes and wig, if anyone's interested, 10mg Lithium Orotate Namenda Prozac And Aricept. PM on DoA or e-mail to armeleia (at) gmail (dot) com

I'm so excited, Lithium Orotate Namenda Prozac And Aricept. I hope to get him esthetized tonight. I'm going to switch his and Rory's bodies too. Lithium Orotate Namenda Prozac And Aricept craiglist, Rory's character is supposed to be taller, and Mac's character is supposed to be shorter. So all in all, it all works out so well, Lithium Orotate Namenda Prozac And Aricept india.

My collection is finished.
No girls though... 200mg Lithium Orotate Namenda Prozac And Aricept, but oh well. Maybe some day.

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Picture Of Tetracycline Bottle

Picture Of Tetracycline Bottle, Well, her sale is pending. I should receive payment for her on June 5th... so I have awhile before I'll even think about her replacement. Though the weird thing is.., Picture Of Tetracycline Bottle ebay. I had thought I'd be really upset about selling her. But as she's boxed up in the other room, I feel really comfortable, Picture Of Tetracycline Bottle. I don't know if I feel the need to replace her, Picture Of Tetracycline Bottle overseas, even.

I had planned to replace her with 2 soulkids - one reason I felt bad about having her was that she was just kinda by herself. So I'd get a Soulkid to replace her, and one to be her friend, Picture Of Tetracycline Bottle uk. I was thinking of getting Tiffee and Sweeni. Picture Of Tetracycline Bottle, I was really gung-ho for it, to the point of ordering their wigs and little shoes when Mandy ordered a wig for Constantine from Audrey's.... but today I just don't feel so into it. 200mg Picture Of Tetracycline Bottle, Gotta think about it.

And now... Heath is tempting me. NO, 250mg Picture Of Tetracycline Bottle. If I get Heath, I can't get ANYONE else. Ever.

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G Postmessage Cialis Smiley Online

G Postmessage Cialis Smiley Online, I did some sewing last night. It's hard to sew for Yo-SD on the sewing machine... 30mg G Postmessage Cialis Smiley Online, but I'm pretty pleased with my efforts. The little devil tail kills me when he's sitting... though I'm not so into the little ear/horns, G Postmessage Cialis Smiley Online mexico. Constantine is soooo cute, G Postmessage Cialis Smiley Online.
(Constantine belongs to Mandy, 150mg G Postmessage Cialis Smiley Online, so there are more pics of him in her blog)

And pics of the little family...

Rory's still not sure about the sudden "dadness" of all of this. He sort of feels like he got knocked up or something, 20mg G Postmessage Cialis Smiley Online. -_-* He seems to be warming up to Constantine. 50mg G Postmessage Cialis Smiley Online, Apollo's insane over Constantine though,so the kid's totally not hurting for attention. (AND Mandychu is insane over Constantine...).

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Erythromycin Helps Egg Implant Uterine Wall

Erythromycin Helps Egg Implant Uterine Wall, Went to Volks after work today.

They were sold out of a lot of the stuff that I wanted... but... we did get what Mandychu wanted..., 100mg Erythromycin Helps Egg Implant Uterine Wall.


Pics forthcoming, Erythromycin Helps Egg Implant Uterine Wall.

And they had like, 10mg Erythromycin Helps Egg Implant Uterine Wall, literally, 15 Heaths. That really surprises me. ^_^*We went there about an hour before closing.., 500mg Erythromycin Helps Egg Implant Uterine Wall. I had really expected that they would have been sold out of him. Erythromycin Helps Egg Implant Uterine Wall, I mean... at the standard fair, Erythromycin Helps Egg Implant Uterine Wall us, Midori and Kun sold out faster than that. ^_^* I know in my last post I said that I didn't want him... but I doooooooooooooo. But I must be good, 750mg Erythromycin Helps Egg Implant Uterine Wall.

Not a bad day. Got some snazzy new metallic eyes.

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Tetracycline Causes Dark Tissues

Tetracycline Causes Dark Tissues, Today is the first day of the After Event... Yesterday, we stopped in to Volks to get Mayumi's contact card. They were in the process of putting out all of the After Event merchandise. Talk about torture. There were so many little things that I just really liked. Like for example, there's this line of clothes that look a lot like the Anais 2 outfit, Tetracycline Causes Dark Tissues. A dress with lacy little under wear, Tetracycline Causes Dark Tissues usa, asll soft, faded-looking cotton... and there was this ADORABLE little dress for MSD girl that I really wanted. I don't have an MSD girl, but I do hope to get a doll that size after I sell Friday. Tetracycline Causes Dark Tissues canada, All of the metallic eyes, the glasses, and the shoes were there. Tetracycline Causes Dark Tissues, ;_;

Seeing Heath in person has cured me of desiring to own him. He's pretty, but just not my type. Liz on the other hand... is lovely, Tetracycline Causes Dark Tissues australia, even if I don't like her lower eyelashes. She looks so translucent and pretty... like she's made of butter, Tetracycline Causes Dark Tissues. I want to have her and Anais as sisters. Arashi is cuuuuuuute. It's almost physically painful to me that I couldn't pic him up and hug him. 1000mg Tetracycline Causes Dark Tissues, He looks like a little baby badass. Tetracycline Causes Dark Tissues, Mayumi-san said that people come and start lining up at about 3 am. Volks opens at 11. ^_^* She also said she didn't know yet about how the preorders would go. I guess they find out tomorrow how many of which SDs can be preordered. The language barrier seemed particularly thick for that, so I might be wrong. She also said that the preordered dolls would come in June, 40mg Tetracycline Causes Dark Tissues.

I have to work today and can't go. *dies*.

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Order Tetracycline

personalfriday.jpg Order Tetracycline, I've decided to sell Friday. The tentative plan is to sell her, Order Tetracycline paypal, and then replace her with a smaller doll.

My dad has really been stressing me out about money... and I find myself just feeling increasingly stressed about when I get home and unpack my suitcase, Order Tetracycline japan. And my family sees that I own 5 ball-jointed dolls... 4 of which are SD13 size, Order Tetracycline. Order Tetracycline craiglist, I just see there being a problem. Even though it's my money and my dolls don't come out of my paycheck or home account - really, I sell crap and stuff, Order Tetracycline coupon.

Oh well. Order Tetracycline india, If you're interested in buying Friday, I would love to see her go to a good home. Readthe info at the length above, email to armeleia (at) gmail (dot) com.

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Antibiotic Cipro And Flagyl

Antibiotic Cipro And Flagyl, Ever wanted one of those 100/0 paintbrushes. Selling a few on ebay... also selling a DP #3 head. 20mg Antibiotic Cipro And Flagyl, I listed them all in the "dollfie" catagory. I hope ebay doesn't mind. I consider the 100/0 paintbrushes an awesome asset to 1/6th, Antibiotic Cipro And Flagyl. And, quite honestly, Antibiotic Cipro And Flagyl usa, BJD faceups.

Nothing altruisitic this time, Antibiotic Cipro And Flagyl uk, just trying to make a bit of money so dad'll stop nagging me about my student loooooans.

Lately, MT Blacklist just has been all about the suckage. I am getting a few spams daily.., Antibiotic Cipro And Flagyl canada. and I'm constantly updating my blacklist. But... 250mg Antibiotic Cipro And Flagyl, unfortunately, th main blacklist list hasn't been updated since 4/27. Siiiiigh.

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Erythromycin Normal Dosages

Erythromycin Normal Dosages, This is Knife, my new boy. I just finished him a few days ago, and I'm completely smitten with him. Though... I have to admit, he does sort of creep my out sometimes. I think it's because of his silver eyes.

A few more pics here.

We also just finished Mandychu's boy, Buzz, Erythromycin Normal Dosages.
He's a dirty little spaceboy.

He poses like no other doll I've ever seen... it's strange. He's such a pervert, right to his tightly-strung little core. :)
His personal gallery is here Erythromycin Normal Dosages, .
I'm sure she'll post pictures in her journal soon (Stardust Asylum), sooooo maybe check there within a day or two. And if she doesn't post pictures, nag her in her comments. *nag nag nag*

On the 1/6th front... I just made a Goh Guy as a going away present for Mayumi. We gave him to her today, along with a little card I sketched of his character in about 10 minutes, Erythromycin Normal Dosages.

I also finally bought my first Jenny doll. She was on clearance and I couldn't resist her. I love her... though I don't think I'll be renaming her. Erythromycin Normal Dosages, I think she'll just be "Jenny." Upon getting her home, I stripped her out of her clothes and gave her clothes to Lynchpin. I gave Jenny Lynchpin's lolita outfit... both are much better suited to their new clothes.

"I heard that you are feeling ill,
headache, fever, and a chill.
But I've come to restore your pluck, Erythromycin Normal Dosages india,
cuz I'm the nurse who likes to--"

Ah, Ferris Buler. Nurse Lynchpin'll cure what ails ya.

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