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macknife3.jpg Colchicine Sulfites, Corset by Setsuki on DoA.
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Synthroid Generic

Synthroid Generic, DARGH.

MT ate my post.
Oh well, the text isn't important, really. Just a few quick pics of Mac in his suit that I took before work this morning. The camera's batteries were dying (and then died before I could take picture of anything else), so they're not great. Buuuut good enough, Synthroid Generic. The suit is really nice, I love it. Mac looks so pretty in it and the crispy wig. And really.., 750mg Synthroid Generic. MAN-like. Synthroid Generic, It's kinda cool. I don't think anyone would mistake him for a chick. The suit pants are a little bit long - so they would work on a long-legged SD13 boy too. (Mac's normal-legged... I gave his longer limbs to Rory.) I'm also happy because it's less than half the cost of the CP suit. It's not as nice, but the price is more conscienceable for me.

I kinda of want to post it on DoA, Synthroid Generic coupon, but I don't want people to think I'm showing off. ^_^* And people are kinda outspoken about how they don't like the Heath sculpt. *cuddles Mac* Doesn't matter though, I love him.

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Erythromycin Opthalmic Ointment For Newborns

Erythromycin Opthalmic Ointment For Newborns, (I've been careless with a delicate man...)

Well, not really. But I was soooo bad today. Today was the rainy day fair at Volks. I decided last night that I had to go... but I knew that everything would be gone by the time we got off work. So I went, then called work and said I'd overslept, Erythromycin Opthalmic Ointment For Newborns. :) Despite working for a Japanese company, I do not have a Japanese work ethic.

I got some nice things, for both me and Mandy. I also used some of our points from our pointo cardo. I got two of the new La Personal suits for Mac and a black Dollfie Dream "wet" wig. Erythromycin Opthalmic Ointment For Newborns, Unfortunately, one of the suits ended up being a sort of... "medical" outfit, so I'm not planning to keep it. For Mandychu, I got one of the new La Personal quasi-traditional thingies (the turquoise ones) and the Yo-SD Rainy Day Fair raincoat set, 200mg Erythromycin Opthalmic Ointment For Newborns. There are DUCKS on the BOOTS. They're soooooooo cute.

Sewing progress.., Erythromycin Opthalmic Ointment For Newborns. um, not so much, really. But I do have two outfits for MSD girl 9/10ths done. Wooooo. I've got bits and pieces of others.... Erythromycin Opthalmic Ointment For Newborns, so hopefully I can get two more done by next weekend. I also want to dinish recustomizing that F-4 head so I can get rid of that. I just lately have been noticing that I have a lot of half-finished projects going. I also need to work on Figwit, since I want to get that project done before Dolpa (giving me about two months... man!).

So.., Erythromycin Opthalmic Ointment For Newborns. 30mg Erythromycin Opthalmic Ointment For Newborns, um. Another two pictures of Mac. Um... neither really show off the suit, but you can see his crispy little DD wig. Erythromycin Opthalmic Ointment For Newborns, He's so pretty.

Full-body pics with natural light tomorrow.

Also.., 500mg Erythromycin Opthalmic Ointment For Newborns. It's cute... but is it Zelda. I think this might go to ebay as Japanese auction style "Junk" and I'll make a different set with this wig. A little mage boy page boy thing I doodled today.

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Alcohol And Tetracycline

Alcohol And Tetracycline, Nope... I wasn't motivated. I didn't go to Otsu Kaya before work today, maybe I'll go on Friday (my day off).

Today I did 70% finish the underdress for another cosplay outfit. 20mg Alcohol And Tetracycline, YAY. There's been a lot of stuff lately on DoA where people have been sort of chastising people for selling shirts with prints of licensed characters, Alcohol And Tetracycline. One of the things I made has a licensed character on it, though it's not going to be advertised in the auction description. Basically, it's just a "gamer nerd" set. -_-* Makes me wonder though.., 40mg Alcohol And Tetracycline. about the cosplay ones. Alcohol And Tetracycline, I'm working on 3. I can't imagine that's illegal, I've seen numerous sales of cosplay costumes for dolls. And also, Alcohol And Tetracycline usa, what of the people who make their living at making person-scaled cosplay costumes. Hmm. Well, I'm committed to making these costumes now, I've got pieces done already. If they don't sell, they don't sell, Alcohol And Tetracycline. But I'm gonna make them coooooool, 750mg Alcohol And Tetracycline. :)

And in other news, Mac's wig got here a few days ago... and his shirt from Luts. :) Crap picture, Alcohol And Tetracycline coupon, but I feel like I'm not allowed to post twice within a two-day span unless one of the posts has a picture.


In about five minutes I'm going to go to work on repainting that 1/6th. I hope I suck less today than I did last night. -__-.

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Inderal And Prozac

Inderal And Prozac, Weeeeelll, I've been working very hard lately on clothes to sell on ebay. I really like sewing. I always forget how fun it is... especially sewing for MSD, 200mg Inderal And Prozac. MSD is so much fun because there are so few body curves. *grin* So far, I've made one girl outfit, one SD13 sized t-shirt, a pair of trousers for a cosplay costume, part of another cosplay costume (*cough* salvaging one of my unsuccessful suitcoat attempts) and two.., Inderal And Prozac. unconnected trouser legs. 100mg Inderal And Prozac, Tomorrow (if I feel ambitious upon waking) I will go to Otsu Kaya to get the fabric I need to finish some of these outfits. Maybe they'll also have restocked that wonderful black pleather that I used for Rory's snuggy black pants. If so, I can get that for those pants for Seph's doll, Inderal And Prozac canada, and for some accents on other stuff. Inderal And Prozac, After the cut are just lists for me to remember what I wanted to buy.

To buy:

1. Inderal And Prozac us, Dark purple, white, and black t-shirt material
2. Burgundy fabric for cape
3, 500mg Inderal And Prozac. Thin black cotton
4. The usual black pants material
5. Thin blue denim
6. MAYBE plaid flannel
7. Black and white stripe stretch fabric


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Tadafil Generic Cialis

Tadafil Generic Cialis, Well, today was a pretty successful day... Mac's wig came (YAY!) and all. I made some progress on his coat. This time, Tadafil Generic Cialis overseas, it's notably better... but it's still slightly, well, skewed. I'm not sure how to fix it, Tadafil Generic Cialis. I'm just not the type of seamstress who can do these really precise, Tadafil Generic Cialis australia, fitted things. =_= I'm the type of seamstress who can do bag-like things with straight seems.

Though Mandy and I worked for a few hours tonight on making a Yukata for Buzz. Tadafil Generic Cialis japan, It's pink sakura print. Tadafil Generic Cialis, It was so frustrating. It looks pretty good now, except that it somehow ended up too short. And my sewing machine was having tension issues, so there are two places where the stitches are very visible, 10mg Tadafil Generic Cialis. I'll hopefully resew those tomorrow. I did the yukata and Mandy did the obi. Here's one pic:

I got the heads I needed at GeeStore, but unfortunately.., Tadafil Generic Cialis. I got the wrong ones for what I'm making. 50mg Tadafil Generic Cialis, Would anyone like to buy one off of me. It's $11 + shipping for an Obitsu W-3 with prerooted dark brown hair. Send me an e-mail (armeleia (at) gmail (dot) com) if you're interested... I have 2.

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Cialis Benefits

Cialis Benefits, Well, today I made a pattern to try to make Mac's suitcoat again. I also ordered from Luts with Mandy yesterday, so I'm getting him a light purple shirt with a pink tie. *grins* Manly. I can't wait to get it though, Cialis Benefits mexico. He'll be so stylish.

I find myself being drawn back again to Dream of Doll Tender Yen who I was in love with around Christmas, Cialis Benefits. I still just really want him, and I want to make him my little Joseph. Cialis Benefits paypal, But at the same time, I've decided that I'm basically finished, except for a tiny. But really, a Tender Yen costs the same as most of the tinies, 250mg Cialis Benefits. So what do I do. Cialis Benefits, I'm also really scared off by the wait time - DoD's website says that dolls ship in 6-7 weeks. That is WAY too long. I don't have the saintly patience of other DoD owners.... Cialis Benefits uk, though I wish I did. :) I'm also kinda interested in a white skin Sharmin that's up on ebay. I shouldn't even be looking, but I do. MUST STOP LOOKING, 1000mg Cialis Benefits.

Tomorrow I will FINALLY buy those Obitsu heads so I can do that damn PS.

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Can Synthroid Help Irregular Menstruation

Can Synthroid Help Irregular Menstruation, (If you don't want to read my rambling, just go to the bottom and see the pictures.)

Well, my lovely vacation comes to a close.... I return to work tomorrow. I do feel rested, but I have no get-up-and-go for work, unfortunately. Still, I think this does help stave off the burnout, and slake my need for hedonistic downtime. At least for the moment. :)

So.., Can Synthroid Help Irregular Menstruation. how much did I actually accomplish.

1. I did indeed find Geestore. It took awhile to find wandering aimlessly. Can Synthroid Help Irregular Menstruation, But it's actually very close and convenient to Volks. So Geestore and Volks are about an 8 minute walk apart. Not too bad.
2. I did work on Mac's suit. Unfortunately, my ambition far outstrips my ability, Can Synthroid Help Irregular Menstruation. ^_^* So it is sucky. But I'm starting to understand how it should fit together, in an ideal world.
3. I went through my 1/6th and decided that there's only one who I don't want to keep - he just doesn't fit in. Can Synthroid Help Irregular Menstruation, Didn't get around to repainting him though. Also didn't go through excess Rement.
4, Can Synthroid Help Irregular Menstruation india. 1. I stripped Tam's coating and reblushed and recoated him, then did his faceup (see previous entry). Stripping Tam took WAY longer than it should have, Can Synthroid Help Irregular Menstruation. WAY longer. I didn't get to other things because of that.
5. I got SLASH//doll up and running, something that I've been working on for about 2 months (on and off, when I remember). Can Synthroid Help Irregular Menstruation, I didn't put this on my to-do list before because I didn't really think I'd be in the mood to work on it.
6. I did work on Figwit, and I feel I made some progress. Now I'm to the hard part, where I need to make sure I don't just lose interest in her and abandon the project.
7. I got the bare-bones done of the BJD Head Index, Can Synthroid Help Irregular Menstruation. I'm really into this project - it's an unpainted head reference for people who like to PS faceups before they get a doll. Not much yet... but people on DoA have been graciously been contributing pictures to me... and Tasha said she had a bunch for me when she had time to go through her files and find them for me. Can Synthroid Help Irregular Menstruation, I did do other things, like travel and sop and play video games and stuff, but that's all that was directly on my list. Oh. I forgot to write about it, but Lucy (babyrubysoho) from DoA visited us last Sunday and we had a dolly playtime. 150mg Can Synthroid Help Irregular Menstruation, Pics here. She was really cool and it was very fun. I wish she was going to be in Japan longer, I'd love to meet up again, Can Synthroid Help Irregular Menstruation.

Today I took some quick pictures... the sun was setting, and the lighting was kinda cool. :) First, Mandy's Buzz, because he's just so damn pretty. I'm really proud of the faceup I did on him. Can Synthroid Help Irregular Menstruation, He's so photogenic, too.

And Knife... is a pretty boy. I totally love him.
Curious about that mark on his hand. When Mac's wig gets here eventually, I'll try to do a photostory.

That's all for now. :).

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Acomplia In Us

Acomplia In Us, Thanks to those who posted or e-mailed me. :) You have no idea how much I appreciate it, and how sweet you are for doing it.

Something... DIFFERENT. I want to show some dolls and journals that I just genuinely enjoy. These are in no particular order, and I will definitely be doing this again, Acomplia In Us.

1. Kittytoes' slightly tweaked Catsy. These pictures are some of my favorite photos I've ever seen taken of a doll. The overall "I am a cat in a tutu and I am not at all amused' stare just... Acomplia In Us, I don't know. I love it, Acomplia In Us overseas. Catsy is a pretty unusual doll, being that she's so tiny and has, well, a cat head. I think she's really underrated for being such an awesome little thing.

2. Cepia and Midori, Acomplia In Us. I really enjoy reading this blog, Angel Food Cake, because of the adorable pictures and commentary. Acomplia In Us japan, I can tell from reading that Cepia really loves her doll, and it's so sweet.

3. PJ (Koalajoe)'s Pocket Faerie. Especially dressed like this Acomplia In Us, . Actually, though, this is my favorite. This costume made me squee in delight.

4. Kallisti (Blaskmilk)'s doll room always has me wishing I had the space (and crafty husband) to have a doll room with such awesome props and general coolness. It is such a great photo background, Acomplia In Us. Of course, Acomplia In Us mexico, the dolls are lovely (particlarly her Hypermaniac Ksy head), but the pictures of the dolls in the rooms just make me happy. She also posts delightful pictures of her cats.

5. Schtiel's Lewis on DoA. Acomplia In Us, He has a default faceup and a very simple, elegant look. He's very masculine and pretty. He's one of my favorite El's out there (though Mandy's Apollo is first in my heart) and he's always nicely photographed.

6. Emi's AGA Faeries. Oh my god, they're cute, Acomplia In Us. Acomplia In Us usa, Look at their little faces. Emi made me love them more by telling me that their heads are about the size of Volks A heads. *squee* I don't know how she lives with it. I also recommend Emi (TwoTone)'s journal - she's a great writer with interesting cats. She also knits Acomplia In Us, .

7. Toyfoto is a community I belong to... but I'm really terrible and never post. KoalaJoe's pictures are always so clever, and everyone's are so artistic or just cool. Mine usually suck, Acomplia In Us. ^_^* But go look. They're great, 250mg Acomplia In Us. Looking at them makes me want to take good photographs.

8. I love JoAnn's Mir Acomplia In Us, . And she is usually so stunningly photographed too.

9. Orderhouse-j does the most skillful eye insertions in 1/6th dolls. THey're absolutely gorgeous. This is one of my favorites.

Anyway. Time to sleep.

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