Clomid Intercourse Timing

pissoff4a.GIF Clomid Intercourse Timing, *jerk off gesture*
Seriously. 100mg Clomid Intercourse Timing. Clomid Intercourse Timing coupon. 150mg Clomid Intercourse Timing. Clomid Intercourse Timing uk. Clomid Intercourse Timing japan.

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Prozac Savior

Prozac Savior, I was bored. And I found this 20 questions meme, via JoAnn. But I don't feel like doing it in photographs... so I did it in doodles.

Who am I?
I'm Armeleia... the modding ninja, Prozac Savior. Prozac Savior ebay, Who knows me best?
Mandychu, also known as Junkets. She's my best friend and the coolest person in the world.

How old am I?

The most important thing in my life is...

Something I always carry...

Something I always do...

I'm happiest when...
(I love fixing things that are hurt or broken.)

On Monday morning, you can find me....
...At my language exchange, absorbing Japanese like a brick absorbs water.

I'm really bad at...
Dancing, 1000mg Prozac Savior.

My eyes are...
(For those who aren't familiar with Masterpiece...)

My favorite material possessions...
meme11.jpg Prozac Savior, My SDs. :)

To relax, I like to...
Sculpt, mod, or paint.

The town I live in is...
Nagoya, 10mg Prozac Savior, Japan.

My worst habit...

(Mandy hates when I say that.)

My guilty pleasure...

Nintendogs continues to teach me new kanji. I might actually rebuy the game in English when I get home.

When I look at someone, the first thing I see is...
Whatever immediately suggests itself, Prozac Savior. I'd like to say I always see someone's eyes or posture first, but really... if someone walks like a weirdo, I notice that, Prozac Savior australia. If someone has a mohawk, I notice that. If someone has stunning eyes, I notice that.

I think trees are beautiful. Prozac Savior, I could lay under a tree and just stare up at the leaves for hours.

One thing I can live without.
I hate my job. 500mg Prozac Savior, 6 more weeks.

Something people don't know about me...
People think I'm a packrat, but really... I see everything as being special. I want to find a way to use everything, or I just want to remember, Prozac Savior. I have things from all of my friends to remember things about them or pieces of my life.

My life is...

all about the details. It's all of the little things that make me happy. :).

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Best Times To Take Clomid

Best Times To Take Clomid, I've been working on the commission mods and faceups and all... it's fun. Right now, I'm working on opening the eye on a Winking Ari. I have to admit, I really don't like the winking head - the winking eye looks so weird. But with the eye open, it actually looks really cute. It's so nice to see a smiling doll, Best Times To Take Clomid. Here's the head so far:
The hardest part so far has been trying to create the upper eyelid. So far though, I don't think I'll have to add anything on. Yay, Best Times To Take Clomid overseas.

I also repaired a damaged Isao. Best Times To Take Clomid, His eye got chipped up when his owner tried to remove his original eyes. The before pic is on the left, and the after pic is on the right.

And now... I am sitting here wishing I had a Dreaming Shiwoo head to mod into an extra head for Knife. He needs a head that resembles the orgasmic UNOA faceplate. In fact, I might die if I don't get to do that mod, 40mg Best Times To Take Clomid. *siiiigh*.

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Subaction Showcomments Cialis Archive Watch

Subaction Showcomments Cialis Archive Watch, I took pictures of some of the boys today. :) It's a long entry of pictures in the extended entry. :)

First, a cute picture of Mac.
Look how innocent and sweet he looks. :)

Then two cute pics of Rory in a shirt I made for ebay, 500mg Subaction Showcomments Cialis Archive Watch. I've had this horrible obsession with cowl necks lately, Subaction Showcomments Cialis Archive Watch.

Mac and Knife being a little cuddly.

Mac and Knife get caught making out...

And last, a little mini-photostory sort of thing for Mac. Subaction Showcomments Cialis Archive Watch canada, Mac is actually named after the song "Mac the Knife." It started out as a joke, especially since his lover's name is Knife. Subaction Showcomments Cialis Archive Watch, :D I'm a dork.

Mac the Knife

♪Oh, the shark, babe, has such teeth, 200mg Subaction Showcomments Cialis Archive Watch, dear
And it shows them pearly white

♪Just a jack-knife has old MacHeath, babe
And he keeps it out of sight.

♪ You know when that shark bites, with his teeth, Subaction Showcomments Cialis Archive Watch us, babe
Scarlet billows start to spread
Fancy gloves, though, wears old MacHeath, babe
So there's never, never a trace of red.

♪Now on the sidewalk sunny mornin'
Lies a body just oozin' life, 150mg Subaction Showcomments Cialis Archive Watch. eeek.
And someone's sneakin' `round the corner
Could that someone be Mack the Knife.

(Yes, there are more lyrics, but they're mostly about people who've been killed or need to look out for being killed.).

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Buy Tetracycline

Buy Tetracycline, Let's write some happy things.

I'm excited by I've filled all of my first three commission spaces for mods and faceups. :) I'm sitting here with Jenova's Sram head and being just thrilled with the prospect of getting to paint a head without having to esthetize, blush, Buy Tetracycline india, and coat a whole doll. Kinda like heaven. :) There's also an Isao head winging his way to me for repairs, and next week I should be getting a winking Ari head to mod. Wheeee, Buy Tetracycline.

Half of Figwit's masters have been roughed out - YAY, Buy Tetracycline paypal. I need to finish her masters completely by... we'll say August 7th. Maybe I can do it. Buy Tetracycline, FIGHTO. Buy Tetracycline uk, I found a Gameboy DS and Nintendogs for a really fantastic price and I have a little puppy playing on my DS. CUTE. I totally recommend the game when they release it in English. I enjoy it as it is, but it's a little hard to get through the beginning with my minimal Japanese, Buy Tetracycline australia. Now though, we're good, Buy Tetracycline. I hope Tomomi is in at work today, then we can have our dogs play together during lunch. *squee!*

The one bad thing is that today I have to work... 100mg Buy Tetracycline, blech. But that's okay. I have good thigns to play with when I get home. <3.

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Skin Care Antioxidants Retin A

Skin Care Antioxidants Retin A, So far, from what I've read, El-Quada is taking responsibility for bombings that have killed 2 and injured at least 100 people.

Terrorism makes me angrier than anything else, 250mg Skin Care Antioxidants Retin A. Skin Care Antioxidants Retin A mexico, I've met many English people... and they've got such a strong sense of fair-play, Skin Care Antioxidants Retin A ebay. 50mg Skin Care Antioxidants Retin A, I think part of the reason that the terrorist attacks make me feel so angry and hurt is because they're so UNfair. It's so cowardly and indirect, 30mg Skin Care Antioxidants Retin A. It's dirty in every sense.

My thoughts right now are with the people in London.

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Zithromax Bananas

Zithromax Bananas, Knife's new wig got here... it's a LeekeWorld wig and it looks SO nice on him. I soaked it overnight in soapy water the night it came... Zithromax Bananas coupon, but I just went to check a minute ago and it looks like it still stained his head a little. Just in two little places, really high up on his forehead.... but.., Zithromax Bananas. what the hell, 20mg Zithromax Bananas. He hasn't even been wearing it 24 hours. Well... 750mg Zithromax Bananas, I guess I have to search the grocery store for vinegar and try to do an actual vinegar rinse. Zithromax Bananas, Or I wonder if soaking it in a dye-set medium would be better. I know a place offhand where I can buy that. I think I'll go ask on DoA. .., Zithromax Bananas usa.

Anyway, it looks so pretty on him. It's so long.., Zithromax Bananas. Zithromax Bananas japan, though it doesn't show in these pics. So I'm bummed... I hope I can get the little stains off his forehead. Poor Knife.

I also played in photoshop a bit and put some pics into black and white.

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Chia Tea And Synthroid

Chia Tea And Synthroid, I'm still deciding if I want to keep him. Here are some of his pictures in natural light. He's DAMN cute, and a beautiful little doll... I just don't know if he works for Joseph. Joseph's actually a real guy. Well, he was.., Chia Tea And Synthroid. the real guy looked like this:

Here's Joseph:

EDIT: I've decided to try to sell him. If he doesn't sell, oh well. I'll keep him. If he does sell, 150mg Chia Tea And Synthroid, I'll keep looking for someone else to be him.

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Black Box Cipro

Black Box Cipro, I just finished blushing, coating, and face-upping Joseph, my Dream of Doll Yen.* I'm still really unsure about him. But I thought I'd write a bit about him.

A lot of people think of Dream of Doll as being "starter dolls." This is unfair to Dream of Doll, really, and it's also untrue is some ways. Dream of Doll, like any other company, has it's positives and negatives.

The positives first, I think. :)
1, Black Box Cipro. Dream of Doll has a very different head sculpt from other companies. It is very stylized with a lot of personality, but in a more realistically proportioned way. While the head may seem "small" to me in terms of an MSD head, it's closer to a normal person scale. Also, their body does tend to go toward more "mature" proportions than a chubby MSD or Kid Delf body - without comparing them to a 60 cm doll, I might be able to look at them and think maybe 15 or 16, where I think I normally look at a Volks MSD and think 10 or 12. Black Box Cipro, 2. DoD has many options for hands. They also have many optional heads available, and they are all approximately the same size... so they can fit both male and female bodies.

3. The resin is a really pretty color, Black Box Cipro. Some people have described it as being just white. It's actually a rather creamy, slightly pinky color, Black Box Cipro japan. It reminds me a LOT of Angel Region's Crystal Rose skin. I actually like their resin a bit more than Cerberus Project's white. Black Box Cipro, It looks REALLY nice when it's blushed and coated.

4. Omigod, his feet and ears are cute.

5. Dream of Doll are esthetized.

But.., Black Box Cipro. the negatives seem rather extensive to me at the moment.
1. When I took Joseph out of the box, I thought "Oh... why did she put his eyes in crooked?" (His previous owner has changed his eyes and played with him a bit, hoping to bond with him). Black Box Cipro, When I looked inside, it turned out that his eyewells were extremely uneven. It was literally impossible to make his right eye point in most directions. Looking at other Yens in the DoA galleries, I see that they seem to have the same problem. As do a couple of the other sculpts. (This seems to affect the newer sculpts less though, just going by owner photos).

2, Black Box Cipro. His fingers were fused. This, in itself, isn't a problem. I've seperated fingers before... on basically all of the MSDs. Black Box Cipro, The problem is that there are several small cavities, little indentations on the insides of his fingers... Black Box Cipro india, I think where some kind of air pockets formed during his casting.

3. His hands are held on by thick threads that go through a hole drilled in his wrist piece. This is annoying to put on, and it also makes it so that he has EXTREMELY limited wrist poseability. Basically, he can slightly bend his wrist (VERY slightly) and he can rotate his wrist, Black Box Cipro. This is the biggest flaw to me.

4. As many people have commented, he has a lower back "nub" where his torso joint is. It's visible if he leans forward. Black Box Cipro, 5. General poseability is comparatively low to Volks MSD and CP Kid Delf. His shoulder joints seem to max out at about 75 degrees from his body, his elbows seem to come to about the same point. His arms can't lie straight at his sides. He can spread his knees to approximately 60 degrees, the knees bend (without coming out of joint) to approximately 90 degrees. His angle movement, like his wrist movement, is very very limited, Black Box Cipro. I think I've figured out the problem with his wrists, but I'm not certain about his ankles.

In summary, with these problems, I think DoD is kinda a strange starter doll. If I didn't know about bevelling eyes, I think I would have been really bothered by Joseph's eyes.... and I wouldn't have liked that. Black Box Cipro, I'd also be turned off to the poseability....

Plans for modifications.
1. I've already bevelled out Joseph's eyes, 100mg Black Box Cipro. They look SO much better. Using an 18 mm eye beveller, I made the eyewells a little deeper and much more regular, Black Box Cipro. The eyelids are also slightly thinner, making his eyes seem less sunken. They still don't fit flush with his eye socket, but they're MUCH better. I'm worried about making the resin TOO thin. I've also put in bigger eyes, and he looks much more relaxed, much less untrusting. Black Box Cipro, 2. I'm thinking of filling the little cavities in his fingers with epoxy putty. But they aren't very visible, and they don't present a structural problem... so I might just ignore them.

3. I'm thinking of lightly filing to shape certain parts of his wrist and ankle balljoints, and then adding an s-hook to try to improve the poseability in his hands, Black Box Cipro. Right now, his wrists are also on with very thin wire rather than the thread because it seemed more secure to me.

4. No fix, and it's not noticeable when he's clothed. Which he will be 95% of the time. Black Box Cipro, 5. I'm debating as filing and shaping lightly around his armpits and elbows to improve his range of movement. I can see where the pieces are being stopped. I'm not sure if I want to go into this deeper body modification. It's not huge, but it would require recoating several pieces. I like the state of his blushing right now, Black Box Cipro. 40mg Black Box Cipro, Anyway... yes. I need to think on it and see how I feel about him tomorrow. I'll take some pictures. Black Box Cipro, He's a beautiful little doll already... but even without these negatives, I just don't know if he's right for the person I wanted him to be (Joseph is actually a historical figure - the visual isn't quite right.). He's so pretty though. Anyway. I'll post about it tomorrow.... I'm not sure yet if he'll be staying, Black Box Cipro.

(After the cut is the "how did you get the doll?" story.)

*After I learned that Volks wasn't the only company making balljointed dolls, I became very interested in the dolls offered by Dream of Doll. Specifically, Dream of Doll Yen was of high interest to me. I thought he was beautiful, adorable, everything. But I was very much scared off by the lack of an English website, and then, later, by the extremely dicey sounding payment methods. Black Box Cipro, Your choices were either sending your credit card information via e-mail, or paying a wire transfer (that would accrue something like $60 worth of fees, all totalled). And then as of about last November, the predicted order-to-delivery time jumped from 3-4 weeks to something like 6-8 weeks, with the average seeming to be around 9 weeks. So, from that I thought "Y'know, I don't think that's a company I'm going to deal with."

But again and again, I've found myself going back to look at the DoD website (even though I'm not so interested in minis anymore), Black Box Cipro paypal. A few weeks ago, I put up a WTB thread on DoA for a Tender or normal Yen. I had surprisingly good luck, as someone was selling their brand-new Yen because they didn't bond with him. I basically paid the cost that she had paid (including the wire-transfer fee) plus shipping, and he was on his way. That cost is worth it to me because I don't feel secure giving out my credit card information that way, and I would have payed the wire fee otherwise. Also, it's a convenience thing. I didn't have to wait two to three months for him.

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