Cipro Overnight Visa No Prescription

my cat is cuter than your cat Cipro Overnight Visa No Prescription, I love my cat. Yes, like all doll owners, I own a cat. She's 17 years old. Her name is Smokey. 50mg Cipro Overnight Visa No Prescription, Today I bought some fluffy fabric for me to use as a blanket (great stuff, btw), and the cat loves it SO much. She walked over and stood on it, then kneaded it with her little paws, Cipro Overnight Visa No Prescription. Then she squeezed onto the corner that I wasn't under, purring. About a minute later, she was sprawled across my legs, Cipro Overnight Visa No Prescription uk, purring in full-fledged cat-rapture.

For those who are concerned about Louisa. Kakyuu offered her a modest refund on the Zoukeimura eyes, but we had to send her the crappy mismatched ones first. Cipro Overnight Visa No Prescription, She also offered a refund on the broken hand, but she wanted Gene's hand back. That doesn't work for Gene because they don't make option parts in BW, Cipro Overnight Visa No Prescription coupon, so Gene would just be... handless. So far as I know, there has been no offer of any kind of recompense for the modding of his face, or his second-hand status. Once again, if you're thinking of ordering anything through, Cipro Overnight Visa No Prescription ebay, really think about it. I'm not saying that she's never made an honest transaction, just that I've been hearing a lot of other stories, too, including about things purchased through e-bay, Cipro Overnight Visa No Prescription.

Meantime, Gene has been modded and is awaiting faceup. He might be waiting another day or two, because it's raining too much for me to coat his face. 10mg Cipro Overnight Visa No Prescription, :( Same with the other commission I'm doing. Sucks, because I'm SO CLOSE TO DONE for both of them and I wanna get them done and shipped before the end of October so I can officially close October's commissions. I hate Rochester autumns sometimes. And as soon as the weather lightens up, it'll be time to rake leaves. *sigh*.

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Colchicine And Vision Loss

Judy made an LJ Feed for my blog Colchicine And Vision Loss, . YAY, Colchicine And Vision Loss overseas. 150mg Colchicine And Vision Loss, Thanks, Judy, 1000mg Colchicine And Vision Loss. Colchicine And Vision Loss us. Colchicine And Vision Loss canada.

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Erythromycin Antibiotic

Erythromycin Antibiotic, I'm adding a new catagory to my journal... after this, Erythromycin Antibiotic japan, 30mg Erythromycin Antibiotic, this catagory will always be passworded because it's for kinda private posts. The password is different than my modding entries, Erythromycin Antibiotic india, 750mg Erythromycin Antibiotic, so it's not that the modding password won't work - it'll still work for the modding entries. :) Just not the "BW" catagory entries, 250mg Erythromycin Antibiotic.

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Acomplia Diet Pill

Responding to this. Acomplia Diet Pill, Boys' love. Crappy photography and stiff looking dolls. :(

*beep beep*
Chris: Hey Strate, you got a text message.
Rory: I know, Chris. I'm not deaf.

Chris: Man.., Acomplia Diet Pill. Apollo sure bitches you out a lo-- whoa.
Rory: Hey, Acomplia Diet Pill mexico.
Chris: Wow, where do his legs stop.

Rory: Somewhere around his throat. Acomplia Diet Pill, Quit reading over my shoulder.
Chris: So, you gonna write back to him.
Rory: Not right now....
Chris: Com'mon. 1000mg Acomplia Diet Pill, He's WAITING for a reaction from you.
Rory: I'm busy though, Acomplia Diet Pill.


Chris: *cackle* *type*



"Hey baby, your pictures were hawt. Makes me wanna lick from your"

Rory: *grabs the phone back*
Chris: *manages to click send before Rory got it*
Rory: *smacks Chris* Ass. Now I HAVE to write to him now.


Subject: My intern is an asshat

Dear Dr. Acomplia Diet Pill, Melmoth;

Please disregard the previous e-mail. Though he works well in a professional capacity, Chris still occasionally has the intelligence of a lamp post.

Anyway, 250mg Acomplia Diet Pill, re: Halloween, I was hoping that you and I could both take Constantine out. Any chance you can get out of work. You know how he'll be if you don't come - he's a shrewd kid, he'll guilt you into a puppy, baby brother, or marriage within a week. And I make no promises that he won't eat any candy - you know my thoughts on nutrition, Acomplia Diet Pill. 30mg Acomplia Diet Pill, In the best interests of familial harmony (and your son's dental health), I highly suggest you get the night off.

I already sent those reports to you - are you too much of an idiot to recognise renamed files. Layne was there when I sent them, so he'd back me up. Don't pull in that "I'll talk to your supervisor" crap with me, Apollo.

Acomplia Diet Pill, Meantime, I miss you. Any chance you could stop by on your lunch. It's not so far to my office, 500mg Acomplia Diet Pill, really. Five minutes by subway. And I have some equipment that I need to talk to you about.


Rory Strate
Manager, S.R. L.A.

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Nevada Tetracycline

morrainefinished2.jpg Nevada Tetracycline, Tomorrow I hope to take real pictures of him.
He looks so different from a regular Hound, Nevada Tetracycline japan, Nevada Tetracycline overseas, but I think that nose still makes him identifiable as a Hound. 40mg Nevada Tetracycline. Nevada Tetracycline canada. Nevada Tetracycline ebay.

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Mutagenic Research Colchicine Human Sperm

Mutagenic Research Colchicine Human Sperm, Well, I sent on the head to Lisa today, though weirdly they told me I couldn't use EMS because there's no exprss service to her city. *blank look* Brunei is weird. So is the USPS.

I also finished off everything for Azurielle - I opened the eyes on her Shiwoo Sleeping Elf and put elf ears onto her El. Today I did their faceups, 100mg Mutagenic Research Colchicine Human Sperm.

Now all that I have to work on for the next few days are Gene and his mods, Morraine, and then Joey's Namae head (whever he gets back to me about the pics I sent so far), Mutagenic Research Colchicine Human Sperm. I'm really happy with the faceups on the elves. Here are some quick pics (I'll take decent ones tomorrow in natural light before I send them on):

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
(The El is wearing the wig I dyed for Morraine... now that it's dry, Mutagenic Research Colchicine Human Sperm paypal, I really love the color. *happy*)

I had some setbacks on Morraine today, but I don't feel like going into it. Mutagenic Research Colchicine Human Sperm, Suffice to say I've added a day to my wait time before I can paint his head. But it's much better. I also matted down his body pieces and they look really good, Mutagenic Research Colchicine Human Sperm usa. They look almost like the Volks tan, but darker. Nicely matte, Mutagenic Research Colchicine Human Sperm india, I'm relieved. I think when they're blushed they'll be gorgeous. Hopefully tomorrow I can do that when there's natural light, then I'll be able suede them in the evening. I think sueding the joints'll help prevent chipping, Mutagenic Research Colchicine Human Sperm us. We can hope, anyway.

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Natural Prozac

Natural Prozac, Well, here's his head again (I know, stopposting head pics) in it's final color. It's so shiney right now, Natural Prozac coupon. Natural Prozac australia, Hopefully a few coats of MSC/Testors will dull it down. -_-* I have to say though, 50mg Natural Prozac, 150mg Natural Prozac, I'm really happy with it, shininess aside, 750mg Natural Prozac.



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Sinemet Prozac Namenda Aricept Medicines

Sinemet Prozac Namenda Aricept Medicines, Well, dying Morraine went about as I had expected. :) I had hoped it might go a little better than I expected, but it didn't.

Advice for anyone wanting to dye a doll. Don't do it. :) Fortunately, this was just an undertreatment for Morraine, otherwise I would have been beside myself. Why, Sinemet Prozac Namenda Aricept Medicines. Sinemet Prozac Namenda Aricept Medicines uk, dyedtorso.jpg
(Classily photographed on top of the obituaries.)

Mandychu and I esthetized the whole body and gave all the pieces a light sanding with high-grit sandpaper to make them a little willing to accept dye. As expected, those sanded areas took the dye more readily than the rest of the resin. The higher areas got a little more attention than the recessed ones, so they're much darker after dying. My suggestions for anyone who wants to try dying a doll this way is not to esthetize and to really concentrate their dye (I used RIT). Sinemet Prozac Namenda Aricept Medicines, Then just let it soak for a few hours. I didn't soak this too long since it was taking well enough.

And as expected, the additions to Morraine's face took the dye marvelously, 20mg Sinemet Prozac Namenda Aricept Medicines. -_-* The rest of his face didn't take much at all.


And for dying wigs... same deal, Sinemet Prozac Namenda Aricept Medicines. I dyed a Luts wig for Morraine, but it's not done yet. Well, that is to say that it's not dry yet, so I haven't taken pictures. 200mg Sinemet Prozac Namenda Aricept Medicines, I really concentrated the dye - a packet and a half of dye in about 2 quarts of water. And be sure to heat up the water. Sinemet Prozac Namenda Aricept Medicines, The heat is important for the dye to take... and afterwards, be sure to soak the wig in cold water, and then a dye set medium to try to prevent the wig staining your doll. No promises on that, though - if you put a dyed wig on your doll and it stains, it's completely your own responsibility.

Today I started painting Morraine over his dyed little body, Sinemet Prozac Namenda Aricept Medicines craiglist. Hopefully by tomorrow they'll have dried completely so I can sand a few parts that aren't as perfectly even.

I got a lot done today on mods.., Sinemet Prozac Namenda Aricept Medicines. I'm finished with the El mod, save for sanding one ear. Also, I've almost finished the modding on Louisa's F-16.... he's looking pretty okay so far. She decided she'd rather have him have a more sleepy "hooded" look to his eyes. 10mg Sinemet Prozac Namenda Aricept Medicines, I just need to wait for the epoxy to set up so I can redo a little bit that was assymmetrical. I hate sanding so much. And I also worked on Lisa's RML head... I'll have to e-mail her about the progress.

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Dr Mercola And Synthroid

Dr Mercola And Synthroid, Well, his leetleheadis basically done. Next it'll go into a dye bath along with the rest of his body. I'm expecting him to look pretty rough after that, since the parts I sculpted on will take the dye much better than the original resin.., Dr Mercola And Synthroid coupon. So he'll be blotchy and icky.

Hopefully tomorrow I can start painting his body a nice milk-tea brown.


I've also redone the rough sculpting on El.., Dr Mercola And Synthroid. Dr Mercola And Synthroid australia, I'll take pictures later to see how his owner feels about them. Hopefully she'll like him... and while I was sculpting on El, I had mixed up too much epoxy sculpt, Dr Mercola And Synthroid uk, so I started modding Louisa's Gene. We talked about it the other night and she decided that she wanted me to try to mod him to something like what he was originally. Dr Mercola And Synthroid, So far, I'm pleased with how it's going around the eyes. 40mg Dr Mercola And Synthroid, I haven't touched the lips yet and I don't know if I will. I'm afraid that if I do the lips, I'll go a little too much in the direction of" smiley"ness that the F-16 just doesn't have. Still.., 10mg Dr Mercola And Synthroid.

I also marked Lisa's RML head, so I can try to get that moving better and fitting better soon.

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Retin A Mexico

Retin A Mexico, I am at no risk of libel for saying any of what I'm about to write, because it's true. Louisa contacted Kakyuu about the eyes, and Kakyuu has refused to do anything. She says that the statute of limitations has run out, since it was two months ago that Louisa received the doll. She says she's contacted her lawyer about it, 50mg Retin A Mexico, and Louisa's e-mail and phone have been blocked to her. She also tried to make Louisa feel guilty by saying things about how could a "friend" stab her in the back by posting about that on DoA without talking to her about it. Well, a "friend" would never have cheated a "friend" so that she would have to do something like that, Retin A Mexico.

What's worse. Not only did Kakyuu take advantage of a new doll owner by sending a pair of inferior, Retin A Mexico canada, mismatched eyes.... but the head has been MODDED. What the fuck?. Retin A Mexico, I've got the paint off the head and I'm sitting here looking at it... and I took a picture to compare Gene's head to the picture of an F-16 from the BJD reference page. Here it is:

Image hosted by
On the left is the "default" F-16 head contributed to the site by a DoA member. On the right is Gene, 250mg Retin A Mexico, Louisa's F-16.

Wow. I tried to take a picture of the head from the same angle as the pic I had for reference.., Retin A Mexico. but theres no way I could tilt that head that could make it look the same. Wow. 500mg Retin A Mexico, Louisa didn't send me the headcap (I have no idea why), but I asked her what it says. She says it says "05/01/fks". Retin A Mexico, Which I THINK means that the doll was made in January. She didn't order until May at the very earliest (she didn't receive the doll till August).

I don't think this doll was ever ordered as an FCS through Kakyuu, and I don't think she got it first-hand, Retin A Mexico us.

At best she's a "middleman" who have any control over what she's selling. At worst, she's a scammer who totally misrepresents her product.

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