Dose Of Tetracycline For Rat

Dose Of Tetracycline For Rat, I looked, and JoAnn's right. They did put out more heads on the Japanese side. Dargh, Dose Of Tetracycline For Rat india. Look at the new kits with the cute hair!!. Dose Of Tetracycline For Rat mexico, Dammit, Volks.

Jo, I think the body you were thinking of is actually the same color, but its torso is sculpted different, Dose Of Tetracycline For Rat. It leans forward instead of arching back like the regular CF torso, Dose Of Tetracycline For Rat us. It's basically a sitting body. Dose Of Tetracycline For Rat uk, Kinda cool. It's a really cute little body. Dose Of Tetracycline For Rat, And unrelated, a personality test I got off Jo's blog.

INFP - "Questor", 20mg Dose Of Tetracycline For Rat. High capacity for caring. Emotional face to the world. High sense of honor derived from internal values. 4.4% of total population.
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Enneagram Test Results
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Type 4 Sensitivity |||||||||||||||||| 76%
Type 5 Detachment |||||||||||||||||| 73%
Type 6 Anxiety |||||||||||||||| 66%
Type 7 Adventurousness |||||| 30%
Type 8 Aggressiveness |||||||||||| 46%
Type 9 Calmness |||||||||||||||| 66%
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Missed A Day Of Prozac

Missed A Day Of Prozac, EDIT: I could have sworn I editted this before and closed it for comments... Weird. Anyway, I'm not giving out my password anymore to people unless I know them personally or have spoken to them before. Last time someone was giving out my password and it sort of soured me on giving it out in the future. Sorry!

My box from Dezarii arrived. She sent me many things to work on - Unoa shoe-feet to mod, a HD Ein head to fix (Poor thing has no lips!).., Missed A Day Of Prozac. and then a few things for me. Like an MSD girl body to mod and my Volks Customize Figure Kit. And CHOCOLATE!!!!.

We've all seen the other things before, so let's focus on the figure kit. Missed A Day Of Prozac, First, as we've all heard before, it is made of resin. Well, the body pieces, anyway. The joints (The "DM unit") are made of shiney plastic. Missed A Day Of Prozac coupon, The resin parts don't seem to be the same resin as an SD - they have a darker color and slightly different texture. They're harder and they feel more like the resin that the Dollfie Plus heads are made from. The color is very pleasing, being similar to the EB bodies, or maybe even to the Dollfie Dream, Missed A Day Of Prozac. It's darker and very "fleshy." I do like the color and texture though. It's very satiny.

cf1all.jpg cf1dmunit.jpg cf1misc.jpg cf1head.jpg cf1head2.jpg

I'm going to restate a few things that other people have said - first, the head isn't capable of wearing wigs as it comes from Volks. The head is made of three pieces, one faceplate and a front and back piece for the hair. Missed A Day Of Prozac, Without the hair, there is no top or back to the head. If you plan to have your CF wear a wig, it will need to have a back piece sculpted onto the head. Next, this kit probably wouldn't be a good choice for someone who has no experience with model kits. It requires gluing, pour-spot removal, seam removal, assembly, 500mg Missed A Day Of Prozac, etc. It won't just snap together. Continuing in this same vein, I recommend using a Dremel or some other rotatory hand tool, Missed A Day Of Prozac. There are a lot of things to smooth and drill. If you look in the pictures below, each piece has a part that needs to be removed. Many of these pieces will not fit together if these little excess tabs are still attached. These are very solid little things, and very dense. Missed A Day Of Prozac, After I worked on commissions tonight, I started working on my own customization of the CF. I want to make it into a true ball-jointed doll that is strung and has actual ball-joints. Perhaps I'm being technical, but the CF is NOT ball-jointed. Its joints are ball-shaped, but they are actually half-spheres with posts. They won't move like a BJD... and according to Dezarii's review, posing the doll and changing pose takes a little more "force." Theyre intended to take a hold a pose for a long period of time, Missed A Day Of Prozac. 150mg Missed A Day Of Prozac, My advice to anyone who wants to do this.... first, make sure you REALLY want to do this. It's time consuming and once you start, there's no going back. At this point, even after only working on this one piece, there is no way I could assemble the figure as Volks intended. Missed A Day Of Prozac, You will need power tools - these are very dense, solid pieces. Also, don't do this unless you know what you're doing and have the right tools. BE SAFE. I get irritated when I read posts from people who brag about not protecting their health when working. Do your sanding and drilling wet, wear a dust mask, and if you're using power tools, wear safety glasses, Missed A Day Of Prozac canada. Do not use dull blades - when you have to fight with your tools, you're much more likely to get hurt, Missed A Day Of Prozac. Resin IS toxic, and the danger lies more in the future than in sudden poisoning or suffocation. Resin doesn't break down in your body, so any resin that gets into your lungs will be there for a long while. Be safe - not protecting your health doesn't make you a badass, it just makes you a moron with resin in your lungs.

Sorry, I'll get off my soapbox. Missed A Day Of Prozac, :)

Anyway, tonight I spent an inordinately long time hollowing out the torso piece. It was a little difficult because my bits were a little on the short side and it was hard to get at the right angle to drill through without without going through her back. (Her back is very arched like old one-piece SD10 torso). I also sculpted onto the top of the neck to make the rounded part that will fit up under the head. I like it already, though it needs to be smoothed. Tonight's progress is gratifying, Missed A Day Of Prozac. It took awhile, Missed A Day Of Prozac australia, but it's good. If I have time tomorrow after some commission work, I'll start hollowing out her limbs. I just feel really excited about this mod. I think she'll be a wonderful doll for my dolls.


In the future, my entries about the VCFK mod will be passworded like my other modding entries. As will my entries about the unicorn boy. If you want this password, please reply to this post with your e-mail address and I'll send you the password.

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Once A Day Cialis

Once A Day Cialis, I finished painting Nat's Aika. This was the third try at it, Once A Day Cialis ebay. 250mg Once A Day Cialis, Unoss is really hard to paint for me. I suck, Once A Day Cialis craiglist. 10mg Once A Day Cialis, aika3.jpg aika1.jpg

I really like that wig on her. Nat, 30mg Once A Day Cialis, do you have a wig like that.

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Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics

Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics, The sun is shining and it's a beautiful day. I have the worst headache, but I'm still pretty happy today. I'm going out shortly to look into a Dremel kit (or generic, if I can find it for a good price) and some socks.... but I wanted to take the opportunity to take a few pics.

First, here is Misha in natural light. I think I just have a thing for buying hard-to-photograph Volks dolls, Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics. Rory almost never looks good in pictures (at least as compared to how gorgeous he is in real life) and I think Isao is the same. For Rory, the problem seems to be his nose. I'm not sure what it is for Isao. I think his mouth. Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics, At any rate though, I love Misha and I think he's a wonderful doll. I'm trying not to get too attached because he'll eventually be Mandy's doll. He's her dream doll, Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics overseas, so I wouldn't feel right keeping him knowing how much she wants him.
misha2b.jpg misha2c.jpg

And then there's Burgundy. Burgundy is Knife's brother, so I think that the El ends up working out well beause there's that sort of same-company family-like resemblnce. Since he was a trade for my Paris, he came with the default faceup that his previous owner had purchased for him, Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics. I have to admit, I'm really impressed by the Luts default. I find it to be more detailed and careful than the defalt Volks faceups I've seen (including the LE ones). In particular, I like the lips and the eyebrows. There are definite things I don't like about it though. Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics, Namely, some parts of the faceup don't seem to go together. For example, he has this lovely, feathery detailed eyebrows... then these HEAVY, thick lines painted over his eyes to emphasize the crease in his eyelid. He also has these beautiful pale lips with the most delicate little white lip lines, 50mg Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics, but then there are these dark, heavy brown marks at the corners of his mouth to emphasize the edges of the lips. I dunno. I really like the faceup, and it's really nicely done.., Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics. but those things in particular bother me. The blushing is really nice though, and the eyebrows and lips are really nice. I think you'll see what I mean in the pics below, though.
burgundyel2.jpg burgundyel1.jpg burgundyel3.jpg

Unfortunately, this faceup won't be staying. Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics, It's beautiful, but it just isn't Burgundy... and right now, he looks like every other El out there. Also, 40mg Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics, there's that scuff over his one eye that happened in shipping. But... weirdly, I kinda like it. It's sort of like a birthmark or a freckle, Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics. I kinda want to recreate it when I redo the faceup. But I probably won't redo the faceup for a little while yet, not till I have time to also redo Mac and Knife. I want them to all sort of "go" together since they're from the same storyline. Ribbon and Archive will also be in the same style. Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics, And last, my cat. :)

kittywindow1.jpg kittywindow2.jpg kittywindow3.jpg

I've also been working on moving over the blank head database. I want it to be in a blog format like JoAnn's eye and wig databases. I like that because then it's searchable by name and by catagory. Which would be cool. Weirdly, though, I'm having trouble with the format on that blog - the catagories aren't showing up, Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics. I need to poke around in it. Or maybe I'll con my darling JoAnn into looking at it for me to see it

If you want to see the new database, Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics paypal, it's here. Note the lovely color scheme. Here is the old one for comparison. Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics, I also like the mint color scheme though. ^_^* Oh well. Nothing to do about it. I hope to get everything moved over by the weekend, and I want to get all the new (maybe about 30) pictures added and indexed as well. Goal is by Sunday night. Backup goal is by Tuesday night.

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Buy Clomid Pay With Paypal

Buy Clomid Pay With Paypal, Lately some people on DoA are just randomly tossing Japanese into their posts. It's kinda annoying me because it's either in kana/kanji or in just stupid otaku-ese "---- wa ---- desu" structure sentences. Let me tell you from experience, you cannot communicate solely in Japanese acquired from anime. There are a very finite number of uses for phrases like "I'm the god of death, 200mg Buy Clomid Pay With Paypal," and I assume most people wouldn't take kindly to being called a stupid pervert.

I don't feel very good. *grumpy*

Kiss is straightened out, now it's just the matter of getting him paid for, Buy Clomid Pay With Paypal. Which isn't the issue of the money, Buy Clomid Pay With Paypal coupon, but of getting it to Dollmore. I can't wait for him to ship. And I'm commissioning a fur wig from the lovely Miss Cassiel... who as far as I'm concerned makes the nicest sitting fur wigs I've seen. Buy Clomid Pay With Paypal, Dezarii shipped out a box of stuff for me, some of it is to be modded for her, but some of it is for me. Like my Volks Customize Figure Kit, 20mg Buy Clomid Pay With Paypal. *dances* I'm gonna core that sucker out, sculpt joints onto it, and make it into a true, Buy Clomid Pay With Paypal usa, strung BJD. It's for Knifeling. He's getting excited already. I think I'll look into buying a dremel kit this weekend. It would really help my modding, Buy Clomid Pay With Paypal ebay, I think, and it would make this VCF experience go a lot smoother too, I think. JoAnn said they have them cheap at Walmart. Woooo.

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Drug Interaction And Glucophage And Lumigan

Drug Interaction And Glucophage And Lumigan, I ordered Kiss.


Oops. First time, I wasn't logged in. Apparently Dollmore hadn't REALLY let me sign up for their site, Drug Interaction And Glucophage And Lumigan us. The order page froze up, and all.., Drug Interaction And Glucophage And Lumigan. but I got a confirmation e-mail. Then I went to check my order status, trying to figure out how to pay, and the order wasn't showing up. 40mg Drug Interaction And Glucophage And Lumigan, So I thought that it hadn't really worked. So I signed up again, ordered again. Drug Interaction And Glucophage And Lumigan, And now both orders are showing up and they say they can't be cancelled. Uhm, no. I haven't paid anything for either of them, Drug Interaction And Glucophage And Lumigan japan.

But anyone, one way (or two) or another, Kiss will be coming to my home late February/early March. Woooooo. Archive gets to come home, Drug Interaction And Glucophage And Lumigan. 150mg Drug Interaction And Glucophage And Lumigan, And Unoss will be modded and sold. *nods* I dunno what I'll mod her into. I kinda want to go with my original idea and mod her into a true male head, but... I dunno. Drug Interaction And Glucophage And Lumigan, I do want to be able to sell her.

I'm not gonna get mini Lishe, 100mg Drug Interaction And Glucophage And Lumigan. So far it looks like Luts isn't planning to do one with a sleeping head... which is kinda important for me, since the sleeping head is the one that I want. Oh well. Makes it easier to justify Kiss.

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Amoxicillin Toe Infection Dose

Amoxicillin Toe Infection Dose, Well, I'm about to go work on commissions and stuff for the night... I'm starting to get to the point where I should be able to send out some stuff within a few days. I have two things close to completion. I finished something last night, but I don't like the way I did the faceup. Then again, that's not accurate. I liked the faceup, then the pastels seem to have shifted when I sprayed the head for the final coating, Amoxicillin Toe Infection Dose. Grrr. So I'll probably wipe it and redo it.

I didn't write about it before, but my weekend was weird. I went to a wake on Friday night for my friend's grandfather... Amoxicillin Toe Infection Dose, and unbeknownst to us, he'd been a free mason. So the wake/funeral was only the one day,t hen he'll be buried at the lodge. Amoxicillin Toe Infection Dose canada, At the wake, there was a short service for the masons... but Mandychu and I sort of came in at a weird time where we didn't know that what was going on was specifically for them, so we just filed up behind the guys in aprons to pay our respects... sort of felt stupid when we realized it. T_T Then my car broke down a day or so later.., Amoxicillin Toe Infection Dose. randomly. Basically, we were turning from the main road onto a little side street to go out to dinner. And I looked at my dashboard, and the light wasn't on. And I was like "Crap, did I forget to turn my lights on?" Then I saw that theheadlights were on... Amoxicillin Toe Infection Dose, and I realized that there was a problem. We got a green arrow and zoomed, and then as I was turning the corner, the car just totally lost power, Amoxicillin Toe Infection Dose uk. We managed to coast through the turn and onto the sidestreet, then get up against the curb before the car just died. It had no power whatsoever, so I couldn't even put the hazard lights on. A friendly cop helped us push the car into the parking lot of Red Lobster, where it stayed for the duration of the night. We got a ride home, and then the next day, Mandy's dad and uncle fixed the car, Amoxicillin Toe Infection Dose. Basically, what happened was that one of the terminals on the alternator has corroded and burned up, so the batter wasn't getting charged. Fortunately, only that terminal needed to be replaced, so it only cost about $10 to fix. Lucky. Amoxicillin Toe Infection Dose india, It looks as though Souldoll is going to replace Paris' broken hand for his new owner, so that's good news. Amoxicillin Toe Infection Dose, We've also already started the insurance claim. So that situation is being worked out.... much relief. It's not my responsibility to take care of it, since it broke in transit.... but I don't think I could just stand by without even trying to help. I feel much better about this, Amoxicillin Toe Infection Dose.

A quick teaser of Misha (Isao). I repainted him on Friday night. He's our lovely Russian prince. He will eventually be Mandy's, but for now he's here. Amoxicillin Toe Infection Dose, I need some daylight so I can take some real pics of him. He also needs nice clothes. I picked up some fabric to sew some for him, but I don't have time to do any dolly stuff for me right now, Amoxicillin Toe Infection Dose paypal.
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket

I realized that the Unoss head isn't going to work for Archive. Archive will go with Burgundy... and Burgundy is melon-headed El, Amoxicillin Toe Infection Dose. By comparison, Unoss has a very small head... I just don't think I could handle them together. Today I also found out that Dollkot kiss is now for sale on Dollmore... and he would be perfect for Archive. Amoxicillin Toe Infection Dose, Unfortunately, by the time I got home to where I could have ordered him, he was already out of stock. In one day. It's okay, I guess... as long as they restock. I wouldn't have money for him until after Morraine is paid for anyway. I don't think I'm going to get mini-Lishe for awhile, Amoxicillin Toe Infection Dose. Luts posted her pics today, 250mg Amoxicillin Toe Infection Dose, and I was just kinda iffy. She's pretty, but she doesn't really look like big-Lishe and so far they don't have a white-skin version or a "special" one with the extra closed-eyed head. I'll wait and see if they offer those... and I might wait to see her owner pics.

I need to pack up Tamlyn. He's going to go visit JoAnn for a month and be her little model boy. She's been saying she's going to run away with him to Italy.

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Lumigan Ophth Drops

Lumigan Ophth Drops, Argh.

Well, I got both El and Isao... and the dolls I trades got to their destinations. But the girl who got Paris just wrote to me to tell me that his finger broke, Lumigan Ophth Drops overseas. How the hell could that even happen. I individually wrapped his hands and the box was stamped "fragile" all over, Lumigan Ophth Drops. What did they DO to the box?. Cuz he was in a Luts box with air packets on either side of his box, 500mg Lumigan Ophth Drops, then inside his Souldoll box, between his cushions. With his hands, feet, and head wrapped, 30mg Lumigan Ophth Drops. ARGH. Lumigan Ophth Drops, I've written to Souldoll about replacement hands, and hopefully they'll get back to me soon. In the meantime, he was fortunately insured for his full value. 10mg Lumigan Ophth Drops, Stupid postal service.

I'll take pics of Misha (Isao) and Burgundy (El) when I have natural light. I repainted Misha already, but Burgundy's still in his defaut El makeup. It's a beautiful faceup, 750mg Lumigan Ophth Drops, but it doesn't really suit Burgundy... and it has a scuff over the eye. I dunno. I'll have to redo it jst because I like my dolls to all have faceups that I did.

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Lamictal And Prozac

Lamictal And Prozac, I-chan is at the post office. I'm so annoyed. There are three post offices within 10 minutes drive of my house. Two out of the three are open till 7, where the other closes at 5, 1000mg Lamictal And Prozac. I get off work at 5, so guess which post office he's at. Tomorrow I'll go pick him up before I go to Buffalo, Lamictal And Prozac.

I mailed off Paris today too. Lamictal And Prozac australia, So soon, probably early next week, maybe even Saturday while I'm out of town, I will have El. El is going to be Burgundy, 50mg Lamictal And Prozac, Knife's baby brother. Isao will be Misha, a Russian vampire. Lamictal And Prozac, Mandy has made her intentions of owning Misha very clear, so I'm going to try not to get too attached. Lamictal And Prozac craiglist, Still, I can't wait to get him tomorrow.

Tonight my hands and wrists hurt (I think it's the weather), so I didn't do any modding. I did draw a bit on my tablet though I worked on an entry for the 23 cm "Dessert" catagory of the Dollheart design contest, Lamictal And Prozac mexico. I hope I make it into the voting stage. :).

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Flagyl Alcohol Contrainindications

Flagyl Alcohol Contrainindications, Well, MSD Ken and Juri went on their way yesterday, heading off to DoA's Wee_Little_Faerie. I will miss them both, but it's weird having two incarnations of Tam about... and as for Juri... well, 30mg Flagyl Alcohol Contrainindications, I couldn't have kept her anyway. In transit to me is none other than the lovely Isao Nanjou. I'm not sure how long it will take him to travel, but I am really hoping he comes on Friday so I can see him before I leave for the weekend, Flagyl Alcohol Contrainindications. Tomorrow I will ship out Paris as well. Tonight I will remove Morraine's faceup and repaint his head tan... and then hopefully tomorrow I can redo his faceup when I return to town on Monday.

DT Estella's head came to me today from Australia, Flagyl Alcohol Contrainindications usa. Flagyl Alcohol Contrainindications, (I need to e-mail her owner to tell her she made it safely). This Estella has been modified slightly... I find her to be a very interesting sculpt. There's a strange sort of sensuality about the mouth and chin that isn't evident in photographs. Her owner wants me to redo her faceup after modding, 50mg Flagyl Alcohol Contrainindications, but truthfully, the faceup she has now is really nice. It'll be ruined in modding, I'm sure, but her owner is wonderful faceup artist, Flagyl Alcohol Contrainindications. I'm honored that she'd want me to redo it rather than redoing it herself. With Estella came the much awaited, weirdly damaged Unoss head. This'll sound bizarre.., 40mg Flagyl Alcohol Contrainindications. but I actually kinda like how it's been butchered. Flagyl Alcohol Contrainindications, I think that the person who'd been working on it had a definite vision, even if they didn't have any idea what they were doing. I'll be a pleasure to mod someday when I have time. And it wil be a mod for me, that I'll keep. Flagyl Alcohol Contrainindications india, I'll need to get a body for it though... I'm not sure what boy body will fit and look good with a Unoss head.

I've been making progress on commissions, hurrah, Flagyl Alcohol Contrainindications.

I asked Luts about Mini-Fee Lishe and El... we'd heard for awhile that they would be releasing them. Doogi says they'll be releasing them next month. YAY.

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