Oral Tetracycline

Oral Tetracycline, Yay. ;) I was just being hormonal and melodramatic - they've already written back and said that there'd been an error, 1000mg Oral Tetracycline, 100mg Oral Tetracycline, but that it was confirmed and would ship on Monday or Tuesday. Yay, Oral Tetracycline japan, Oral Tetracycline overseas, Dollmore. :) Yay, Oral Tetracycline us, Archive.

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Zithromax Do Not Refregerate

Today in my e-mail:

Zithromax Do Not Refregerate, hi~ customer ^_^

I wonder if you paid for your kiss.
please let me know asap.

Dollmore Jee.

...yes, you weirdos, Zithromax Do Not Refregerate canada. Yes I paid. This is when you're supposed to be shipping my doll, not asking if I sent payment, Zithromax Do Not Refregerate. How can you not know that someone sent you that much money a month ago?. Does not inspire confidence at ALL. 250mg Zithromax Do Not Refregerate, Though it switched from saying it was waiting for payment to "before shipping" about a month ago in my order status, so I know it's definitely paid for and they've accepted the payment.
I just want to get a shipping notice. Zithromax Do Not Refregerate, It's not that I mind waiting, I just hate when stuff like this comes up. Especially when I'm all hormonal and emotional.

But in good news, Zithromax Do Not Refregerate australia, Luts finally answered my question about Mandy's and my late order. They'll ship it next week. What the hell. Emi ordered after us and has already received her El.., Zithromax Do Not Refregerate. 50mg Zithromax Do Not Refregerate, and Mandy's hasn't even shipped yet. I don't get it. Luts used to have the BEST customer service, and now they're slow to answer questions and slow/inconsistent with their shipping. I mean, Zithromax Do Not Refregerate india, what the hell. Zithromax Do Not Refregerate, Saying "Oh, they're busy because they've gotten so popular" is no excuse - they're still a company and a big part of maintaining that popularity is by offering good customer service. It really makes me not want to order a Mini Lishe from them in the future. Maybe after I get through this irritating Kiss order, I'll just say "I'm done" and stick with it.

Sorry. I'm hormonal.

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Can Prozac Effect Your Menstrual Cycle

Can Prozac Effect Your Menstrual Cycle, Two pics I took today down by the shore.
crab.jpg greatheron.jpg, 750mg Can Prozac Effect Your Menstrual Cycle. Can Prozac Effect Your Menstrual Cycle craiglist. 200mg Can Prozac Effect Your Menstrual Cycle. 40mg Can Prozac Effect Your Menstrual Cycle. 10mg Can Prozac Effect Your Menstrual Cycle.

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Colchicine And Diseases

Colchicine And Diseases, Wow, I have a ton of PMs on DoA to respond to... but I just don't have time right now. My brother and his wife only have dial-up, so it takes a long time to get on. That, and I have been really busy with my nephews and niece. I haven't done anything dolly related, 20mg Colchicine And Diseases, though I hope to do some evening sewing for Imp - he needed his little Station Master's Baby outfit. Burgundy'll get his Station Master outfit sometime after I get home.., Colchicine And Diseases. I haven't had much luck designing it. It always ends up being too SS-looking, too gothy, or too Japanese Station Master looking. I mean, it's supposed to be based on the Japanese Station Master uniforms, but I don't want it to be an exact copy, 30mg Colchicine And Diseases. I need to stylize it and make it sort of post-Apocalyptic and stuff. Colchicine And Diseases, And Burgundy's waiting on his correct eyes from Luts... and of course, his beloved Archive (Kiss) from Dollmore. I'm excited about Kiss, though it seems that Dollmore is expecting the delivery of the Kisses to be delayed. Drat. Colchicine And Diseases mexico, Oh well. Gives me more time to redo Knife and Burgundy's face-ups before he gets here, Colchicine And Diseases. I haven't decided yet if I'll redo Mac as well. I like my new style better, but Ireally love Mac's face. Though I'm also thinking of modding his mouth a little if I redo his faceup... just sanding the outer corners of his upper-lip and widening his mouth a little. Colchicine And Diseases, Dunno though. I don't mind repainting LE heads, but I feel a little bad modding them, Colchicine And Diseases coupon. Though I don't plan to sell him, so... eh. I'll think about it. I love Mac, Colchicine And Diseases.

I brought Tam and Imp with my to California because I was planning to sew for them in the evenings... but I find I'm a little self-conscious about bringing them out in front of my brother and his wife. Colchicine And Diseases paypal, I shouldn't be, because I don't think they'd care. I also want to avoid any possibility of my little goslings wanting to play with them. It's hard to explain to children under 7 that they can't play with what's basically a toy just because it's expensive. It comes off more as being Aunt Armeleia not wanting to share. (And what a bad example that would be!)

Oh well. Got to go.

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Petcity Erythromycin

Petcity Erythromycin, People have been sharing the password to my protected modding entries and direct-linking my images... so I'm changing the password. I didn't intend my posts as a tutorial, Petcity Erythromycin mexico, or something for people to repost. 150mg Petcity Erythromycin, If I had wanted it to be completely public, I wouldn't have locked it.

I'll send out the new password later tonight, 20mg Petcity Erythromycin. This time though, 50mg Petcity Erythromycin, I'm only sending it out to people who I have actually interacted with in the past. :( Sorry if this disappoints anyone.... I'm just really irritated that people would share my password when I'd specifically asked them not to, Petcity Erythromycin craiglist.

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Zithromax Z-packs

Zithromax Z-packs, Well, I went to Buffalo for the weekend and was able to finally present Junkets with her Sleeping Yder mod and her late, late, late Christmas present.

First, unicorn boy.
For more pics, you can probably go to Junket's journal [stardust asylum] within in a few days. I had planned to post more pics in my closed entries about the actual process for modding him and making his satyr-type legs, but I just got so busy with the actual DOING since I was trying to hurry to get him done. In short though, he's an old-skin MSD girlboy that has been modded to genderlessness with a modified Harang head.

And then this is the Sleeping Yder mod, Zithromax Z-packs. I opened the eyes and added elf ears. I don't know why, but I'm particularly pleased with these ears, Zithromax Z-packs paypal. And I like the eyes. Junkets didn't want the eyes opened as wide as normal Yder's.
gen03.jpg sliverngen1.jpg Zithromax Z-packs, Gen is the one who made Sliver. This isn't his "real" wig. He'll be much sleeker. Again for more pics and info, you can go to Junket's blog... and actually, she's posted a short photostory.

I haven't worked on the VCF at all because I've been so busy with these other two mods, Zithromax Z-packs. I hope to get it finished sometime soon though. Those who asked for the password, Zithromax Z-packs japan, I'll hopefully be able to get it to you tonight, otherwise it won't be till I get back from California.

And last, here is a pic for JoAnn, who wanted to see my new iPod in action.
And look. Zithromax Z-packs, Who is that little one. That would be Imp, the newest addition to my dolly family. He is a Latidoll Yellow Lami. I'm not sure of his height, but I'd guess between 5-6 inches. He is TINY, 200mg Zithromax Z-packs.

As for Latidoll, I have a lot of nice things to say about them, Zithromax Z-packs. Their presentation and craftsmanship is lovely. Everything came in very pretty white boxes, and was well-made. He has white resin that is actually very very white. Not paper white, but very pale and not yellowy or greenish tinged at all. Zithromax Z-packs, He's very pretty.

His body sculpt is very nice as well. With a lot of tinies, it seems like as they get smaller, the refinement in sculpting diminishes. 250mg Zithromax Z-packs, That's not really the case here. His hands and feet are adorable and well-sculpted, and his body pieces are shaped like baby, rather than like a string of beads. Though his head is large, he is still capable of standing unsupported, Zithromax Z-packs.

Like most tinies, his range of movement is limited. That's kinda a bummer. Also, his... nipples are really bizarre. Zithromax Z-packs, They're big and round. No clue there.

Overall, Zithromax Z-packs usa, I really like him. I got him without a faceup, so the one he's sporting here is mine. I'm really proud of his eyebrows, and I'll have to take more pics to show them off.

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Dog Medcine Flagyl Side Effects

Luts did Mini-fee Lishe Special Dog Medcine Flagyl Side Effects, . Guess I gotta either get me a sugar daddy or start saving my pennies, Dog Medcine Flagyl Side Effects coupon. Dog Medcine Flagyl Side Effects ebay, And also. Good news: I found a pack of Xacto blades so I don't need to buy more, Dog Medcine Flagyl Side Effects canada. Dog Medcine Flagyl Side Effects overseas, Bad news: They're somewhere in my bed [still in the package]. Dog Medcine Flagyl Side Effects us.

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Amoxicillin And Vitamin Interactions

Amoxicillin And Vitamin Interactions, Note: I think it goes without saying that I don't want my images posted up on other sites. There's been some controversy over this issue lately, so I just wanted to make my place clear on it. I ask that especially images in my private entries not be reposted or linked to. Thanks.

Well, I've been working diligently on unicorn boy for the last few days. I need to Mandy to choose his name so I can refer to him as something other than "unicorn boy." Last night I stated making the knee joints.., Amoxicillin And Vitamin Interactions. and it was going fairly well, but I guess I was overtired or something because when I looked at it this morning I was like "Huh?" I removed the more odd-shaped of the two and then didn't really work on the legs so much.

Instead, 500mg Amoxicillin And Vitamin Interactions, I prepared his head for unicornification. First, I also removed Harang's ears. His ears are HUGE. Amoxicillin And Vitamin Interactions, It makes such a huge difference for him to be earless. I think his ears were actually his most prominent features. I kind of like him earless. Anyway, I ground off his ears and then drilled holes to put the support wires for his newFawn-like ears and his little horn. Poor little thing, though... it's a good thing that they can't take your dolls away for things like this, Amoxicillin And Vitamin Interactions.

noears1.jpg noears2.jpg

I will try to post a pic of the legs in progress soon, Amoxicillin And Vitamin Interactions australia. I just don't feel like posting them yet because they look like crap.

For the CF, I went through and sculpted on her thigh and knee joints. I think they look nice, though I realized after sanding the one thigh joint that it was much too big. Amoxicillin And Vitamin Interactions, I pulled it off and redid it, and tonight I'll hopefully be able to finish it off. I haven't sanded the knee joints, but this is approximately how they look.


I want to finish the CF so she can go to California with me next week. My temp position ended, 750mg Amoxicillin And Vitamin Interactions, so I'm taking the pause to go visit my brothers in California for two weeks. Fun. I hope to make it up to Volks, though I'm not sure I'll be able to, Amoxicillin And Vitamin Interactions. We'll see. I'll be in San Diego, so Torrence is only about 2 hours away. Gotta check the LA Volks shop's hours.

Today's goal is to finish MW's Jareth. Amoxicillin And Vitamin Interactions, He's so close to done. Last night I patched some little chips I'd made in his mods when I was working on them. Sometimes I'm a little overzealous with my Xacto. Oops. Speaking of which, Amoxicillin And Vitamin Interactions india, I gotta buy new blades. I'm so finicky about always making sure they'd fresh, Amoxicillin And Vitamin Interactions. It's really important, I think. My belief is that when you have to fight with your tools, that's when you'll get hurt. Normal, controlled and precise control is really less dangerous. When you have to push or exert a lot of pressure it's really easy to slip and do damage to yoruself or your project. (It doesn't happen often, 100mg Amoxicillin And Vitamin Interactions, but I've had a few knifey accidents. Most recently, when I was in Japan, I slipped and cut into my finger so deeply that it took about two weeks before it wouldn't start bleeding again if it got knocked. I should have gotten stitches, but it was 9 pm on a Sunday night and most of the clinics were closed.) .

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Zithromax Tri-pack

Zithromax Tri-pack, Tonight I was distracted and worked on other things. In retrospect, I have no idea what I did tonight, I certainly don't feel like I accomplished much on ANY of my projects, 1000mg Zithromax Tri-pack.

Anyway, I sanded and cut into the one high piece that I'd worked on last night. 30mg Zithromax Tri-pack, This was a test to see how well this would work/fit. I like it so far. So I'm ready to go ahead and do the other one tomorrow night, maybe I'll start on the knees as well, Zithromax Tri-pack.


Her legs'll be jointed a little like a suwarikko body so she can do the doofy signature SDC/Yuni pose.

I also worked on the unicorn boy's legs, 10mg Zithromax Tri-pack. I'm totally not mature enough for this lately. I was sculpting and giggling to myself because the things I'm using as supports are called "brass nipples." No pics yet, Zithromax Tri-pack uk, maybe tomorrow or the day after.I'm doing the brass tubing, then polymer clay, then a layer of epoxy clay for detail and strength. Zithromax Tri-pack, Oh, and here's the thingy I doodled out for instructions on how I think the jointed VCF torso could be done. Also included is a fun idea for replacing the joints with wooden beads, 40mg Zithromax Tri-pack. I'm sculpting mine, but maybe it would be nice for someone else. Same for the jointed torso. I'm just not that interested in actually doing it. If someone else ends up doing it please let me know.

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Cytochrome 3a4 Inhibition Tetracycline

Cytochrome 3a4 Inhibition Tetracycline, I guess this project wouldn't be quite so time consuming if I wasn't working on so many other things... but I don't let myself work on the CF until I've finished my commission work for the night. Anyway, it's taken a little time, but I drilled through the thigh and calf pieces. I seem to be averaging about two pieces a night before I get annoyed and stop. And just to restate for anyone who might be confused: This is NOT the right way to do this kit. The real way of doing it is much, much easier and less time consuming, Cytochrome 3a4 Inhibition Tetracycline. I am converting this figure kit into a BJD, 1000mg Cytochrome 3a4 Inhibition Tetracycline, which is why it'll take me so long. :)

cf2calves.jpg cf2legs.jpg

The next step is to sculpt the leg joints. Basically, I'm looking at the instructions for the doll, figuring out which DM unit pieces the numbers correspond to, then sculpting a ball joint approximately the size and shape of that piece. Does that make sense. Cytochrome 3a4 Inhibition Tetracycline, I'll post a better explanation of what I mean after I have one finished. I started on one thigh, but I wanted to test it out before I commit to doing both, 750mg Cytochrome 3a4 Inhibition Tetracycline. I'll likely have pics of that tomorrow. I was thinking... if someone wanted to do this in a slightly lazier way, they could probably find wooden beads of the approximate sizes and cut and glue them to make them serve as joints. But I think if you're gonna do something like this, you should really go whole-hog and just do it, Cytochrome 3a4 Inhibition Tetracycline.

That said, I feel a bizarre apathy for matching the epoxy match the resin. I just don't care. Cytochrome 3a4 Inhibition Tetracycline japan, ^_^* I'll just paint over the joints later. This is probably stupid of me, but I just don't feel like worrying about it. Cytochrome 3a4 Inhibition Tetracycline, So there. :P

I sculpted on the neck joint last night. Normally, the head sits kinda weirdly on the neck. Because of the joint, it sort of sit above the neck. And you can see the ball underneath it, 100mg Cytochrome 3a4 Inhibition Tetracycline. Some of the pictures on this site show what I mean, though not well, Cytochrome 3a4 Inhibition Tetracycline. Basically, you have to keep the head tilted down to avoid seeing that joint. The doll looks cute posed like that, but it's a little limiting. Anyway, the neck has a concave depression in the top, so I had to change that shape. 200mg Cytochrome 3a4 Inhibition Tetracycline, cf2neck.jpg

Now the head sits and moves nicely on the neck. I just need to drill the hole throught he topmost part to make allow the elastic through.

That's all I have to show for tonight. Tomorrow night I'd like to start on her headcap. If it works well, I might pull a mold from the piece I make and cast some extras to sell.

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