Flagyl Potassium Compatibility

Flagyl Potassium Compatibility, Hehe. I think I was just psychoanalyzed on DoA. In a thread about feeling guilty for doing terrible things to your dolls in photostories, I posted:

Some of my dolls have had bad experiences (all people do)... but I feel like heaping trauma after trauma onto a character is not only unrealistic, but kinda sadistic. I'd never do it to my dolls - So no guilt for me. *grin* They're just dolls and I don't think of them as real people, but their imagined personalities and characters are precious to me, Flagyl Potassium Compatibility. I'd rather cuddle them because I'm happy about them than because I feel sorry for them... I guess I'm a little too squishy.

Someone replied with:

I think what Armelia has said is sign of psychological trauma, real or imagined, of the owner's past or present, 150mg Flagyl Potassium Compatibility, reflected out into their dolls.

Huh. I don't do nasty things to my dolls because I was traumatized. Flagyl Potassium Compatibility, Maybe it's just her grammar and she means something else. I didn't see anything in my response that seemed to allude to the fact that I'd been orphaned, raped, beaten, shot, killed, or accidentally slept with my twin/brother/sister/cat/Chevy Mustang.

Seriously though. Just looking at the topic itself, 1000mg Flagyl Potassium Compatibility, rather than at my post or that chick's post.... Even if they had a traumatic event in their past, why would I want to immortalize it in pictures. Especially if it's in the past, Flagyl Potassium Compatibility. I'm not gonna buy a younger-looking doll just to take a photostory of Knife's parents finding out he's bi and kicking him out of the house. I'm not going to show Burgundy getting verbally abused by his grandfather for being a bastard. It's enough to see how it affects them both in the present.

I'm not an emo-hag. Flagyl Potassium Compatibility, And I'm not into cliche either, thanks. Sorry, but the rape/molestation/beating of pretty male characters is getting old. As is their ability to bounce back and wanna be fucked by their taller, manlier "seme" boyfriend almost immediately. Having never been a gay male in any of the Typical Yaoi Angst Backstories, Flagyl Potassium Compatibility usa, so I don't think I could accurately portray it in writing or images. I think that for me to even pretend to know how it would feel to be raped and beaten by someone I trusted would be... I dunno, Flagyl Potassium Compatibility. And then to just make it only one thing in a series of angsty traumatic events. Just for effect. Sorry. You can only have so much happen to one person before you make them unable to function in society. Flagyl Potassium Compatibility, I think that if I was orphaned at the age of 6, sold into prostitution by my brother (after he beat and raped me), fell in love with a series of abusive boyfriends who died in my arms, and got addicted to drugs... I would be completely unable to enter a high school at 17 and become a famous supermodel. Who dresses like a catboy and loves Inu Yasha, pink, and bondage. 500mg Flagyl Potassium Compatibility, Then again... that's extremely realistic. I should do it, Flagyl Potassium Compatibility. Where can I get me a cheap El.

There's nothing wrong with exploring these themes. But... eh. Flagyl Potassium Compatibility, I dunno. I guess my objection is that it's all so cheap and... unpsychological. Like, they're just angsty events that happen, the characters gets to cry and angst, then gets hugged, Flagyl Potassium Compatibility overseas, then gets healing victory sex, then it all happens again. With no regard to the lasting effects on the characters psyche. Girls do things to male characters that they wouldn't dream of doing to female ones.

Then again, I could just as easily be complaining about fanfic as anything else.

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Side Effects From Prozac

Side Effects From Prozac, I have mixed feelings on Dollzone dolls... though it's amazing to me how rabid some people are about them in either direction. I'm posting my thoughts in my journal rather than on DoA, that way people won't take it as an offishul moderator statement. This is just me.

I think their 4 new dolls look original. I think Megi is rather cute, Side Effects From Prozac. He has a look that reminds of dolls I like from some of the smaller companies, but he don't look like a clone. His price is extremely tempting. However, I won't buy one because I don't trust their ethics - I don't condone stealing other people's work. They originally came out with dolls that were blatant ripoffs. The one that looks like a CP Woori Side Effects From Prozac, is no longer being sold... But they still have two models on eBay (like 15 of each) that look like modded Volks MSDs to me (MSD Ken and Akira)

In particular, compare:
(Left: Volks MSD Ken, Side Effects From Prozac ebay, Right: Dollzone NINA. Sorry, the angles aren't quite the same.) Crap. That sucker looks like it's just an MSD Ken/Mika with triangles cut out of the corners of the eyes, a sanded chin and longer liplines cut deeply into the corners of the mouth. The nose is different, but only the nostrils... which could be easily modified on the original head with a bit of epoxy putty, Side Effects From Prozac. It just doesn't look that different. Maybe it's just because I've owned a Ken in the past, and I've done a lot of modding.

One more comparison series to continue to beat the dead horse:
(Left to right: Dollzone NINA, MSD Ken, and then a pic that's been overlaid 50/50.)
My former Ken had modded elf ears, but otherwise I think the ears would line up. The earlobes and jawline already do, Side Effects From Prozac craiglist. This doll is still being sold on ebay Side Effects From Prozac, by the official international Dollzone dealer (change8023).

And then there's also the allegation that they use polystone intead of resin. In their posts on DoA, they specify that they use resin. But really, in a technical sense, polystone is resin. You see, it's possible to change the qualities of your resin by adding "fillers" to it when you mix it. For example, "cold cast metal" resin things are a mixture of metal powders and resin, Side Effects From Prozac. When it cures, it looks like and shares some of the qualities of metal. Polystone is a subtance that is added to resin to change the texture (and lower the cost). It gives the material a porcelain-like feel because in reality, the resin is half-stone or ceramic. Side Effects From Prozac mexico, It might make the texture of your doll nice, but most fillers make the product much cheaper and more likely to break or chip. Side Effects From Prozac, Having never seen DZ dolls in person, and having never seen comparisons of their new dolls to their old dolls... I can't really judge their resin.

People who own the DZ dolls give them high reviews and recommendations. Some people like the feeling of the DZ resin and think it is "different" but in a positive way. They also love the original-looking new sculpts of Xi and Yi that were released in the round prior to the new four. This is balanced with the story of one girl who got a patchwork doll who was something like 5 different colors, Side Effects From Prozac. That situation was taken care of and she is satisfied now, but it still makes me wary of a company that would allow a product like that out the door.

I don't know. I personally won't deal with them... but really, doll history is fraught with weird things like this. Side Effects From Prozac, Forever Doll did what DZ started off with, slightly modding and casting dolls from another company's molds. I believe they were being made in Japan, though, or in a country where it was easier to trace and take legal action, Side Effects From Prozac australia. So Volks shut them down. But with these dolls being produced in a huge country like China where bootlegs are produced in bulk, I think it would be very difficult to shut them down. Also, as these don't appear to be being sold on the Japanese market, Volks may not be aware of them. From what I've heard, CP knows of them, but they are looking for more information, Side Effects From Prozac. Bizarrely, from my recollection, Rasendo originally sold dolls with Volks-bootleg bodies. But they switched to their own (rather amateur) body sculpt and came back somewhat with them.

At the moment though, I am a bit concerned that people are spending a lot of money on a company or product that might be a little bit questionable. It seems like whenever a product comes out that is lower priced, 40mg Side Effects From Prozac, it is immediately labelled as "cheap" and liking or disliking it becomes an economic elitist issue. "Oh, people only say that because they want this hobby to be just for rich people!" When really, the issues should be more along the lines of 1) are these dolls made of quality materials and 2) does it bother you to buy from a company that made money off of another company's work in the past.

I think Dollzone might do better if they made a clean break entirely and changed their name... started afresh and really built up their reputation as a maker of original, high-quality dolls. At this point, no matter what they do they'll have this hanging over them; I think it'll be a long time before they'll have to stop trying to prove they're not "bad people.".

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Acclimated To Clomid

Acclimated To Clomid, Well, DoA has its new round of mods... and I'm happy with all of them. I voted for all of them. :) Of course, the usual accusations are there - only popular people become mods, you need to have x number of Volks dolls/LEs to become a mod, etc. All of these are untrue, Acclimated To Clomid ebay, of course. The criteria is different than people would probably expect, Acclimated To Clomid. And while I imagine some people are probably like "OMG. How can they add mods AGAIN?!", I don't think they realize DoA's stats: 2,400 posts per day in March, average of 1, 150mg Acclimated To Clomid, 900 members logged into DoA daily in March, 16-34 new members per day in March (6,250 members total). Even after the new additions, we still only have 19 Moderators, only 9 of which are marked as "active."

I really wanna do the finishing touches on these commissions and get them shipped. Everything is SO close... Acclimated To Clomid, I think I can finish 2 projects completely tomorrow and ship them on the weekend. But April's stuff is already coming in, 200mg Acclimated To Clomid. Looking around my work area, there are 6 doll heads in plain sight [2 of them are mine]. It's kinda fun, but at the same time... I always picture being framed for a crime. And then the police come to my house to search for evidence and find the masses of doll heads, Acclimated To Clomid. Then they go "Hooooohkay." I doubt knowing that ears/jaws/breasts/whatever have been removed would be in my favor. Acclimated To Clomid craiglist, ("Really. People pay me to do this!")

I'm heading back to work a week from Monday, yay. I'm really relieved. Acclimated To Clomid, I'd been paying my bills with commissions and what I'd saved when I was working before... but it was starting to get down there. I'm happy to be getting back to work too because I need some routine in my day. I need more time, though, Acclimated To Clomid usa. I also really need Cadbury eggs or Lindor Truffles. The rice cakes and honey aren't doing it for me tonight.

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Prozac Overdose Caused Parkinsonism

Prozac Overdose Caused Parkinsonism, Amid Unoa shoe mods, reattaching Estella's ears, and trying to do the faceup on an Ein with new lips... I've been stealing minutes to work on a project that I've been thinking about for months:
The "Shiwoo Having Fun" head, inspired by the infamous Unoa "O!" face.

I'm doing it mostly as an exercise in modding. It's a really extensive mod that involves completely removing his lower jaw and repositioning it, then resculpting his mouth, Prozac Overdose Caused Parkinsonism japan, eyes, jawline... and possibly brow.

Oh so alluring..., Prozac Overdose Caused Parkinsonism.

Note: The pics in the cut are CREEPY. 50mg Prozac Overdose Caused Parkinsonism, Do not click for more if you're easily disturbed or it's close to bedtime.


I couldn't leave him like this overnight, even. I had to reattach his jaw almost immediately, even though it was very late at night. He's starting to look pretty good now, but I'm not posting any other pics till he's finished, Prozac Overdose Caused Parkinsonism coupon. Prozac Overdose Caused Parkinsonism, I get so irritated... and I probably shouldn't. People seem to think I post things for "tutorial" value. I don't take pictures or write about my projects so that others can emulate them. I post them because I think they're interesting and this is my work journal. 750mg Prozac Overdose Caused Parkinsonism, I mean, the sequence of progress photos on this head is REALLY COOL. But I'm tired of people copying me, so I'm not going to make it easier by providing step-by-step illustrations of how to do it. God forbid that I view customization as a way to "make something your own." And that my "own" should be different from someone else's "own" because we're different people with different ideas. It makes me not want to post anything anymore, 500mg Prozac Overdose Caused Parkinsonism, sometimes.

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Fluconazole Diflucan Skin Fungus

Anyone I talk to regularly want to split this Fluconazole Diflucan Skin Fungus, . You pay 45 + shipping for the CF herself (it's the blond pigtailed one) and I pay 15 for the open eyed head, 100mg Fluconazole Diflucan Skin Fungus. 30mg Fluconazole Diflucan Skin Fungus. Fluconazole Diflucan Skin Fungus overseas. 1000mg Fluconazole Diflucan Skin Fungus. Fluconazole Diflucan Skin Fungus canada.

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Flagyl Dosage

Flagyl Dosage, Well, it started last night. And even going to the chiropractor hasn't cured it completely, 250mg Flagyl Dosage. Flagyl Dosage uk, My back and hip aren't quite in alignment and it's really painful. I'm not sure what to do to fix it and it's kinda hard to deal with, Flagyl Dosage us. Flagyl Dosage australia, Oooooow.

It's slowing me down on doing a lot of stuff.., Flagyl Dosage mexico.

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Synthroid .112

Synthroid .112, I realized the other day that I haven't taken any decent pics of Rory since he got his new faceup in... November, 10mg Synthroid .112. Synthroid .112 india, I tried to take a few nice shots, but he's so unphotogenic.., Synthroid .112 paypal. 20mg Synthroid .112, I think it's his nose. Most ankles it just looks strange and not cute, 40mg Synthroid .112. In person, Rory is the most beautiful doll...

Here's the only good pic I got:
Image hosting by Photobucket.

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Ibuprofen Amoxicillin

Ibuprofen Amoxicillin, Campbell's Ch. 4 and Ch. 5 summary/notes. As usual, these are for my own benefit. Siiiiiiigh.

Chapter 4: Why Carbon is Cool

Compounds containing carbon are said to be organic, Ibuprofen Amoxicillin. Ibuprofen Amoxicillin overseas, Carbon is awesome because of its ability to bond to up to four other atoms. This is because it has four electrons in its valence shell. It normally makes 4 covalent bonds. (Though that doesn't sound right to me.) To put things into perspective, the usual atoms used in organic compounds.... Ibuprofen Amoxicillin, hydrogen needs 1 valence electron, oxygen needs 2, nitrogen needs 3, and carbon needs 4.

A cool thing that carbon does is that it makes chains. These are usually called a "carbon skeleton." Hydrocarbons consist only of hydrogen and carbon (as you might guess from the name), 250mg Ibuprofen Amoxicillin. Here is an example:

| |
H- C - C - H
| |

You can insert any number of H units in the middle to make chains of any length.

Hydrocarbons are no prevalent in living organisms, except in fats (which have hydrocarbon tails). They are hydrophobic, Ibuprofen Amoxicillin.

Isomers are molecules that have the same formerula but different structures. There are three kinds of isomers. Ibuprofen Amoxicillin mexico, Structural isomers have different covalent arrangements. Geometric isomets have the same bonds but are arranged differently spatially based on the inflexibility of double bonds. Ibuprofen Amoxicillin, Enantiomers are mirror images.

Chapter 5: Functional Groups

Hydroxyl groups consist of an H conded to an O which is then bonded to a carbon skeleton. This group is usually an alcohol. It's written as -OH or HO.

A carbonyl group is called either an aldahyde or a ketone depending on where it occurs. It is a carbon joined to an oxygen with a double bond, Ibuprofen Amoxicillin. It is written as > CO

A carboxyl group called an organic or carboxylic acid, Ibuprofen Amoxicillin craiglist. It is an Oxygen double-bonded to a carbon that is bonded to a -OH (hydroxyl). It tends to disassociate.

An animo group contains NH2 bonded to a carbon skeleton. Ibuprofen Amoxicillin, Amines are based (unrelated, if you switch the "n" and the "m" then you get "anime" instead of "amine." That would be way more exciting at 2:36 in the morning).

A sulfhydryl group is made of, you guessed it, 50mg Ibuprofen Amoxicillin, a sulfur and hydrogen mix. The molecules resemble the hydroxyl molecules. (Sulfur has the same number of valence electrons as oxygen.)

My notes on the phosphate group suck. I need to go back and figure out what I was smoking when I read that part. I don't remember anything about them.., Ibuprofen Amoxicillin. though I can deduce that that they have a P in them. To be continued. But not tonight. Tonight it is bedtime. For tomorrow morning I must go and help dad continue his winemaking.

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Tc Tetracycline Powder

Tc Tetracycline Powder, And a note: People who left comments asking for the VCFK password. Sorry, Tc Tetracycline Powder usa, I'm no longer giving it out because last time someone was sharing my password/images with others. Many apologies. I'll post her when she's finished, Tc Tetracycline Powder canada. Someday. *sigh* No time, Tc Tetracycline Powder. 150mg Tc Tetracycline Powder, To do today:

~ Pour half of mold for Ein headcap No, but made the mold box.
~ Faceup Ein/Akiya
~ Finishing sanding Paris/Darren's ears
~ Faceup Paris/Darren
~ Faceup Mini El/Aquillo's sleeping head
~ Write up Campbells Ch.4 Did one better. Did chapter 5 too, Tc Tetracycline Powder coupon.
~ Finish Campbell's Ch. Tc Tetracycline Powder uk, 7

Estimated bedtime: 2:30 am. And GO.

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Rx Online Retin A

Rx Online Retin A, I was in my cpanel and looking at my referrers and stuff. It's kinda fun for me. Rx Online Retin A ebay, I have a dorky guilty pleasure - I love looking at what people typed into search engines to find my site. Usually it's pretty simple stuff like "bjd" or "armeleia" or "den of angels." But other times you can really tell what sort of juicy gossip people are looking for - like when they want to know more about something that's happened on DoA.

Some things are weird, Rx Online Retin A us. Like, every month, there is someone who searches for "what is naripon?" I'm not sure it's not, but I picture it being the same person every month who either hasn't found out or needs a refresher, Rx Online Retin A. Also people persistently search for "hadaka mitsuri/matsuri" (the naked running man festival) and "sexy faerie." Others searches, Rx Online Retin A india, I'm just like "How did you put in those words and get to MY site!. Like "panda bondage videos." What. I think I've mentioned bondage and videos, Rx Online Retin A paypal, though probably not in the same context... 30mg Rx Online Retin A, but I don't think you could find mention of a "panda" if you searched all of another2am.com. Strange.

Here are some of my recent favorite search phrases:

potatoe salad in the workplace
girl riding a dolphin
a piece of cooked meat
adult websites blacklist christian
mandy gouda
scorned lovers pics
panda bondage videos
sailor moon store with wishlists!!. and lots of stuff
weird - large testicles
apollo has no pants (this showed up two months in a row!)
meaty meat meet
cute leetle onigiri
how to use japanese toilets
overdone christmas lights (4 months in a row!)
buy underwear aichi
i hate souvenir t-shirts


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