Tetracycline Research

Tetracycline Research, Trying to thin out people coming here by accident (and people who know me in real life). The passworded entry is NOT work-safe. The password is two things, Tetracycline Research ebay. First, Tetracycline Research overseas, this doll sculpt's name:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And then this doll sculpt's name:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Put them together, no space. That's the password, Tetracycline Research uk. If you put it in and it doesn't do anything, Tetracycline Research coupon, try clicking the title of the post. Sometimes that works. WP passwords hate Mozilla, 150mg Tetracycline Research.

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Diflucan Potassium

Diflucan Potassium, A few non-graphic pictures of Knife's O. Face and Mac, 250mg Diflucan Potassium. Diflucan Potassium usa, Please do NOT link directly to these pics or entry - please link just to my journal, if anything, Diflucan Potassium australia. 500mg Diflucan Potassium, (http://www.another2am.com/armeleialand) Do NOT repost them. :) Thanks, 50mg Diflucan Potassium.

Please comment. Please. ;)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


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Prozac Interaction

Prozac Interaction, My CH body came today - it's a nice little body. I like it. It's a smaller girl body... Prozac Interaction coupon, but it's very pretty and slim. Very fairy-like. Looking at it, there are numerous things on it that I plan to mod, Prozac Interaction. I hope to do some fun poseability mods with this one. It'll go with the Unoss head I'm working on, 50mg Prozac Interaction. I have a few ideas, still... Prozac Interaction craiglist, but I don't know which one I want to go with. Prozac Interaction, After I get the head a little more done, I might post pics and ask for suggestions on how to continue. But that's a bit off since I still am winding down on some projects.

I'll write a nice review of it soonish.

To do this weekend:
~Bevel Elf Yder's eyes
~Bevel Breakaway's eyes
~Sand Estella
~Send pics of the above to their respective owners Correction: Sent email to Therese, Prozac Interaction canada, DoA won't load to PM others. Grrr.
~Sculpt on Lion's other ear
~Refine Lion's ears
~Send pics to owner
~Finish thickening Frank's neck. The "umbrella" stage is not pretty.
~Finish F-5 mod
~Buy more Milliput* Correction: Order more Milliput, Prozac Interaction. 750mg Prozac Interaction, They're out of stock. 7-10 days... so I got hit on by the guy at the hobby shop and was late meeting Michelle for nothing. Argh.
~Buy some fun work clothes!
~Make Knife's collar
~Buy cannoli.
~Tattoo Archive.

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Buy Colchicine Without Prescription In Canada

Buy Colchicine Without Prescription In Canada, I got a lot done tonight. I worked with so many different things.

Crappy picture.

To my dismay, Buy Colchicine Without Prescription In Canada india, the Shiwoo Dreaming Vamp head I bought is markedly more yellow than Knife's normal head or his body. Grrrr. Luts, please standardize your resin colors, Buy Colchicine Without Prescription In Canada. 200mg Buy Colchicine Without Prescription In Canada, Anyway, I'm happy with the mod. I like it a lot.

Hopefully sometime soon I'll have both natural light and the house to myself so I can take nice pics with his option head, 1000mg Buy Colchicine Without Prescription In Canada. Only problem... Buy Colchicine Without Prescription In Canada, this option head is SO expressive. It looks really odd with Mac because Mac is so... 100mg Buy Colchicine Without Prescription In Canada, I dunno. Volks. He has that sort of statuesque look that Volks dolls have. The practical result of this is that Mac looks really blank next to Knife, Buy Colchicine Without Prescription In Canada paypal. I wish I cold afford another Heath head to make Mac an option head. H'd get a sleeping head, I think. :).

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Acne Scars Retin-a

Acne Scars Retin-a, I'm really digging the idea of option heads with facial expressions.

Knife's O. Face is nearing completion... and I find myself wanting to do more extreme mods like that, Acne Scars Retin-a usa. I'm sort of toying with a few ideas. Like representing the 7 Deadly Sins (Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Greed, and Sloth) as BJD heads, Acne Scars Retin-a. Unfortunately, Acne Scars Retin-a japan, I doubt I'd get all the way through them... especially since some of them aren't "fun" sins, or ones that would make good option heads. Gluttony wouldn't be a very attractive head.., Acne Scars Retin-a us. and the easiest representation of Sloth would be a sleeping head. Acne Scars Retin-a, And how exciting would that be, really.

I'm planning to mod a dreaming El head into an O. Acne Scars Retin-a australia, El head to sell in the future.

Meantime, tonight I will...

~Bevel Breakaway's eyes
~Continue on Unoa shoe mods
~Continuing on Frank's neck
~Sand Estella more...
~Rough in Lion's ears Well, 500mg Acne Scars Retin-a, one ear....

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Allergic Reaction To Cipro

ears2.jpg Allergic Reaction To Cipro, I made a little collage of the elf ears I've done... 40mg Allergic Reaction To Cipro, I feel like I should have put them in chronological order.... but I didn't feel like it, Allergic Reaction To Cipro ebay. Allergic Reaction To Cipro overseas, :) The oldest set is on the bottom row, second in, 10mg Allergic Reaction To Cipro. 20mg Allergic Reaction To Cipro, The most recent set is a tie between the two sets on the top right and the first one on the second row. I did those three sets within a few days of each other, Allergic Reaction To Cipro.

It's fun to see how different they all are.

(p.s. I cheated and included Adriel's fawn ear so I'd have 4 rows of 4. *grin*).

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Erythromycin No Prescription

Erythromycin No Prescription, I interviewed for a job this morning and I really liked the company... and my employment agency called me and said that they want to make me an offer, Erythromycin No Prescription uk. 250mg Erythromycin No Prescription, So tomorrow morning at the crack of down, I get to go back and see what the pay and benefits will be, 150mg Erythromycin No Prescription. 30mg Erythromycin No Prescription, I'm excited... and so relieved, Erythromycin No Prescription mexico.

This new agency is great. I'm totally recommending them to people.

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Doxycycline Tetracycline Expiration

Doxycycline Tetracycline Expiration, I did that thing that I always try not to do - I worked on all my projects at the same speed. So now I'm in the finishing stage for everything. Doxycycline Tetracycline Expiration australia, Which just means hours and hours or sanding and finishing. Tonight I mostly finished the Elf Yder and Breakaway eye openings... and I worked on the F-5 remod, Doxycycline Tetracycline Expiration overseas. Lots of sanding, Doxycycline Tetracycline Expiration. T_T My fingers are so pruney. Doxycycline Tetracycline Expiration usa, My CH body has shipped, so it should come soon. I'm excited, 500mg Doxycycline Tetracycline Expiration. It's for my full-custom project that I'm going to work on next month. Doxycycline Tetracycline Expiration paypal, I had thought I had a very clear idea of what I was doing, but lately when I look at the Unoss mod, I see potential in other directions. The biggest deterrent to going off the beaten path is that I'm not so sure that I want to take the plunge and color another doll full-body. I don't think I do.

To do tomorrow:
~Bevel insides of Yder Elf and Breakaway's eyes
~Continue sanding the F-5 remod
~Thicken Frank's neck.
~Continue sanding Estella
~Continue with unoa shoes
~Paint a 1/6th.

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Alternative To Prozac

Alternative To Prozac, This weekend, Mandychu came to town and we hung out with CelticGeekess from DoA. I knew Mandy before, obviously, but I was totally oblivious that CelticGeekess lived in the area. I wonder how many other doll-people live in the Rochester-Buffalo-Syracuse area. I wanna have a big meet-up. 750mg Alternative To Prozac, Anyway, we met up for coffee, then went to a local park and clambered down a ravine to try to find a good place to take some dolly photos. Unfortunately, things here are still rather brown and dead, with the exception of some wildflowers and chartreuse buds on the trees..., Alternative To Prozac. I'm not sure the climb was worth it. Still, it was a beautiful day.

The dolls really hated being outside in the woods, 150mg Alternative To Prozac. Particularly Knife.
hatenature1.jpg Alternative To Prozac, In the pic, we have Thomas and Apollo (belonging to Mandy/Junkets), then Mac and Knife (mine) and then Anais (belonging to CelticGeekess). They're all so hateful of the great outdoors. It looks like Knife is going "Ugh, there are SPIDERS and SUNLIGHT...." and Mac is just holding him in place and going, "Come on, 100mg Alternative To Prozac, just a few pictures, baby, then we can go in. Smile, you have to smile for the picture." Apollo doesn't look like he wants to let his surgeon hands contact with t e tree he's leaning on, Thomas seems as though he's trying to keep his clothes from getting dirty, and Anais is just glaring and wishing to be back in her carrier without her hat, Alternative To Prozac canada. Fun group.

A few individual pics:
hatenature2.jpg hatenature3.jpg hatenature4.jpg hatenature5.jpg hatenature6.jpg hatenature7.jpg hatenature8.jpg hatenature9.jpg

In other news, while we were waiting for CelticGeekess to come, Mandy and I were killing time by looking through the April 2006 Haute Doll, Alternative To Prozac. To my surprise, a custom I worked on is in there. It's the first modded head I ever sold - the F-8 elf with the closed mouth. She was painted black and made into a drow... 30mg Alternative To Prozac, but it's still nice to see her around. I was excited to see something I'd worked on in a magazine, even if it wasn't really a great picture or anything. How fun.

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Tetracycline Cheap

Tetracycline Cheap, I know some people have my LJ feed friended... and LJ doesn't understand the "more" code that Wordpress uses, 10mg Tetracycline Cheap. 1000mg Tetracycline Cheap, So therefore, on LJ, 40mg Tetracycline Cheap, Tetracycline Cheap craiglist, my cuts don't show up. In an effort not to kill people's FL's, Tetracycline Cheap uk, I passworded the entry so that the feed wouldn't post it in it's entirity.

The password is "photostory" (without the quotes).

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