California Cipro Attorney

California Cipro Attorney, I got my dress, my (tacky) silver shoes, fancy-dancy longline bra and my wedding gifts.  I'm off to Jen's wedding!  I will be out of town and completely out of contact until Sunday afternoon.  Have a good weekend. California Cipro Attorney india. California Cipro Attorney uk. 500mg California Cipro Attorney. 100mg California Cipro Attorney. 20mg California Cipro Attorney.

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Tetracycline Dosage For Treating Chlamydia

Tetracycline Dosage For Treating Chlamydia, DoA isn't loading for me.  It was a minute ago, but now I can't get to my PMs.  I need to send progress pics.

I took this pic of Fugabella yesterday, Tetracycline Dosage For Treating Chlamydia mexico. 150mg Tetracycline Dosage For Treating Chlamydia, onoz.jpg

I wiped her as soon as I got her... and gave her this crappy (literally) 10 minute faceup.  My plan is to close her eyes and give her human ears.  I won't have time for a bit, 40mg Tetracycline Dosage For Treating Chlamydia, 50mg Tetracycline Dosage For Treating Chlamydia, but I do want to do it before the Tea Party, since I plan to bring her and Rory, 500mg Tetracycline Dosage For Treating Chlamydia.

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Is Synthroid Dialyzed

Is Synthroid Dialyzed, ...everything is just titled "[noun]" or "[emotion]."  That's not very descriptive or exciting.  So here on in, I will try to do better.

Tonight I modded for awhile.  I got Shiwoo's ears completely sanded, 30mg Is Synthroid Dialyzed, ready to paint, and I opened Woosoo's other eye.  I worked a little on Nightengale... but I'm having trouble making his earlobes symmetrical and it's driving me insane, Is Synthroid Dialyzed coupon.

Fugabella has arrived and she is as awful as I had hoped.  I love her bizarre little face.  I did a 10 minute faceup on her tonight so she wouldn't be blank (I wiped her when she got here)... 750mg Is Synthroid Dialyzed, and she's rather cute.  Her eye shape kinda weirds me out, though... it's so round and big that it's like someone just removed her eyelids so you're looking directly into the holes in her skull.  The head is a little skull-like in general, with the minimalistic nose and the large, round eyes.  The other night, Therese said "I wish you would consider giving her eyelids."  And it's possible that I will, Is Synthroid Dialyzed. She might be a sleeping Fug when I'm done.., Is Synthroid Dialyzed paypal. We'll see. Is Synthroid Dialyzed canada,  Tomorrow's to-do list:

  • Match Shiwoo's ears

  • Faceup Shiwoo?

  • Finish sanding Woosoo

  • Fill in Nightengale's right earlobe a bit to get a better shape

  • Buy corset/bustier/long-line bra. MUST DO BY THURSDAY!

  • Find little card that says where the bride and groom are registered

  • Photostory!

  • Find my (*gasp* LEGAL!) Photoshop cd and install


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Buy Colchicine Online Buy Colchicine Online, Dude. You can't say "fuck" on DoA, Buy Colchicine Online india. Buy Colchicine Online ebay, Get over it. It's not like we're saying you need to vote for Bush or support the war in Iraq, Buy Colchicine Online australia. Buy Colchicine Online japan, It's bizarre how people get so worked up over not being able to toss around the f-bomb or words for genitalia on an online doll forum.

**** = Serious business, Buy Colchicine Online uk.

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Cialis Injury Lawyer Columbus

Cialis Injury Lawyer Columbus, Cassiel posted about a possible Satoko Ohno scandal involving shill bidding. Everyone who has or plans to buy a Satkoko Ohno head should read this:, 100mg Cialis Injury Lawyer Columbus. Cialis Injury Lawyer Columbus overseas. Cialis Injury Lawyer Columbus usa. Cialis Injury Lawyer Columbus craiglist. 250mg Cialis Injury Lawyer Columbus.

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Zithromax No Prescription

Zithromax No Prescription, I mailed a bunch of stuff today!  YAY.

My brother's visiting, 10mg Zithromax No Prescription, 1000mg Zithromax No Prescription, so I can't work on things...  I'll be back to work on Monday.  I think everything will go out by the 30th.  :)  Well, except the Unoa shoes.  But then, Zithromax No Prescription us, 20mg Zithromax No Prescription, they're my only project for July.  Yeah!  I feel optimistic.

Yesterday, 200mg Zithromax No Prescription, one of our reps sent irises to all the girls at the office to celebrate the first day of summer.  Today mine opened and they were really pretty.


Fug Marie was supposed to ship today.  I don't know if she actually did, but I guess she'll get here when she gets here!  I don't have time to work on her for a bit anyway.

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Veterinary Amoxicillin

Veterinary Amoxicillin, It looks like Fugabella Marie will be coming home, unless someone else snuck in a bid.

The F-5 is finally finished!  Pictures have been sent.  I am so relieved to be done with her.  It wasn't a huge mod, but between email errors, changing plans, Veterinary Amoxicillin japan, and everything else... I've had this head for a very long time. 200mg Veterinary Amoxicillin, Nightengale's ears are going well - they're much more even now.  I just need to do the internal shaping, then I can smooth them out.  Tan Shiwoo's ears are almost done.  I sanded them tonight and they are adorable.  Interesting fact - the CP tan seems to be actual tan resin rather than a coating.  Having cut into it a bit and sanded it in places, I can tell you that it's at least a millimeter or two thick.  However, I still don't recommend sanding it because the sanded areas are lighter.  If you sand their normal skin dolls, Veterinary Amoxicillin paypal, they will be lighter there also... but its more noticeable on the tan.  Anyway, 30mg Veterinary Amoxicillin, I hope to have them both done by the end of the week and on their way.

I also did the ears on my original head.  I'm very pleased with it... though between the laptop repairs and getting Fug, I don't think I'll be able to buy casting supplies till next month.  Which is fine.  I'm actually thinking I should sculpt a few things to mold and cast because I'm not sure of the shelf-life on these products once they're open.  The Unoa shoes are making progress.., Veterinary Amoxicillin craiglist. but they're small and won't use much silicone/resin at all.  I should have more ready!  Maybe one more head.

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Breast Tenderness Synthroid

Breast Tenderness Synthroid, I'm writing about something that has disturbed me. I've been thinking about this for a few days. This is very long and wordy... and actually a combination of several rants. If you don't feel like reading it, don't. But this is my journal, so I can rant about whatever I want, Breast Tenderness Synthroid. :P

At the end of last week, we had something of a quiet crisis on DoA. A month ago, a site member posted a picture request in the gallery, asking to see pictures of Latidoll Ronnie (30cm child doll) with a Hound (70cm mature sculpt) because she wanted to make them a couple. This slipped through the cracks and off the front page because it had few responses, so the moderators never saw it. A few days ago, someone necroed the
thread. Breast Tenderness Synthroid, This time, it received notice and became what would have turned into a huge debate on pedophilia. I locked the thread and left it as-is for awhile... then eventually editted the opening post to remove the "couple" part. (There's nothing wrong wanting to see those dolls together in a non-romantic setting - I'm sure there are people out there who want their Hound to have kids.) I removed all of the pedophilia debate posts. Shota/loli content does not belong on the forum, and discussions of pedophilia do not belong on the forum either.

Later, I was looking at the user's profile.., Breast Tenderness Synthroid. and I stupidly clicked a link to see her website. Her website was a mix of "guro" and dolls. I didn't know what guro was, but unfortunately do now. When clicking the link to her "guro" gallery, I was confronted with a warning page with a drawing of a crying, partially disemboweled child being grabbed by the hair by a very big man. Breast Tenderness Synthroid, Guro is short for the bastardization of the English word "grotesque." At that point, I closed the window and returned to the moderators' area to talk about removing the link. I wish I had checked the moderator's area first, because it was already being discussed.

From all accounts, the images PAST the warning were even worse, disturbing drawn depictions of violence, torture, dismemberment, and rape... 20mg Breast Tenderness Synthroid, mostly to children. I can't even describe how much this disturbs me. It seriously freaks me out on multiple levels, Breast Tenderness Synthroid.

The first, these images themselves disturb me. Their existence as being drawn from someone's admitted fantasies really scares me. The world is a terrifying place already with all of the "normal" violence - murder, rape, mugging, kidnap. But to add these shades of violence, and then to place them on children... Breast Tenderness Synthroid, is just almost more than I can deal with. If these images are someone's fantasy on paper, I worry about their reality. And if any of these fantasies ever leak into reality. I worry that this person tortures animals or is sexually attracted to children. In the fantasy, who is the artist. The torturer or the child, Breast Tenderness Synthroid. And where does this desire to share something this deviant come from, and where will it lead to. I also believe this person is a high schooler.

I am disturbed that this person has belonged to DoA for 7 months... and this is the first time she's come up on our radar. Breast Tenderness Synthroid, How many people are out there like this. Do I talk to anyone like this and just not know. Sometimes the anonymity of the internet really freaks me out. Even if she's the only one on DoA with this particular guro-loli fetish, that's one out of 6,000. How many people are on the internet, how many people do we deal with every day in normal life. And how many other people have different, equally disturbing kinks or hobbies that we haven't discovered yet, Breast Tenderness Synthroid. Taking it to an extreme, is it possible that out of our members, there are also pedophiles, rapists, and murderers.

I wonder if more people may have accidentally viewed her art, like I did, 10mg Breast Tenderness Synthroid. Images like that stay with you. I remember being 14 or 15.... Breast Tenderness Synthroid, and being interested in EVERYTHING anime. I would go online and go hunting for pictures. Through this, I discovered hentai. I remember once coming upon a disgusting image... that now I know would be called guro. It really bothered me, and I can still remember exactly what it looked like and how it was rendered, Breast Tenderness Synthroid. Just seeing the warning page on this girl's site made me feel like I wanted to cry - I can't imagine how someone younger and more impressionable would have reacted. That is NOT a suitable image for a "warning."

I am concerned for this first generation of internet users. Previously, if you had a bizarre fetish or something "wrong," you would realize that you were in the vast minority and get help or outgrow it. However, with the internet... Breast Tenderness Synthroid, no matter what your kink is, you can always find someone else. And with that sense of community there comes a sense of normalcy - like maybe it's NOT so wrong to be into these things things. Then there's no reason to confront the real issue or move on. At best it's like developmental/emotional stagnation, or at worst it is encouragement in a negative direction.

I don't know. Things like this really bother me because I believe that all people are basically good, Breast Tenderness Synthroid. And I want to believe that the world (or at least the Western world) is a safe, civilized place. While the national news tells me otherwise, it's easy to put that distance between yourself. But this is very close to home, in a strange way. There's that weird feeling of "Someone who's into the same thing as me is also into this." And then you wonder if anyone else you know is into it, and what people you work with think of on their own time. Breast Tenderness Synthroid, Sometimes I think the internet makes me paranoid, but other times it makes me feel as though I was just naive before. And every time I'm proved wrong, it strips back a layer of me and that optimism is gone.

It also makes me think about DoA. In the interest of art, we try to make gallery posting a unrestrictive as possible, given the 13+ age limitation. In that interest, 500mg Breast Tenderness Synthroid, sometimes dialogue or photo content can verge into the realm of questionable suitability. There seem to be two prevailing mentalities on DoA: 1) those who think that the dolls are representations of humans and 2) the dolls are feelingless art, and therefore it is all right to express/depict anything with them because no one is really hurt, Breast Tenderness Synthroid. I think that both sides are wrong. Though the dolls are not hurt by being "victimized" in photography or fiction, they do have a human face and form. Many people would respond to them the same way that they would respond to a photograph, movie, or painting. There is a painting whose name I can't remember, but the image stays in my mind. Breast Tenderness Synthroid, It is a very stylized image in bright, disgusting colors of a household that is being robbed - a woman is suspended by her bound hands with her skirt torn off, about to be raped, while her husband is being hung by the thieves before her. Though it is a painting and no one has been hurt by it's creation, viewing it hurts my heart because this has no doubt happened somewhere, probably thousands of times over. The artist is making a negative statement on the image's real-life counterpart by eliciting emotion through his painting. In many ways, on a less fine-art scale, many photographers and writers on DoA are using images of their dolls to elicit emotions and convy a story. Many people can view these stories and have an emotional response, even though the pictures are not of a living human.

Since we don't always restrict the content, I think that sometimes we need to be more forgiving of the response, Breast Tenderness Synthroid. While no one should flame or be hurtful when posting, I do understand that some images or issues draw strong emotions from people. The "artist" is often also a lacking sensitivity or realism to human issues. The most outstanding example I can think of is rape/molestation. It seems that a surprisingly large portion of our members have characters who have been raped or molested at some point in their backstory. Breast Tenderness Synthroid, This is often romanticized beyond belief, especially if the character in question is male. The sort of blood and angel feathers imagery found in shoujo manga. I remember reading a story of a character who had been orphaned, became a child prostitute, gotten on drugs, fallen in love with his pimp, has his pimp murdered in his arms... and then became a famous Japanese model. What. The use of violence as a throw-away plot element is offense to many - especially when it is just being used as a cheap source of angst so that characters can cry, be soothed, and then have make-up sex, Breast Tenderness Synthroid. Over and over and over.

Is it wrong for people to create these images or stories. No. But there is a borderline in my mind between people who develop their characters through these events and have explored the mental, emotional, 750mg Breast Tenderness Synthroid, and social consequences.... Breast Tenderness Synthroid, and then people who glorify violence by depicting it in an attractive light. Both will receive a response, but the responses will be different. And the creator needs to be prepared for the consequences of their images and the emotion that they will illicit in others. Someone who is glorying in the sexualizing and mutilating badly-drawn anime-style children must expect that the majority will judge her as a psycho, even without knowing the rest of her. Someone who is posting images that could be construed as being pedophilia (even with the disclaimer that they're both consenting adults) must expect that some people will accuse her of having indecent fantasies. Someone who posts images of a character committing suicide must expect that there will be people who call them an attention whore, Breast Tenderness Synthroid. I am not against the exploration of issues through art, even though dolls. However, I think that people need to think of what they are creating, and who they are pitching their work to (as opposed to the people that could possibly see it "by accident" or out of morbid curiousity). I don't want to baby or defend people who can't handle negative responses, and I don't want to shelter their work. I will defend someone's right to create their work, but I will not defend their right to share it anywhere they wish. Breast Tenderness Synthroid, This is a time and place for everything. Some things, if they must be created, need to be kept to oneself or in places where they cannot be viewed by accident or by people who don't know exactly what they will be viewing.

In that way, I don't want to tell people that they can't have a negative response on DoA. Unfortunately, people can't have a negative response privately. When someone objects to someone else's story or photos, it seems like it's never actually reported to the moderators... or discussed via PM, Breast Tenderness Synthroid. When someone have that strong negative reaction, it seems like it must always be dealt with in public. Maybe to rally other people to try to convince the person of the error of her ways. It's also rarely dealt with descriptively or tactfully. I don't know. Breast Tenderness Synthroid, But... eh. I feel like I'm contradicting myself or talking in circles. Basically, I feel that people can post things that are PG13 controversial, Breast Tenderness Synthroid india, and they can have their fantasies privately or with close friends. However, they can't expect a positive response from everyone, and they need to choose their audience and method of delivery carefully. And if they do offend or hurt people with their work, they need to be prepared for the response, Breast Tenderness Synthroid. In the same vein, though, people who are responding need to do it in a productive way. When you say "dude u r a sicko stop posting. (insert custom macro)", people just get angry. When you attack people, they just get angry. It's not a discussion if neither side is even listening to the other. And some things are better dealt with in private.

I need to eat something - I'm totally losing steam on this.

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Buy 700mg Flagyl Er

Buy 700mg Flagyl Er, I'm selling some stuff to try to raise money to buy Fug Marie. Please buy my stuff. Heh, and if you've ever wanted to fund a dollie rescue, Buy 700mg Flagyl Er mexico, donate to me. (Just kidding!)

Wigs/Eyes/Boy shoes/Hound jacket

Random MSD sized pieces

Burgundy looked so pretty when I was taking the pics for the wigs. I wanna photograph him more. He really is a gorgeous doll, Buy 700mg Flagyl Er.

I'm gonna go finish some mods now... get some stuff ready to ship (I hope) on Monday, Buy 700mg Flagyl Er usa. Woot. I also decided that I'm too behind on work from being sick... Buy 700mg Flagyl Er, so I won't be taking commissions next month. It's not fair to anyone. Buy 700mg Flagyl Er uk, It must suck to send your doll's head away, especially when it's taking longer than it should be. I already feel bad for the delays to the projects I've been working on. I won't delay for anyone else.
I hung out with Michelle for a little while today, though we wanted to escape Borders before the live music started.., Buy 700mg Flagyl Er. so it wasn't long, Buy 700mg Flagyl Er canada. I need to do laundry (and will start it momentarily). I got dressed, then realized "Dude. 50mg Buy 700mg Flagyl Er, I can't wear this in public here." I have a couple of shirts like this. My other favorite says "Natural Make Good Lover." And then there's my really obscene Rough t-shirt... though that one isn't as obvious as this one. Yay for my Engrish t-shirts.

("I can't dance / I'm a bad driver / Fuck rockn and roll / I like to jerk off / Spiga jeans girl")
Maybe I'll submit it to, but not on me.

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Colchicine Headache

Colchicine Headache, I spent a large portion of tonight wrangling with my laptop.  It's decided to die on me.  Like, hardcore.  I think it's the harddrive, but I'm not positive.  Right now I'm trying to offload my files to my dad's backup external harddrive so I don't lose everything if I need to replace the hard drive.  So far, it seems to be going moderately well... but it's so slow because I don't have any high-speed USB ports.  It'll probably take most of the night to download it all, 40mg Colchicine Headache. 250mg Colchicine Headache, I'm very bummed because I think the cost of repairs is about what I made on my (disappointing) ebay auctions.  Which means I probably have no money for what I was watching in the Marketplace. -_- We'll have to see.  I'm going to call a computer place in the village tomorrow about repairs, Colchicine Headache overseas. 100mg Colchicine Headache. 1000mg Colchicine Headache.

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