Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy

Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy, (Pictures are at the end, for those who aren't interested in reading.)

Saturday morning, Michelle showed up at my house at about 6:40 am, and we set out for Buffalo... where we met Mandy and went to the airport. We got our 11:05 flight to NYC, and we were on our way. The flight itself was non-descript... I took a picture of Armeleia-Pinky[St. figure] in the window, then as I was putting her back in into her baggy in my purse, her head popped up and started rolling up the aisle, Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy. Eeeek. Fortunately, it didn't go far and I was able to just unbelt and snag it back off the floor.

We took a taxi from the airport to the Gershwin ($35 split three ways)... and people were already meeting up in the lobby and setting up their dolls. Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy, Lots of lovely dolls, and really nice people. We all milled around for an hour or so from there before walking down to FIT for the Tea Party.

At FIT, we got all lined up and waited. The tea started late... because I guess there was a problem with the catering. I heard that the catering place thought the event was at 4, rather than at 3, Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy. And they didn't want to let us in without there being food ready for us. It's sweet, but it was a long wait.... though I did spend a lot of time chatting and getting to know people who were in line around me. I got to talk to Emi. <3 Emi presented me with my Kate Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy, , a lime and tangerine colored multi-armed cat creature. I love her. As does my real cat, Smokey.

In the tea, they showed a short "exclusive" video with pictures of the different LE dolls and some footage of Tenshi no Sato and Dolpa. It was a really cute video, though a bit corny. The pictures were pretty, though.., Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy. and it's always fun to see the dolls. There was a clip from the Volks Cruise last year... I never knew that there was someone dressed up as Captain Cecile!!!. With a big Catain Cecile mask!. Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy, Whoa. After that, President Shigeta got up and gave a speech. I was impressed - he was reading it, but it was rather long for someone who didn't actually speak English. He paused naturally and his intonation was actually quite good. Then he went on to tell the history of Super Dollfie. This was in Japanese, Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy. He would say a few sentences, then his daughter, Mikey (designer of many of the dolls) would translate what he had said. It was vey cute. The story itself was charming, too. Basically, Volks only used to have boys things. Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy, "Model kits, Gundams, and Godzilla" as he put it. Mrs. Shigeta told him "I want to have girls in the store." So they tried to branch out to making dolls. Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy overseas, They started out with the 27 cm dollfie line... and it was okay. Not super popular, but not bad, Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy. Then Mr. Enku made a large, hand-made doll for his wife... and she loved it. Mrs. Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy, Shigeta really liked the doll too, and they sort of realized the special connection with a doll that size. This became the first SD, and they started casting them and showing them at the Events. Naked. Because they were a company run by men, and they didn't know anything about making doll clothes. Gradually, interest was built up, and they started seeing things online about how people "welcomed" (:adopted?) these dolls rather than "buying" them. I sort of zoned out a bit at that point..., Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy. I didn't mean to, but I was very tired a bit overstimulated. It was really cute, though, the whole story. Sometimes Mr. Shigeta would give Mikey a really hard line to translate... Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy, and then he'd step back and do a little dance while she was trying to figure out how to say it.

After that, they did a presentation of Olivia and a tutorial about how to change her legs. I have to admit, that doll has an amazingly innovative body. Her normal legs have no ankle joints... and then she comes with a set of calves and feet that have an ankle joint and flat feet. You hear that and you go "Well, switching that must be annoying!" but the design is really rather brilliant, Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy. Basically, there are smaller, separate strings in her calves and ankle. And then you just hook them on at the knee. Also, the way her body is constucted... somehow she manages not to have most of the same visible slots at the joints. Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy, Especially her knees and hip. It's really cool. I want to learn how to sculpt that way. Her body itself is very detailed and mature. She has beautiful fine-muscle definition, especially in her ribs, tummy and hips. Interestingly, the way her body is sculpted is appropriate for someone wearing high heels, Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy. The hips are thrust forward a bit, and the thighs are muscled like someone compensating for heels. Pretty cool details. I don't personally want one... though I am tempted by her head for a boy head. Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy, I think she'd make a nice replacement for Knife... if I could ever replace Knife.

I also had the opportunity (as did anyone, really), Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy craiglist, to talk to Mr. Shigeta and Mikey. Both were very nice, though Mr. Shigeta doesn't really speak English, Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy. I got to show Fug Marie to Mikey, and she said "Oh... you did her eyes with the putty?" I told her a little about it, and she was like "Oh. You're really good!" I was so flattered. That is such a cool compliment from someone who basically designed all of the Volks dolls that I really like. Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy, I was really excited. It's funny... Volks is a company, but they are a company that really enjoys what they do and take pride in it. They are also true nerds themselves, I think. Mr. Shigeta may be the True Otaking, I'm not sure, Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy.
The One-Offs were very cool. There was an F-6 girl (the one who looks like a mini Anais), then an Enn.... the Enn was cute. When you went into the Tea, you got a Bingo card, a copy of the Tea Exclusive FDQ and a slip to enter the lottery for the One-Offs. Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy, I really loved the One-Off Tsukasa... but I realized that if I got him, I wouldn't want to keep him as he was anyway. He was so beautiful, but not any of my characters. What I really wanted was a blank Tsukasa. But weirdly, buying that One-Off would have been half the price of buying a nude, eyeless, wigless Tsukasa on the secondary market. Isn't that insane, Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy. Regardless, I didn't even have the necessary $1,028, so I put in for the doll that Mandy wanted so she could have another change in the drawing. Unfortunately, her name wasn't drawn. But when the One-Off lottery was called, I was surprised to see that I knew most of the people who won (or had met them and spoken to them at some point during the tea). It was really cool. Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy, After the drawing, we played Bingo. The possible prizes were postcard sets, wig sets, shoe sets, 7 Sei-tenshi, a Hewitt, and a Tony. Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy us, Wow. Awesome prizes. Amazingly, Mandy, Michelle, and I (all sitting next to each other) won prizes. Mandy won the SD wg set, I won the SD shoe set, and Michelle (the freaking lucky moron) won the damned SD13 Tony!, Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy. Gorgeous doll. I didn't really know anyone who won the Seitenshi. Unfortunately, the shoes I won were all girl shoes, so Mandy got two out of three pairs.
The nicest thing about the tea was how genuinely nice everyone was. Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy, There was a real sense of community... everyone seemed sincerely happy and supportive of everyone else. When people won One-Offs, there was a lot of cheering and applause. When people won the Bingo prizes, there was the same. It was a just nice. In Japan, doll owners aren't really like in the US, Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy. From my experience (and general understanding), having a massive "community" is really unusual in the non-Western doll world. When I went to Dolpa in Japan, it seemed like people went with one or two friends and stayed together. At the NYC Dolpa, people really tried to meet each other... I really enjoyed it. Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy, In a lot of ways, it really reaffirmed my love of the doll community (as opposed to just loving my own dolls).

Rory went to see the Doll Doctor, too. I should have had him look at Fug, who had serious problems... but Rory is my baby, you know. I told him that sometimes his knees came out of joint when I bent them... and he looked Rory over completely, bent him around, played with him a little and posed him.., Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy. then told me that Rory was perfectly strung and didn't need any maintenance at all. O_O He said that Rory was in excellent condition... and the problem wasn't really a problem. Just that there's a "right" way to bend the knees and other locking joints on the new SD13 bodies. Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy, You're supposed to pull the joints out a little when you bend them. Just a little. It saves on the wear and tear to the notches too.

After the Tea, we went back to the Gershwin. It was also really weird... all day, I was super social, Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy. I am really very very shy, but I was just really into meeting everyone and seeing their dolls. It was really fun. But I can't maintain the perky front long... I get really overwhelmed by crowds, and very overstimulated. Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy, When we got back to the hotel, Mandy, Michelle and I crashed for about a half hour in the room. We were all like "...." O_O so tired. Then we lept back into the fray and headed back downstairs, Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy canada.

There were a bunch of people downstairs. I met a bunch of really nice people who I didn't really know at all before. There was some trading/selling of wigs, eyes, and clothes.., Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy. and just general mayhem as people played dolls. SO COOL. I got to see several dolls that I recognised from DoA too. Like Winter (Yder), Rhunei (F16), Kaige (F-16), Elijah Belle (4 sisters), Juniper Snowpea.... Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy, lots of dolls. I also got to see many who I'd never seen pics of before. It was wonderful to see how proud everyone was of their dolls, and how interested they were in others. There was also an amazing lack of drama. Just people playing and having a good time. There wasn't really even very much complaining about anything, Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy.

There was a funny moment toward the end of the evening when Janne and Zalem were heading out... and we said, "Oh. We need to get a moderator picture!!" And some people sort of paused and said, "...how many mods are here. O_O???" Amazingly, there were 5 DoA mods there. Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy, Me, Zalem, Junkets, Janne, and Celtic Geekess. Bittenbefore had been at the Tea, but couldn't make it to the Gerswhin after... :( But we all joked that we hoped nothing serious went down on DoA over the weekend... since there were so many of the active mods missing, we could have had a hostile takeover to come home to. Forum in chaos. Blood, guts, devastation, Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy. People seemed pretty interested in seeing who the moderators were in real life. Kinda fun.

As the evening tapered off, people started going to bed... and we stayed up super late talking to just a few wonderful girls. Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy, They were so sweet, and very funny. I really enjoyed being up late with fewer people... it was an awesome way to decompress from the day.

We were up till 2. Then got up at 8:30 to go to the airport. The trip home was a pain in the ass, I have to say..., Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy. I hate LaGuardia airport. The bathrooms in particular are ghetto as hell. Half the toilets are out of order, and the other half only flush half the time. The water makes my hands red... Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy, and it's the only place where I've ever felt like my hands were dirtier AFTER washing them. I felt like I was smearing my hands with a mix of ecoli and agar instead of soap, then washing them in hard water. Nasty. We got off the ground an hour and a half late. UGH.

But in general, I had a great weekend, Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy. 100mg Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy, Thanks so much to the people I met for making it so fun, and thanks to Volks for planning such a fun event. :) I hope to meet people again at the next Dolpa. Or perhaps someday we can organize a DoA Con, so that alllllll the dolly owners can come. And so I can bring my beloved Knifeling. Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy, I was so busy that I didn't really take many pics at all.... only maybe 100. And then under the low light without flash... most of them are crap.
Here's from the Gershwin before the Tea...
nycg1.jpg nycg2.jpg nycg3.jpg nycg5.jpg nycg6.jpg nycg7.jpg nyc8.jpg nycg9.jpg

At the Tea.., Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy.

nyc1.jpg nyc3.jpg nyc2.jpg nyc4.jpg nyc5.jpg nyc6.jpg

At the Pyjama Party at the Gershwin... I forgot to mention that I got a long red wig in the swap. Rory wore it for the evening. I took a lot more pics, but most of them have a lot of people in them. Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy, I dunno how people would feel about having their photo posted, so I'm not posting those ones.
pjp1.jpg pjp2.jpg pjp3.jpg
Since I got home, there have been a few disappointing revelations about the Tea. Someone who won one of the One-Offs (that's a weird sentence!) has turned around and posted it for sale a day later with a $1,000 markup. I'm so disappointed. And honestly, disgusted. That was one of the most wanted One-Offs at the event, Diflucan Be Taken During Pregnancy. I've also heard that this person was asking at the tea which of the dolls was worth the most. -_- Most disappointing, I found out that one of the Sei-tenshi winners sold their doll AT the tea. For $1000. How mercenary is that.

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Zithromax Liquid Dosage

Zithromax Liquid Dosage, I'm all packed up and ready to go.... unfortunately, my dolls aren't, 40mg Zithromax Liquid Dosage, so I'll be up another 20 minutes or so.  Much to my annoyance, 750mg Zithromax Liquid Dosage, the little gifts I was making for party-goers didn't come out.  They're little tags to put on doll carriers (all of us will probably have almost identical boring black carriers) with drawings of the dolls... done on Shrinky Dink plastic!  Unfortunately, about half of them didn't shrink right or warped or curled in on themselves, 200mg Zithromax Liquid Dosage. And the ones that were for people I actually know seem to have turned out the worst!  I guess it just goes to show, 50mg Zithromax Liquid Dosage, you can't trust childhood nostalgia.

If anyone wants to find me tomorrow, I'll be wearing a white sundress and a little cardingan/shrug of some kind.  I am about 5'3" and have short brown hair.  I'll have a bigass pink Souldoll carrier.  Please say hi if you see me!  (And compliment me on my eyebrows, Zithromax Liquid Dosage india, if you think of it.  I just plucked them and they're deserving of attention).

Everyone have a great weekend, whether you're going to NYC or staying home.  I'll post lots of pictures when I return.

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Tetracycline 250 Powder


Tetracycline 250 Powder, Leigh (Hitasura) posted about her Shikai returning at last from his worldwide journeying. At the time she started, I was really enamoured of the idea of sending a doll around to meet people... but there was no one I could really bear to part with for an extended period of time.

But Fug tells me that she'd really like to travel. And Fug is already pretty spoiled... so if anyone is interested, I'd like to organize a Tour du Fug photocontest and dolly travel project, Tetracycline 250 Powder.

Participants would:
Receive Fug and keep her for up to two weeks.
Sew, buy, or cobble together some kind of costume that would be for a unique photoshoot. This doesn't need to be extravagant, Tetracycline 250 Powder australia. Bubblewrap with armholes would be suitable, as long as she's decent. Tetracycline 250 Powder, For clarification: Washcloths, dollar store doll clothes, and tissue-paper togas are all fair game. I'm not saying you have to sew something fancy or expensive... just make her not-naked in your own unique way.
Take a cool photoshoot using said outfit. You may lend her wigs for the photoshoot for variety, but it's up to you... but no baldie pics, Tetracycline 250 Powder.
Send Fug on to the next participant, along with the costume and a CD of the photos you took. Tetracycline 250 Powder mexico, Write down one detail about Fugabella's personality or life story. Then send this detail on to the next participant (for flavor, and also to make sure that your detail doesn't clash with future details). If you want to make her someone's long-lost pet martian, go for it.

Participants would have to:
Tetracycline 250 Powder, Be willing to give me their real name, address, and phone number. I will call before the doll is sent to you, just to check your details. It would be a short, simple call "Hi, this is Armeleia. Are you really JoAnn, 30mg Tetracycline 250 Powder. Is your address 101 Don'tTouchMyChii Lane. Yes, Tetracycline 250 Powder. Cool. Thanks. Bye."
Be someone I either know reasonably well (for the internet, at least) or be someone I've had a positive commission transaction with. The latter is kinda iffy. Tetracycline 250 Powder, It'll depend on how many people are interested.
Live in a non-smoking home.  I can't let her come home smokey.
Be 18 or over. Sorry, Tetracycline 250 Powder uk, I'm really not comfortable sending Fug to younger people.
Pay for priority postage with insurance when you send her on to the next person. US residents only, though it is open to people in Alaska and Hawaii, Tetracycline 250 Powder.
Be good at reponding to emails or PMs. Also, must be reliable and send Fug back out on time unless you give me a good reason or ask for an extension.
Promise to be super uber careful with her. If her faceup or whatever gets damaged or worn, it's not a huge deal... Tetracycline 250 Powder, just please lemme know right away so I can schedule in a stop home for a touch-up.

At the end of her travels, there will be a vote for the best pictures (for some presently unspecified prize). I will also print and bind little books with the best photo from each participant and mail them out as gifts for participating, Tetracycline 250 Powder japan. :)

If you're interested in participating, please send me an e-mail (armeleia .at. gmail .dot. com) or a PM on DoA (armeleia). Please let me know before August 5th... then I can map out her course to minimize travel time between participants. I'll need to give her a new faceup with a more neutral eyebrow color and stuff.

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Herbal Prozac

Perfectly Posed: Understanding and Modifying BJD Joints

title.jpg Herbal Prozac, Finding a dream doll isn’t easy. Most ball-jointed doll makers sell their products exclusively online, using a series of enticingly lit photos to show off a doll’s sculpt to the fullest advantage. These standard poses do little to show poseability or range of motion, factors which can vary widely from company to company and sometimes even between lines within the same company.

Fortunately, many dolls have joints with similar shapes so they will pose and move predictably. This short series of articles will help you to understand how doll joints work and also introduce the exciting idea that it's possible to modify joints for better poseability or stability. Learning about how form affects function is the first step to being able to plan your own modifications, Herbal Prozac.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the joints of the torso and arms.


Left to Right: Volks Old Style SD10 boy, Volks SD13 boy, CP/Luts Delf boy, Volks SD16 boy (photo credit on SD16: Elizabeth Vegvary).

There are four popular torso styles. 1) The first is a one-piece, non-jointed torso. Some examples of dolls have this torso style are the old Volks SD10 body, the Orientdoll Dae line, and many of the “tinies.” This style is beautiful for a clothing model or for characters who often go shirtless. Herbal Prozac, However, the straight torso piece can be more difficult to pose and definitely more difficult to string. 2) The next style is a two-piece torso that is jointed just below the rib cage. This type of body is found on Volks MSD and SD13 lines, Souldolls, Custom House Ai line, and Dream of Doll (both size lines). It is a very stable type of body that poses well and naturally. Normally, this style allows for twisting and arching the back, which makes it easier to make the doll sit or stand. The range of movement is better than the one-piece torso, but it can still be a bit limiting because this style doesn’t usually allow much bending forward or back, Herbal Prozac. 100mg Herbal Prozac, 3) The next style of torso is a low-waisted two-piece torso. The joint is located right above the hips, beneath the tummy. This style allows for natural bending from the hips. Usually, dolls with this style of torso will be able to sit well. Herbal Prozac, Some examples of dolls with this design: Cerberus Project Delf line and Dollkot Kiss. The negative with this style is that if the doll is not strung tightly enough, the hip joint can “pop” out of place. It isn't as stable when standing as some other styles. 4) The last common style is the three-piece torso, jointed below the breast and again at the hips. Volks SD16 and Dollshe 70cm dolls are designed this way; this torso is also an option for Rainman’s 60cm Rainydoll girls. This torso allows for the greatest range of movement, but it also is the least stable, Herbal Prozac. These joints can be hard to coax into holding a pose, depending on how well your doll is strung. Frequently, the tummy piece will pop out of joint.

Left: Volks SD13 boy. Right: CP/Luts Delf boy

There are two main joint styles used for shoulders. Herbal Prozac, The more common style is very plain, just a ball and socket joint - these are sleek and tend to look very natural. Most dolls have this style of shoulder joint. The other style has a “cap” on the shoulder that works as a double joint. This style allows for a greater range of movement and can move further without the arm coming out of the socket. Cerberus Project Delf and Volks SD16s have this feature.

Left: CP/Luts Delf boy, Herbal Prozac. Right: Dollmore Model girl.

Similar to the shoulder jointing, there are also two main designs for dolly elbows. 1)The first is a simple ball and socket. This type has a more limited range of movement, but is very natural looking. Herbal Prozac, The con to this design is that very often, dolls can't bend their arms more than 90 degrees - in most cases, making them unable to touch their own faces. This style is very common, Herbal Prozac overseas. 2) The other style is a “double joint.” The elbow is a piece separate from the upper and lower arm pieces. It is a joint that allows the arm to bend more fully and even at an offset. Dolls with this design can usually touch their own faces and hair. Unfortunately, the elastic stringing will always choose the path of least resistance.., Herbal Prozac. and in this situation, the least tension is placed on the stringing when the arm is curled up. In some cases, the doll’s arms will snap up into a bent-pose - sometimes people talk about their doll smacking itself in the face. This style can also have an unrealistic, slightly hinge-like appearance. Volks SD16, Dollshe’s 70cm dolls and the 70cm Dollmore Model line have this design.

Herbal Prozac, Left to wright: Latidoll Yellow, CP/Luts Delf Boy, Volks MSD girl.

There are several styles of wrists. They all have a similar look, but they attach to the body differently. 1) The simplest style is tied on to the elastic stringing using cord. Customhouse Ai and the old-style Dream of Child have hands that attach this way. Many “tinies” also have this hand style because it's the only possible method with the limitations of their small pieces. This attachment has the worst range of movement, Herbal Prozac. Frequently, the hand is only able to rotate in the socket and bend a few degrees. The hands and wrists often won’t hold a pose . 2) The next type has a round ball that is fused to the hand. A slot is cut into the ball, and then a metal or resin post goes through the middle. Herbal Prozac, An S-shaped hook is attached to the post and the other side is hooked through the stringing elastic. This style gives a better range of movement. This design can bend well at the wrist and also rotate in the socket. Cerberus Project Delf, Dollkot Kiss, and the new Dream of Doll bodies are designed with this type of hand. Herbal Prozac japan, 3) The last common type of wrist attachment has an unattached, hollow ball with a slit cut in it. The hand has a hook that holds the stringing elastic, then the hollow ball slides down over this, Herbal Prozac. This range of movement and poseability is comparable to the previous type. Dollmore 70cm Model bodies have this style of stringing. Older Volks dolls have this design, though the newer ones have a modification of this idea - the “one touch” system uses an eyelet attached to the wrist, then an S-hook attached to the eyelet, which is in turn hooked onto the stringing elastic. This doesn’t seem to influence the range of movement, but it's easier to switch out the hands for optional hands.

Wrist Mod Tutorial: Herbal Prozac, This modification is to change tied-on hands into the second type mentioned in the article - hands that attach using an S hook. Many people don't like the poseability or annoyance of stringing dolls with tied-on hands. This modification is relatively easy and will take about one hour. I'll be using a Dremel kit with various bits, a craft knife, an 1/8th inch drill bit, an 1/8th inch hard brass wire (not flexible craft wire), some sand paper, wire cutters, needlenose pliers and tinted epoxy putty. If you don't have a Dremel (or other rotary hand tool), you can use a craft knife to do the task.

When modifying resin dolls, safety is always an issue, Herbal Prozac. Resin dust is toxic and can accumulate in your lungs if inhaled. For this reason, always do your sanding by while holding the resin pieces underwater or by continually rewetting the piece as you sand or drill. This will keep down the dust. You can also wear a dust mask to prevent inhaling resin particles. Herbal Prozac, The doll being modified here is an "Old Style Custom House Ai Girl" body. She's part of an ongoing project of mine. I hope to finish her through working on these articles.



1, Herbal Prozac india. First, remove the hands from the body and remove the string. We'll start by grinding away the resin between the holes, Herbal Prozac.

2. It should look like this. Next, we will cut down through the wrist ball, to the top of the actual hand.


3. Herbal Prozac, The hand should now look like this. If the cut isn't straight and tidy, you can go in with your craft knife and clean up the edges.


4. Turn the hand sideways and mark the center, about 3mm up from the bottom of the slot that you cut before. Using your 1/8th inch bit, drill straight through one side. Go slightly past the center, but don't go all the way through, Herbal Prozac. This will give the peg stability but means you won't have to glue the other side. (If you do drill too far, it's not a big deal, it just won't be as clean at the end).


5. Slide your hard brass wire through the hole you've created. Herbal Prozac, Mark the wire where it comes out of the hole. Pull the wire back out, then use your wire cutters to cut it just a little (1-2 mm) shorter than where you marked it.

6. Take this opportunity to sand and tidy up the slot that you cut. If you'd like, you can soften the edge by sanding off the sharp edge of the slot. After you've done that, slide the small piece of wire through the hole, Herbal Prozac. 500mg Herbal Prozac, You have two choices here: either use super glue to secure the peg, or use epoxy putty to plug it in place.

7. Bend a hook onto the end of your hard wire. Keep it as narrow as possible - this will need to fit into the forearm. Herbal Prozac, Make sure not to make it too narrow, though, as this will also need to hook onto the peg and onto the stringing elastic. After you've made the hook, connect it to the peg and cut it about 1/2" beyond the the hook.

8. Bend the other side of the wire. It should end up being shaped like an 'S.'

9. String your doll as usual, hooking the other side of the S hook onto the elastic, Herbal Prozac. Your doll will have a better range of movement. In this case, this girl can bend her wrist almost 90 degrees. Before, she could only rotate her hand. Mission accomplished.

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Alphagan And Lumigan And Combination

Alphagan And Lumigan And Combination, I want to work on my own projects soooooo badly right now. It makes me not want to take any more commissions for awhile so I can work on my own dolls. Insaaaaaaane.

I modded Nanuri (Twist) a little last night and I think he's already vastly improved, Alphagan And Lumigan And Combination uk. That is such a bizarre head. I feel bad for it, though, Alphagan And Lumigan And Combination. If you look on DoA in the Nanuri database, 50mg Alphagan And Lumigan And Combination, very few people seem to take him seriously as an actual doll. Everyone's naming him stupid things and most don't really seem to be planning to get him a body. A lot of people are also using him as a modding/practice head. I think people think that they're going to mod him and *poof* everyone will want him and they'll be able to resell him for mad crazy amounts of money, Alphagan And Lumigan And Combination usa. Alphagan And Lumigan And Combination, Poor lil' freebie. It's okay, I'll love my Twisty-Bear. 40mg Alphagan And Lumigan And Combination, <3

I'm also dying to continue working on my original head. He's in the stages of sanding and finishing now, after I work out his neckhole. I like him, 200mg Alphagan And Lumigan And Combination. He's so pissy.

I gotta go do my last drawing for my article... then that sucka is finished!.

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Flagyl Cat Ibd

Flagyl Cat Ibd, ...bout time, right. I thought I understood before, but I was missing a fundamental detail.

I got some pretty pictures, Flagyl Cat Ibd paypal.

archivebright1.jpg archivebright2.jpg burgundynicelight1.jpg fug.jpg knifeprettyclose1.jpg knifeprettyclose2.jpg macbright1.jpg prinzg.jpg prinzg3.jpg rory.jpg rory21.jpg vmtam.jpg impred.jpg

Archive (Kiss), Burgundy (El), 250mg Flagyl Cat Ibd, Fug Marie (Shinsiya), Knife (Shiwoo - and there are only so many because I was trying to take a good pic of him for my article), Mac (Heath), Prinz Gamble (Narsha boy), Flagyl Cat Ibd coupon, Rory (Link), Tam (MNF Chiwoo) and Imp (Lati Lami). Flagyl Cat Ibd ebay, We lovingly call that eye positioning on Tam "Virgin Martyr Tam." I've been meaning to put his eyes in normally, but I keep forgetting... And geez, I swear the color difference with Knife's head and body isn't that big in real life, Flagyl Cat Ibd us. The pics, and then his face being closest to the lamps REALLY exaggerated it.

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How To Take Clomid For Invitro

How To Take Clomid For Invitro, Yay, I got the position I interviewed for last week.  (I'm glad, since they'd been interviewing people for my position all week without mentioning it to me.... and I was seeing applications for the "receptionist/administrative assistant" and going "Ummm...") Anyway, 150mg How To Take Clomid For Invitro, How To Take Clomid For Invitro mexico, yes.  I got moved up a bit, and I'll get a cooler title ("Support Specialist") and $.50 more per hour.  It's not that exciting or that much of a pay increase, 20mg How To Take Clomid For Invitro, 30mg How To Take Clomid For Invitro, but I'm happy because I won't have to open the mail anymore and there'll prolly be good opportunities for overtime.  :)

Yaaaaaaay.  Now, what to do with my net $14 extra per week?  I know!  Buy a doll to celebrate!  :)  Heh, 10mg How To Take Clomid For Invitro, just kidding.  I wish though.

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Clomid For Sale

Clomid For Sale, I have a ton of pics to post from last Saturday when Mandy, Michelle and I got together to play dolls. Mandy is borrowing a body for Charlie so she can go to the tea... and man. She's so pretty and serene. What a lovely doll. She also brought Apollo and Constantine because they'd been staying with me, Clomid For Sale. Michelle brought her MNF Shiwoo, Clomid For Sale craiglist, and he is seriously adorable. Damn, I love Shiwoos. I brought Knife and Tam. Clomid For Sale canada, Michelle also gave me my new Na-nu-ri head. Clomid For Sale, I haven't paid for him yet, but she knows where I live. :) OMG, he is so weird looking. But I am beyond charmed by him, and I know exactly who he's going to be. It'll take a bit of modding, Clomid For Sale australia, and I'm probably going to have to sew his wig... but he'll be just perfect. No time to work on him right now though.., Clomid For Sale. I probably won't get to him for a few months. Which is okay, 1000mg Clomid For Sale, because it'll be a long time before I can afford a body for him.

Fugabella didn't sell, unfortunately... I will probably relist her soon, just as a BIN. Clomid For Sale, It's not the end of the world if I can't sell her, but it really would be good to put some money back into my account after the ~$600 I took out to fix the car. I wish I made a lot of money so that stuff like that wouldn't be a big deal, 750mg Clomid For Sale.

On my plate for this weekend:

  • Finish detailing Nightengale's ear and send pics to decide if we want to do the other ear like that or smooth it all again. Smooth it all again!

  • Sand the Unoa shoe

  • Sand Legolas' ear and eye socket


  • Make the stupid things I'm making for tea party gifts actually freaking WORK

  • Find stupid Photoshop CD

  • Go to Erin's going away party :(

  • Figure out clothes for the tea!

  • Find the black wig cap for Knife's wig!


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Drug Synthroid Effect Blood Cholesterol Levels

Drug Synthroid Effect Blood Cholesterol Levels, Dear Financial world,

Please consider the following.


1. When someone asks "May I ask who's calling?", please do not respond "Sure, go ahead" unless English is not your first language.

2. Please do not assume that I remember every piece of mail that I opened today. Unless your envelope was somehow different than all of of the other envelopes in the two tubs of mail, it probably escaped my specific notice, Drug Synthroid Effect Blood Cholesterol Levels. Drug Synthroid Effect Blood Cholesterol Levels paypal, Please consider hi-lighters, colorful envelopes, or stickers if you would like special attention. A particular doofy surname may also catch my attention (i.e. Howard Peed). If you do not have one, make one up. Drug Synthroid Effect Blood Cholesterol Levels, 3. Please do not expect me to recognise you by voice unless you have a trademark greeting or unusual accent, Drug Synthroid Effect Blood Cholesterol Levels usa. Making me "guess" is not cute and will not make you any more memorable for future calls.

4. Do not send me e-mails to "watch out for" certain pieces of mail if that piece of mail has already arrived.

Fund Companies:

1, Drug Synthroid Effect Blood Cholesterol Levels. Please consider sending us digital statements, even if you continue to send your clients paper ones. Today I scanned 3, Drug Synthroid Effect Blood Cholesterol Levels australia, 079 pages of quarterly statements and daily confirmations. If you were to lay them end to end, I scanned approximately .56 miles of paper. If you laid them edge to edge, it would be approximately 1,967 square feet. Drug Synthroid Effect Blood Cholesterol Levels, I am aware that this is not typical, but I have just figured out that this is almost 4 times the square footage of my last apartment.
2. Still on the topic of statements: If you have 37 statements to send to our office, 50mg Drug Synthroid Effect Blood Cholesterol Levels, do not send them in 37 envelopes.

3. For your own benefit, consider sending commission checks under $10 by a method other than UPS/FedEx/DHL. I don't understand why you would spend $6 to send a $4 check, Drug Synthroid Effect Blood Cholesterol Levels.

4. Please make your websites easier to navigate. Drug Synthroid Effect Blood Cholesterol Levels us, Also for your own benefit, please choose less depressing/bland/unrelated graphics.

5. If you are going to merge with more than one company, please choose a new name rather than hyphenating.

Thank you.




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Synthroid Headache

Synthroid Headache, Two new pics to the Mac and Knife gallery. :) 

armeleia_upload2.jpg aclrfinal3-temp.jpg

(Artists: ishiko and aslah)

And the pre-existing collection:

knifemac-s.jpg knifeandmacsmallfinal.jpg 24_hour_Commission_7_by_GoddessVirage.jpg IMG_7911.jpg knifebykt.jpg knifeandmacbyhitasura.jpg

(Artists: kanariya, 10mg Synthroid Headache, Synthroid Headache overseas, alodia, goddessvirage, 40mg Synthroid Headache, 200mg Synthroid Headache, miki, hallospacecat, Synthroid Headache coupon, hitasura).

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