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Lilly Cialis Philippines, DoA is FINALLY being moved to the new server TONIGHT.

I don't know what time, 1000mg Lilly Cialis Philippines, 100mg Lilly Cialis Philippines, but DoA will be down for 6-8 hours during the move.  If you try to access DoA and find you can't, that's why.  :)  YAY!  NEW SERVER, Lilly Cialis Philippines canada. 40mg Lilly Cialis Philippines. 10mg Lilly Cialis Philippines.

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Armour Thyroid Verses Synthroid

Armour Thyroid Verses Synthroid, I've been quiet the last few days because I've been busy, I guess.

I've been really enjoying working on doll-a-day, to be honest.  It's nice to be actively looking for pretty things and then being able to share them with others.  I really love some of the dolls and photos I've found, Armour Thyroid Verses Synthroid australia, and I'm happy because most people I've PMed to ask permission to post their dolls have been really happy about it. 10mg Armour Thyroid Verses Synthroid, :)

Dollywise, I've finished the pictures for my Christmas cards - early enough for once that I can get them mailed out on time.  WOOT!  I'm so pleased with them.

I'm really stuck on a couple of dolls right now and wish I just had some money ready to fall out of the sky and into my lap.  I think my wishlist has gotten rather long, 50mg Armour Thyroid Verses Synthroid.

Tan Shiwoo
Another NS Moon
Peakswood Segi
Orientdoll Il
Orientdoll Hong boy
Bluefairy Kyle

And I'm sure I could think of others if I pressed myself to.  ^_^  Doll luuuuuuuuuuust. 500mg Armour Thyroid Verses Synthroid, Also, I really want a Notdoll Belladonna head to mod.  It seems like The Last Great Challenge.  If anyone wants to challenge me to mod a Belladonna for them to be not-ugly, I'll do the mods for free, Armour Thyroid Verses Synthroid coupon. :D.

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Prozac With

Prozac With, I said I would.

Dollmore writes:

BJD’s joints are always circular in form. So within a certain circumferences, all joints can be interchangeable with another doll, but since all adult’s have similar proportion, especially if they are meant to be the same height, there wouldn’t be much different in the joint circumference as well as thickness of limbs, Prozac With ebay. [...] Currently, if you compare the 60cm and 40cm BJD’s ball jointed joints, though each company has different designs and mobility power, each ball size is similar in size and the height and “age it is based on” is similar so all body, neck, 1000mg Prozac With, hand, arm, legs, feet etc so you can easily see that they all can be interchangeable. And this is the reason why most dolls can share the dollfie clothes, shoes and wigs.

A simple experiment shows that no, dolls that are the same size do not necessarily have the same pieces, Prozac With canada. My Luts Delf and SD13 boy can successfully interchange feet, but no other pieces below the waist can be exchanged, Prozac With.

Left leg: Delf leg, SD13 foot. Right leg: Delf thigh, SD13 calf, Delf foot. Prozac With paypal, swap3.jpg
Delf thigh + SD13 calf: the pictures don't even show it clearly, but there is a about a 2 mm gap at the top and the sides of the joint aren't snug either. Flexing the knee causes much wumbliness.
swap1.jpg Prozac With, SD13 hips and torso + Delf thigh. The thigh piece will not even go into the joint because it is too large
Delf hip and torso + SD13 thigh. Substantial gaps and very different general shape.

With the unique and rather angular (rather than circular, as Dollmore says) shape of Hound/Berman's joints, Prozac With usa, I would think that those parts would fit even WORSE with any other doll. I just simply don't see Dollmore's response as any sort of logical explanation.

Sort of like with people, just because I wear a size 8 and my roommate wears a size 8 doesn't mean we're the same shape or structure. I'm about 3 inches taller than Roomate and we can still "interchange" clothes.

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Pdr Cipro

Pdr Cipro, Rukagawf posted a translation of Dollmore's side.

Interestingly, Dollmore has also posted comparison pics with their Model boy.  But as Fyredancer points out... that's a Hound v. 1 body.   The v.2 body is the one with that type of jointing.

BJD's joints are always circular in form. So within a certain circumferences, all joints can be interchangeable with another doll, but since all adult's have similar proportion, especially if they are meant to be the same height, there wouldn't be much different in the joint circumference as well as thickness of limbs, Pdr Cipro.
Our sculptor have used circular neck joint(?) when making the joints, and these balls are generally standard size of 2mm. Therefor, Pdr Cipro us, every joints that are to be fitted with a ball joint will be interchangeable with another limb with a joint ball since they all have a standard size.
Currently, if you compare the 60cm and 40cm BJD's ball jointed joints, though each company has different designs and mobility power, each ball size is similar in size and the height and "age it is based on" is similar so all body, neck, hand, Pdr Cipro uk, arm, legs, feet etc so you can easily see that they all can be interchangeable.

.... Pdr Cipro, they don't actually buy this, do they. When I get home, I will take apart a Delf and an SD13 and try to swap their parts. We'll see how interchangeable standard sized dolls are. ^_^* Perhaps I'm wrong, but I don't think so, 250mg Pdr Cipro.
And this is the reason why most dolls can share the dollfie clothes, shoes and wigs.
And about the inside of the doll, during the process of making this doll (most sculpors do not feel the necessary to smoothened the inside) (translator's note: the ( __) is not written but it is implied) , we did not smooth the inside, so most dolls have defects underneath, but because of how the mold is shaped and how the body porportions are similar so it is made in a similar way, and similar sculpi/clay was used so at the similar areas, it'll have similar defects, Pdr Cipro.
If you look at Kyle in person, you'll fall in love with his boldness and charismatic body lines, and it is ridiculous to say these are copies

I'll also take some pics of the insides of my dolls. They will show that they are uneven inside, but I highly, 30mg Pdr Cipro, highly doubt that we will find any indentical or even similar markings. The uneven parts inside have nothing to do with much of anything, they just happen from forming the doll. This is not an explanation, and I have lost even more respect for them for trying to pass it off as one. Pdr Cipro, Nice little "BUY OUR DOLL!!!" statement at the end as well.
I would also like everyone to know that for posting slanders instead of questions at the "Q&A" boards, is also violation of the law as well, and for the community moderators who notified the community of something that has not been judged at court yet, are also objects of lawful punishments, Pdr Cipro india.

I hope the courts side with Mr. Dollshe.

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Prozac Abuse Prozac Abuse, The Dollmore/Dollshe issue really really bothers me. I'm not going to post in the thread on DoA because I don't really see the point.

Like with the DZ controversies, there are several issues at hand. First, did the company copy. (Yes.) Second, is that okay. (No.) This one has a third, largely irrelevant issue - do you like it better than the original, Prozac Abuse. (Unfortunately yes.)

I don't see how anyone can NOT see that the pieces are copied. Certain areas are almost identical, the joints are identical.... Prozac Abuse overseas, and most damningly, the internal flaws have been reproduced. From doing the whole sculpting and moldmaking thing myself, I can tell you that those artifacts aren't going to be randomly produced in the DM body. Prozac Abuse, Even if the artists were using the same tools, same reference images, same original sculpting material... the artist him/herself would handle those tools, handle those pieces, handling that media differently. There's just no way. Copy. Donn (creator of Bishonen House dolls) commented on it in a very easy to follow way. This tutorial that he made awhile ago on core molds may help people to better explain what a core mold is and why the marks on the inside are such a giveaway, Prozac Abuse.

I feel like Dollshe is being victimized many times over by this. First, 20mg Prozac Abuse, there's the shock of having his work copied, then people saying that they like the COPY more, then, finally, people saying that Mr. Dollshe is doing this because he's "not confident" or "feels threatened" by there being another 70cm boy. Dollshe is one of the companies that I believe really treats their dolls as art - they're beautifully sculpted, and LE Bermanns are still designed, clothed, and painted by Anu. Prozac Abuse, The sculpt, while not personally to my taste, is very individual and was the first to break from the 60cm youthful mature body. Prozac Abuse japan, I feel that Dollshe dolls are special and that their creator really invested a part of himself in them. I don't doubt that there is real pain, as well as outrage. I would be crushed, if I were him. People complain that he shouldn't have gone public with this... but should have tried to resolve it between himself and Dollmore, Prozac Abuse. But from his account, he had tried many times to meet with and reason with Dollmore's representative. I think it's good that he spoke out this way - I respect his passion.

Dollmore is preparing for legal rights today to defend themselves.
Dollshe has no patent for his products as far as I know also in the US,
if you don't have patent, 750mg Prozac Abuse, it is ok for anyone to copy-if that is what
ended up happened-it is legal.

Dollmore's comment (above) makes me angry. Prozac Abuse, It sounds just like DZ's defense of their 70cm boy. It in no way says "WE DID NOT COPY!" Instead, it simply says "There's NOTHING you can do about it." What really baffles me is that Dollmore sells Dollshe. They're already profiting from the existence of Hound. Screw you, Dollmore. As far as I'm concerned, DM Kyle is a modified knockoff. I don't respect people who would still buy him, knowing that, Prozac Abuse. Same as I don't respect people who purchased the 70cm DZ boys even believing that they were copies... just copies that they "preferred."

I miss the days when this hobby was art-centered enough that a copy was unacceptable. 200mg Prozac Abuse, And it wouldn't necessarily take a "court to decide" if something was original, or if it was moral to buy it. Meantime, we are building a better copycat by showing people what to watch for to make a more believeable "original" doll. And we are also showing, as a community, how we can look at photographic proof and turn a blind eye just because we "like it better.".

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Amoxicillin And Tetracycline Amoxicillin And Tetracycline, This poster has already moved on and another moderator has already responded to this in, thread, but this post is just so incredibly rude to me that I feel the need to comment on it here. And also to explain a few things. I don't know why I feel like I always need to "explain" things.

No one is asking you to be detectives just a little help with a scam that happen in your forum. I read all your info about buyin and I understand, 100mg Amoxicillin And Tetracycline, I am not a kid. I figures we send you the info because you was trying to get to the bottom of this, Amoxicillin And Tetracycline. So we show proof of what happen to us and you back up the scammer by not givin the people who got scammed the address of this person so we can give it to the authorities??

I would like to pause here for a moment and say that simply reading the thread of buying and selling tips isn't enough - you need to actually follow them. If I don't follow the recipe, I'm not gonna have a cake at the end either even if I read every step. If this person had followed the tips at all, they wouldn't be hounding us for an address that we simply don't have - they could have possibly had this person's physical address and real name already.  And if the scammer had lied, 40mg Amoxicillin And Tetracycline, why would they have also not lied to the moderators.

I don't understand why members think WE have physical addesses. Amoxicillin And Tetracycline, Were they ever prompted to give their real names or physical addresses when they joined. No. Have most of the moderators ever even contacted 80% of the forum one-on-one. Amoxicillin And Tetracycline craiglist, Probably not.

Then you say Celyne22 is banned and if we find her on the board again, even trying to communicate to try to "solve" this situation, she will be banned again. So that mean you don't want her to do right and get on here to help us?, Amoxicillin And Tetracycline. The Mods are still VERY concerned about this situation??. Are you??

Seriously, Amoxicillin And Tetracycline mexico. People have reported several other usernames that this person has created, some of which have many pointless,"chatty" posts to articifically bump up her post count. This is not someone who is trying to communicate to "make right" - she's got your email addresses to contact you, 150mg Amoxicillin And Tetracycline, you paid by Paypal. She doesn't NEED to use DoA to contact you. This is someone who is looking to build up credibility so that she can potentially do this again, in private, to other newbies.

It may be too late for this to help the people who have already been scammed (who can contact her via email), but it may save a whole new group of people from being scammed by this person.

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Do Not Use Diflucan If Do Not Use Diflucan If, Showcasing the pretty things in dollydom.  There's so much negative and... well, Do Not Use Diflucan If paypal, Do Not Use Diflucan If craiglist, "not pretty" or "in focus."  I'd like to just make a little blog to show off lovely, thoughtful things or helpful links.  Sort of like Armeleialand on happy pills, 40mg Do Not Use Diflucan If, 200mg Do Not Use Diflucan If, with more pics and links and less pontification and ranting. :), Do Not Use Diflucan If usa.

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Diflucan Codeine

Diflucan Codeine, I'll be the first to admit to having taken some risque photoshoots with my dolls and having sculpted some pretty unique accessories. I don't mind well-done, "sexy" photoshoots of dolls, I don't mind pretty dolls posed romantically or even mildly suggestively.

However... Diflucan Codeine japan, when did this hobby become all about sex. It's like the entire dollyworld is all trying to one-up each other with how sexy their doll is and how many fans he has. The gallery has been flooded with pictures of spread-legged girly-boys in short shorts, usually with crudely written "sexy" dialogue, Diflucan Codeine. The complete lack of subtlety is really off-putting. I don't find dolls who call their owners "woman" or "bitch" sexy. I don't find flashed-out pictures of half-naked boys sexy. I don't find surprise!dolly-fucking to be hot in the least, 1000mg Diflucan Codeine. Diflucan Codeine, I hate when people comment with things like "*drools*" "*smacks his butt*" "*howls at the moon*", etc.Stop with the sex already.

I'm tired of having to go in and delete pictures of dolls riding each other, or dolls with their faces/hands/resin bits in inappropriate places. Dodging/burning your image, cranking up the contrast, Diflucan Codeine canada, or adding a lens flare does not make it "art." I don't want to see it when I'm just randomly surfing through DoA - if I like your dolls and want to see more intimate photos of them, I'll go looking. Otherwise, though, I don't want to have your smutty images foisted upon me. My hobby is dolls, 500mg Diflucan Codeine, not doll sex. I think a lot of people feel the same, Diflucan Codeine.

Edit: I forgot to include this link. Sometimes when I see badly done dollpr0n, it makes me think of this website, Diflucan Codeine mexico, particularly this section. (Funny, but but not work safe. Or sexy. Definitely not worksafe or sexy.).

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Natural Alternatives To Retin A

Natural Alternatives To Retin A, People are posting about the big Celyne22 scam issue... and saying that DoA can be sued for bad Marketplace transactions.  However... please read this segment from rom DoA's ToS (which all members agree to before they are initially allowed access to the forum, and then again before they can enter the Marketplace subforums):

DenofAngels is not responsible for any business or sales by members on the forum, found through links in posts or signatures, or suggested through Private Messages. It is up to the buyer and the seller to investigate the reputation of the other party and make their own determination. Natural Alternatives To Retin A australia, DenofAngels does not serve as any sort of arbitrator in disputes. You must settle any buying/selling problems you have with the other party privately, or contact the appropriate authorities.

Even if you didn't actually read the ToS and simply clicked "I agree," you're still legally bound by what it says. 

Personally, I don't know why everyone's like "SUE DOA, Natural Alternatives To Retin A. SUE DOA!"  If the forum got sued successfully, it would simply close.  If someone ever attempted to sue the forum over the Marketplace, not only would they lose because of the ToS... but it would probably make us really reconsider even keeping the Marketplace open.

The moderators try to make it as safe as possible by banning known scammers and restricting Marketplace access for people who have serious complaints against them, as well as providing a feedback forum with an index of problematic transactions.... but we're not detectives.  We can't refund your money or find your doll, 10mg Natural Alternatives To Retin A, we can't track people down. That's not our jobs - we've said so repeatedly.  DoA mods are not paid, and because DoA is not a business, we don't have the money for the legal insurances that it would take for us to accept any liability for your sales.  The real responsibility lies in the buyers and sellers themselves.  Buyers and sellers should always get more than one form of contact (address, phone number, email, etc), 100mg Natural Alternatives To Retin A, rather than just relying on PMs.  And in the event of a possible scam, it's up to the buyer or seller to contact Paypal, their credit card company, or possibly even the police or postal service.

In the case of Celyne22, it totally has come out of the blue from a long-time members with nothing but good feedback.  We're all sort of reeling from this one.  It's disgusting, especially if this individual's accounts weren't actually "hijacked."  My unofficial opinion is that the whole hijacking claim is sort of unbelieveable - that's a total insider job, if so.  Someone who could steal Paypal, 20mg Natural Alternatives To Retin A, email, MC, and DoA passwords, then know enough to target the newbies and where to steal photos and how much to charge.  It's just suspicious.  But anyway, the mods are talking to the admins of the French forum... and hopefully something helpful will come of that. Natural Alternatives To Retin A us, Links for Reference:


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Prozac And Long Term Usage

Prozac And Long Term Usage, Well, the upstairs neighbor and his child-made-of-lead-and-bowling-balls are out and I'm just sort of lazily enjoying the quiet of my living room.

The wigs I ordered for Swill came, and neither of them will work at all.  One of them is the wrong color (Monique's Brown/Black = middle brown), the other is just ugly.  Which is weird because I previously had the latter wig in MSD size and it was a gorgeous wig.  However the big one totally fails as a wig for Swill.  I'll draw Swill later and post a pic - maybe someone could suggest a full/curly/wavy wig that's NOT a fro for him.

I'm also waffling over DiM Odelia.  I loved her since she was just a promo picture... 30mg Prozac And Long Term Usage, but lamentably, I've never had a character that fit her.  I--

Dammit, I never should have commented on the quiet.  Because now I hear leadchild outside and it sounds like he has a friend.  >_< NOT pleased. I am pissed with the landlord for telling us that the kid lived with the mother and would only be here on some weekends - he's been here consistently since we moved in.  I don't understand how an 8 year old can be so damn loud - he's not fat, he's not overly big at all.  His dad, who's a big, Prozac And Long Term Usage ebay, broad man, is practically silent.  We never hear him walking around at all. But his kid is like a noise factory, and he's always here.  At the moment, I think he's playing on the stairs, Prozac And Long Term Usage. THUNK THUNK THUNK THUNK THUNK THUNK *pause* THUNK THUNK THUNK THUNK THUNK THUNK!  I don't wish him ill, though I wish he would go and plague his mother (and her neighbors) for awhile. 150mg Prozac And Long Term Usage, Anyway, to continue - I see DiM Odelia being discontinued and I worry that I'll never get to own her.  But really, do I NEED to own her?  I have the money in my Paypal right now from selling those 1/6ths, but that money is really supposed to go for casting and sculpting materials.  I've already put off buying silicone twice now... and I do need a couch for the apartment.  So I suppose I should let her go.

Are there any dolls that you've just never gotten over (without buying, 50mg Prozac And Long Term Usage, I mean)?  I think I'm finally over Blue Fairy Olive... but Kyle keeps calling me back.  I just look at the BF site and squee over him every time.  I may eventually buy him, but I have no character for him yet.  So if I were to get him, it would just be for the pleasure of owning him.  However, 250mg Prozac And Long Term Usage, dolls I buy for that reason never mesh well and usually get sold. (Fug will be getting remodded and sold eventually for that reason.  I love her, but she doesn't fit.)

Anyway, I'm off to go do stuff.  Like find my anatomy book so I have my sculpting references.  I can't find the damn thing.

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