Lamisil Erythromycin

Lamisil Erythromycin, Man... this weekend I got so much done!  However, as I sit here.... Lamisil Erythromycin japan, I can't do ANYTHING else today, OMG.
But due to a few small but not-immediately-fixable errors, I'm still behind again on Fran.  I'm so frustrated, Lamisil Erythromycin uk, I had really hoped to get her finished by tomorrow night. :(  ARGH.  I will get caught up, 500mg Lamisil Erythromycin, though, and having to redo some things gives me the opportunity to fine-tune some other little things I noticed while I was working.  It's still depressing, but at least something good will come of it.  The main annoyance is that I'll need to drag out the airbrush again.
All of the Surprise Modding Packages are finished!!, Lamisil Erythromycin. :D :D :D :D So happy.  Can mail those out soonish!  I'm psyched about both of the ones I finished off today.., Lamisil Erythromycin australia. I took a bunch of pics of both and I can't wait to be able to post them.  But I never post pics before the owner gets to, so I have to wait.  I'm dying to post!  The surprise packages were really fun for me... Lamisil Erythromycin craiglist, I loved just getting to play and enjoy working.

This week... I will work hard. Must get a bunch of stuff done!  I WILL finish Fran within a few days. (Man, her body blushing turned out nice!).

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Prozac 80 Mg For Year

heads6.jpg heads1.jpg heads4.jpg heads2.jpg heads3.jpg
Prozac 80 Mg For Year, Right to left: MiniMee on SD13, head lineup for resin comparison (CP white, MiniMee, CP normal, pureskin), MiniMee on SD13 with SD13 Link, view of neckholes on MiniMee and SD13 Link (not at the same angle, makes the MiniMee look bigger than it is), view of neckholes on MiniMee and SD13 Heath.

I took pictures tonight to send to Denny of the head... it doesn't look nearly so bad in pictures as it does in person. I feel more depressed about this, 10mg Prozac 80 Mg For Year, because I feel like when I send these pictures, 750mg Prozac 80 Mg For Year, they're going to be like "what the hell is her problem?" In pictures it doesn't look as small. It's so bad in person though... I seriously almost cried while I was taking the pictures, Prozac 80 Mg For Year mexico.
I finally tried eyes in it.... Prozac 80 Mg For Year us, and the eyes are too close together.  The whole head is slightly crooked, which I couldn't see in the preview pics. I'm starting to wonder if the refund option is just the better way to go, 150mg Prozac 80 Mg For Year.

All the other MiniMee look so good.  I wish mine worked.

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Melasma Retin A


  • Blush Fran

  • Fur Fran's other ear

  • Faceup Fukubukurou #2?

  • Photograph original head and post for critique on DoA (!) I haven't worked on it in weeks and need to get some critique to give me direction.

  • John Barleycorn's mask for Roommate's photoshoot

This weekend:

  • Start on F-8

  • Faceup Elf Chiwoo

  • Faceup Fukubukurou #3

  • Faceup Fran

  • Coat Fran

  • Armature for costume contest piece

  • Suede Fran

  • String Fran

Melasma Retin A, Anything that requires MSC is weather-dependent. ;_;

I'm hoping to get the bunny girl out of the apartment early next week, 250mg Melasma Retin A. 1000mg Melasma Retin A, I'm hoping to get the remaining Surprise packages out of the apartment by mid-to-late next week.

I'm hoping to do some mold-making by May 20th, Melasma Retin A usa. Melasma Retin A ebay. 20mg Melasma Retin A.

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Key Acquisto Cialis

Key Acquisto Cialis, I just tried the MiniMee heads... they are SO small. They are even smaller than the smallest SD13 sized head that I have. They are.... 500mg Key Acquisto Cialis, like.... miniscule, Key Acquisto Cialis. It doesn't fit an SD13 body, Kiss body, or CP Delf boy body... anything, Key Acquisto Cialis mexico. I don't know what to do with these heads. They're beautifully sculpted, but they don't fit and they look absolutely stupid with my other dolls. Key Acquisto Cialis, I'm so upset. Key Acquisto Cialis us, What a waste of money.

I emailed DIM, but I don't know what they're going to offer to do... if anything. I'm just so disappointed, Key Acquisto Cialis overseas.

I feel really demotivated to work on anything tonight.., Key Acquisto Cialis. but it's not fair of me to deprive other people of their dolls for longer just because I'm depressed over mine. Off to work.

ETA: Denny wrote back to me and said they're willing to work on it, Key Acquisto Cialis canada, to modify this head or sculpt another if necessary... but they need some measurements to try to make sure it fits.  I'll take some pictures of it on an SD13 body and with some other heads.  I feel better, though I'm still bummed it'll probably be another 2-3 months.  It's not so long, I mean, some faceup artists take longer than that.

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Cipro Online


  • Fix that one spot on Fran's ear...

  • Airbrush Fran's parts to match body

  • Fran's blushing

  • Paint Fukubukurou #3's extra parts

  • Coat and suede #3

  • Cipro Online, Wipe Elf Chiwoo (;_; Gorgeous faceup, I feel guilty!)

  • Wipe O!Head

I got the MiniMee heads. The sculpting is beautiful and the resin is very nice.... but... they're very small, 250mg Cipro Online. I don't have anything to compare them to at the moment (I'm at work), but I think they're the size of the smaller CP girl heads (like Lishe). I'll see when I get home.., Cipro Online. 100mg Cipro Online, but the size makes me sort of unhappy with them. Especially since I asked them to make it bigger to fit an SD13 boy body and they said they would try. I think I'm going to have to mod the neck hole to make it fit a boy body at all. Maybe it's not that bad, 30mg Cipro Online, though, and it just seems small without anything else to compare it to. Cipro Online, I mentioned this in the MiniMee thread on DoA, and they said they were sorry and that they'd tried and could not make them any bigger... Cipro Online india, and that the next MiniMee would be bigger. Good for the people who plan to order, but it doesn't help me at all to know that. I just hope I haven't basically wasted the money on these heads - I wouldn't have ordered if I had known that they couldn't make the heads bigger, 150mg Cipro Online.

I need to stop flipping out over this until I get them home and actually try them on a body.

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Sulfa Erythromycin

Sulfa Erythromycin, Well, I am finally winding down on the biggest individual mod commission that I've ever done... and that will hopefully be shipped out early to mid next week. So after that, I have to faceup one of the Surprise. Packages, Sulfa Erythromycin uk, faceup and reassemble the other..... and then do a faceup on an Elf Chiwoo. And everything will hopefully be out of the apartment within the next week and a half, Sulfa Erythromycin.

So the question is, do I open new spots for May or not. I have a lot I want to get done before the NYC Volks Event n June.... including a rather major mod to enter in the costume contest, 10mg Sulfa Erythromycin. In an ideal world, I would have the original head done and ready to sell.... Sulfa Erythromycin, but I don't think that'll be happening.

Here is what I need to do for me before NYC:

  • Finish sculpting nakayoshi hands (SD13 and Yo)

  • Mold and cast nakayoshi hands

  • Sculpt part for Costume contest

  • Mold and cast that part (secretsecret!!)

  • Costume for costume contest

  • Finish modding Link head and faceup

Can I do that AND take a few commissions. :\ I'm not sure. Sulfa Erythromycin coupon, The weeks go so fast. It's almost May already. I have 6 1/2 weeks, Sulfa Erythromycin.

Anyway. I'll figure that out... and if I'm going to open spots, I'll open them on Friday night, Sulfa Erythromycin australia. There will definitely be June spots.

To do tonight:

  • Finish joint on extra parts (Man, that took longer than I'd expected!)

  • Coat Petit Ai

  • Make armature for costume piece

  • Sculpt one side of costume piece

  • Finish sanding under Fran's eye

  • Mask Fran's fingernails and toe claws

  • Airbrush Fran's head, hands, 40mg Sulfa Erythromycin, feet, ears (if masking fluid has dried)

In other news, the MiniMee will probably arrive tomorrow. XD.

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Hydrochloride Tetracycline

I finally got choco.lately Hydrochloride Tetracycline, 's theme working, meaning we can start using it soon.  I just... have an aversion to using a default-themed blogs.  We have so much chocolate in the apartment.  Easter was good to us, Hydrochloride Tetracycline paypal. 50mg Hydrochloride Tetracycline, i will also post in doll-a-day today.  This isn't momentous or anything, I just haven't updated it in almost a month, Hydrochloride Tetracycline japan. Hydrochloride Tetracycline ebay. Hydrochloride Tetracycline craiglist.

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Buying Erythromycin Antibiotic

Buying Erythromycin Antibiotic, I love things that are plastic and person shaped. We got this figure for Cathead and were going to torment her with sending her small detail pictures until she found a picture of what exactly it was.  It only took her two pics (a butt and an arm) to both figure out who the figures were of, 750mg Buying Erythromycin Antibiotic, 200mg Buying Erythromycin Antibiotic, and then to find the figure in question.  Pretty impressive.


evafigure.jpg evafigure2.jpg evafigure4.jpg evafigure5.jpg

And now I am off to SAND THINGS!!!, 1000mg Buying Erythromycin Antibiotic. 20mg Buying Erythromycin Antibiotic, *gusto!*. Buying Erythromycin Antibiotic usa.

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Cialis No Prescription

Cialis No Prescription, Y'know what REALLY irritates me about owning Volks dolls. The fact that it means that whenever I don't like another company, it's automatically because I'm a obviously a Volks Elitist, 250mg Cialis No Prescription. And any thread I lock must obviously be due to the fact that its not about a Volks doll. 150mg Cialis No Prescription, Despite that less than a quarter of my dolls are actually Volks.
I had a guy on DoA PM me and basically call me a biased, powerhungry Volks-elitist moron because I locked his thread, Cialis No Prescription india. Which was identical to a thread that already existed. 20mg Cialis No Prescription, Sorry, I don't see owners of any other brand needing TWO threads to hug each other and tell themselves it's okay they're not Volks.

Get the fuck over it, 200mg Cialis No Prescription. No one looks down on you because you own Dollzone, no one's going to smash your dolls, no one even cares.

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Prostatitis And Zithromax

Prostatitis And Zithromax, Every once in awhile, I go through and do a search for my real name and email addresses, just to see what comes up.

My old high school art blog came up. Prostatitis And Zithromax paypal, Last updated in 1999.


How embarassing, 750mg Prostatitis And Zithromax.

I didn't even think it still existed, Prostatitis And Zithromax. I requested my username and password, 30mg Prostatitis And Zithromax, logged in, and deleted it. DEHLEEEEHT, 50mg Prostatitis And Zithromax.

I saved two things from it, 10mg Prostatitis And Zithromax, though.

This picture of me from when I was 15 from a friend's photography class... (hanging off a bridge)
And this drawing I did when I was 14 or so. This is where my domain name came from originally:

And that is all that remains.

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