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Does Lumigan Affect Vision

Want To F Does Lumigan Affect Vision, ind.

i am just.., 150mg Does Lumigan Affect Vision. 40mg Does Lumigan Affect Vision, missing tons of things lately, mostly doll eyes.  I don't know where they can possibly be!  I'm getting so frustrated because I look and look, 30mg Does Lumigan Affect Vision, Does Lumigan Affect Vision australia, but just don't find them.  I know that they're in the apartment somewhere.


  • Entire tin of doll eyes - last seen sitting atop box of doll clothes.

  • Envelope containing two new sets of DropRop eyes - last seen in living room beside couch.

  • Cell Phone - last seen sitting next to couch.

I don't get it, Does Lumigan Affect Vision paypal.

When I cleaned my car today, though, I did find my season 1 dVD set of The Tick.  That made me happy, though Roommate hates The Tick so I'm sure she's less excited.  Still.  SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOON.

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Dti Cipro

Dti Cipro, I'm trying to focus on the happy things and ignore the less happy things.

My wrist is good, 500mg Dti Cipro, Dti Cipro overseas, so today I will try to zoom and make up for lost time. Tonight is a SANDING NIGHT WOO WOO, 200mg Dti Cipro. Dti Cipro ebay, *hates sanding*

To do:

  • Clean apartment

  • Sand and finish El ears

  • Sand and finish CP hand mods

  • Continue refining dragon ears on Recall

  • Draw eye openings on Yders and send pcis to owners

That should be a good night's work. 250mg Dti Cipro.

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Rem Sleep And Prozac



sibs1.jpg Rem Sleep And Prozac, Knife's body is a good match to his head, I'd probably put it at a 90-95% match.  The slimmer neck of the SDF body fits the neckhole of the MiniMee head a little better than the SD13 body did... and I don't know if I'll need to mod the neckhole at all.  I'm very pleased. Rem Sleep And Prozac mexico, Burgundy's body is very yellow... it doesn't match the head as well, though it's not horrible.  I'd probably say it matches about as well as pureskin, Rem Sleep And Prozac craiglist, but the body is just... Rem Sleep And Prozac japan, yellowy.  It doesn't show up as much in the pics... which is good.  It's also the one with the broken ankle.  ARGH.  Still, he's nice, Rem Sleep And Prozac.

I'm happy just looking at them.

knifesrdelf1.jpg knifesrdelf3.jpg knifesrdelf2.jpg

burgundysrdelf1.jpg burgundysrdelf2.jpg burgundysrdelf3.jpg

sibs11.jpg sibs2.jpg sibs3.jpg
All in all, Rem Sleep And Prozac us, the Senior Delf body is very pretty and poses really well.  The knees lock, 1000mg Rem Sleep And Prozac, which is great!  CP FINALLY got with it and did locking joints on their big dolls.  Go Luts. :D  I like the body a lot.  The big hands are cool too.  I haven't put the big veiny hands on Burgundy yet... the Bliss head is gorgeous!  I need to toss mine up in the Marketplace... but I sort of want to play with them and paint them (which I can't do for a week or so till I finish commissions).

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Retin A Large Pores

Retin A Large Pores, The Senior Delfs arrived today and they're very pretty.  But...


Yeah, 20mg Retin A Large Pores, 100mg Retin A Large Pores, that would be the HUGE CHUNK OF HIS ANKLE THAT'S MISSING.

In addition, 10mg Retin A Large Pores, 50mg Retin A Large Pores, the two dolls are really different colors.  One is a perfect, pretty color that matches the Minimee almost exactly.  The other is considerably yellower, Retin A Large Pores usa.

ARGH.  Posting on Luts messageboard now.

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Apthous Ulcers Colchicine

crashface3.jpg crashface2.jpg crashface1.jpg Apthous Ulcers Colchicine, Crash came today.  He's beautiful, but I think I need to find a more appropriate wig - the bangs don't do it for me.  Anyone that can recommend a good fur wigmaker that uses the softer, fluffier fur and finishes her edges.

I love his lips the best, and his skintone... and his lovely hands.

Mostly, Apthous Ulcers Colchicine canada, though, I took pics of him with Swill.  Mostly, Swill pretended he wasn't interested.


swillcrash000.jpg swillcrash1.jpg swillcrash2.jpg swillcrash3.jpg

swillcrash5.jpg swillcrash7.jpg swillcrash8.jpg swillcrash6.jpg swillcrash9.jpg

I upped the contrast on those pics... but their skintones look nice together.  More like this, Apthous Ulcers Colchicine. Still, Swill makes Crash look darker and Crash makes Swill look lighter (and unhealthy), 20mg Apthous Ulcers Colchicine.

Cathead came for the weekend and we celebrated Moth's 1st birthday.  I'd never have a party for my own dolls, but it was fun getting a little cookiecake and dolly gifts for Moth.  We went to the park and took some pics for Catheads future blog, and some are really nice.  Won't post them, though, 150mg Apthous Ulcers Colchicine, so she can have the fun of doing it.

We went to the park though and onto the hiking trails.  Unfortunately, when I was climbing around in the ravine setting up for a picture, I fell and crunched my wrist.  (It was one of those comical moments where you have the doll in one hand, the camera in the other, and as you're going down, 1000mg Apthous Ulcers Colchicine, you try to figure which is better to fall on.)  It's swollen and bruised, I think sprained.  Blegh.  It's my left, at least... can't hold things firmly to work on commissions, Apthous Ulcers Colchicine coupon, unfortunately.  Just a few days should fix itm but it sucks at the moment.
Took a few pics of Swill before that... gathering mushrooms. (Otherwise he'd have no reason to be out in nature!)



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Strep Erythromycin

Strep Erythromycin, Lately, I just feel a little overwhelmed by everything.  I feel like I'm just... dramatically behind, too.  I feel like I can't catch up on sleep, so I'm always tired.  I feel like I can't catch up on projects at work.  I feel like I can't catch up on commissions.  I'll have a day or so of really good production, but then I'll spend two hours doing something that should have taken me 15 minutes.  What's wrong with me.

I'm frustrated with Luts, who told me that they should ship on the 20th.., Strep Erythromycin india. but now says that they will need another week.  This means that I can't use the Senior Delf bodies in the photos for the MiniMee article... this is a big disappointment for me, and also a lost opportunity for free advertising for them.  I left them a polite note on their message board that I will never order a doll from them again.  The last few times I've ordered from them, they've really had lousy customer service - shipping late, not sending items (and then not wanting to refund me, 500mg Strep Erythromycin, just give me "store credit"), etc.  No love for Luts lately.  I just want the damn Senior Delf bodies and their wigs. >:(  I feel like this excursion to a new Knife and Burgundy has just been more work than it's worth, Strep Erythromycin.

My car went in for work today.... it was making a horrible metal-on-metal scrapey noise this morning, so I just took it directly to the mechanic and had my dad drive me to work.  It's frustrating... lately I've been sort of wondering if it would just make more sense to buy a new car, rather than paying for repairs every 5, 50mg Strep Erythromycin,000 miles.  It feels like every time I have some extra money (bonus at work, get paid for a Haute Doll article), the car needs work.  Fortunately, this time the damages weren't bad - only $100.  Still, that's $100 out of the "fun stuff" fund!  DARGH. 100mg Strep Erythromycin, I think that after I finish current commissions, I'm just going to close for a few months and focus on my two Big Projects.  Well, three, if you count the android. Strep Erythromycin,   I've been thinking of closing permanently for awhile, but I would really miss working on dolls that weren't mine... and I don't think I've reached the "eBay Famous" level where I could really make much on selling full customs.  I need to master the airbrush!  What I need more, though, is a nicer airbrush.  It's a Catch 22 though - I suck with this airbrush so I don't want to practice, Strep Erythromycin overseas, but I don't want to buy a more expensive airbrush until I have some experience under my belt.

I wanna go to Color Me Mine again and make myself a new mug.  That would make me feel better.... maybe this weekend or next week. :) *loves Color Me Mine*.

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Flagyl Canine Medication

Flagyl Canine Medication, I wish that the stuff that I'm waiting for would ship!  Every day I hope for shipping notifications, but log on to an empty inbox.  Everything's been paid for for awhile.

I dunno what the deal is with Luts.., Flagyl Canine Medication us. 40mg Flagyl Canine Medication, it's actually been over a month now since I ordered the Senior Delf for Burgundy and Knife.  I need them to get here so I can use the bodies for my Haute Doll article.  If they need any modification at all to make the heads fit, I don't know what I'm going to do.  I am simply running out of time.  ;_;

*crosses fingers*, Flagyl Canine Medication craiglist. 200mg Flagyl Canine Medication. Flagyl Canine Medication usa.

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Retin A Cream Residue

Retin A Cream Residue, I did really well on commissions yesterday and decided I could spare an hour or two to paint Ribbon.  I've had the head for almost 3 weeks now and I hadn't even touched it.


Here is Ribbon v3.0.  This is the head that will stay.  Liz is one of my dream dolls.., Retin A Cream Residue japan. 10mg Retin A Cream Residue, I never intended to have her head sculpt as a boy, but it's really just a great head for Ribbon.  I'm really proud of the faceup, Retin A Cream Residue mexico, Retin A Cream Residue ebay, too.  I just sort of "got" something over the last few weeks. :)

ribbon1a.jpg ribbon1c.jpg ribbon1d.jpg ribbon1e.jpg

ribbon1f.jpg ribbon1g.jpg ribbon1i.jpg ribbon1h.jpg, 250mg Retin A Cream Residue.

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Flagyl Can She Breastfed

Flagyl Can She Breastfed, Finally, I am resizing pictures and writing things up. And it only took me a week. ^_^;;;

NOTE: If you see yourself in these pics and really hate how you look (or just don't want to be in public pics), please drop me an email with the pic's filename and I'll take it down. :) Armeleia @ gmail (dot) com

Saturday morning, Mandy (Junkets) and Michelle (celticgeekess) and I packed off to the airport at 4 am to catch our 6 am flight. The flight itself wasn't bad, the airline had no problem with our bringing on our doll carriers. After a relatively peaceful cab ride with a native English speaker, we arrived at the Gershwin at about 8:30 am, Flagyl Can She Breastfed.

Several of us outside the Museum of Sex, conveniently located less than a block from the hotel.
Attila the Concierge pressed her lips together and told us no early check-in at all, for any reason. EVER. So we walked down to Cafe 28 and met Andi (ashbet), Leigh (hitasura), Cristy (Osaka), Jenn (thesaraghina), Lone Sheep, and Yuki for breakfast. Then we headed back to Andi's room and hung out there until about noon, when we all packed off for FIT.

dpny2-02.jpg Flagyl Can She Breastfed, At FIT, there was a modest line as people waited to register for their classes. Things opened relatively on-time. There was a lot to see already, as Volks had set up tables to display some examples of the school heads, painted by different artists. There were some absolutely stunning School A and SwD School A's about... in the past, I haven't really been a huge fan of Valico's faceups, but I think I liked her heads the best this time. Lately, Volks has been really glossing the lips on their girls (and some boys) and it totally pushes all of my happy buttons, Flagyl Can She Breastfed. The room was set up so that there were two groups of round tables with a bank of chairs dividing the groups for spectators. There were additional rows of chairs along one side of the table set up, so really, there were a lot of places to sit. There was also signing up for the Masha lottery, so I put in for that for a friend.

dpny2-03.jpg dpny2-04.jpg

The Body Maintenance class looked surprisingly cool. Flagyl Can She Breastfed, They deseamed and restrung their dolls and did some other aesthetic treatments to them. In the end, it looked as though all of the dolls were improved. The other class that ran concurrently was the Makeup Enhancement class... and wow, it looked like there were some GREAT things coming out of that. That class was for enhancing the existing (or default) faceups of your doll by adding to the blushing/shading or linework - such as adding more lip lines, glossing, and adding details. I saw a Yukinojo head that had been enhanced and wow, it was stunning, Flagyl Can She Breastfed. It made such a huge difference and it really seemed like something that even a novice could do with great results. I didn't take it, but I think I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about customizing their dolls but feels that they're not very artistically inclined. Michelle's F-10 looked especially awesome after.

Leigh and Mandy and I went in search of lunch and talked a bit at a small place that searched (overly expensive) paninis. Flagyl Can She Breastfed, That was nice and restful and I know I definitely appreciated the food. It was also a pleasure to get to talk to Leigh more.

After that, we registered for the Advanced Makeup Class and picked up our School heads and painting kits. The kits were nice - they contained pastels, sandpaper, a sanding sponge, Mr. Eraser, two little metal palette cups, a small assortment of Liquitext acrylic in natural browns and pinks, a Zoukeimura brush, gloss medium and acrylic thinner. Really, everything needed for a basic faceup, Flagyl Can She Breastfed. Some people were getting nice Komame (Jun's cat) bags, but I'm not sure what the criteria was for getting them. I heard people speculating that you had to get two heads to get one, but Mandy got one and she only got the one head (whereas I only got the boring white plastic Volks bag). I think Mandy just got it because she's particularly cute. That must be it. Flagyl Can She Breastfed, For the painting class, we settled ourselves near aone's table because I really like her work. 750mg Flagyl Can She Breastfed, The painting class itself was really neat, though I don't really feel like I learned anything new from it. The more exciting thing was watching aone do a simple faceup - DAMN, she is FAST. She would explain something in Japanese, then her translator, Kuniyoshi, would repeat it in English. Then she's do the demonstration zip zip zip, then hold up the head like "There, do that." And we'd all be like "...." as she'd proceed onto the next step. It was really fun though, and aone was very sweet.., Flagyl Can She Breastfed. though oddly intimidating. I have no idea why. aone is a very tiny, pretty woman, probably under 5 feet tall, and slim as a reed. My head came out okay, not great... Flagyl Can She Breastfed, I don't really care for acrylic for faceups. Still, that Zoukemura brush is NICE. :D Makes me want to get into using acrylic so I can use them more. They go to such a nice, fine point. Mandy, seated next to me, kept muttering how hers was "nightmarish," but the faceup she did wasn't actually that bad. Especially for a first faceup, Flagyl Can She Breastfed. Leigh, seated next to Mandy, did a very nice faceup... especially considering that she had to rush through it because she missed the first part of the demo. All in all, I really enjoyed the painting class and I'm so glad that I got to take it.

This is my School A. aone was very nice and said that the blushing and expression were very "senstive and beautiful." She politely didn't mention that I'd smudged the his eyelashes when I pastelled him. Flagyl Can She Breastfed, After the painting class, several of us planned to go out to dinner, then hang out at the Gershwin. Dinner plans fell through, though, and Mandy and Michelle and I just ended up going to nice alittle Japanese restaurant. I got Yakisoba. It was the first good yakisoba I've had since I was in Japan. Unfortunately, when we got back to the Gershwin, there was a Bar/Bat Mitzva going on in the downstairs party room, and the perfomer entertaining was not only bad and singing in Yiddish, but he was also very loud. Needless to say, no one was meeting in the lobby, Flagyl Can She Breastfed. Early night for us.

The next day, we got up early to accompany Michelle down to FIT to do her FCS. A lof of people hadn't showed up for their FCS space, so everyone who had been on standby got to do it. I'm so happy for them. Flagyl Can She Breastfed, I was tempted to sign up to do it, but I just... well, couldn't quite justify it because they didn't have the head I reeeaaally wanted. I also had planned to put in for a One Off, so I knew that there was no way I could do both (even though I didn't logically expect to win a One-Off). There was again a lot to look at. The Wake-a-Wish Toppi auction in memorial to Sarah was out to view and bid... and it was really gorgeous, Flagyl Can She Breastfed. I'm not really a fan of Toppi, but it was a beautiful doll and a beautiful gesture. The detailing was wonderful, from the blushing, to the faceup, to the little manicured toes. Everything had been thought of and executed beautifully. Somehow I didn't get pics...

dpny2-05.jpg dpny2-06.jpg dpny2-07.jpg dpny2-32.jpg
Flagyl Can She Breastfed, Some examples for FCS. The faceup on the F-17 in the middle pic is GORGEOUS. Except for.., 30mg Flagyl Can She Breastfed. what the hell is that weird hot pink beneath his lip?!?

dpny2-08.jpg dpny2-09.jpg
Some dolls owned by FDQ staff at their promo table.

Masha was, as I had expected, not my cup of tea. Very pretty faceup, nice clothes... but Sasha (and Masha) have always really just looked like men in dresses to me, Flagyl Can She Breastfed. My mind kinda wandered a bit to making her into a hard-nosed female cop in a short, punky wig... wouldn't she be neat that way.

dpny2-10.jpg dpny2-11.jpg dpny2-12.jpg
The lady herself, Masha!

I also submitted my entry for the customize contest. Seeing all of the entries, I really didn't expect to win anything at all... Flagyl Can She Breastfed, my sewing is really not up to the quality of some of the other submissions. Every entry had somethign special about it or a nice detail. For example, Puss in Boots had special, hand-made boots that covered Baron's sculpted shoe-feet. Lolly's Red Riding Hood entry was very impressive already, but the details of the punky little Red Riding Hood outfit really kicked ass - little hand-made patches and buttons. My favorite entries were Janne's Aladdin entry (*swoons* Oh, Rhunei!) and the Nightengale entry that was entered late. There was only one thing that bothered me a little about the customize contest, and that was that the entry ticket asked for very little information, Flagyl Can She Breastfed. All that was provided was your contact information, the base model of the doll you were using, and the title of your entry. I would have liked to have seen lines to credit things like design, faceups/modification, and costume pieces. There was an entry that won an award where it had been designed by one person, but another had done all of the sewing. It would have been cool for both to get credit. Flagyl Can She Breastfed, There was also an entry that had been modded (and was stunning), but the person entering it hadn't done the modification. It was sort of weird for me because I had done modifications on two of the other dolls that had been entered. Going in with my meager sewing skills, I sort of felt like the mods to the Link were the only things I really had going for me in my entry, so that was a little bit disheartening. That said, I would have been really proud and excited if any of those entries had won - they were all wonderful.

My entry, the youngest prince from The Wild Swans. Modified Link.., Flagyl Can She Breastfed. poseable wing. :)
dpny2-14.jpg dpny2-15.jpg dpny2-17.jpg dpny2-19.jpg dpny2-18.jpg

dpny2-21.jpg dpny2-22.jpg dpny2-23.jpg dpny2-24.jpg dpny2-25.jpg

dpny2-26.jpg dpny2-27.jpg dpny2-28.jpg dpny2-29.jpg dpny2-38.jpg


I guess that FDQ and Volks had planned to kick everyone out between 2 and 3:30, but they ended up just letting everyone stay while they set up the one-offs and put away the FCS stuff.

The One Offs were sort of "meh" to me, except for a gorgeous, gorgeous Lucas. Most of them seemed as though they were aiming for a fashion doll crowd rather than the usual BJD audience... Flagyl Can She Breastfed, and I was disappointed that there were no Tokyo Boy One Offs. They ALWAYS have a Tsukasa and a Shirou. (I had been really planning to enter for the Tsukasa, it would have been my year!) There were also no minis, so I know a lot of mini fans were disappointed about that. The One Offs were very lovely, but aside from that one (wonderful) Lucas, there was nothing that really grabbed me. I entered for the Lucas.

After everyone was settled, they posted up the results of the Masha lottery - I won, so Masha will be heading to me, then going right out to the loving home of Zagzagael, who desperately longed for her, Flagyl Can She Breastfed. Then they tried to figure out how to sell the LE items - the kimonos, specifically. When they said that they were limited, they really meant it. There were about 10 kimonos in each size, and all were beautiful. They had people raise their hands for each size, then they picked the appropriate number of people and gave them numbers to claim the items at the table. Flagyl Can She Breastfed, Then they sent everyone else up who wanted the shoes and wigs.

dpny2-13.jpg dpny2-30.jpg dpny2-31.jpg

The line was long and slow moving... and while Mandy and I waited in line (her for her Yo kimono and me for Therese/a's boots), Shigeta-san talked about how Volks had bought the grounds for Tenshi no Sato. It was a really cute story, and as always, Flagyl Can She Breastfed australia, I really love listening to the Volk's president talk. He is just so cute and so enthusiastic about his company and family. He paused for a moment to talk about Mrs, Flagyl Can She Breastfed. Shigeta, and why she wasn't at the event... she had a herniated disc in her back and had just had surgery. You can tell that he really adores his wife and that yes, she really is the boss in terms of the SD side of Volks. :) It's really cute. Flagyl Can She Breastfed, He also did his usual trick of giving Kuniyoshi and Mikey very difficult things to translate, then stepping back and doing his little dance while they hemmed and hawed and tried to think of how to translate it.

(Therese/a, I did have success, I did score your boots!)

The food was nice, and while we ate they did a tribute to Sarah. It was really moving... They showed a video of Sarah in Japan and they talked about her visit... and how they had all reacted to the news of her death. I found myself thinking rather disparagingly of the people who had been mouthing off in the DoA thread about how Volks was cheap and was only doing it for advertisement, Flagyl Can She Breastfed. It made me cry... and Mr. Shigeta and Mikey both broke down and cried when they talked about Sarah's death. There was one thing that REALLY bothered me at this point. Flagyl Can She Breastfed, Two girls who were there (I know who they were, but I'm not going to post their names) were talking during this... and were giggling loudly. I couldn't believe how insensitive and disrepectful they were.... there were people crying all over, Mr. Shigeta was crying, and these girls couldn't even shut their freaking mouths for five minutes to show respect for a young girl who had died after a really terrible struggle. The combination of this and their attention-whoring, wapanese-wannabe behavior really eradicated any respect that I had for them.., Flagyl Can She Breastfed. and I will be avoiding them like the plague in the future.

Anyway. The auction was won by KarenVail, who made a really generous offer on the Toppi. She was so excited, and it was such a wonderful, beautiful moment. Flagyl Can She Breastfed, I'm so happy that she won. (In a moment of wonderful dolly karma, Karen also won a reitenshi later).
After the auction, they called the One-Offs. Crushingly, I did not win the Lucas... and Mandy did not win the F-33. Oh well, Flagyl Can She Breastfed. Better luck next year, I suppose... but wow. I knew a bunch of the people who won one-offs... and I am absolutely ecstatic for them. Flagyl Can She Breastfed, I'm also ecstatic for me, because I know that these people will provide us all with many great pictures. :D I was so excited that Nova won her Jun Tachibana, which was one of her dream dolls... and that Jenn won that gorgeous Toyha. Andi and Kira also won a beautiful School C girl, who will be an excellent little cupcake to add to their entourage. :) I must admit, when I first saw the 60s Mod Style Anais, I wasn't too thrilled with her. But then when Sher said that she wanted her and had put in for her, lightning flashed and we all sort of realized that there really could be no other owner for her, Flagyl Can She Breastfed. And sure enough, Sher won. And in her ownership, she's become one my my favorite Anaises... because she's so obviously loved and she just somehow... I dunno. Flagyl Can She Breastfed, LOOKS different. She's go so much personality and I'm so excited that Sher was the one who bought her.

Lacey (MSD F-6) with Leigh's Kito. You can really see that the sculpts are related!

Lacey did not appreciate how Quay was talking to Kito. She sure showed him...

Lacey forgives easily though, so soon after she was happily asking Quay when he and Kito would be having kids.

This, in addition to the earlier dishonor of being disarmed by a twelve year old, were almost more than Quay could bear.
After that, they announced the winners of the Customize Contest. There were several categories - aone's Choice, VALICO's Choice, MIKEY's Choice, Enku's Choice, The President's Choice, and then two or three awards for "SD Fan" Choice, Flagyl Can She Breastfed. The top two people's choices won the trophy and Sei-tenshi, Flagyl Can She Breastfed paypal. To my extreme surprise, I won MIKEY's Choice. Even though there was no Sei-tenshi prize, I think this is the award I wanted most. I really like Mikey's work and designs, and I am so flattered that she chose my entry... Flagyl Can She Breastfed, I mean, wow. :D I made a dork of myself by being so shocked and not quite knowing where to go for a picture. In good news, I didn't trip myself or anyone else and I didn't drop the trophy, box, or gift certificate. Whew.

After the contest, they did the lottery. Lone Sheep won a Reitenshi (damn, those are tiny!), but none of the people I knew well won anything, Flagyl Can She Breastfed. Almost all of the number that were pulled were over 200... they needed to shake the box or something. We had numbers in the 80's. Next year we will win a Sei or Rei for Mandy. Flagyl Can She Breastfed, Next year.

Overall, my luck was fantastic when it came to buying things for other people - Zag gets her Masha and Therese gets her boots. I didn't win anything in the lottery or One-Off land, but I'm happy because of my Costume Contest win... so I can't really complain. Wish I could have gotten that Lucas though. Lucas was my first dream doll, and I've decided that I do really still want him, Flagyl Can She Breastfed. So now I'm hoping to trade my SwD School A for a Lucas head... it could happen, right. ;) It's a good trade, given how high the value of the SwD School A is. If I can't find a trade, though, I'll just hang on to it and make it a summer project. Flagyl Can She Breastfed, I think I'll open the eyes just a bit and give it a nice, high-contrast faceup.... *dreamy dreamy* Maybe in a few months I can sell him and get money to cover a Lucas head.

Anyway. After the lottery, the event was over... on the way out, they gave everyone a little gift. I got a pair of tinted glasses, Mandy and Michelle got other kinds of jewelry, Flagyl Can She Breastfed. I think Lex (Rydel) will get the glasses, though Mandy wants me to get Rory a brown motorcycle jacket with my gift certificate and give him the glasses.... we'll see, I guess.

A bunch of us went back to the Gershwin for a meet-up in the lobby... and that was very fun as well. Flagyl Can She Breastfed, Sitting in the lobby was just so relaxing, in dim light with a lot of really nice people and gorgeous dolls. As with last year, we got gawked at through the large front windows of the Gershwin, but you never feel so much like a freak when you're with friends. <3

gershwin07-01.jpg gershwin07-02.jpg gershwin07-03.jpg gershwin07-04.jpg gershwin07-05.jpg

gershwin07-06.jpg gershwin07-07.jpg gershwin07-08.jpg 

Once again this year, we had enough DoA Mods present to constitute a quorum... even though our quorum requirement has increased. We could have had on-the-spot banninations. Rule changes, Flagyl Can She Breastfed. MASS MODERATION MAYHEM. But, uh, we're lazy. We all just lounged around and ate pizza. ;)

The Gershwin wasn't as nice this year as a hotel... Flagyl Can She Breastfed, last year I remember it seeming very boho and charming, with brightly colored walls and nice lighting in our room. I remember the lighting in particular because the room we were in had little pin-spotlight that were neato for taking pictures. The room was a deep turquois with a bright, clean bathroom with cure checkered floortile. This year, our room seemed really ghetto and overpriced. The mattresses weren't too great, the room was small... the walls were an unappealing green-yellow, and the bathroom was really.., Flagyl Can She Breastfed. not good. Flagyl Can She Breastfed uk, The shower was vintage, but in a way that made it very difficult to use, and we had an un-capped quarter-pipe just sticking up out of the floor next to the toilet. The lighting in the room was icky, yellow-green cast. All in all, it did not seem like the type of room that should cost as much as it did, even in the Fashion district of NYC. Flagyl Can She Breastfed, The staff were extremely rude and unhelpful - I can't even believe how rude their head concierge girl was. She had her lips (and probably buttcheeks) pressed together so tightly it's a wonder she could even breath. I think that next year I want to stay somewhere else.

In the morning, we rose early to go out for breakfast with Sher, Lolly, Andi, and Jenn... and it was really nice to just sit and decompress a little after all of the excitement of the previous day.

After checking out, we had the most harrowing cab ride ever, hopped our flight, and headed home, Flagyl Can She Breastfed. Overall I had a really great weekend.

I apologise that I just wasn't as outgoing as last year. There were a lot of people who I wanted to meet and say hello to.... but I found that I had the weirdest bouts of social anxiety. Like, I would look at someone and say "Hello!" and not be able to get past that. Not sure exactly what's wrong with me... but I just wanted to let people know that I wasn't trying to be antisocial or anything.

Still, overall I had a really awesome time and I hope everyone else did too.

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