Adjusting Synthroid

Check out Roommate's journal Adjusting Synthroid, for more pictures of cute YoSDs in costumes. (Including the group pic).

Kiyoni and Kana are ready to go, 1000mg Adjusting Synthroid, dressed up as pirates for Halloween. 250mg Adjusting Synthroid, (I should have dressed Crash up in the Luts Jolly Roger outfit, but I have already parceled out the pieces to the boys who are keeping them).



Nakayoshi hands are just borrowed - wish they were mine though, 40mg Adjusting Synthroid. ;)

I'll be out of town till Friday. 20mg Adjusting Synthroid, Everyone have a safe and happy Halloween. And if you do any special Halloween photoshoots, could you leave a link in the comments so I can go look when I get home, 50mg Adjusting Synthroid.

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Symptoms After Ovulation On Clomid

Symptoms After Ovulation On Clomid, We watched Donnie Darko last night, and I found it to be a really conceptually interesting movie... but for several reasons, I found it somewhat unsatisfying. Thoughts, contains spoilers... if you have seen it, lemme know your thoughts as well.

First, I need to make the disclaimer that I was painting a doll while I was watching it, so I may have missed some visual clues.... and due to the fact that everyone mumbled constantly, I believe that I also missed some verbal clues, Symptoms After Ovulation On Clomid. However, here are some of my questions and thoughts.

First, the movie is neatly paralleled by chapters of the fictional book, Philosophies on Time Travel... basic movie summary, what has happened is that a wormhole in the future has ripped an engine off a jet, then dropped it randomly 28 days into the past where it should have crushed Donnie Darko. However, Symptoms After Ovulation On Clomid ebay, Donnie listens to Frank, the mental projection of a man in a bunny suit, leaves his bedroom and is spared death. Symptoms After Ovulation On Clomid, This opens up a Tangent Universe that will last 28 days, and that Tangent Universe will take the real universe with it when it vanishes if the paradox is not corrected.

Okay, so once we figure this out, we know that basically, the universe will end if Donnie Darko doesn't get squashed by that engine.

There are a couple key terms to get here - the "Living Receiver" is the person who needs to be killed by the artifact (in this case Donnie via the jet engine). The "Manipulated Dead" are those who will be killed in this Tangent Universe who would not normally die in the normal timeline (in this case, Frank and Gretchen). The "Manipulated Living" are people who are directly touched by the Living Receiver. Who's who isn't particularly clear as you're just watching the movie, Symptoms After Ovulation On Clomid.


So. Basically, the Manipulated Dead are Frank (his sister's boyfriend) and Gretchen (his girlfriend). The manipulated dead have some intuitive knowledge of the situation and some limited supernatural powers and will act in such a way as to make the Living Receiver fulfill his purpose (= choose to die). Symptoms After Ovulation On Clomid, So Frank appears to Donnie in water-based visions (in the rabbit suit) and instructs him to do certain tasks that will lead him to the moment where he will have the opportunity to change time. One could also make the argument that though Gretchen does not directly instruct him through any supernatural means, some of her actions seem to show that she has some knowledge and is guiding Donnie to the choice.

Here is problem point #1: Donnie is initially saved from the jet engine by a vision of Frank, when he is told to leave the house and informed that the world will end in 28 days, Symptoms After Ovulation On Clomid canada. So the Tangent Universe is effectively created by someone from the Tangent Universe using powers that he only would have within the Tangent Universe, causing the whole time paradox end of the world. What. If Frank hadn't led Donnie out in the first place, the Tangent Universe never would have been created.., Symptoms After Ovulation On Clomid. ergo Manipulated Dead Frank wouldn't have had the supernatural power to guide Donnie out.

I hate time travel movies. They never freaking work.

I think, though, that the main reason that I felt dissatified with the movie was because of the scene where Donnie is talking to his science teacher about time travel, God, and predestination. Symptoms After Ovulation On Clomid, They talk about how because humans have the power of free will/choice, nothing is ever completely predetermined.

Yet at the end of the movie, Donnie essentially has been left with only one choice. His girlfriend has been killed, he has shot Frank, and he is watching his mother and sister's plane start to go down as the sky is splitting open in preparation to swallow up the world. The choice. Either die alone by getting instantly crushed by a random jet engine and spare everyone, 150mg Symptoms After Ovulation On Clomid, or watch the whole universe snuff out like a match in a vaccuum. And, uh, die alone on a hill with the corpse of your girlfriend, Symptoms After Ovulation On Clomid. Tough choice. Were he to choose to live at that moment 28 days in the past, he'd be killing the girl he's come to love, his mother and sister, and his sister's boyfriend... and y'know, everyone else in the entire universe. -_- And really, what difference does it make to the individual if the universe ends or if only you end. Symptoms After Ovulation On Clomid, Dying now-now or 28-days-earlier-now, you're still dead. Might as well do the noble thing, because it's not really going to change the effect on you personally.

Which seems sadder, too, because throughout the movie Donnie says over and over that he just doesn't want to be alone. By saving everyone else, he does die alone in his room (after being alone on the hill), and is alone in being the only one who has died.

Throughout the movie, we watch Donnie as he improves the lives of others - some in small ways just through his presence, 500mg Symptoms After Ovulation On Clomid, and others in rather violent ways... such as exposing the motivational speaker's kiddie porn dungeon by burning down his house, Symptoms After Ovulation On Clomid. In any case, we (and Donnie) are acutely aware of the impact that he makes as an individual during those 28 days. The world that he is no longer a part of is bleaker - the Chinese girl has no quiet defender, Gretchen will continue to be sexually harassed by the bullies (who show in the Tangent Universe that they're capable of violence as well), the motivational speaker will continue to produce kiddie porn while everyone thinks he's awesome, Donnie and his father will have never had the understanding that they end up with, his mother will never have the opportunity to take the lead as the chaperone for the girls dance team... so basically, the last however many hours of movie that we watched is kinda pointless because none of it even actually happened in the "reality" of the movie world.

It is a really interesting movie, and I did enjoy it... Symptoms After Ovulation On Clomid, I also enjoy having the things to think about. I liked watching Donnie's growth as a character and a person. I wasn't really upset about his death, it was more that it was also the death of the world where he had made a difference. On the flipside, though, you could also say that he had started a new world of potentials by making the unselfish choice... 100mg Symptoms After Ovulation On Clomid, and he has let millions of possibilities continue to open by the simple fact that life continues. Perhaps instead of being stripped of worldly connections to break him, you could also argue that he has had his priorities reset to a greater good and he's just become a really obvious (though bizarre) Jesus figure, Symptoms After Ovulation On Clomid. But Donnie has also done more in the 28 day span than some people do in their whole lives because he gets to find love (=get laid), find God (or at least faith in the existence of a God) and do something heroic... whereas if he'd just gotten flattened in the first scene, those opportunities would have never come to pass for him as an individual.

Either way, the concept was interesting and the acting was pretty good. The characters were very believable and rather likeable (where applicable). The guy in the bunny suit creeped me the hell out, though.

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Retin A Skin Ointment

Dolkot's response:

Dear Miss/Ms Aimee Cummings

Retin A Skin Ointment, Hi. This is Dolkot!

Thank you for your kind advice!

We removed the pictures from "Haunt Doll"

We didn't know that using magazine's picture is ilegal.

We are trying to have contact with "Haunt Doll' for using that image.

Sorry for using images without telling you guys!

I hope it didn't give any bad image to you.

Thank you and have a nice day!

From Dolkot

Like fuck you will. I wrote this morning to Karen C. to ask that they not allow Dolkot to use the article. I am just so annoyed with all of this.., Retin A Skin Ointment craiglist. I just can't believe that they think it's okay to steal someone else's promotion, Retin A Skin Ointment. Though from what it looks like in the thread on DoA, MiniMee's team leader went to Dolkot behind Denny's back about offering their services to them as well... so perhaps the article images are an accurate representation of what you would be getting through Dolkot. Retin A Skin Ointment australia, But as a result, DIM is not offering their MiniMee services right now and Denny is trying to reorganize the project.
I'm really upset about that. Retin A Skin Ointment, DIM is acting with a lot of integrity, but the whole thing is just really sort of heartbreaking. :( Dolkot has permanently lost my business and hell, I half want to sell Archive and get a new doll for him just so as not to have any Dolkot dolls in the house, Retin A Skin Ointment uk. -_-

ETA: Perhaps some of this has been misdirected... Denny has posted some things, and Dolkot has posted some things... Retin A Skin Ointment overseas, and what it sounds like is that the Team Leader from DIM was secretly soliciting business from other companies behind Denny's back. (Yikes.)  While Dolkot should have known better than to use the Haute Doll article and lift Denny Kim's text, it seems as though they did not know the exclusive nature of the sculpting team's deal with DIM. O_o. (Reference).  Still sucks, Retin A Skin Ointment coupon, though, especially since DIM is discontinuing MiniMee until further notice while they find a new team manager and a new sculpting team.  Effectively they're being forced to start over. :(.

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Subaction Showcomments Cialis Thanks Posted

Subaction Showcomments Cialis Thanks Posted, Thanks, guys, for reassuring me that I'm not just being insane... and that Dolkot really is being shady and violating copyrights.  I posted on their Q&A board today and asked them to please remove the scans of the article.  I feel bizarrely nervous about it, 10mg Subaction Showcomments Cialis Thanks Posted, Subaction Showcomments Cialis Thanks Posted india, though I don't know why - it's not like they're going to come through the computer and kick me or anything.  -_-;;

I hope they do take it down. 750mg Subaction Showcomments Cialis Thanks Posted. 200mg Subaction Showcomments Cialis Thanks Posted. 30mg Subaction Showcomments Cialis Thanks Posted.

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Acomplia Compared To Dronedarone Acomplia Compared To Dronedarone, Or for speed, see:
WTF is this.

Is Dolkot associated with DIM or something for this. Acomplia Compared To Dronedarone japan, Judging by the naming being "Mini Me" instead of "MiniMee," I'm guessing that they're not... I wrote to Denny to ask though, 100mg Acomplia Compared To Dronedarone.
I'm not going to say that no other company is allowed to jump on the custom sculpt bandwagon, Acomplia Compared To Dronedarone craiglist, but holy fuck. They're using sample pictures of DIM MiniMees ganked from my Haute Doll article, Acomplia Compared To Dronedarone. They sure as hell didn't ask my permission for using my MiniMee's pics, and I doubt that they got anyone else's permission either, 500mg Acomplia Compared To Dronedarone. They even stamped their logo onto the picture of Knife and Burgundy. 250mg Acomplia Compared To Dronedarone, If they're not associated with DIM, then they're directly feeding off of their marketing and the risk that they took to get their operation running... and even using DIM's sculpts. That is so... crappy. *flails stupidly*.

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Cipro Ciprofloxacin

Cipro Ciprofloxacin, Well, the Bliss didn't sell.  As I think that he's one of the best faceups I've done, I'm rather down about it.  I just don't get the doll market and what people want to buy. It's a nice head, Cipro Ciprofloxacin india, 1000mg Cipro Ciprofloxacin, it's a good faceup.... I dunno.  Guess I'm not eBay famous.  In general, Cipro Ciprofloxacin ebay, Cipro Ciprofloxacin paypal, I'm feeling a little disheartened in terms of doll work.

ALG didn't have a table at Dollshow.., 40mg Cipro Ciprofloxacin. so though I had a friend generously offer to pick up shirts for me, it unfortunately didn't work out.

I'm so glad next week is my vacation.  (I think I need a category called "Emo.").

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Amoxicillin Potentiated By

Amoxicillin Potentiated By, For auction.  Trying to get through the bin... but I have no time lately.  This is the head I painted at the workshop last weekend, Amoxicillin Potentiated By uk. 30mg Amoxicillin Potentiated By, 

More pics in the auction.  Wish me luck. 10mg Amoxicillin Potentiated By. 200mg Amoxicillin Potentiated By. Amoxicillin Potentiated By overseas.

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Long Term Tetracycline For 90 Days

Long Term Tetracycline For 90 Days, Well, I got the Wizard Suit Set and the Chibi boy outfit in my cart, but after I put in my credit card information, it told me that my cart was empty... effectively, 150mg Long Term Tetracycline For 90 Days, Long Term Tetracycline For 90 Days mexico, it was sold out from under me.

I'm stupidly upset about it because I was so excited to have gotten it, Long Term Tetracycline For 90 Days usa. Long Term Tetracycline For 90 Days coupon. Long Term Tetracycline For 90 Days canada.

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Zithromax For A Prostate Infection

Zithromax For A Prostate Infection, This week has been so hectic. I feel like I've just been trying to catch up on sleep all week... and trying to catch up on work. Man, I leave the office for two days and I have 25 tasks in my Outlook to work on.

Anyway, the weekend. :)

On Friday, I shipped out at about 10am and dropped Mandy off in Buffalo, Zithromax For A Prostate Infection. I stayed for lunch, which was very nice... and then got back on the road. It's probably of little interest to anyone, but the amount of contruction going on on I-90 is absolutely ridiculous. Between accidents and construction, I got into Cleveland almost an hour later than I should have. Zithromax For A Prostate Infection, Whew.

Because I was late, I just went straight to the meet-and-greet event over at the Community Center. The weekend events were held at a small community center in Olmsted Falls... it seems like it was once an old hour, but the first floor was converted into a large meeting room and a kitchen. A lot of people were there already, and had their dolls set out. Donn had brought his large new man doll and had him (along with two of the Version 1 Bishonen House men) sitting out on the table.., Zithromax For A Prostate Infection. Theresa had a Twiglimbs body out to play with, and Sarah had brought two of her Machina off-casts as well in blue and white. In addition, people had set out dolls that they had painted, or simply dolls that they had loved enough to want to share.

For a moment of sculpting geekitude, let me gush about some of the projects there. 750mg Zithromax For A Prostate Infection, Machina, made by Sarah/Batchix, is freaking adorable. Zithromax For A Prostate Infection, Especially in person. She is light and portable (as evidenced by the fact that she got tossed into Sarah's purse repeatedly over the weekend to accompany us) and very nicely sculpted. She has high-heeled "bot" feet, but is still able to stand unsupported. Very cool. Donn's large man was very impressively sculpted and detailed. He was very professionally done as well.., Zithromax For A Prostate Infection. and even though he was just the prototype, his casting was beautifully done. The poseability was also really impressive, though in some ways it was very simple in design - for example, the elbow was double-jointed, and the solution that Donn had come up with was both simple and elegant. Very cool doll. The Twiglimbs have been gushed over in the past, but let me just say again that they are very finely sculpted... Zithromax For A Prostate Infection, even if Theresa curses them up and down and says that she is going to throw them or redesign them.

Anyway, we all hung out at the Center for awhile and had pizza... and later, I went to Dollfair with Catrina and Theresa. Theresa wanted to run through her presentation, and I just wanted to see the store. Dollfair is very cool. The whole shop is done in deep, gem-like colors accented with gold, Zithromax For A Prostate Infection. The front section has low display cases with Elfdolls and Goodreau dolls.... then there is a divider of long, filmy cloth, and then there is a section of glass cases with various Korea dolls, ranging in size, Zithromax For A Prostate Infection australia. I got to see some of the Supia dolls, as well as Narin and Limhwa. The Limhwa Mano doll is... Zithromax For A Prostate Infection, too much for me. He has a very striking face and a very detailed body sculpt, but he seems huge. I was very taken by the Mini-Sup Yan... and I was tempted to buy one. But realistically, I have no character for it... and the only doll I was in real danger of buying on "impulse" would have been a white urethane Limho, Zithromax For A Prostate Infection.

Anyway, around 11 or 12, we headed back to the hotel. The hotel room was very nice - I wouldn't mind staying at that chain again in the future. My darling roommates were Theresa and Sarah, and we talked until probably 2:30 or 3 (and ate the pumpkin bread I'd baked for breakfast the next morning).

Theresa couldn't sleep because of jetlag, and I couldn't sleep due to caffiene... Zithromax For A Prostate Infection, and around 4:30 am, we had a short conversation that went like this:

Theresa: *SIGH*
Me: You awake.
Theresa: Yeah...
Me: You nervous about tomorrow.
Theresa: No... not right now. I think I'm ready right now, Zithromax For A Prostate Infection. Let's go awake everyone up.

Then we got up at 7. *dies* Theresa's presentation was pretty awesome and went into a lot of detail on how she'd developed her Twiglimbs body and about joint structures in general. I got some neat ideas of things I wanted to try out with jointing, and I find myself really interested again in starting again on the body I'd planned to sculpt for Antagonist. Zithromax For A Prostate Infection, I feel a little bit more galvanized to do it... though I also sort of want to sculpt something small just for the joy of doing it. 20mg Zithromax For A Prostate Infection, After her presentation, we had a few hours of open sculpting time... during which I accomplished nothing of consequence, aside from sculpting an upper arm and the upper half of a female torso (it had a great rack!). I really enjoyed watching and talking to everyone else, though...

After the workshops, we nipped back to the hotel for an hour to change clothes and get pretty.., Zithromax For A Prostate Infection. then we went to dinner at a nice little french restaurant. That was really nice, and the food was good. I really enjoyed my dinner companions.

After dinner, we went to a little gallery above a coffeeshop and milled around. Zithromax For A Prostate Infection, It was really nice to talk to everyone, and I met some interesting people. I ended up talking to Paulette Goodreau for awhile, and I learned a bit about some of her projects and about her dolls. Interestingly, she actually doesn't care that they're not allowed on DoA... and hasn't found the lack of DoA exposure to be in any way limiting; her dolls have been sold out for awhile. She was very nice and very interesting, and I enjoyed talknig to her. I also got to talk to Kristen (kittymaru) quite a bit over the weekend, and she was very awesome, Zithromax For A Prostate Infection. I really enjoyed talking to her and Analeisa (Fitz... and I'm sorry I massacred your first name) a lot.

I also got to see a few people who I've met before, such as Stella Maris. She makes me laugh. Zithromax For A Prostate Infection, She is such an awesome person and has the most expressive face. I also met Carmen ( Belladonna) and Sam (Mordbidollz) and they were very sweet as well. I'm trying to think of who all I met, but it's a blur to me. I also met LadySaiyuki, Paul Pham, 50mg Zithromax For A Prostate Infection, the gentleman who designs the clothes for Bishonen House, a very nice man who came with Paul Pham... a nice nice lady from Amherst (about an hour away from me), and a bunch of people whose names I never quite caught (or didn't quite retain). I can't say that I met anyone who I didn't like, Zithromax For A Prostate Infection. I wish they were all local, I'd love to see them more. I also need to stop being such a lazy ass and PM some of them.

Anyway, Sunday was a faceup workshop. Cheryl (SDink), Sam, and Carmen sort of taught in stages. Zithromax For A Prostate Infection, For example, Sam would do a bit of pastel, then go spray, then Cheryl would do a bit on her head and go spray with MSC, and then Carmen would demonstrate a bit. It was cool because it was all projected onto a screen at the front of the room so that we could see the details.

The demos were really interesting and I enjoyed watching them. I also felt weird working along because it was completely backwards to me - I do brushwork first and pastel last, where the girls demoing did the opposite. It was fun, though, and it was kinda interesting to do it that way and use acrylics instead of the Mr. Color I normally use, Zithromax For A Prostate Infection. I'll post pics of the faceup I ended up doing later... I still need to gloss the lips.

Unfortunately, since I worked Monday I had to leave early to get home at a decent hour. It was sad to say goodbye to everyone, but I really had an awesome time. Zithromax For A Prostate Infection, Most of what I feel I learned was in materials, rather than technique. Like, I'd like to try out using softer-tipped brushes and some flats... Zithromax For A Prostate Infection us, I usually just use rounds, and it looks like you can get some neat effects with the flats. I'd also like to try some of the different tools that Theresa had - some of the files and rasps she had were really useful. I also hadn't known that you could bake Apoxie Sculpt to speed of the setting (Though it tends to slump). I also go to use Apoxie Clay, which is made by Aves as well but has a different consistency than Apoxie Sculpt, Zithromax For A Prostate Infection. It was very cool.

The biggest thing I got out of the weekend, though, was a bit of drive and inspiration... and a bit of a boost from getting to meet such amazing people. Like I said, I wish more of them were local. :( It was so great just to talk to everyone though.

I didn't take any pics after the first night, really, but here are some of the ones I got the first night:

ohio1.jpg ohio2.jpg ohio3.jpg ohio5.jpg
 ohio7.jpg ohio8.jpg ohio9.jpg ohio6.jpg ohio10.jpg ohio11.jpg

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Cipro Half Life

Cipro Half Life, I got stuff to post about the Artist Retreat, but I wanted to just post this here real quick too.... customer appreciation stuff. (Crossposted from DoA) I'm also unlocking my post from the 10th, as it's just about the head I made. :) I wanted to sort of 'debut' it at the Ohio Artist thing, so I haven't really posted pics of it online.

I'm sorry for the delays, I will be putting up information in a few days with information for November spaces and the next "Surprise package" commission period. I am just finishing up what's in hand, Cipro Half Life.

I did want to take a moment, 150mg Cipro Half Life, though, to post about some small customer appreciation "events" coming up in the future.
Event #1: Gift Head Raffle
I finished the original head I have been working on sporadically for the last year.

The sculpt is named Rachis, and it's my first... so it does have some imperfections. Cipro Half Life, Namely, the headcap sucks. It can wear 14, 50mg Cipro Half Life, 15, or 16mm eyes. Ideally, it looks best in 16/8 eyes. It is SD sized and fits several kinds of body rather well... and works bizarrely well as a male or female character. He is an elf, Cipro Half Life.

I will be raffling two heads for free (well, plus shipping) to anyone who has commissioned me since I opened shop in 2005. If you are interested in a chance at winning a free head, Cipro Half Life mexico, please PM me. The only stipulation is that if you win the head, you must agree not to sell it. If you decide it is not the head for you, you are must return it to me (I'll spring for the return postage if necessary) so that I can raffle it off to someone else. Cipro Half Life, There will be a normal skin head and a white skin head, please specify which one you would like to enter for. The drawing will be held on November 1st, so if you'd like to put in, 100mg Cipro Half Life, please PM me ASAP. I have not actually cast these heads yet, as I am waiting on some UV protect additive to add to the resin.

Event #2: Repaint Sale
I will be offering half-priced faceups in February for any heads that I have faceupped in the past. I appreciate you commissioning me when I perhaps wasn't particularly good, and I understand that all faceups wear anyway... so if you have commissioned me in the past and need a refresher on an old faceup that I did, please drop me a PM and we'll schedule you in to have it redone. I promise that my work has improved, 500mg Cipro Half Life.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your patience. I know I'm not the easiest person to commission, but I aim to please.

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