Tretinoin Cream Retin A

Tretinoin Cream Retin A, The pukipukis arrived!!!!!!!!. *runs around in circles*

They are so incredibly cute.... and the sculpting and posing is amazing. 500mg Tretinoin Cream Retin A, These have better poseability than some of the big dolls I've seen. The knee joint is really pretty innovative... and the dolls are nicely weighted so that you can do quite a bit with them, Tretinoin Cream Retin A.

Roomate and I collectively have Pukipiki triplets - Id, Ego, Tretinoin Cream Retin A craiglist, and Superego. It'll be a few days before I can paint Id and Ego, 40mg Tretinoin Cream Retin A, but Mandy got Superego with a faceup. The Fairyland faceups are simple but very nice. :)


All in all, that was a great thing to come home to today, 30mg Tretinoin Cream Retin A.


Here's the new Id. This time through, 20mg Tretinoin Cream Retin A, Id's genderless. I can't even articulate how cute the sleeping faces are. I'll take pics when everything's all painted and we've sewn wigs.

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Erythromycin Sinus Infection Strept

Erythromycin Sinus Infection Strept, Yeah, I know, it's all Twist lately.  (Well, the last post was, anyway.)

His Dollheart outfit came in the mail today... and while I had been thinking that I would be selling the top half, I'm really charmed by the whole thing under his labcoat.  Really very cute.., Erythromycin Sinus Infection Strept usa. and so very Twist. Erythromycin Sinus Infection Strept us, Roommate's outfit for Ree came today too, so I tried to take a few pics of the two brothers. Twist's hair is so tall though, Erythromycin Sinus Infection Strept overseas, that all my usual backdrop papers are too short to do a full-length of him. Erythromycin Sinus Infection Strept uk, ^^



And yeah, this one is almost identical to the previous... but look at Ree's little hand grabbing onto Twist's labcoat, 200mg Erythromycin Sinus Infection Strept.


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Cialis No Perscription Non Generic

Cialis No Perscription Non Generic, There are too many things to be thankful for to list.  Suffice to say, you're probably on my list. :)

Twist says Happy Thanksgiving too!twistsketch.jpg, Cialis No Perscription Non Generic craiglist. Cialis No Perscription Non Generic japan. 40mg Cialis No Perscription Non Generic. Cialis No Perscription Non Generic us. Cialis No Perscription Non Generic canada.

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Colchicine 0.6 Tablet Photo

Colchicine 0.6 Tablet Photo, I needed to get Cog finished for the Haute Doll article that I'm working on... which is already late!  I'm so happy with how he turned out - it's such a gorgeous head sculpt.  This is a SEVY head, made by Pixydoll.  It reminds me of Senior Delf Bliss, a little, 200mg Colchicine 0.6 Tablet Photo, and a little of a Volks sculpt... and a little of a DIM sculpt too.  He has the best nose and mouth.

Cog-lai is a Rune Theorist and a published author.  Like Shai, he has the "-lai" honorific at the end of his name to indicate that he's a college professor with a doctorate.  (Though Shai-lai still calls him Cog-mai as though he were an assistant professor... it's all in teasing, Colchicine 0.6 Tablet Photo overseas, though).  Cog has pointy ears, though not because he's an elf; Cog is demonbred Yaris, the youngest of the dark clans.  Yaris are the circle scribes and seductors... though Cog is relatively mild because his particular family preferred to be quiet about it.  He is rather shy at times, though he is sometimes subject to streaks of temper or lust, Colchicine 0.6 Tablet Photo. 10mg Colchicine 0.6 Tablet Photo, He's so cobbled together here. -_-;;;  He's wearing Maddy's eyes, Knife's wig, Gen's goggles, Mac's clothes.., 1000mg Colchicine 0.6 Tablet Photo. and using Antagonist's body.

I will be building him these wings soon, but I don't know when I'll have time.  For now, Colchicine 0.6 Tablet Photo india, we have some fictional blueprints that I drew as a photo backdrop. ;)





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Going Off Synthroid

Going Off Synthroid, The sekrit head came today and it's so cute!!!!!!  *dances*

I won't be able to paint it for a few days... but it is SO cute!  I can't wait, Going Off Synthroid coupon. Going Off Synthroid paypal, :D. 50mg Going Off Synthroid. Going Off Synthroid usa. 100mg Going Off Synthroid.

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Clomid No Perscription

Clomid No Perscription, I upgraded my Wordpress and it seems to have inserted "Â" after the end of every sentence.

I was thinking (and griping to a coworker) today about how there's NaNoWriMo every year... and how half my f-list is furiously composing, but to my knowledge, there's no equivalent for artists or musicians. 750mg Clomid No Perscription, I needs me a FoCreProMo (Forced Creative Project Month) or a StoBeSoDaLaMo (Stop Being So Damn Lazy Month).

But sadly, as soon as November passes, most people stop writing and get depressively uncreative again.

I was thinking again about the closed-community blog that I'd been thinking of starting last year, and I was wondering if anyone would be interested, Clomid No Perscription. I haven't thought much of it in awhile, but the main thought was to have a writing and art forum with mandatory participation, 500mg Clomid No Perscription. Basically, all members would be required to post a certain number of times a week and comment on others entries - otherwise they'd get booted. ;) Entries could be detailed journaling, research outlining, 250mg Clomid No Perscription, storyboarding, sketching, poetry, photographs, fully-rendered drawings, etc, Clomid No Perscription uk. There could be weekly writing or drawing challenges.

I dunno if anyone would be interested (and would be able to maintain their interest), but it's something I'd like to do. I need some deadlines and some peer pressure. Clomid No Perscription australia, :) And big art and writing forums scare the shit out of me - have any of you looked at  Crap.

Any thoughts.

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150mg Clomid Online Sales

150mg Clomid Online Sales, Busy weekend, with lots of cleaning and painting.  Julia's Kohya is heading out tomorrow Tuesday because of the postal holiday tomorrow... I got a BF head in to paint, and Azurielle's boys will be done soon.  I worked on Roommate's Peroth, so his ears should be done soon... and I redid Twist.  I'm not sure about it.

This was before:

It had an issue with glossing that had messed up the corners of the lips.., 150mg Clomid Online Sales mexico. and as he'd been around longer, I'd realized that I'd painted his eyebrows too high.  They sit above the brow bone by quite a bit.

So I redid it.., 150mg Clomid Online Sales.



I'm not sure how I feel... he's still very Twist, 30mg 150mg Clomid Online Sales, but the new eyebrow placement makes him look less friendly.  He does look smarter, though, Mandy points out.  I'm not sure if I painted his lip line out as far... I think I'll check that and maybe extend it out a little further.

I'm just not sure about this faceup.  It's technically a lot nicer and the eyebrows are a more realistic placement, but.., 150mg Clomid Online Sales ebay. 150mg Clomid Online Sales, meh.  I'll sleep on it and see how I feel bout him in the morning.

Stuff coming in the mail!  The sekrit head is coming, and he should be here tomorrow or Tuesday, I hope.  I'm so excited to see him!  I don't have any of the right stuff for him... but I'm still super excited.  So is Shai. 20mg 150mg Clomid Online Sales, ;)  Luts order also shipped in record time, so I have fu stuff coming there, as well as some Christmas presents.  Yay.

I wonder how long before BPAL ships the Christmas stinks.

Well, I picked out frames, 150mg 150mg Clomid Online Sales, but I can't order my new glasses until tomorrow because I need to call my flex spending provider to "turn on" the amount on the card that I need for that place because they don't normally cover it (but will in this case).  It'll be nice to have new glasses with new lenses.  I love getting new lenses.  It's weird; my prescription is low as far as magnification, but my astigmatism has gotten worse... so I think the new lenses will feel good.  It's also the first time I've gotten new frames in about 7 years.  (It had gotten to the point where whenever I got new lenses, they made me sign a waiver saying that they weren't responsible if they broke the frames).

Wheeee.  Week o' fun.  I gotta get my Haute Doll article done and shipped out...

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Subaction Showcomments Cialis Thanks Newest Subaction Showcomments Cialis Thanks Newest, I really want the shoes and pants from this outfit, but I'm not too hot on the rest.  Would anyone be interested in the shirt, vest, tie and top hat. 100mg Subaction Showcomments Cialis Thanks Newest. 30mg Subaction Showcomments Cialis Thanks Newest. Subaction Showcomments Cialis Thanks Newest mexico. 40mg Subaction Showcomments Cialis Thanks Newest. Subaction Showcomments Cialis Thanks Newest overseas.

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Oscillopsia Prozac

Oscillopsia Prozac, My Argh. for today:  Through work, we have a flexible spending account... so basically, they take money out of our paychecks pre-tax and set it aside for us to use for medical purposes (doctor copays, medicines, 500mg Oscillopsia Prozac, glasses, etc.).  In January, you decide your amount for the full year, and then you use it over the course of the year.  Anything you don't use, 250mg Oscillopsia Prozac, you lose.  I had elected to withhold $300 in my FSA account, and I used the bulk of it earlier in the year.  I'd planned to just stock up on cold medicines and fever reducers with the remaining $20-30 in the account.  Today we were asked to set up our enrollment for 2008 through their handydandy new online service... and found that instead of withholding $300, [B]they had withheld $800[/B].  You might ask "Why is this a bad thing?"  It's pretty simple.  How the hell am I going to spend $565 on medical stuff before 12/31.


  • Go to the girly doctor ($15 copay)

  • Get a physical (...but I have no primary care physician - my former physician has left that practice and been replaced by a guy who got his degree in Mexico.  I don't freaking think so.) ($15 copay)

  • Try to get a dermatologist appointment. (...but I need a referral though, 1000mg Oscillopsia Prozac, and what are the chances I  can both find a new physician and can get in with the dermatologist before 12/31?) ($20 copay)

  • Order new glasses ($200-$250ish)

  • Stock up on fever reducers, allergies, meds, bandaids and neosporin?  (Might be hard, 200mg Oscillopsia Prozac, though, because NY has put a limit how much individuals can buy at once that contains sudaphedrine as a preventative measure against people with meth labs.... and most of the good allergy meds have it) (Maybe $100?)

  • Check into seeing if there are places to donate unopened, new medicine and first aid supplies.  Tax benefit and doing a nice thing. :)

I think they read my $300 as an $800.... I wonder if I could talk to HR about it?  Maybe they can just get it corrected..., Oscillopsia Prozac craiglist.

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Cipro Tab

Swill is in a photostory on Junkets' blog Cipro Tab, . :)  You'll have to comment for the password, Cipro Tab australia, 10mg Cipro Tab, but I think it's a pretty neato entry.

, 50mg Cipro Tab. Cipro Tab japan. Cipro Tab india.

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