Prozac Lyrics

Prozac Lyrics, Okay, I NEED to clean out the head bin.

So he goes first.


DoA Sale:

When we were working on Michelle's School A, I somehow ended up making hers look more like a Woosoo than anything else.  Just for morbid curiousity, Prozac Lyrics australia, I wanted to see how much like a Woosoo I could make the SwD School A look.  Which would have worked excellent as an embodiment for a character who I've since decided not to have.  From some angles, it's rather close - the facial structures and spacing of the features are very similar in some ways.  Not in a copied or even an 'inspired by' way, 500mg Prozac Lyrics, but just sort of similarly proportioned.  I opened the eyes differently, though....

I'm also selling my DIL Rydel head - $65, cheap, 50mg Prozac Lyrics, charming as hell with his broad mouth, good for faceup and modding practice.  I love the head, Prozac Lyrics uk, but I don't think I'm going to end up getting Lex as a doll at all.

In a few days, I'm going to put up the Bermont and the Nanuri 07. *sigh*

I'm debating if I want to sell any of the off-casts of the Rachis head.., Prozac Lyrics coupon. but I don't really want anything floating around though that I'm not satisfied with.  We'll see, I guess.  I just feel like there is too much going on around here and I want it all out.  Commissions need to get done this week, I want stuff sold....

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Cialis Reviews

Cialis Reviews, Well, if you read my blog with regularity, then you know that I do this. I see a movie, think about it for a few days, then empty my thoughts into my journal.

Spoilers below.


. , Cialis Reviews.


Okay, as my usual disclaimer, I feel like I should say that I take most media with particular interest toward the portrayal of women. And this is a really interesting movie from that standpoint.

My second disclaimer is that I looked away during some most of the gorest scenes. Cialis Reviews, One of the most interesting things about the movie was that the background of the social climate and settings seemed to be very thoroughly researched... and represented in rather gritty, direct accuracy. The most disturbing scenes were not murder scenes. The part that I found most uncomfortable was the sequence when Mrs. Lovett was casually recounting the rape of Benjamin Barker's wife at a party in front of a crowd of onlookers; "She wasn't no match for such craft, y'see/And everyone thought it so droll/ They figured she had to be daft, y'see/ So all of them stood there and laughed, Cialis Reviews canada, y'see!/ Poor soul!/ Poor thing!" The other parts that were very effective (to me) were the shop boy's implications about things that happened to the children in the workhouses after dark... and the 'lunatics' cowering in fear from their keeper, Cialis Reviews.

Daily violence against women and children was commonplace. Any of these things could have, and most likely did, happen on any given day in 18th century London. Keepers abused their charges verbally, physically, and sexually... and did actually sell their hair to wigmakers. Cialis Reviews, At that point, it was easy to have any woman involuntarily committed, and who was to say what would happen to her at that point. Not that being out in society was necessarily safer. There was even less protection for unattached children, and any number of terrible things that could happen to them.

When backed with the glimpses of past realities, the central story of the demon barber and Mrs. Lovett's meatpies is very bright and surreal.... and bizzarely unfrightening, Cialis Reviews. Rather like caricatures amid real people.

The characters themselves were largely archetypical, probably because the musical is based on much older versions of the stage show and penny dreadfuls that date back to the 1800s. I wouldn't say that the characters were flat - they were frequently very compelling and very interesting. However, they did fit neatly into their little spaces in the Victorian-esque story structure, 250mg Cialis Reviews. Cialis Reviews, Sweeney Todd's himself was interesting; he verged between morose, unexplained internal monologue, bursts of homicidal frenzy, and an occasional witty quip. His motives were also interesting. Initially (and overarching), revenge. But the secondary motive, which is the one that prompts him to kill strangers, is the desire to rid the world of evildoers and release good men from their miseries. All in all, most of his murderous artistry is done in a misguided effort at purification; when he completes his revenge, I had the impression of a certain sense of salvation.

That said, I was not particularly fond of or interested in Todd as a character.., Cialis Reviews. definitely not the pinnacle of passion and cathartic revenge. I found his supporting characters much more interesting.

Mrs. Lovett was also an interesting character; a woman capable of great evil. Cialis Reviews, While not a murderer in her own right, she presents herself as an eager accomplice and a true opportunist. Who is more gruesome, really. A man beyond reason or a woman who is calculating and shrewd. Truly, Todd could not have continued to murder in such volume if he had not had someone to help him dispose of the bodies. Perhaps the whole thing would have been avoided if she had simply told Todd at the onset that his wife had not actually died. Evil, but very very intelligent, Cialis Reviews. 100mg Cialis Reviews, She is slavishly devoted to Todd, despite his lack of genuine interest in her... and throughout, it is obvious that she will eventually meet her demise because she is simply too "evil" to continue to live. There is one moment where she seems as though she may have a chance for redemption, but it turns to an opportunity for her to break through the barriers to an even greater lack of humanity; Toby, her devoted little shop boy, declares his intention to protect her from anyone who would harm her. The two sing a brief duet where she pledges the same. Cialis Reviews, Within the same scene, she locks him in the bakehouse and goes to get Mr. Todd to dispatch him because he knows too much about what is going on. Her eventual death is predictable, grotesque, and satisfying.

Joanna, a rather minor supporting character, was the daughter of Benjamin and Lucy Barker. After Lucy's 'death' she was taken in and raised by her mother's rapist. Judge Turpin is down to be a truly corrupt authority figure.., Cialis Reviews. but it's uncertain whether or not his debauchery has extended to his sixteen year oldward. True, he spies on her in her room, but his interest in her seems to be highly predatory, Cialis Reviews us, but more genuine than his interest in her mother. Not so genuine, though, that her refusal of his marriage proposal would save her from being sent to an asylum. Joanna seems to be aware throughout how trapped she is by her social position, and she is a restatement of her mother's naivety and 'virtue.' One of her most interesting moments (and one of the most interesting moments of the movie) comes toward the end when her rescuer, the archetypal Young Lover, says that he will call a carriage and they will leave together... Cialis Reviews, and then everything will be all right. She sort of pauses, then tells him that no, it won't. At the end, it is assumed that she leaves with her love interest, but it is not explicitly shown.

Most true crime writers and criminal profiler say that there is a profound difference between the type of murderer who stabs and the type of murderer who slices. In all but one case, death comes in the form of a slit throat (or having one's neck snapped by the fall to the bakeroom floor below after the initial throat slitting). Turpin's mortal wounds are inflicted by a series of stabs to the throat, possibly a pseudo-sexual method related to Turpin's crime against Barker's wife, Cialis Reviews.

All in all, it was a good viewing... Cialis Reviews paypal, though I don't really feel the need to watch it again due to the gore. The dark Victoria staples were present - pedophilia, cannabalism, insane asylums, corrupt authority figures, wrongly accused young men, throat slitting, etc...and if you're into that and singing murderers, it's a great show. :).

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Erythromycin Topical Cream

Erythromycin Topical Cream, Cog's new eyes came on Christmas day. With the wig I ordered with Lizzard a few weeks ago and the flight cap Mandychu got me for Christmas, Erythromycin Topical Cream craiglist, 1000mg Erythromycin Topical Cream, he's starting to come together. I want a new body for him (SD13 pureskin boy), Erythromycin Topical Cream usa, Erythromycin Topical Cream ebay, but I like him a lot.

His eyes are custom EDs, 40mg Erythromycin Topical Cream, red with a black rim. They didn't photograph spectacularly (I should have switched lenses), but they are deep and stunning in real life.




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Pcos Miscarriage Clomid


twistyclaus2.jpg Pcos Miscarriage Clomid, Twist always liked to dress up as Santa at the hospital where he worked.  He would flatten his hair down, stuff the front of the coat with a pillow, and just go be his insanely cheerful self for all the kids.  All of the kids who knew immediately that it was him, and called him Twisty Claus instead. :)

Ree, Pcos Miscarriage Clomid overseas, Pcos Miscarriage Clomid india, his little brother, is the type of kid who pulled on mall Santas beards and asked "Is this real?  Oh, 10mg Pcos Miscarriage Clomid, 30mg Pcos Miscarriage Clomid, I'm sorry.  I suppose it wasn't.  Well, this is awkward isn't it?"

Merry Christmas (late) from me and my boys (and one girl), 150mg Pcos Miscarriage Clomid.
I meant to take pictures of Lacey and her nutcracker... but I took one of Becky's Pukipuki with the nutcracker instead.




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Where To Get Clomid In Japan

Where To Get Clomid In Japan, And now for something a little lighter.

In the style of, Where To Get Clomid In Japan usa, Where To Get Clomid In Japan mexico, a site that posts badly photoshopped images of things eating other things.

omnomnomnomchin.jpg, 750mg Where To Get Clomid In Japan. Where To Get Clomid In Japan paypal. 20mg Where To Get Clomid In Japan.

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Synthroid And Congestive Heart Failure

Synthroid And Congestive Heart Failure, At work we are sponsoring two families from Alternatives for Battered Women, a local non-profit.  I am very much into programs for the welfare of women and children, so this is a cause that I am willing to support.

They posted the family's Christmas lists in the kitchen about two weeks ago. 40mg Synthroid And Congestive Heart Failure,   I went immediately to go look and sign up for gifts... and found myself walking back to my desk without signing up for anything.  Why?  This program is supposedly to brighten Christmas for families who "don't have anything."  But on the wishlist, all the kids wanted were clothes and video games for an unspecified game system, 50mg Synthroid And Congestive Heart Failure.

This morning when I looked at the list, 100mg Synthroid And Congestive Heart Failure, I saw that a pitiful number of people had signed up.  I think that most of the office felt the way I did - since when do kids who don't have anything have game systems?  Why didn't the kids want toys?  Books?  Movies.

Mandy and I signed up to get computer games for the sixteen year old and clothes for the 9 and 11 year olds from the other family.  We went to Target after work to shop for them and ended up getting some rather generic clothes for the two boys.., Synthroid And Congestive Heart Failure. because all we had to go on were ages and sizes, and the word "clothes."  For flavor, Synthroid And Congestive Heart Failure us, we also got a book for the older boy and a few art-related things for the younger.  We have no idea if they'll like them; we have no idea what kind of kids they are at all.  For the other, Synthroid And Congestive Heart Failure craiglist, all we knew were "computer games" and that he was a 16 year old who wears a size 4x.  We ended up getting Civilization III and the Transformers computer game for him.

It was so incredibly impersonal.  Normally doing charity things makes me happy... but oddly, I just feel somewhat melancholy and rather cynical.  I am here in my (debatably) warm apartment with my comfy pyjamas and my DS and my laptop... and while I don't make that much money, I want to share and help others.  It seems so hard to do that in meaningful ways.

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Is Prozac Addictive

Is Prozac Addictive, Piggybacking off of yesterday's post, tonight we found this:

The trainwreck goes on for a full 3:39, but I couldn't make it past 2:40. O_O

I can't even tell you how freaking many cookies we have right now... and how many we're still making, Is Prozac Addictive canada. So far, Is Prozac Addictive uk, we've made peanut butter kisses, anise cutouts (still need to be frosted), Snickerdoodles, Is Prozac Addictive japan, chocolate covered cherry cookies, Is Prozac Addictive australia, gingerbread men, and chocolate truffles. I'm about to go whip up some meringues (they take 4 hours, Is Prozac Addictive overseas, so I do them right before bed)... and tomorrow I'm making some peppermint cookies and icing allllll of those cut outs...

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Purchase Amoxicillin Without Prescription

Purchase Amoxicillin Without Prescription, Nothing worked today. I feel very frustrated, Purchase Amoxicillin Without Prescription india. Purchase Amoxicillin Without Prescription ebay, So I watched the Numa Numa video on Youtube... and now I feel a little better.  I don't know why, 150mg Purchase Amoxicillin Without Prescription, 10mg Purchase Amoxicillin Without Prescription, but it works every time. 30mg Purchase Amoxicillin Without Prescription.

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Will Flagyl Cause Yeast Infections

Will Flagyl Cause Yeast Infections, The Marquis de Guimauves.



Something about his blunt face and movements reminds me of a puppy..., 200mg Will Flagyl Cause Yeast Infections. 1000mg Will Flagyl Cause Yeast Infections, and a little bit like a hamster.  He's dumb like a hamster, unfortunately.  I'm hoping his brain grows along with his body.  -_-;; He's two months old and already much friendlier and more inquisitive than the sulky Lord Ashbury, 250mg Will Flagyl Cause Yeast Infections. Will Flagyl Cause Yeast Infections coupon, As usual, I gave the cuter pics to Roommate to post, 500mg Will Flagyl Cause Yeast Infections, so go check them out there.

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Tanning Amoxicillin

Tanning Amoxicillin, Cut for naked pukipukis.

Still no wigs or clothes, Tanning Amoxicillin paypal, Tanning Amoxicillin india, but we're getting there.  I love doing tiny faceups.  It takes no time at all.





pukipikis.jpg, 150mg Tanning Amoxicillin. Tanning Amoxicillin canada. Tanning Amoxicillin mexico.

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