Synthroid And Armour

Synthroid And Armour, I got a bunch of stuff done and I made progress on other stuff. :)  YAY!  Not too bad, 30mg Synthroid And Armour. 40mg Synthroid And Armour, I went through and started cleaning out my memory card for my camera and I found some pics that I don't think I ever posted of Swill and Crash.   They're surprisingly sweet, 500mg Synthroid And Armour. 250mg Synthroid And Armour, crashswillsweet1.jpg




Swill almost looks like Limit in some of these.  Did I ever post the pictures of Limit and Crash..... I can't remember now, 100mg Synthroid And Armour.

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Buy Tetracycline For Pets

Buy Tetracycline For Pets, After realizing earlier today that I was ruining everything I touched, I mostly stayed still this afternoon and didn't work on commissions. (I need to redo some of what I'd had done because I just couldn't paint steady lines. Buy Tetracycline For Pets paypal, Sigh. Tomorrow I'll catch up.)

I am full of ideas, though, Buy Tetracycline For Pets japan, so I'm happy. 150mg Buy Tetracycline For Pets, :) I know what I'm doing for everything that I have in hand, and I am full of enthusiasm for my own sculpts. Gelf is coming along slowly, but he is making progress..., Buy Tetracycline For Pets. and Fawn's head is getting to be less crooked by the day, Buy Tetracycline For Pets coupon. Though she is a bit chubby at the moment.... 200mg Buy Tetracycline For Pets, needs a file taken to her cheeks. I should start posting pics on my blog of my sculpts again, but I am self-conscious. ;)


  • Redo MJ faceup

  • Put eyelashes in everything that needs eyelashes (4 heads, eek.)

  • Drop movies off to Dad

  • Get groceries so we can eat this week

  • File Fawn's cheeks?


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Buy Clomid Online

Buy Clomid Online, I crashed and slept for about an hour when I got home... yikes, Buy Clomid Online australia. 20mg Buy Clomid Online, Why am I just so exhausted lately. Dinner's cooking now, 10mg Buy Clomid Online. Buy Clomid Online mexico, After dinner, I need to get to work on stuff, Buy Clomid Online india.

To do:

  • Finish Vala's faceup

  • Do base pastels on MJ

Realistically I don't think I can work more than 2 hours tonight without suffering a loss in quality on work, so I think that's all I'm going to expect myself to do tonight.

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Zithromax To Dissolve

Zithromax To Dissolve, WURK TIEMZ!!!!!!.

  • Gloss Tsi Pics sent

  • Gloss Joshu Pics sent

  • Finish Vala Well, 1000mg Zithromax To Dissolve, 50mg Zithromax To Dissolve, she's 3/4ths done

  • Start faceup MJ Started blushing him tanner...

  • Continue on Kit's ears Just need to do the higher grit sanding, pics sent

  • SLEEP!! Sort of, Zithromax To Dissolve usa, Zithromax To Dissolve ebay, though Mooseman upstairs woke me up around 4 AGAIN.

. Zithromax To Dissolve craiglist.

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Rich Bailey And Colchicine

pale quivering breath
soft threaded through brambles
dandelion silk threaded though miracles sharp without cutting
deep lines miraculous lines cut
river through rocks years through flesh
soft flesh
walk among hard edges hard planes sharp lines
encapsulated days walled in all sides

in a box constructed of plaster and walls and lights and sound
stronger than i am these walls these crushing walls
these hard edged desks these burning wires
these every stone outside outlasts our skin our bones

our hearts our heads our grace

and in these soft stone bones our hearts beat gracious these gold

these soft-bodied

straight-backed cradled in the palm of grace

that preserves us and guides us through brambles unscathed through the broken edges hard edges i'm soft these edges could crush me could crush me like glass that could cut me like steel and knives and crushing metal on metal crushes metal like silk and crushes flesh out of being tears gouges the simple force blunt blow crushes falls dead dull eyes opened wide to the sky

Rich Bailey And Colchicine, sidestepped by stopping skidding on snow the tires locked, thank you for not turning in front of me thank you for saving my life.

i am breakable do we think on our fingers the webs of soft flesh miraculous lines cut furrows like rivers through mountains the folds of our fingers are proof

among mountains softer than oak trees and smaller than time we press onward ever unafraid unaware of our softness surrounded by millions of deaths passed by thread-widths protected by what....

... ;_;

Bleh. I can't write at all tonight.

Sometimes when I have a hard time getting through an idea, I try it as a stream of consciousness... it doesn't usually work, Rich Bailey And Colchicine. There have been a few notable exceptions (also notable as being the few good things I've ever written).

My thoughts today have been somewhat morbid, Rich Bailey And Colchicine paypal, but also miraculous... it started with lamenting over a a flattened squirrel on the way to work. Sometimes I get depressed because I think of how animals just don't even stand a chance against human technology like cars and electricity... Rich Bailey And Colchicine, and how soft they are compared to our big metal monstrocities. This gradually shifted to contemplation of human mortality, and the fact that humans don't really even stand a chance against our own metal monstrocities. This turned to a contemplation of how "soft" man is compared to everything he deals with on a daily basis, Rich Bailey And Colchicine usa, and how hard everything we deal with is by comparison. Be it the trees which are also alive, the stones that are man-made, or even the edge of my filing cabinet that I have a perpetual bruise from walking into daily. How breakable and how emphemeral... I am having a hard time articulating what was really a beautiful realization; that the strength of man lies partly in the fact that nearly anything in his environment is harder than he is, Rich Bailey And Colchicine. But by whatever grace you believe in, be it God or simply man's own guiding intelligence (or some combination of both), we travel through our lives avoiding thousands of possible dangers and imaginary deaths, 150mg Rich Bailey And Colchicine, fairly blissfully unaware that these dangers even exist.

(Different thought) I think that often people forget the small happinesses... and the smaller thankful things. The fact that we have our health or our families, or that someone was there at the drive through when we had the sudden need for a milkshake at 11 pm.... Rich Bailey And Colchicine, or even the simple things like that the fact that we did actually have a spare bulb to swap in when the living room light blew out tonight. I feel like lately I have been too focused on negative things, Rich Bailey And Colchicine overseas, like stress at work, unsavory or ungrateful people, dental fears, money worries.... and I need to start taking more time to focus on the things that actually matter to me. Like talking to my friends or keeping in touch with my family and creating things.

Many of us are not "lucky," but we are fortunate, 10mg Rich Bailey And Colchicine. I am thankful for all of you.

Man is a beautiful creature.

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Can Synthroid Be Taken Sublingual

Can Synthroid Be Taken Sublingual, Tonight I want to...

  • Pry out those wooden balls in Fawns head

  • Finish concept sketches of both surprise mods I've received so far...

  • Clean MJ head

  • Strip faceups off of Jenova's heads

  • Start Kitsune's ear mods

  • Finish state tax return

, Can Synthroid Be Taken Sublingual craiglist. 200mg Can Synthroid Be Taken Sublingual. Can Synthroid Be Taken Sublingual ebay. 40mg Can Synthroid Be Taken Sublingual. 1000mg Can Synthroid Be Taken Sublingual.

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Acomplia Generic

Acomplia Generic, I'm drowsy today, and not at all into work.

What I want to be doing is going home and working on fun things. Tonight's plans in order of priority:

  • Apply upper eyelashes to all of Gina's heads and pack them up to ship

  • Light eye mod on Annika's MJ head

  • Taxes ;_; Well, I got federal done.  :(

  • Pry wooden balls out of Fawn's head so I can start cleaning up her eyes tomorrow

  • Work on faceup instructions template so I can get it to current faceup clients

In case anyone noticed, the Box Opening gallery got pruned, 250mg Acomplia Generic. This was a mistake that is entirely my fault, and not the fault of any of the other mods or virtues. If you feel like flaming someone about it, Acomplia Generic us, you know where to find me. ;)

Every day at lunch, I see this car at the grocery store that is absolutely wallpapered with bumper stickers, Acomplia Generic. Most of them are rather accusatory anti-meat eater, anti-fur, etc. I am all for animal rights, Acomplia Generic india, but lately seeing that person's car just grates on my nerves. Not really a huge fan of bumper stickers in general. I think that any time you admit that your personal philosophy can be summarized in a hackneyed tagline, 30mg Acomplia Generic, you've kinda reduced your beliefs to a McMotto that is hard to take seriously. Acomplia Generic, On a personal note, I also find that it is more powerful to be for something, rather than against the opposite. Being against something prevents a narrow view... if I said I was anti-abuse, it might only mean that I'm only looking to stop people from beating on their kids. If I say I'm pro-children's rights, 100mg Acomplia Generic, I'm saying I'm against abuse AND I'm in favor of promoting the rights of children that may fall outside that sphere. Language is powerful; it's the reason why pro-life is not anti-choice and pro-choice is not anti-life.

As a plus, people with annoying bumper stickers enable snappy roadrage monologues by basically turning the driver into a pre-packaged epithet. :).

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Where To Buy Acomplia

Where To Buy Acomplia, Meat and cheeeeeese.  Meat and cheeeeeese!  Meat and cheeeeese!  *flails rapturously*. 20mg Where To Buy Acomplia. 500mg Where To Buy Acomplia. Where To Buy Acomplia australia. Where To Buy Acomplia uk. Where To Buy Acomplia coupon.

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Inserted In The Tetracycline Resistance Gene

Inserted In The Tetracycline Resistance Gene, I've been sculpting a lot lately and I'm really enjoying it.  I think my focus right now has moved from modding heads to sculpting from scratch... so I think I may really just empty the head bin.  I have a bunch of heads to sell.., Inserted In The Tetracycline Resistance Gene canada. 50mg Inserted In The Tetracycline Resistance Gene, now to just decide if I want to paint them first, THEN sell them., 750mg Inserted In The Tetracycline Resistance Gene. Inserted In The Tetracycline Resistance Gene japan, or just sell them. Inserted In The Tetracycline Resistance Gene mexico.

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Calf Pain In Cipro

I just watched Superbad Calf Pain In Cipro, .  I think it may be the worst movie I've ever seen. Calf Pain In Cipro craiglist. Calf Pain In Cipro usa. 750mg Calf Pain In Cipro. Calf Pain In Cipro japan. 150mg Calf Pain In Cipro.

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