Zithromax Drug Interaction

Zithromax Drug Interaction, Tonight's sole "accomplishment" was that I managed to crochet the largest baby bootie in the known world.  The shape was correct, but the scale was just... not.  This was my fourth attempt.  I give up. I have absolutely no idea what's wrong with me, but I have decided to sew up the ends and make it into a dog toy and just stick to crocheting things that are basically rectangular., 100mg Zithromax Drug Interaction.

This wonderful highlight of my many talents segues nicely into this meme I stole...

Making Things is Fun Meme-ish-ness:

The first five people (who I know at all) to respond to this post will get something made by me!  (Please come to the blog to reply, 250mg Zithromax Drug Interaction, not the LJ feed.)

My choice. For you, Zithromax Drug Interaction.

This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:

* I make no guarantees that you will like what I make.
* What I create will be with you in mind.
* I will try to do them all in February or March, Zithromax Drug Interaction japan.
* You have no clue what it's going to be. Zithromax Drug Interaction, It could be something cool and unique that was sculpted, drawn, or painted just for you or your dolls... or it could be something that sucks like the aforementioned bootie. Zithromax Drug Interaction india, It's entirely my choice what it is. No quibbles, no refunds.
* I reserve the right to do something extremely strange.

The catch?

Oh, Zithromax Drug Interaction craiglist, the catch is that you put this in your journal as well. If you don't, you don't get anything. :P.

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Cialis Versus Viagra

Cialis Versus Viagra, I'm trying to sell a bunch of stuff to gather some funds for apartment improvements. (I want a new couch.)  To that end, I'm selling a bunch of stuff.  Some of it has been for sale in the MP on DoA, but I'm lowering the prices.  Some of it still needs pics taken.... if you're interested, please PM me on DoA or drop me an email to armeleia at gmail.  Prices do not include shipping and I'm only taking non-cc paypal.

Might also consider trades for male mature mini clothes, but at the moment I'm more in need of money. :)

I'll probably be adding to this too.



#1: Modified Ricky Bermont $150 115 $110
I had bought this head a couple years ago with a lot of additive modifications, Cialis Versus Viagra. I removed all of those additions and sort of "cleaned up" some parts of the head. Bermont is an early head by Ricky and has a lot of lumps, Cialis Versus Viagra usa, bumps, and other flaws. I have added more definition to the eyelids, evened out the eyes, and smoothed out some of the lumps. I have also reduced the size of the ears as much as possible. Cialis Versus Viagra, It is a good match to Volks Oldskin and similar resins. It is SD-sized.
Left, Right

(no pic yet) Feeple Dreaming Vampire Moon head in NS.  Currently has a faceup, Cialis Versus Viagra us, but will be wiped before shipping.  Unmodified. Asking $100.  (Will also trade for open-eyed NS Moon head).

(no pic yet) MSDoll #3 head in WS.  Decent match to CP white.  Currently has a faceup but will DEFINITELY be wiped because the faceup is very specific and not very appealing.  Unmodified.  Asking $125.


Droprops, 18mm, Cialis Versus Viagra. These are a warm, orangey brown, made of urethane. $30

(No pic yet) 18mm brilliant blue ED Sweety eyes.  Asking $45.
(No pic yet) 16mm blue-teal Everpurple eyes.  Asking $30.

Leeke L-064 in pink. Cialis Versus Viagra, Really awesome wig, but too bright for the doll I bought it for. Perfect condition, asking $20, 1000mg Cialis Versus Viagra.

I believe this is wig DW-163. Could also be DW-61, I'm not sure.  It is also a "milk" white, so it has opaque, true white fibers. It is in perfect condition. Asking $20, Cialis Versus Viagra.

Jpopdolls wig. Very voluminous and nicely made - the wig cap doesn't show, which is always nice.  Asking $12. Cialis Versus Viagra canada,
Dollheart fiber wig in golden blond. It is a beautiful wig with long, straight center-parted bands and a curly/wavey back. Cialis Versus Viagra, Unfortunately, Dollheart is overhauling their site, so I can't post links to their official photos. Asking $20.

(no pic yet) Leekeworld L-057 in black (this wig) in SD-size.  Asking $20.

(no pic yet) Dollga up-do in Eve Cream, YoSD/Unoa size (this wig).  Curls are slightly mussed, but not too bad.  Asking $20.


(no pics yet) Dollzone Floy outfit.  Asking $40.

Custom Kimono by Flowergirl in greens and yellows.  Cotton-lined silk.  Normally Flowergirl sells these for around $130, I think.., Cialis Versus Viagra uk. but I am looking for around $100. I can take more pics if anyone is interested.  (Oh, that's also the MSdoll #3 head that I'm selling too.).

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Coffee And Synthroid

Coffee And Synthroid, *stalks the USPS tracking*

I don't think he's coming today.

*emooooooo*, 500mg Coffee And Synthroid. 40mg Coffee And Synthroid. 750mg Coffee And Synthroid. 150mg Coffee And Synthroid. Coffee And Synthroid australia.

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Colchicine Mechanism

Colchicine Mechanism, I hadn't looked in on Pundit's Kitchen for awhile.  It's a website I really enjoy, but I didn't really feel like looking at it until after the inauguration.

I guess I like my LOL Politics to actually be funny.  You know, with funny text and punchlines?  The degree of Obama worship has really reached a level that I would consider "rabid fangirling."  Awwww, our new president and his family are so CUUUUUUUTE!   Awww, our president can form coherent sentences. 10mg Colchicine Mechanism, It's been awhile since we've had a present who wasn't either a saxaphone-playing pervert or a big-eared idiot, but many of our past presidents have been classy, articulate men.  I'm excited to have someone who can pronounce the words "nuclear" and "education" too, but let's not get carried away.

I feel bad saying it, but I am sick of the Obamas already because of the obsessive media coverage.  Obama was Time's Man of the Year.., Colchicine Mechanism paypal. and I'm going "Wait...?  He hasn't actually done anything yet.  He's just said a bunch of things he plans to do."  I also don't want to see magazine covers about the love story of the Obamas.  I don't care what dog they get.  I don't need to hear the details of Mrs. Obama's dress to the inaugural ball (what is this, 1960?).  Their kids are cute, but geez, leave them alone.  They're little.  I don't like that the media is making race such an issue when the man himself has NOT made it an issue.., Colchicine Mechanism. and really, that's why I think he can do good things for race relations in the US.  Because we are people before we are a color, gender, Colchicine Mechanism ebay, religion, or sexuality.  (Also why I did NOT like Hillary as a presidental candidate or as our new Secretary of State. "I'm a woman, you're a woman.  Our ovaries UNDERSTAND each other.  Your ovaries WANT to vote for me.")

Ugh.  I can't wait till the politicians can get back to politics!  Hopefully now that the inauguration is done, we can resume normal life and actually see congress stop twiddling their thumbs.

I did think the inaugeration speech was a good one, 30mg Colchicine Mechanism, and I enjoyed listening to it.  I liked that it was rather direct and delivered well... it had a couple of statements that sounded like tag-lines or direct-to-bumper-sticker quotes... but I actually kinda liked that about it.  I thought the sentiment was good.  Hope is good.  I am always hopeful.

Dow dropped to a 2 month low on Inaugeration Day.  That's typical, 20mg Colchicine Mechanism, though... something like 60% of the time, it does.  Moreso when a Democrat is sworn in because people fear higher taxes on their investments.  Dow continues to drop, though we are happily still (barely) over 8,000.

And now for something related but awesome.  Click me.

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Cialis Headache

Referencing Cialis Headache, Mr. Dollshe's description of the new body.

I think this is interesting for two reasons... Cialis Headache overseas, It's neat to have a body whose focus is the aesthetic and sculptural qualities of the joints.  Fascinating, really, to have a doll whose body detailing seems to be secondary to the jointing structure.  Personally, I would rather sacrifice the extreme poseability for a more fluid bodyline.., 40mg Cialis Headache. but the mentality behind its creation is really unusual and revolutionary.  Sort of like a trade-off of a realistic sculpt vs. realistic posing, Cialis Headache.

I also took the second section as a sort of a dig at Dollmore.  "COPY THIS, 250mg Cialis Headache, FUCKERS."  It's true, though. By creating a very specific, very unusual jointing system he is both creating his own niche and making a product that will be very easily recognizable if replicated, Cialis Headache usa.

I think that the practice of discontinuing copied sculpts is both interesting and sad.  Dollshe discontinued the copied Dollshe body after Dollmore blatantly ripped it off by creating the Model Boy body.  Volks discontinued the SD16 body after Dollzone released their 70cm body.  Both of their copied counterparts are still for sale, but the originating companies have discontinued their product and released another more interesting and involved replacement. Cialis Headache australia, Dollshe the DSAM body, Volks the SD17.

While the DSAM body leaves me cold, I can't help but appreciate the engineering and the perseverance that created it.  Rock on, Mr. Dollshe.  I wish I liked your aesthetic because I would love to support you.

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Natural Herb For Tetracycline

Natural Herb For Tetracycline, Husk is a project I had intended to work on steadily through December, NaNoWriMo-style working hard every day.  I worked steadily for about 8 days, then got sucked into work and holiday prep... and didn't get to work on him much at al until this month.  This month I've been busy too, so progress is slow...

My original plan was to make a cloth armature and fill it with sand... then slime this with Apoxie Paste to form a hard shell I could sculpt over.  This is largely what I ended up doing, with the exception that I substituted sand with salt because it was cheaper (and I had no idea what I'd do with leftover sand, whereas I can just use salt in the kitchen).  I drained the sand, then started sculpting over it with gray Sculpey Firm.  A lot of artists use Sculpey Firm with great success, but I am not one of those people.  I think it's because most people get their sculpt mostly done with the Sculpey and only have a little bit of cleanup to do after.  I'm not so talented... Natural Herb For Tetracycline us, I sculpt in the basics and bake it because I get to a point where I am just skwooshing it... then spend hours cleaning and evening out the sculpt, Natural Herb For Tetracycline.

Anyway, I had originally planned to sculpt the figure whole (minus arms and head) then cut it apart and joint it.  I found after sculpting part-way that my oven wasn't big enough... so I cut off the start of the upper body and focused on the hips and legs, then cooked them and cut them apart.  Then I worked on building up the muscles and adding detail.  Unfortunately, my Great Plan for the armature wasn't ultimately successful - the armature was great for sculpting on to, but when it came to cutting it apart, the apoxie-impregnanted cloth had too much give.  When it flexed, the Sculpey cracked. I got to a point where I just realized that I'd need to junk cast the lower torso in order to continue working on it, Natural Herb For Tetracycline paypal.

So I had a good experimental session with junk molding and found a good, economical method for conserving silicone by building a somewhat fitted support shell around the piece, then pouring the silicone directly into the shell. Natural Herb For Tetracycline, At this point, I have junk cast the lower torso and am in the process of cleaning it up.... as usual, I have sculpted crooked so there is a lot of cleanup to do.  It's what I'm good at though... it's the difference between sculpting and modifying.  I'm ultimately a better modder than sculptor, but it feels nice to be modding something that I made from scratch.  The hip piece is starting to look pretty decent, so I think I'm ready to start burring out the hip sockets.  After the hip sockets have been created and are even, 100mg Natural Herb For Tetracycline, I can work on evening out the tops of the thighs so that they fit well.  Then I'll junk cast the thighs... then clean them up, then work down to the calves, etc... Thinking double-jointed knees.

One of my major formative experiences as a would-be doll sculptor was working on Dezarii's Chiidori, Isadore.  I learned a lot about how joint shapes can really impact the function of a body.  What I learned on him has been reinforced by owning a DoC Yen, whose joints were functional but  lousy, and handling several cheap dolls and seeing how ill-fitting or overly simplistic joints can negatively impact both range of motion and stability.  In particular, I feel that the hip joint controls whether a doll can sit or stand.  Because of that, every time I have started a sculpt, I have always started with the hips and thighs.  My goal for Husk is to mostly finish his lower body (all the jointing, muscular detail, but not the final smoothing) before moving on to the upper body.  I want his lower half to be balanced and able to stand well before I move on.  I'm saving the head for last.., Natural Herb For Tetracycline. it'll be my reward for finishing the body.  Meantime, I can use commercial heads to size the body appropriately... what I really want out of this is just a body I can cast for myself to match with heads I like.


I'm embarrassed to post these pictures because it is just so BAD.  ^_^;;;  It's good for me, though.  Humility, Natural Herb For Tetracycline japan, yay.  Armeleia is an unnatural sculptor, yay.  As I said on doll-a-day, I want to be Rainman when I grow up.  That man is so freaking talented.  But maybe someday I'll get there with practice.

(Oh, there's also a brief interlude of the start of Versai's new torso where it looks like crap... and a pic of Husk next to a Senior Delf.  I am not using the Senior Delf as a sculpting reference, but I am checking periodically to see if they are approximately the same size because I want Husk to be able to wear standard-size clothes.  So far he's a little chunky, so he'll need to be slimmed a touch. Natural Herb For Tetracycline coupon, For sculpting references, I am using the models in Anatomy for Artists and a gorgeous [!] picture of a guy from a GQ ad.  I've also used a bit of... um... 'adult material' for sculpting references of certain areas.  You'd be amazed how hard it is to find pictures shaved, non-erect male genitalia.).

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Lumigan Opth Soln

Lumigan Opth Soln, Okay, the order is in, the payment has been confirmed.  Now we just.... wait, Lumigan Opth Soln paypal. Lumigan Opth Soln india, :). Lumigan Opth Soln mexico. Lumigan Opth Soln ebay. Lumigan Opth Soln uk.

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Acheter Cialis

Acheter Cialis, Whenever I place an ED order, I am always sticker-shocked.... This order got bigger than I'd expected it to, Acheter Cialis us, 30mg Acheter Cialis, but it should still only take 6 weeks according to Kyona.  Anyway, order is placed and paid for.  I'll post again when ED confirms the payment, Acheter Cialis coupon. 750mg Acheter Cialis, And it's funny, because it's the first time I've ordered more than 20 pairs.., 100mg Acheter Cialis. but because of the sale prices, there's no freebie pair.  LOL. ;)  Don't care though, I still got free shipping.

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Purchase Diflucan Without Prescription

Purchase Diflucan Without Prescription, Still hanging in here, planning to call the dentist in the morning and see if they have someone on call. If not, I'll have to hang in there till Monday. Swelling and pain sucks... but I have left over Vicodin from my oral surgery, so I'm taking one of those to help me sleep tonight. Painkillers don't work on me much at all, Purchase Diflucan Without Prescription canada, but the extra stength Vicodin works marginally better than popping 1000 mg of Tylenol. Yay, drugs, Purchase Diflucan Without Prescription.

TruffMuffin is also having dental issues, but of a more natural kind. Poor pupyip is teething something fierce. Tonight she pulled out one of her large baby teeth - much blood and yuck. 500mg Purchase Diflucan Without Prescription, She got some ice to chew and seemed much happier, but I still feel bad for the poor puffkin. Purchase Diflucan Without Prescription, Her adult teeth have come in fast on the bottom. Last weekend she had nothing on the bottom in the front, but now she has some nice new little sharps ready for piercing flesh. Her breath is absolutely foul... but I'm assured that's normal during teething.

We got her a new little pink princess pillow to replace the one she chomped last week.., 1000mg Purchase Diflucan Without Prescription. and a new little ball that might be slightly more shred-proof, Purchase Diflucan Without Prescription. It's a little 98 cent vinyl squeaker and it's a massive hit with the Truffmuffin.

All together now, AWWWWWWWW.

She's looking so grown up!  At her vet appointment on Monday, we learned she's up to 5 pounds.  What a heffer!  The way her fur is awkwardly swapping between puppy and adult coat, Purchase Diflucan Without Prescription craiglist, she really resembles a long-haired chihuahua.  Her ears are still mighty long for a pom, even a "spitz" style pom... but she is so foxy and cute.  Her behavior has improved a lot, too... Purchase Diflucan Without Prescription, she has also learned some commands, such as "sit," "down," and "come."  "Come" is still a work in progress... but she's really got "sit."  However, she now thinks that if she sits she'll get whatever she wants. Oh, 150mg Purchase Diflucan Without Prescription, dog.

I'm starting to feel a little more drowsy now, so I think it's time to head to bed.  Here's to hoping that I wake up tomorrow and everything has magically fixed itself. :).

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Amoxicillin 100mg Ct

Amoxicillin 100mg Ct, This tooth is still not right. It's different from yesterday, 10mg Amoxicillin 100mg Ct, 20mg Amoxicillin 100mg Ct, but it is swollen above the tooth, just under my cheekbone, Amoxicillin 100mg Ct japan. 50mg Amoxicillin 100mg Ct, I am hoping the antibiotic will clear it up, but if it's not better tomorrow morning i'm going to probably call their emergency line and see if I can go in, 200mg Amoxicillin 100mg Ct. This is really rather nightmarish.

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