Information Tetracycline

Information Tetracycline, The Euclase and the Mono are both sold.... anyone who knows me knows that this just happens... 30mg Information Tetracycline, twice a year I just tend to have a big turnover.

For reasons yet to be revealed, Lacey needs to grow up into an SD-sized doll.., 150mg Information Tetracycline. so I will be selling the Soulkid Liddell and her full wardrobe of fabulous clothing.

She is white skin (and when I say white, I mean WHITE) and has a faceup by yours truly.  She is on the general (not double-jointed) body and poses beautifully.  She's gorgeous and I really like her, but she just needs to be bigger, Information Tetracycline. Information Tetracycline japan, I'll also post up her beautiful clothes tomorrow.  Dibs on the clothes would go to anyone who wanted to buy the doll.

I'm asking $320 + shipping for her.   Giving dibs to the flist and blog readers, but she'll go to DoA on Tuesday, Information Tetracycline usa. Please PM me (armeleia) or email me (armeleia at gmail) if you are interested in her. Information Tetracycline coupon, Also, because Proof is going to be a Tsukasa, I won't be needing the Little Monica Dyuke head I ordered for him.  It's in mid-faceup because the Tsukasa happened rather suddenly... but the Dyuke head will probably be up for sale in a day or so too.  I just need to finish the faceup.

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Ovulation On Clomid

Ovulation On Clomid, Hi guys,

I am going to be placing an ED order.  Would anyone like to order with me?  I'm pretty much only looking to get enough participants/pairs of eyes to qualify for the free shipping.

If you'd like to join up, 40mg Ovulation On Clomid, Ovulation On Clomid mexico, please either PM me on DoA (armeleia) or email me (armeleia (at) gmail).

ETA: ED website is:, 50mg Ovulation On Clomid. Ovulation On Clomid india. 500mg Ovulation On Clomid.

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Zithromax Treatment For Strep Throat

Zithromax Treatment For Strep Throat, Euclase has been rehomed, he'll ship out soon.  I'll miss him, but I like where he's going and know he won't be manhandled. :)

The real point of my post, 250mg Zithromax Treatment For Strep Throat, 750mg Zithromax Treatment For Strep Throat, though, was to pimp DoA's charity auctions.  Elfdoll donated two boys to us to customize and auction.., Zithromax Treatment For Strep Throat australia. Zithromax Treatment For Strep Throat mexico, and 100% of the sale price will be going to Make a Wish and UNICEF.

If you've ever wanted an Elfdoll Red or an Elfdoll Aden, please consider bidding on one of these boys.  The starting bids are low, 40mg Zithromax Treatment For Strep Throat, and it's a great way to get a beautiful doll while helping two GREAT causes!


(Please also feel free to pimp these auctions!)


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Babymed Clomid Calculation

Babymed Clomid Calculation, BINed a Tsukasa head.  He's mine.  I will finally have my Holy Grail doll.  Yaaaaaaaaay.

So... um... Babymed Clomid Calculation craiglist, I'm going to thin out a little.

I will be selling my Euclase and my Limho.  I wanted to give first dibs to my blog readers and flist.

Sooo..., Babymed Clomid Calculation.

Euclase, asking $750 + ship.
Human body and open-eyed head (no eyes or wig).., Babymed Clomid Calculation us. with a fabulous faceup.  He's the prettiest Euclase in the world, as far as I'm concerned. Babymed Clomid Calculation usa, Perfect condition.


Limho, asking $290 + ship
NS and about... 7 months old.  No staining, Babymed Clomid Calculation ebay, yellowing, or other damage. 10mg Babymed Clomid Calculation, percival3

For $320 I'll include his Hands Glass eyes, fur wig, HDS buttondown and HDS emojeans.

PM me on DoA if you're interested... or drop me an email at armeleia (at) gmail (dot) com.

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Diflucan While Pregnant

Diflucan While Pregnant, I am about to do something extremely stupid. Diflucan While Pregnant canada. 100mg Diflucan While Pregnant. Diflucan While Pregnant overseas. Diflucan While Pregnant coupon. Diflucan While Pregnant japan.

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Does Provigil Interact With Diflucan

Zagzagael just posted some pics Does Provigil Interact With Diflucan, of a faceplate that I did for her.... I love seeing him in his natural habitat, 1000mg Does Provigil Interact With Diflucan. 20mg Does Provigil Interact With Diflucan, :)

Here are my detail pics of the faceup.  Click for big.

gift3 gift2 gift1, Does Provigil Interact With Diflucan india. 50mg Does Provigil Interact With Diflucan. 200mg Does Provigil Interact With Diflucan.

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Cipro For Anthrax

Cipro For Anthrax, Today Mandy and I once again proved how women are smarter than men.  I'm not going to go into detail, but let's just say that when it came down to it, it was two girls in fluffy skirts who dismantled a 600 pound stove, not the two burly delivery guys.... because we figured out that it only took three screws to take off the top.  It was not, as the taller of the two guys suggested, somehow constructed from the inside using inaccessible magic screws, 500mg Cipro For Anthrax.

Unfortunately, the SuperMatic has been dismantled and hauled away, Cipro For Anthrax paypal, so we will not be selling it.  It's sad, but our doorways are only 29 inches wide.

Anyway, we have a nice new fridge and stove in the kitchen!  Next up is the linoleum, 150mg Cipro For Anthrax.

I stopped over at dad's to pick up some of my totes in the closet.  Trip down memory lane for some of them... I found my drawing binders, 30mg Cipro For Anthrax, where I put my most prized drawings when I was in middle school and high school.  Let's just say that they have been banished to the attic.

I also found an old skool Delf-sized cloth body.  Man, those were the days. ;), Cipro For Anthrax uk.

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Side Effects Of Prozac

Luts put up the final pictures of the LE Abadon Side Effects Of Prozac, .  I am just swept away by the beautiful heads with the beautiful faceups....

I love the armor, Side Effects Of Prozac mexico, Side Effects Of Prozac us, but none of my boys wear armor.  My SSDF is a pirate or a military general... so I found a split and I will just order the heads for me with the faceups.  YAY, Side Effects Of Prozac paypal. 200mg Side Effects Of Prozac, I can't wait to order. 150mg Side Effects Of Prozac.

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Flagyl Dosage Dog

Flagyl Dosage Dog, I need to find my card reader because I have got to resize the pictures of the DoA charity auction dolls and get those started... very pretty Elfdoll boys, please be watching. :)

I think that in the house, I'd like to make a few changes to things that either bother me or are "easy."  This would be good because it would sort of be empowering.  One of the "easy" fixes that had been sounding attractive was to strip the wallpaper in the dining room and repaint. 500mg Flagyl Dosage Dog,   The dining room wallpaper is hideous.  Most of the walls are covered in a generic mottled beige/gold/greenish... but two of the walls seem to randomly have a very 60's verging-on-neon yellow, orange and green flower paper.   The wallpaper where the dining room and living room doorways meet was peeling a bit, so I pulled it back a little to see the condition of the wall underneath.  To my surprise, it seemed as though the wallpaper on the dining room wall is not in fact wallpaper, but carboard liner sheet.  When I look online, 20mg Flagyl Dosage Dog, a cursory search tells me that a lot of houses built between 1900-1920 have smooth cardboard wallpaper that was intended to mask irregularities to the plaster wall beneath... many times, the irregularities were not the sort of thing to require such a permanent "fix," but in some cases the wallpaper actually is structural.  As we look closer, it seem that the less offense of the two (the cardboard backed stuff) may be the original wallpaper from when the house was built in 1920.., Flagyl Dosage Dog. and water damage near the window led to the prior owners covering over damaged areas with the horrific neon in a later era.  (The addition of an enclosed porch would have solved the problem of additional water damage as well.)

The new plan for the dining room is to remove the newer, more offensive wallpaper, but to leave the cardboard covering.  Then we'll prime everything with some good, 10mg Flagyl Dosage Dog, heavy, opaque primer.  Then we'll fill in any little divots or lines between the cardboard panels and sand to a smooth surface.  Then we'll likely prime again, then paint the room.

Really, aside from pulling up the carpet and replacing the light fixture, there isn't much to be done in the dining room, Flagyl Dosage Dog ebay.

The other "action item" is to redo the linoleum on the kitchen floor.  It's not dirty, but it is yellowed from the sun and stained in some areas... it is very, very old.  I really hate mungy linoleum.  The kitchen has relatively low square footage, 50mg Flagyl Dosage Dog, and putting down linoleum is something that Mandy and I can do ourselves, so it wouldn't be too expensive but would make a big difference.

Tired... and sneezy.  I'm waiting for it to be 11 so I can go to bed without feeling like too much of a loser...

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Erythromycin Campylobacter Dog Veterinary

Erythromycin Campylobacter Dog Veterinary, Well, we have moved in.  We moved in yesterday and had internet by late evening.

This morning we found that the refrigerator that came with the house goes down to 55 degrees when on the coldest setting.   Approximately 2 hours later, I purchased a new fridge and electric range to the tune of around $1000.

We also purchased two overhead ceiling fan/light combos.  Mandy's daddy installed them and we are sweltering much less in the new abode.  (Did I mention that only about half the windows actually open?)

Busy busy busy... Erythromycin Campylobacter Dog Veterinary coupon, I learned how to mow the lawn today... and maybe it's just the novelty, but I actually kind of enjoyed it.  And then it downpoured.

Truff is loving the house.  Such freedom, Erythromycin Campylobacter Dog Veterinary.

The thread on DoA yesterday asserting that there is apparently no place for self-labelled geezers on DoA got me down.  First off, it really irritates me when anyone calls the staff tyrannical or "Nazi"-like in general, Erythromycin Campylobacter Dog Veterinary canada, especially given how much DoA has loosened the rules over the last two years.... I feel like loosening up doesn't actually help anything, and it just makes people more entitled.  Maybe it's just the move-weariness and 3 hours of sleep talking, Erythromycin Campylobacter Dog Veterinary usa, but I does feel disheartening to know that people think these things even while we're in the midst of forum improvements and a big freaking birthday party.  At 26, I am the youngest of the DoA mods.  That said, I don't feel "young" at all most of the time.  I've had my age used as an insult more times in the last week or two than I have since I was a teenager.  I guess I also just don't see why you have to be over thirty (or fifty, or sixty) in order to have life experience or life altering changes.

Thanks to everyone who sent me a positive PM about that exchange.  I'll write back soon, 750mg Erythromycin Campylobacter Dog Veterinary, I hope... after I finish processing allllll of the sock contest entries!"

Dinner should be here soon... exciting trying to find restaurants in a new area. Erythromycin Campylobacter Dog Veterinary india, I can't wait to unpack the dolls.  I miss them. :(.

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