Side Effects Of Tetracycline During Pregnancy

Side Effects Of Tetracycline During Pregnancy, Dorkitude.

Cathead, Side Effects Of Tetracycline During Pregnancy mexico, Side Effects Of Tetracycline During Pregnancy overseas, Mandy, and I did REPO themed costumes this year.  Cathead went all out on her gentern costume, Side Effects Of Tetracycline During Pregnancy craiglist, Side Effects Of Tetracycline During Pregnancy us, and Mandy looked gorgeous as Mag.  I looked like a dork as Graverobber because I couldn't find a good wig and my hair is too short.  Most of the pics of me aren't in character, but threatening  Mandy with my Nerf Zydrate gun to stop making me laugh, 40mg Side Effects Of Tetracycline During Pregnancy.

We've had a total of... 12 trick-or-treaters.   If this doesn't pick up in the next half-hour, we're gonna have a loooooot of candy left over.

[gallery link="file" orderby="title"].

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Lumigan Gtts

Lumigan Gtts, This is MicroFawn.  She mostly looks like a miniaturized, closed-eyed version of Fawn.

I think she's about Mini Riz size. I couldn't tell in person, 150mg Lumigan Gtts, but in this pic I can see one eyelid is more rounded than the other... 100mg Lumigan Gtts, the other seems a bit sunken.  I'll have to work on that if I go any further with this head.

This is a Little Monica Dyuke head.  It was going to be Proof, but then Tsukasa happened.  I love this head and wish I had a character for it, 250mg Lumigan Gtts, but I don't.  I finished the faceup tonight and will be taking better pics tomorrow and sending him to the DoA Marketplace. Lumigan Gtts india, dyuke2

This is the view from the top of the hill where I work.  I took this pic late last week... it's even more colorful now.

onthehill, Lumigan Gtts australia.

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Fox News Lumigan 8 Week Test

Fox News Lumigan 8 Week Test, This is a weird question... but would any of my friends who have a Mini Riz be willing to send her to visit me, 30mg Fox News Lumigan 8 Week Test. Fox News Lumigan 8 Week Test paypal, This weekend I've been in Buffalo and I've been sculpting... I'm trying to make a BJD scaled to a BJD.  It ended up too  big.  The head I sculpted looks like it's on target for a 10 inch doll, Fox News Lumigan 8 Week Test japan, 50mg Fox News Lumigan 8 Week Test, rather than 8.5inches, which is what I needed.  -_-;;

It's a pretty good little head in its beginning stages.., Fox News Lumigan 8 Week Test uk. and I think it may be Mini-Riz size.  I'd like to test it out and maybe finish the head as an option head if it is appropriately proportioned.

Please PM me if you'd be interested!  If it works, I'll give you a cast.

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Buy Clomid Forum

Buy Clomid Forum, I love the new twins.



Peakswoods Fairies of Fairytales Hucky twins.  They're about YoSD sized and are freaking adorable.  I'm also impressed with the quality.  The sculpt is very good, and the resin is really nice... 20mg Buy Clomid Forum, it's heavy with just the slightest bit of tooth.  They came with 3 sets of hands, all of which are adorable.  My heart is alight with squee.

Kani (left) has a magic mutation that his twin does not... his parents haven't figured out yet that it's why he's always hungry and has slightly metallic eyes.  Kani is the quiet, Buy Clomid Forum canada, clingy one who schemes and pouts.  He likes to hang on to Swill's legs when he's cooking for brewing potions, and someday he wants to learn how to make the healing draughts too.  Kana (right) is boisterous, 1000mg Buy Clomid Forum, troublesome, and willful... but not in any way a malicous kid.   He just has a lot of energy.  He loves to sing and climb, and really only settles down when his battery is on empty, Buy Clomid Forum.   Both love monkeys.

I also took profile pics for Proof and Vanilla.  They're nothing special.., 750mg Buy Clomid Forum. I'll need to take them again soon, so I just snapped some quickies.  Vanilla needs a new wig (this one hides his face too much) and Proof needs new eyes (he needs 18s, 200mg Buy Clomid Forum, but I only have his old 16s).



(I like him so much better with the darker line between his lips... this was before.).

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Retin Once A Week

Retin Once A Week, Well, the Dollheart goods arrived today... completely by surprise.  No shipping notice, nothing... just a call from my dad saying that three big boxes for Den of Angels had arrived at his house for me.  Damn things barely fit in my little Yaris.

They're very cute... better than they looked in the Dollheart pictures.  The Yo outfit is really adorable... and it fits really well.  Mandy's Maddy is presently wearing it and he looks freaking cute.  Cog is currently rocking the Man Fer.  Happily, it's less.., Retin Once A Week. flamboyant in person.  I ordered two, and I still intend to modify one to look like the original concept drawing.., Retin Once A Week usa. but I like the "real" one a lot.

I ordered a couple extras of each because I was paranoid that I would have mis-tallied or otherwise messed up... after I get everything packed up and shipped out, I'll post on DoA if there are any extras available. Retin Once A Week, I wish I had had time tonight to take pictures, but I didn't make it.  I just took a few quick snapshots.

Proof and Vanilla, who are the men of the moment... 10mg Retin Once A Week, and Twist in the background looking on. I tweaked Proof's mouth... it's a small change, but I painted a darker line between his lips.  It really helps widen his mouth.  In person anyway, it's made all the difference in the world and he is just perfect now.


Jet and Thren, descended upon by the twins.  More pics forthcoming of Kani and Kana, Swill and Crash's kids, Retin Once A Week. In my offensively orange dining room. :)



Oh... also, Retin Once A Week coupon, the ED order came in.  I'll be invoicing people for domestic shipping soon.  I futzed my own order.  I had been waffling on eyes for Kani, and I changed my mind before I submitted the order.  Instead, I accidentally replaced Knife's eyes on the list.  As a result, I have Kani's eyes and Kani's almost-eyes... but no eyes for Knife.  I swear Knife if cursed.  Knife's first pair of eyes were Volks metallics, and they started to... Retin Once A Week, I dunno, oxidize?  I moved him to old mystics, but they were not good in him... Retin Once A Week ebay, then I ordered EDs in a group order that never came through... then I got him eyes on my own and they were nice.  Then I tried getting metallic silver Mystics, but they messed up.  Then I had them remade and they were nice... and I modified Knife's head so he needs 14s.  And now he has 14mm PINK milky EDs.

For fuck's sake.

Anyway, if you're looking for ED Milky #36 in 14mm, drop me a line.  Asking retail.., 500mg Retin Once A Week. would love you forever if you have the silvery milky eyes in 14 to trade.  FOR. EVER.  Like, bake you cookies kind of forever.

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How To Give Toddler Erythromycin Ointment

How To Give Toddler Erythromycin Ointment, Been awhile since I asked a question to my fellow dog-owners...

One of the problems we've had with Truffle since she was little is that her method of "playing" with toys usually involves destroying them.  Demolition Dog looks for any loose thread or odd-bit of a toy and systematically takes it apart.  As you might expect, there are few toys that can hold up to this sort of assault, How To Give Toddler Erythromycin Ointment mexico.

You might say "Well, How To Give Toddler Erythromycin Ointment usa, get those heavy duty plush."  Yeah, when she was six months old, our dog destroyed an "indestructable" toy made of fire hose in about an hour.  She is 7 pounds with a dainty little face.., 50mg How To Give Toddler Erythromycin Ointment. and she destroys toys for "strong chewers."  The toys that would probably be strong enough for her are too big. 20mg How To Give Toddler Erythromycin Ointment, You might say "Well, give her rubber toys."  She is not interested in rubber toys - pretty much, our dog only enjoys decimating plush or fabric toys.  Giving her rubber toys only would result in her getting bored and going after our things, How To Give Toddler Erythromycin Ointment uk.

What we need is a way to teach the dog new ways to play with her toys that doesn't involve taking them apart.  So far we have tried taking away a toy when she is being too rough and giving her something different... but usually she will be uninterested in the new toy.  Or she'll just start trying to take that one apart.  I have a pile of toys that need mending... several of which are only a few days old.  Any suggestions.

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Buy Prozac Uk

Buy Prozac Uk, I started painting the new twins earlier this week, but didn't make much progress at all.  I really would like to finish their faceups this weekend... I had hoped to do it today, but as it creeps past 9 and I haven't even started, I don't think it's going to happen.... tomorrow then. Buy Prozac Uk australia, I am jonesing to paint some 1/6th dollfie.  I found my box of my remaining 1/6th stuff, and I think I need to either sell it or do something with it.  The days of reselling it at cost or higher are gone, as the parts are pretty much all available domestically... so I think I should just enjoy making the dolls and figure out later what I want to do with them.

Did I mention that I finally bought my new bed?  It's queen-sized and gignormous.  Soooo luxurious.  It takes up a lot of my room, though.., Buy Prozac Uk. and it is making me re-think painting the walls red.

Did I mention that I'm sick?  Yeah, 1000mg Buy Prozac Uk, my ear had been bugging me for a week, so I went in thinking that I had an ear infection.  I do.  And what I had attributed to allergy-related sinus pain is actually a sinus infection.  Hooray.  I am a ball of infection.  A ball of infection that is choking down enormous 875 mg Amoxicillan pills.  WTF are they thinking, making them so big?  FFS, just make them normal sized and I'll take them more often. Buy Prozac Uk india, I'm finally getting back to painting/modding commissions.  I'm going through my waiting list now and I'm excited to be getting back to work!  After I finish the waiting list I think I'll do the surprise packages....

Thinking of starting a 2010 faceup artist book in late November, but I'm not sure.  I'm not sure if I want to go through Blurb again, for one thing... I think the quality was fab, but the price was steep.  The quantity discounts were crap.., Buy Prozac Uk craiglist. so though two Korean companies asked me about carrying it, I couldn't offer them a price that would allow them to make any sort of profit.  I am thinking about looking into self-printing stuff, but I'm not sure if we'll sell enough copies to make it worth it.  I think we sold 200-250-ish last year.  I'm also not sure if I want to do it again because I think there might be expectations on it if there was a second book.  Like, people might be more judgmental about who is in it (either that the artists should all meet some particular standard, Buy Prozac Uk overseas, or that people who weren't included last year should be included this year)... and I don't know if I have it in me to contact all of the doll companies again for permissions.  It wasn't that bad last year, but there were definite frustrations.

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Acomplia Order

Acomplia Order, You can't say it's personal.

After all, Tuesday doesn't really know you.

However, it's impossible to ignore that Tuesday doesn't like you.


Whether or not that bothers you depends on what kind of guy you think Tuesday is, 500mg Acomplia Order.


Tuesday sleeps late when you have to get up for work, then schluffs around in your house slippers, drinking your good cocoa.


Tuesday uses up all the hot water.  He also may or may not pee in the shower, Acomplia Order.


Tuesday leaves the caps off of your paint because he likes to peel off the dried paint. 750mg Acomplia Order, tuesday8

If there are two pieces of candy left, Tuesday will usually eat both.


Tuesday does have softer moments...


...but you aren't usually privy to them.

tuesday7 Acomplia Order, In general, Tuesday is just not impressed.

Tuesday LePrint is based on my unshakeable belief that if something bad is going to happen, it's going to happen on a Tuesday.  To confess it, 40mg Acomplia Order, I've developed an almost pathological anxiety related to Tuesdays.  His surname of "LePrint" comes from when I was having my teaching portfolio printed.  It was 11 pm the night before it was due, and we were at Kinkos waiting for them to finish printing 45 (what seemed at the time) mindlessly expensive pages.  We'd sent it in early, but for whatever reason it wasn't ready.  The skinny man behind the counter beligerantly kept yelling at us that we would have to wait.  I'm not sure if it's because he resembled the French gate guards in Monty Python or what, but Mandy dubbed him Monsieur LePrint.  So here we have Tuesday LePrint. Acomplia Order canada, He's an ugly little dude, but he is absolutely enchanting.  I am very smitten.  I don't have him strung quite right for these legs, unfortunately.  I think I'll give it another go tomorrow or the next day.... I know me and I doubt he'll live here forever, but I am really enjoying him.

Some random pics.., 30mg Acomplia Order.



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Zithromax American Made

Zithromax American Made, Autumn is a bittersweet season for me.  I find that it is my melancholy season, but it's a sort of savory sadness. Sort of like how it feels kind of good to stand under your umbrella in the early-morning rain, letting the damp cold permeate your clothes and lick your skin; sort of like how a gray sky never looks so beautiful as it does backed against the fiery-bright autumn leaves.  I feel like I am at my most creative in autumn and the seasonal mourning gives me an odd inner strength.

I'm working on an art project... maybe some of my writer friends can play along when I'm done.  :)

The dining room is complete, 150mg Zithromax American Made.


It came from this:


The new color doesn't look like this.... it's not as.., Zithromax American Made. immediately orange in person.  It's darker and richer, slightly more caramel-pink in person.  It's much classier.  Anyway, Zithromax American Made ebay, I love it.  We're actually thinking of starting the living room in November because the dining room looking so swank makes the rest of the house look even more painfully outdated.  I can't wait to rip up the carpet next summer and refinish the hardwood underneath.

Electrical work is progressing... we got the go-ahead from the eletrical company, so now we can officially schedule with the electrician.  Yaaaaaay.  We're a step closer to securing our homeowners insurance!  Our broker told us that we'd be fine as long as we got the work done immediately and could show their underwriters the electrician's contract before the end of October... but Met canceled our policy anyway on 10/1, 10mg Zithromax American Made, effective 11/2.  I am appalled that they didn't even give us the chance to get the work done before canceling us!  Not only that, but we never actually got any notice from Met in writing... the first we received about the cancellation was the cancellation notice.  Which we received 4 days after Zithromax American Made, they cancelled and refunded the policy!  Fuck them!  We have coverage through the end of the month, and I've already pretty much secured a new policy through Amica.  When I told the broker at Amica why we were looking for a new policy, she was like "Huh?  They didn't even give you an opportunity to respond?"  The new policy is about $15 less per year and gives us a lot more coverage.  The first policy was a market value policy... the new one is a replacement cost policy for 80% of the replacement cost of the house.  The personal liability and personal possessions coverage is also much higher.  I feel we're getting a much better plan for the money. Zithromax American Made coupon, I'm waiting for mohair to arrive here... both a mohair plate that I will use to wig and trouser(?) my Puki Chichi, and two mohair wigs from PamSD for the twinzors.  I'm waiting till the wigs arrive to paint the twins... so hopefully soon.


I am selling the Cherish doll.., Zithromax American Made paypal. it's just not the size I had pictured.  I am a moron when it comes to the measurement to reality thing.   I also need to finish painting the Little Monica Dyuke head (that was going to be Proof before Tsukasa happened) and get him up for sale.  And I need to sell Vanilla's old Landy head... and the Wintery head... blah.  I am wondering if it's worth painting the Wintery head or if I should just sell it blank.  Faceups don't increase the price anymore, but it may help to move the head.

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Kentucky State Laws Erythromycin

Kentucky State Laws Erythromycin, I've been thinking about it for a few days, and have decided that overall I didn't like the movie.  Ultimately, the movie was an amalgamation of tired cliches that missed its mark by being too scary for children but not deep enough for adults.

Spoilers follow.

In the scene when 9 first stirs, they show the scientist lying dead on the floor and the tag on the music box appears to be attached instead directly to the man.  Outside, the glimpse of 2 is juxtaposed with a shot of a woman's corpse in a car.  From this, I initially thought that the stitchpunks were each made from different people.  I'm not sure if this was an intentional misleading to try to make the revelation of their origin a twist... but I would have vastly preferred if the story was about the souls of a group of people who were trying to accomplish something together.

Instead, the fact that the characters are all derived from one soul is used as both a crutch and a blight for the rest of the movie.  The characters are one-dimensional.  Oh, it's okay.  It makes sense.  They're just pieces of the same guy, how deep could they be?  The characters are completely archetypical.  Again, same dude.  OF COURSE!  Totally excuseable, right.

Except that under any scrutiny, there are a lot of things that don't make sense.   For example, the scientist first sucked out his leadership/preservation aspect.  Okay, Kentucky State Laws Erythromycin usa, well, there goes the drive to protect humanity.  After that goes his inventiveness, his ability to care for himself and others, his ability to input and output, and his aggressive (and feminine??) side.  Sooooo toward the end, his soul was down to manic creativity, the defender/pleasure center, and curiousity.    Bet he was a lot of fun toward the end.

But okay, we'll suspend disbelief there and be okay with the initial creation of the stitchpunks.   It begs the next question - Why?  If this scientist thinks that he has doomed the world through his actions, why is he going to deem himself worthy as the heir to humanity, Kentucky State Laws Erythromycin.

And why did he leave the stitchpunks the only thing that could awaken the Machine?   In theory, after everything settled, there'd be no threat that would require the inexplicable light-shooting device.... so why leave your sense of curiousity with the biggest, most dangerous button to push?  I guess I don't get the purpose of the creation of the stitchpunks or the reason for leaving them with the key to the machine.  Just destroy it.  Hello. "You have to protect the future." From what, exactly. If there are no people, Kentucky State Laws Erythromycin japan, what is the point of the pieces of this one dude just running around until they eventually rust and decompose. Kentucky State Laws Erythromycin, (And then what happens to their little soul pieces. Will they just be immobile and trapped in their little broken bodies for eternity?)

OMG, character death. Whyyyyy did the stitchpunks make no effort to escape/rescue when caught. The Machine would grab them and they would all just be sort of like "oh darn." Seriously, no struggle. They didn't even try to look away to avoid having their souls sucked out of their eyes and mouth. And the others made almost no move to help them, Kentucky State Laws Erythromycin. "Oh no. [Name]!" SOUL VACCUMM. "Oh... [Name].... Kentucky State Laws Erythromycin, he's gone!" Too bad, so sad. If they're all parts of the same soul, shouldn't they be almost desperate to preserve each other.

I found the end really unsatisfying, 30mg Kentucky State Laws Erythromycin, largely due to the video game like plot (including the "how to beat the final boss" revelation + mystical weapon at the end - seriously, I was going 'Okay, time to save in case I have to do this more than once) and the rampant character death. There were a million more possibilities for the end that would have been more interesting or fulfilling. For example, it would have been really interesting if the whole idea of the Machine being flawed because it lacked a human soul could have been resolved by the stitchpunks all going into the Machine... sort of making the Machine into the new Scientist that could rebuild the world so life could return, Kentucky State Laws Erythromycin. I was dissatisfied with the fact that there were only 4/9ths of the soul left running around at the end of the world... first off, having over half of the characters die is horror movie odds. Come on. We're left with the male lead, the only female, and the two child-like characters. Kentucky State Laws Erythromycin, Aww, just like a little family. Except that they're all the same person, there's no ability to propagate, and again.., 10mg Kentucky State Laws Erythromycin. THE SOUL NEEDS TO BE COMPLETE. These 4 can never really be whole again. I would have really been happier if they had either killed everyone, or had resurrected the fallen characters at the end.

Visually.., Kentucky State Laws Erythromycin. a lot of people have really gone on about how good it looked. It looked like an Xbox game. The whole movie was kind of like watching someone else play a video game. Big ol' whatever from me. Kentucky State Laws Erythromycin, The stitchpunks are not rendered like cloth... the cloth texture is just laid on a plastic-like surface. It doesn't scrunch like cloth and the texture looks like a painted on texture... not a rendered surface. Making the main characters out of something that is difficult to render was stupid. The environments were okay..., Kentucky State Laws Erythromycin. but again, nothing to write home about. 40mg Kentucky State Laws Erythromycin, If you like the dark and apocalyptic, you like the dark and apocalyptic. I do. I like the feel of the movie, but the rendering was unimpressive.

Anyway, my overall review was that the movie was a lot of fail. I was really disappointed.

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