How Many People Did Acomplia Help

How Many People Did Acomplia Help, Well, the Crisis of Knife is drawing to a close.... -_-;;

However, How Many People Did Acomplia Help craiglist, 10mg How Many People Did Acomplia Help, it involves me modifying an LE faceup.  *twitch* I can't even believe I'm doing this.... 40mg How Many People Did Acomplia Help. 100mg How Many People Did Acomplia Help. 500mg How Many People Did Acomplia Help.

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Effect Of Retin A On Wrinkles

Real Life in 2009 Effect Of Retin A On Wrinkles, I bought a house.
I learned how to repair plaster.
I participated in NaNoWriMo and won with 50,900-something words.  I have half of a shitty book. :D
I put together the FACE+UP book
I bought a new bed.
I did a few nice drawings, Effect Of Retin A On Wrinkles japan.
I didn't get to go to Dolpa, and because my funds were tied up in those reservations I also missed out on GoGaDoll, Effect Of Retin A On Wrinkles.
I went for a walk almost every day all summer.
I moved back into the licensing department at work.
I met up with Brian again after 7 years.
I started and abandoned 2 original doll sculpts. Effect Of Retin A On Wrinkles, I did the cover of DOLLS magazine. Effect Of Retin A On Wrinkles coupon, :D
I took over ownership of DoA.
I organized a million contests and LE items for the DoA 5th anniversary.
I made some new friends, like Nancy and Dianne. :)
I started learning Korean... and am to the point of being able to suavely ask someone out to dinner, Effect Of Retin A On Wrinkles usa, order beers, and then sit in unawkward silence.

Real Life Plans in 2010

Attend 3 weddings
Acquire lime-green tuxedo (dye if necessary)
Learn to embroider
Finish Antagonist's story (50k more words to go)
Repaint the dining room and my bedroom
Redo the bathroom
Put in a new floor and countertop in the kitchen
Finish reading The End of Art, no matter how disjointed and pretentious it is
Lose weight before the reunion in June
Go to a dermatologist and find out WTF is up with my skin
Test out being gluten-free for a month

Resin in 2009

Both Arrived and Departed in 2009:
Soom Euclase (Sebastian, 20mg Effect Of Retin A On Wrinkles, sold to fund move)
Limho Mono (Percy, sold to fund move)
Blue Saranbileg (Crest, sold to fund move)
Supia Yisol (attempted Emily, sold immediately)
Limwha Luna (attempted Julianna, didn't work and sold immediately)
Souldoll Liddell (Lacey)
Puki Chichi (Tuesday)
Cherishdoll Cecile (didn't work, sold immediately)

Existing Characters Who Changed:
Cupcake: Leeke Honey ---> LittleFee Flora
Kani and Kana: YoSD Piccolo twins ---> Peakswoods Hucky twins
Proof: Feeple Nanuri 2008/Delf body ---> Volks Tsukasa
Vanilla:  Delf El/Feeple body ---> SSDF Landy ---> SSDF Abadon LE
Breaker: Volks Eden/SDF body ---> Infinitidol Louis/SDF body
Ribbon: Volks Liz/SD10 boy body ---> EgoProject Yeon/SD10 boy body

New Characters who are still here:
Lacey: Everpurple Iris (as of the start of 2009, 50mg Effect Of Retin A On Wrinkles, I had no Lacey as she was sold in 2008 to pay for dental work)
The Antagonist:  43cm Classic Narin

Resin Plans for 2010

Settle on new heads for Knife and Burgundy
Move Shai to an Infinitidoll body (ordered)
Move Twist to a new body
Get Anchoby.
Finish Tiny Girl sculpt
Either finish Fawn or throw her away
Sell all heads in the head box.

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Colchicine Makes My Gout Worse

Colchicine Makes My Gout Worse, Thinning down again.... please PM me on DoA if you're interested in any of these.  If you know anyone else who's looking, please point them my way. :)

Infinitidoll Chris head: $100 + shipping
It's LE, 250mg Colchicine Makes My Gout Worse, it's gorgeous, it matches Volks normal and LUTS Realskin.  Give him a home.


VOlks SD13 Eden head: $200 + shipping
I'll wipe the faceup for you if you'd like.  It's really lovely in person, but the color is probably a bit too specific for most.  Though it is awesome with a blue wig. ;)  Unmodded, Colchicine Makes My Gout Worse uk, perfect condition.


Custom House Hyun: $250 + shipping
I waited four months for my twins, then decided that they looked too young to be who I'd planned them to be.  Keeping one, selling the other.  He is great quality and doesn't have the problems that a lot of people have mentioned - the seams are normal and there's no resin debris in the joints or along the seams.  The resin is nice quality and the pieces are thick-walled.  I'm selling him for what I paid to get him here.., Colchicine Makes My Gout Worse. great opportunity to get a gorgeous doll at a good price without the irritating wait.  If you want to hybridize, the resin is a pretty good match to the LUTS realskin normal heads I have around (though it is slightly pinker). 150mg Colchicine Makes My Gout Worse, hyunsale

SD13 Boy body, long legs, pureskin UV cut: $400 + shipping
Excellent condition, not yellowing, chips, Colchicine Makes My Gout Worse mexico, scuffs, or other damage.  No pics, but I can take them if you need them. Colchicine Makes My Gout Worse canada, Leeke Min Head: $80 + shipping or trade for good quality 60cm girl head

LUTS Winter 2009 Event Head: $60 + shipping or trade for good quality girl head
I bought this head a week or two ago when I was flipping out over Knife's head.  It didn't work as him, I am hoping to ship it back out and put the episode of hysteria behind me. -_-;; Gorgeous head though, I have to say.  So docile.


I have other things to put up... but haven't gotten to them yet.

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Lumigan Drug Product Label

Lumigan Drug Product Label, Quick drawing on my new tablet. <3  I am excited about my new tablet because it means I can resume a couple of drawings I started last year before my old tablet ceased to function.  Well, 750mg Lumigan Drug Product Label, Lumigan Drug Product Label paypal, that's not true.  It ceased to function with the new laptop and Vista.  It is still a bitchin', fully-functional tablet and I really should try to sell it.  -_-; Anyone looking for a Wacom Intuos 2, 200mg Lumigan Drug Product Label. Lumigan Drug Product Label ebay, New one is a Bamboo Fun.  I don't need a fancy-dancy tablet, I'm just a hobbyist..., 30mg Lumigan Drug Product Label. but I really wanted one from a good, reliable brand that has great sensitivity.  I really like the Bamboo Fun.


KT always pronounces Knife's name as Kaniffee.

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Daylily And Colchicine Daylily And Colchicine, I was thinking the other day of just how much the doll hobby has changed as its grown.  As a community, DoA is pretty much unrecognizable from what it was 4 years ago... and the social expectations are just so extremely different now.

The shift is noticeable everywhere, but it's really noticeable in debate threads.  I am really incredibly skeeved out by a portion of the population that treats DoA Debate threads as a means to come to an agreement on how we should all think or feel about a topic.  This seriously creeps me out.  I REALLY balk at the idea of homogenized thought.  If I am having a debate with someone, I am doing so to share my views and to see the other side.  I am not trying to meld the sides.  I love people with strong opinions even if they are different from mine... and while I would love to bring someone over to my side through a good argument, it's not the point.  I love when people hold to their guns, as long as they're not making ad hominem attacks, 100mg Daylily And Colchicine.

This thread is a bit annoying in that regard.  People who don't like Chinese dolls are giving their reasons that have nothing to do with the owners - quality, bootlegging histories, blunt-force marketing, aesthetic.  The opposite side is coming back by saying that the people who don't like dolls are racist, need to think they're better than other people, etc.  One side is talking about dolls, Daylily And Colchicine us, the other is talking about people.... and the thread has now reached the point where the people who can actually answer the question ("Why do people dislike Chinese dolls?") have left, and the remainder of the thread will pretty much be a circlejerk about how great Chinese dolls are, Daylily And Colchicine.

Someone in the thread said that there was no point in debating with people who had already made up their minds.  I'd argue the opposite and say that there is no point in debating with people who have no opinions.  For fuck's sake, have an opinion or just shut up.  There are few things worse than people who post "Well, people can do whatever they want!"  Of course they can, you asshat.  What, someone on the internet is going to drive to their house and make them stop.

To go back to what I was saying, I feel like people on DoA expect to just instantly adored regardless of how little they network and make friends, Daylily And Colchicine mexico, how little they beautify their dolls, and how carelessly they photograph their dolls.  In the name of "fairness."  No, it's like anything else - your work for your good things.  A lot of the people who take good photos or get a fan following put a lot of thought and effort it.  It's like real life.  People just expect things to be given to them, as though they are entitled to them.  Attention, affection, physical items.  I received maybe ONE "Thank you" from prize winners in the full month of DoA contests... 50mg Daylily And Colchicine, I don't think I even received PMs from most of the big prize winners (people who got dolls or other big ticket items) acknowledging that the items had been received.

Though I think it's actually a social thing, because I see this attitude in the New Generation in general. Daylily And Colchicine, -_-;  Fairness through levelling the playing field in a Harrison Bergeron sort of way.

I guess I just picture a future of people who are all soft and round and generally agreeable, but completely uninspired, lazy, and entitled.   A world-wide, opinionless insincere daisychain that doesn't.., 10mg Daylily And Colchicine. I don't know.  Doesn't think.  It totally creeps me out.

(Man, I am getting crotchity in my old age. Damn kids get off my lawn.).

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Alcohol And Prozac

Alcohol And Prozac, I really like the Infinitidoll Louis head as Breaker.  <3  He is sort of like a Senior Delf El with a touch of Volks Williams.


Here is the weird lip thing that they did though with the faceup.  I don't like that.., Alcohol And Prozac coupon. Alcohol And Prozac paypal, but the rest of the faceup is gorgeous.... the linework reminds me of the faceup on the LE Adabon from LUTS.  (I keep wondering if there is a connection with Infinitidoll and LUTS, 150mg Alcohol And Prozac, Alcohol And Prozac ebay, but it seems rude to ask.)

I also got the Custom House dolls I ordered from their BOGO way back when.  A lot of people had quality problems, but both of mine were fine.., Alcohol And Prozac canada. the resin color is different from what I expected.  It's not a bad thing, but it seemed like people always used to talk about the paleness of CH resin.  This is actually not too far off of LUTS realskin resin.

I need to get dressed again (pyjama pants at current!) so I can go out to meet some friends.  But dayumn am I lazy... the couch feels so good after the hullabaloo of everything the last two days.

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Clomid And Women Over Forty

Clomid And Women Over Forty, I dropped the ball this year; I have no Christmas dolly photo for you.

I do however have a few freaking cute pictures of Truff:

I'm whipped... my brother's kids (and the general commotion) really wore me out.  I'm just not good with groups, really, and there were 18 people at my parents house this year.  A third of which were under the age of 10, and of those more than half were under 5.  O_O  Great kids, but a real energy sink, 200mg Clomid And Women Over Forty.

I got some nice things from my family... some clothes, a Celpalon frypan with cover (<3!), a Home Depot gift certificate that will cover the paint for the living room, a nice bamboo cutting board, 30mg Clomid And Women Over Forty, some jewelry... and a variety of other things.  I also got a webcam because my dad is always trying to get me to Skype with my brothers and him..., Clomid And Women Over Forty. lol, I have no excuse now!  I was also thinking of occasionally setting up a webcam channel and having the Armeleia Painting Show.  It wouldn't be instructional, but it seems fun to broadcast faceupping.  :) The most unusual gift of the year came from Ms. Emi Twotone, and there will probably be photos pending.  (Emi, you would be amused to know that I am using this as I type!)

The Infinitidoll order finally arrived after its customs lag.., 40mg Clomid And Women Over Forty. I'm not sure how I feel.  The event head looks really different from the promo pics, I think because of an oddity in the faceup.  Not the sculpt, but a strange way they did the mouth that is different from the sample of the event faceup.  He won't work for Cog, but he makes a smoking hot Breaker.  It's just as well, because I wasn't looking forward to un-modding the SEVY's ears... 750mg Clomid And Women Over Forty, and I know a few people who would be miffed with me for changing Cog. Clomid And Women Over Forty, ;)

I'll post pics soon, I hope.  I just need to add some blue highlights to the eyebrows to match Breaker's wig.

In case anyone is considering Infinitidoll, the quality is good... and I would say that the resin is a true match to Volks (as opposed to a lot of other "Volks matches" that are paler and pinker.  This resin is the same yellowy-peach hue as Volks... good match to the Eden head that used to be Breaker).

Antagonist's wig also finally came from Akarasushi.  It doesn't suit him because the fur is very dense so he looks very 80's.  It's a nicely made wig (it's hemmed and has elastic in the hem), but it's not doing it for me.  He has one last hope for a wig coming from clockwork creations (I think that's who it is, 20mg Clomid And Women Over Forty, anyway) but otherwise he's gonna be Mr. 80's for a bit while I figure out how to order from Paraiso.

Anyway, Merry Christmas.

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Buy Flagyl

Buy Flagyl, that I've bitched about the post office, it looks like the package has made it to the local sorting center.  I wonder if it'll show up today.  I will feel like an asshole if it is delivered tomorrow; I hope they just hold on to it until the 26th if that's the case... though I think EMS requires them to deliver if it comes in, 250mg Buy Flagyl. Buy Flagyl craiglist. Buy Flagyl japan. Buy Flagyl india. Buy Flagyl uk.

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Retin A For Stretch Marks

Retin A For Stretch Marks, Customs is really awful!  My/Michelle's Infinitidoll order has been sitting in customs since 12/18!  No updates at all.  The Korean EMS tracking says it hit JFK, the US tracking doesn't even acknowledge that it's reached the US.  Yesterday was the "guaranteed delivery date," but it's going to be at LEAST tomorrow.  I'm actually thinking it'll come after Christmas, meaning it'll have taken more than a week for EMS.   It is making me seriously twitchy... I wouldn't care if they hadn't shipped the order, Retin A For Stretch Marks usa, Retin A For Stretch Marks australia, but having it in the hands of the post office for a week makes me nervous.

My Custom House order also shipped.., 500mg Retin A For Stretch Marks. 1000mg Retin A For Stretch Marks, after something like 16 weeks.  It will no doubt encounter the same problem, though.., Retin A For Stretch Marks overseas. I don't realistically expect it until next week.  And even then, I don't have time to work on anything for a bit.

Stupid post office.

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Pulmonary Fibrosis And Colchicine

rorykins2 Pulmonary Fibrosis And Colchicine, Rory turned 5 on December 15th!  I wasn't allowed to open him until Christmas, but I picked him up at the Nagoya Sumika and toted him home on the subway on 12/15/2009.

This was his first picture, Pulmonary Fibrosis And Colchicine us. Pulmonary Fibrosis And Colchicine australia,

If it came down to it and I had to sell all of my dolls except one, he's still the one I would keep, Pulmonary Fibrosis And Colchicine uk. Pulmonary Fibrosis And Colchicine canada, <3. 250mg Pulmonary Fibrosis And Colchicine.

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