Does Diflucan Affect Yasmin

goodcast Does Diflucan Affect Yasmin, Used Alumilite resin... it cast pretty well, though there are pinhole airbubbles.  Still, 750mg Does Diflucan Affect Yasmin, it's a goodenough cast to start cleaning it up and drilling it.  Yaaaaaay.  I need to make the other molds. 500mg Does Diflucan Affect Yasmin, I actually like the resin itself... it has nice translucence.  Unfortunately, it sets up to fast to pressurize it for degassing.., 1000mg Does Diflucan Affect Yasmin. and I am still really allergic to it.   Even with a respirator and gloves, Does Diflucan Affect Yasmin mexico, I felt unwell after using it.  I'll use it for the lower legs and feet, but that will be it... and I will have to experiment for the "real" casts, Does Diflucan Affect Yasmin overseas.

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Amoxicillin Liver Damage

Amoxicillin Liver Damage, Well, I emailed Smooth-on to ask if this was what the resin was supposed to be like.  I don't think so...

Left to right: Task 3 with no pigment, Amoxicillin Liver Damage australia, 150mg Amoxicillin Liver Damage, Task 3 with So Strong flesh tone, masters, Amoxicillin Liver Damage craiglist. 10mg Amoxicillin Liver Damage, task3wtf

Leftmost is very close in size to the original; much less shrinkage.  It has a lot of internal bubbles, though.., Amoxicillin Liver Damage japan. and I'm kinda going WTF?  This resin isn't supposed to need degassing (though it wouldn't hurt).  Middle is still slightly tacky, both casts are very slightly rubbery.  I'm nappy to see that the vent I added to the lower torso piece meant that it cast fully.... the other is shortened.  Oops.

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Is Terramyacin Tetracycline

Is Terramyacin Tetracycline, I just demolded my second casts... 40mg Is Terramyacin Tetracycline, and they look like frosted glass.  They also have a lot of bubbles, as though it didn't degas.  Task 3 doesn't require degassing.., Is Terramyacin Tetracycline canada. Is Terramyacin Tetracycline coupon, and it's supposed to be white.  I almost feel as though if I had cast under pressure, they would have been almost clear, Is Terramyacin Tetracycline paypal. 30mg Is Terramyacin Tetracycline, The pieces didn't shrink as much as the first cast... I heated the molds before pouring this time and I didn't add any pigment.  I don't know which factor made the difference.

Pics later.., Is Terramyacin Tetracycline. but I feel a bit spent.

I think I may pick up some Alumilite resin tomorrow... and some elbow-length gloves so I don't get hives.

I'm going to write to Smooth-on and see what's going on with this resin.

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Erythromycin Penicillin

Erythromycin Penicillin, These are the first pieces from the molds.

If not for the Lego Fail, I would be really pleased with how the molds worked out.  GOOD TIMES.  The seams are really tiny on most pieces (aside from some flash because I used Vaseline instead of mold release - I can't find it since we moved) and the way the pieces were oriented, there are really very few bubbles.... aside from forgetting to put a vent in the top of the lower torso.  I think the final molds will be pretty much non-Lego clones of these molds, 50mg Erythromycin Penicillin, plus a few more vents.


Not sure yet how I feel about the Task 3... I think the house may have been too cold, 200mg Erythromycin Penicillin, which inhibited the cure.  The Task 3 is too translucent for a doll of this size; the translucence makes it hard to see the features.   This is actually Task3 + a tiny bit of opaque skintone pigment, so this may be more opaque than natural.... the pieces curing right now are unpigmented, so we'll see what color they are.  I'm going to see if I like the general properties of Task 3 if I get a good cast..., Erythromycin Penicillin. and I'll have to see if it will continue to be so shiney!  I don't love the shininess.... and the master was pretty matte, so it's definitely the resin rather than the mold.   I am sort of fascinated with the Task 3 in general because the color and translucence seem to be pretty consistent pretty cured and uncured.  Uncured, Erythromycin Penicillin uk, it's a lot like... well... there's an easy way to describe it if I were an impolite person... Erythromycin Penicillin, we'll just say very thick 1% milk. 20mg Erythromycin Penicillin, But man, holy shrinkage, Batman.

The rubber had around a 2% shrinkage rate... and the resin had about .07% shrinkage..., Erythromycin Penicillin usa. so... we shouldn't be much over 2% shrinkage in theory, right?  Why does it look so much smaller.

Hoping the next cast comes out better so I can string it, clean it up and get working toward the final masters.

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What Drug Is Like Retin A

What Drug Is Like Retin A, I am going to give a definitive review of the Lego mold boxes - don't do it. I can't even believe how using them has screwed up my molds... despite taping the outside to prevent leaking, the silicone still crept under the edge of the Legos and filled in the inner cavities a bit, so the molds have less silicone, 100mg What Drug Is Like Retin A. I am glad I poured more than needed, so the wall thickness is still adequate. In addition, What Drug Is Like Retin A india, the silicone seeped through the tinytiny gaps in the bricks and got down to my lower layer of clay. Normally the lower parts of the clay are quickly built up using little balls and then I do a cleaner layer over that is smooth.., What Drug Is Like Retin A. so by going through the cracks in the bricks, it got down to the bottom filled in between the clay rubble... so it wasn't clean pulling out the clay at all.

I also used a clay that was recommended on some websites.., What Drug Is Like Retin A ebay. it's called Kleen Clay, so named because there aren't any toxic things or sulfur (which would inhibit the cure). What Drug Is Like Retin A, It was really sticky, and it was both hard to get out of the mold box and hard to get off of the pieces. A lot of my careful surfacing went to waste because there's residue on the pieces... 250mg What Drug Is Like Retin A, ;_;

I'm going to go back to my usual method of cardboard, hot glue, and plasticine. Screw this testing out alternative methods crap. I'm so stupidly depressed over this.., What Drug Is Like Retin A us. all that work and I think the molds are still going to have serious problems.  Thank goodness they're only the junk molds!  I am just so bummed because I was being so careful.

I think I'm going to do the legs just by sticking the leg pieces to dowels and sticking them into Dixie cups full of silicone.  Fuck this. :(

Both halves have been poured... so for better or worse I'm doing some casting tomorrow.

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I Combine Zoloft With Cialis

I Combine Zoloft With Cialis, I'm out of Legos, so I'm pouring my molds!  Assuming these all work, I'll have molds for everything from the crotch up.

I hate moldmaking, 250mg I Combine Zoloft With Cialis. I Combine Zoloft With Cialis canada, molding2a


I hope I can pour the other half tomorrow... if so, I Combine Zoloft With Cialis japan, I Combine Zoloft With Cialis mexico, I can cast the first junk pieces on Saturday night. :D  They'll be worthless because their primary purpose is to clean out the molds.., 150mg I Combine Zoloft With Cialis. but I'll probably squee over them and try to string them anyway. :D

I'm hoping to do the other mold pieces by mid-next week.

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Acute Prozac Intoxication

Acute Prozac Intoxication, Well, this only shows the progress of the first two days.

Claying in is slow-going for me. I'm probably going way too complex for junk molds, but I'm sort of viewing them as a dry run for the final molds... and I want to improve my general knowledge of mold-making (and challenge some of my perceptions) as I go by trying to reason through breaking up the pieces. 100mg Acute Prozac Intoxication, In the past, I think I've been sort of locked into a mindset where I didn't diverge from splitting evenly in straight lines... when in reality, you can have your mold halves meet however you want, Acute Prozac Intoxication. I know this is common knowledge (and common sense), but I guess I never thought about it. If I keep going the way I've started, my mold pieces are going be much more topographical, 1000mg Acute Prozac Intoxication.

Already I see ways I could have clayed in better on the upper torso (I should have basically flipped it over so that the back was on the same piece as the core nub), but I'm just going to go forward because it's a junk mold.

I see other things I want to amend on Inkling... Acute Prozac Intoxication, but to put it mildly, I'm running out of steam on her so I'm not sure how many major revisions I have in me. I'm having trouble focusing on her because I already have other projects crowding in to my thoughts. 30mg Acute Prozac Intoxication, (Including some static, non-doll sculpture that I want to do).

I hope to finish claying in by the weekend, but I am still really busy with commissions. I'm working on the molds for about maximum of an hour a night... I just have no time, Acute Prozac Intoxication. The silicone arrived today so I'm dying a little wanting to get the molding done to pour, 20mg Acute Prozac Intoxication.

I've been working on the faceup video steadily... and some of the sections are filmed with my new camera. It... um... 750mg Acute Prozac Intoxication, makes the stuff I shot with the old camera look like crap.  Graaaaaaah.  This project is so frustrating!  The other videos I've done came so much easier... but then, I guess those were different because I was basically just painting a head and then cutting it up and adding subtitles.  By comparison, this is me doing a bunch of separate things specifically to illustrate.  Time consuming... and I suck with actually pointing the camera at the right area before I go.

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Erythromycin Renal Adjustment

Erythromycin Renal Adjustment, Well, the first masters are done!   I ordered silicone, so I will be able to make the junk molds and do the junk cast.


She's got faults, Erythromycin Renal Adjustment uk, but I think it's a good time to go into resin.  I'll be refining the resin cast, then using that as my final master which I will use to make my final molds.  Neeeeeat.

The main areas where I intend to work are:

1, 50mg Erythromycin Renal Adjustment. Her butt needs a lot of work and I have no problem saying it.  The glutes don't wrap correctly and she has a serious badonkbadonk butt.  Once I have a resin cast to work with, 10mg Erythromycin Renal Adjustment, I'll take it down and reshape some areas.

2. Her forearms need to taper more.  I'm not sure if it's possible, though with the thickness of the stringing channels.  I'll do my best though, Erythromycin Renal Adjustment.

3, Erythromycin Renal Adjustment us. The hands need a lot more sanding. Erythromycin Renal Adjustment ebay, 4. The knees need more transition in the jointing to make them tidier.  Locks might be nice, but I need to see how she poses when I'm able to string her.

5. The wrists don't do it for me.

[gallery link="file" orderby="title"].

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Flagyl And Sinus Infection

Flagyl And Sinus Infection, Proof's Silver eyes showed up today.  They're (predictably_ very high dome, but miraculously fit him anyway.


Just a quick pic that doesn't do him justice at all.  He is truly the stuff of dream dolls. 40mg Flagyl And Sinus Infection, <3 My Tsukasa with his Poppy faceup in his Silver eyes and oldskool Dollheart outfit. <3 <3 <3

When I finish the commissions I currently have  in-house, I'm going to close shop.  Possibly permanently, 200mg Flagyl And Sinus Infection, I'm not sure.  I have been too busy in real life and I haven't really enjoyed commission painting in awhile... 500mg Flagyl And Sinus Infection, I will probably still take commissions privately from friends, but I don't feel motivated enough to work on things for strangers right now.   I just need to get through what I have.

I still haven't primes that last piece of Inkling.  I will soon, then I will order silicone.  I hope to get the mold boxes started soon for junk molding.., Flagyl And Sinus Infection. then it will be time for some serious critique, Flagyl And Sinus Infection usa. *shiver*

I was out of town in North Carolina at a wedding... Flagyl And Sinus Infection india, and I got to see some of my favorite people.  I miss them now a lot. :(  Growing up sucks sometimes because people get scattered so far...  I'm just happy we all keep in contact.  Justin and Amber are going to teach me ZBrush, so I'll learn some 3d sculpting.  NEAT!  Sounds fun.  Getting home from NC was hell, though... I got home a day late.

I'm totally behind on LJ and I don't think I'm going to try to catch up.

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Alcohol Prozac Blackouts

Alcohol Prozac Blackouts, I was chatting tonight with Dezarii and pulled out pics of some of the heads I've started over the last few years.  I guess I've only been sculpting for about 4 years, and not too seriously.


I think they all look kind of the same, Alcohol Prozac Blackouts paypal, Alcohol Prozac Blackouts australia, but they do improve as they go.  Only the first one was ever finished and cast, and even then I wasn't happy with him.., Alcohol Prozac Blackouts craiglist. Alcohol Prozac Blackouts coupon, Haven't touched Inkling in a week!  I have some sort of mental block against working on that calf.

I had intended to get a ton of things done this weekend, Alcohol Prozac Blackouts overseas, but DoA and painting took up all my time.


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