Synthroid Sweety Hands

Synthroid Sweety Hands, Well, we're getting the house resided. Yaaaaaaay. Woo. Siding. Party on.

Seriously though, I am excited.., Synthroid Sweety Hands. Just feeling the lingering effects of stickershock and the residual affects of signing your soul away for financing. Synthroid Sweety Hands japan, You know how it is. The house withhold be vastly improved by residing, as it currently has that composite shingle stuff that give the general appearance of the house being completely covered in roof. (Mandy has called it a "roof pasty" for months!). Synthroid Sweety Hands, It'll look newer and cleaner.... And will also keep out the elements by giving us another layer of insulation... And not being broken. I think it happened when they redid the roof, 1000mg Synthroid Sweety Hands, but some of the current shingles are broken along the bottom so when the wind and rain are at very particular angle,water come right in through the kitchen ceiling. With the siding fixed, I can take on repairing the ceiling plaster.

We'll also get a tax credit next filing.., Synthroid Sweety Hands. Though unfortunately this will use up most of our first-time homebuyer's credit so we won't be able to do any other major projects this year. Synthroid Sweety Hands ebay, Makes me wonder, though, how other people pay for stuff with home improvements and big vacations. I mean, you could argue that those people don't have exensive dolls... But I haven't bought a doll In a long time without selling another first. Synthroid Sweety Hands, I think part of it is that I'm generally opposed to credit... Normally I only buy on a cash basis.., Synthroid Sweety Hands craiglist. If I don't have the money, I don't buy it. I don't even have a credit card. My only debts aside from the new siding are my car, student loans (sigh), Synthroid Sweety Hands india, and mortgage. When we applied for the home loan, we were actually ineligible for this one NY program that was basically free money toward our closing because we didn't have enough lines of credit.., Synthroid Sweety Hands. I guess I don't understand why living within one's means should be punished. If more people were more responsible, we wouldn't be having these credit crunch situations.

Anyway, yay for home improvements that I don't have to do myself. Next up is the arduous task of the living room...

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Erythromycin Allergy And Z Pack

12306_440036665096_719950096_5853118_5202548_n Erythromycin Allergy And Z Pack, (My lawn needs to be cut... badly.  But whenever I'm home, 30mg Erythromycin Allergy And Z Pack, it's raining or cold or dark out.  It's really pretty, though... the whole thing is completely covered in tiny purple flowers.  I know most people wouldn't like it and I know they're weeds, 500mg Erythromycin Allergy And Z Pack, but in addition to the bad weather I just don't have the heart for the flower massacre.)

Today will be... 750mg Erythromycin Allergy And Z Pack,

  • Work

  • Dinner

  • Siding Estimate

  • Pack to go to Buffalo for the weekend

  • Finish this freaking faceup video

Farinelli has been cagey about housebreaking this week.... he'd been doing really well, but now that he's relaxed he's not doing as well as that near-perfect full week when he first came home.  It means he requires a lot of supervision, 250mg Erythromycin Allergy And Z Pack, which means I haven't worked on commissions or on Inkling.

I am determined to finish commissions next week, assuming work and dogs don't get in the way.  I have spent too long on things.., Erythromycin Allergy And Z Pack. 50mg Erythromycin Allergy And Z Pack, and it really just illustrates why I'm closing shop (why I need) to close shop.  I just don't have the time that I did two years ago.

The faceup video has been running long... and I think YouTube limits me to 10 minute videos.  I think this will actually become two videos... and because of that, I'll post the first half first!  Then it won't seem like I'm just sitting on my butt, right.

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Zithromax Z Pak Dose

Zithromax Z Pak Dose, Dear Probability,

In a lottery for 25 SD13 Williams, do you think you'd grace me with a winning number?  Should I even bother.

Should I say screw it and just sell most of my dolls and get a bitching new laptop and redo my kitchen, Zithromax Z Pak Dose mexico. Zithromax Z Pak Dose us, I think if I sold most of my dolls, I'd trim down to 7.., Zithromax Z Pak Dose usa. Zithromax Z Pak Dose australia, and maybe if I only had 7 I could make one of those 7 a Williams, bringing us back to problem number one.  What do you think, Zithromax Z Pak Dose uk, probability.

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Non-prescription Erythromycin 400mg

Non-prescription Erythromycin 400mg, This is the kind of music I listen to lately.

Cold outside-
Long after dark
You'll find a stone in your heart
Come 'round
Let's stand together
We'll fall, Non-prescription Erythromycin 400mg overseas, 10mg Non-prescription Erythromycin 400mg, or
We'll rise
You and I
In secret style
Awaiting all
For thee-

You bet your life-

Come down
Slow and easy
You'll find your way
You 'll find a way
The world will follow you
I know you'll rise
I know you'll rise

A secret sound
And it won't go away
Your secret style
And it won't go away

And it's right inside of me
And it's right inside of me

Come 'round
Let's stand together
We rise
Alone forever
In secret style
They're waiting up for me-

Love the Gutter Twins. <3, 100mg Non-prescription Erythromycin 400mg. Non-prescription Erythromycin 400mg paypal. 20mg Non-prescription Erythromycin 400mg.

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Tetracycline Residue In Cattle

Tetracycline Residue In Cattle, Inkling in Lil Bratz clothes. Perfect fit, 200mg Tetracycline Residue In Cattle, same as what I had on the Volks Customize Kit.  Pity they don't make these anymore... I wonder if I still have other outfits around.


Like, 150mg Tetracycline Residue In Cattle, perfect-perfect fit.  Sigh. Tetracycline Residue In Cattle coupon, Here she is with my friend's Lucy for size comparison.  I think the hips and thighs might be close, but not so much the rest.


On The Joint, there's a Head-a-Week challenge.  I started modifying one of the casts of Inkling's faceplate to fit the theme..., Tetracycline Residue In Cattle. the theme was happy eyes (^_^).   I like how it got started, 40mg Tetracycline Residue In Cattle, but the Apoxie set up super fast.   Next I need to resculpt her lower lip and finish the inside of her mouth... Tetracycline Residue In Cattle canada, then I can sand it and prime it.  How nice it is just to be able to modify what's there.


I also started on her sleeping plate, but I was too dumb tonight so it'll need a lot of cleanup.

I am going to get a ton done this weekend on other projects.

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Can I Take Flagyl While Pregnant

stringtest2 Can I Take Flagyl While Pregnant, She has been test-strung, hurrah!  Unfortunately, the quick and lazy way I have attached the bars for the hands and feet hinders movement because of, y'know, the big metal posts sticking out.

Still, it's really exciting to see her put together.., 200mg Can I Take Flagyl While Pregnant. and it helps me to see what needs to happen on her to continue forward. Can I Take Flagyl While Pregnant overseas, Stylistic changes:

  • I'd like to build a bit more of a round volume into her rib cage, which would also help her to twist and arch better.

  • Her butt needs a reduction.

  • Her girly-bits are a bit... forward.  Rob Liefeld-like.

  • Her forearms need to be tapered.

Structural changes:

  • Her shoulder balls need to be ground down a bit because they hinder some arm posing.

  • Her knees need to have a better groove sculpted on because they slip out of joint.

  • Her elbows need more function.  They can only go to a.., 150mg Can I Take Flagyl While Pregnant. maybe 120-130 degree bend.

  • Her head mobility isn't too great - need to round out the top of her neck joint.

  • Change the shape of the wrist joints to close to spherical.

  • Correct range of movement in hip joint to get a 90 degree bend for better sitting.

She'll need a lot of surface work woo... Can I Take Flagyl While Pregnant uk, she's got so many pinhole bubbles. ;_;

Tentative date for a first "final" cast is June 1.  :)  I hope I can do it!  I'd love to bring one to Dolpa with me.

stringtest3, 30mg Can I Take Flagyl While Pregnant.

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Erythromycin Positive Gram

Erythromycin Positive Gram, The weekends go too fast.

We have a new toilet and I am stupidly elated about it.  The toilet that was in the house when we moved didn't flush very well and it was very annoying.  The new toilet is very nice.  The packaging helps illustrate the differences between men and women, though.  It proclaims that it can flush 12 golfballs in a single flush without clogging.  Mandy's dad was like  "THIS IS THE ONE, Erythromycin Positive Gram paypal," whereas Mandy are I were  going "...I don't shit golfballs."  Much less a bucket of them. Erythromycin Positive Gram india, I'm not doing very well on communication lately.  I need to sit down and write back to the people who have written to me.

The dogs are settling so I think I may be able to do some painting tomorrow night.  Uber exciting. :)  I have a couple of things to work on that I'd like to get done.    That would be very awesome, Erythromycin Positive Gram australia.

I haven't posted any pics in awhile.  These are the three faceups in the faceups tutorial.  The owners have all received them, 40mg Erythromycin Positive Gram, so I think it's okay to post them!  The pics linked from the thumbnails are big.  The Scarface Cecil belongs to Julia's daughter, the MNF Marcia belongs to Sher, and the Leeke Min belongs to FairEmma.  I am trying to finish the video, 10mg Erythromycin Positive Gram, but my file got corrupted and I had to go back to a backup that is older and missing a lot.

[gallery link="file" orderby="title"]

I am also thinking of doing a couple short BJD faceup sessions using my webcam and Livestream.  Would anyone be interested.

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Zithromax Tri-pack Prescribing Information

Zithromax Tri-pack Prescribing Information, Stuff.

1. Truffle and Farinelli went to the vet today.  $214 later, we have 6 months of the heartworm prevention tabs, 100mg Zithromax Tri-pack Prescribing Information, Farinelli has been given a clean bill of health, and we have been told that Truffle has two trick knees that will need to be monitored.  I am elated that Farinelli is doing so well, but the vet said that his knees were actually better than Truffle's.  Slip-knee problems are a known element in pomeranians, but I hadn't expected it yet. Our vet (who is awesome) said it's something to monitor because it's not serious at this point, Zithromax Tri-pack Prescribing Information usa, but it's depressing that our two year old pom has worse knees than our 8 year old rescue Pom.

On the subject of Mr. Rescue Pom, Farinelli's been doing pretty well with everything.  He's already put on half a pound since we got him last week, bringing him up to 7 pounds.  (Truff is weighing in at a hefty 7 pounds 10 ounces.)  His doggy dandruff has almost cleared up, his eyes are much clearer, and he seems to be taking to housebreaking.  Our hypothesis is that his owner was originally a breeder before turning hoarder, and Farinelli was a breeding stud and possibly normal house dog.  This would be why he is seriously a fine-looking pom with rare coloration and a nice build..., Zithromax Tri-pack Prescribing Information. and we think he may have been housebroken before, Zithromax Tri-pack Prescribing Information japan, which is why he's taking to it naturally now.  He's only had two accidents in the last week and both are sort of our fault.

2.  I recast Inkling's pieces the other night, but the core was off-center so it needs to be redone.  Gragh.  Tonight or tomorrow, I hope. There will definitely be cores for the finals and I will actually prepare the molds with places for them rather than trying to precariously balance them inside, 50mg Zithromax Tri-pack Prescribing Information.

3.  I am going to participate in the head-a-week challenge on The Joint.  I was excited today to see that Michaels has taken to carrying LaDoll Premiere.  I've been wanting to try it, so it is a great opportunity.  Yay air dry clay.

4. 500mg Zithromax Tri-pack Prescribing Information, I want to get back to drawing and would like to try drawing a one-shot short comic book (30-50 pages).  I don't have a good story idea, though.

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Patient Information On Synthroid

Patient Information On Synthroid, ...but I woke up in a funk.

My hair is awesome today though, lots of lift. :)

Just still feeling kinda iffy, 750mg Patient Information On Synthroid.

I recast Inkling's pieces last night with cores, but one of the cores was off-center so that piece needs to be done again.  The calves and one of the forearms look good, Patient Information On Synthroid canada, though... so that's something.  After that last piece is redone, I just need to open up the shape of the stringing channels on the balls themselves and then it's test stringing time.

I feel really unmotivated on her though.  Since I haven't been able to work at my desk, Patient Information On Synthroid craiglist, I've been working on a small, static sculpture of a comic book character while I sit at the kitchen table.  I'm really enjoying working on it, 250mg Patient Information On Synthroid, much more than on dolls.  I like not having to do the articulation because it allows me to focus more on the muscles and movement.

And WTF, the guys working on the sewer just made my toilet turn into a geyser.  WTF, WTF, Patient Information On Synthroid ebay, WTF!!!!  What is going on this morning!?!.

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Tetracycline For Uti

Pluses and Minuses. Tetracycline For Uti, +Farinelli has exclusively eliminated outside since Saturday morning.

- I haven't had time to do anything because of the dogs.

+ My pressure pot arrived yesterday

+/- I feel like drawing again, 500mg Tetracycline For Uti, but I don't have time.

+ I registered for Dolpa.

- I misdrilled two of Inkling's pieces and need to recast

- I'm really really tired

- The basement spiders are waging turf wars.  A tiny cellar spider killed a huge black spider that I can't identify (looks kinda like a nursery spider?), and that web has now been taken over by a cobspider.  Gives me the heebeejeebees, Tetracycline For Uti uk, but in general I leave spiders alone as long as they stay in the basement.

- We are in AuditLand at work for probably the next 3 months as we get audited by our CPA, FINRA, the guys who do our RIA audit, and then a PCAOB audit that shouldn't even apply to us, Tetracycline For Uti.

+ I keep having ideas for the second half of my NaNoWriMo story that has been left by the wayside and have been jotting them down.  However, Tetracycline For Uti india, I need to work on fleshing out the first half before I can start on the second act.  I sort of wish I could do it as a graphic novel, but I don't think it would translate well since so much of it is inner monologue.

- I wish I had a good idea for a graphic novel in general.

+ Since I can't work at my desk right now, 40mg Tetracycline For Uti, I've been doing some random figural sculpting.  I'm working on a figure of a comic character that I like.  It's coming out pretty well, but the face isn't right.  However, Tetracycline For Uti coupon, I'm impressed with myself for the muscles in the arms.  Go me.

- I seem to have sudden, violent hives.  WTF.

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