A Href Online Colchicine

A Href Online Colchicine, I was randomly going through my old gallery threads on DoA... and I was thinking about the dolls I've had and sold.  Most of the dolls I've sold have been "upgraded" to new characters, but I have had some that never returned.  Off the top of my head...

  • Tam (MSD Ken)

  • Chris (SoulDoll Paris)

  • Friday (DD1/F8 hybrid first, A Href Online Colchicine coupon, then a Delf Soony)

  • Joseph (DoD Yen)

  • Id (Bambicrony Kumi)

  • Id Mach 2 (Puki Piki)

  • Aang (Puki Piki, again)

  • Percy (DIM Sergei)

  • Sebastian (Euclase)

  • Percy (different character, same name) (Limhwa Mono)

  • Chloraform (Narin Butterfly boy)

  • Tuesday (Puki Chichi with Daisy Dayes fawn legs

Of these... I really only miss Chris, Id, A Href Online Colchicine japan, Mono-Percy, and Sebastian.  I still regret trading Chris... especially now that Paris is out of production.  They come up occasionally, 1000mg A Href Online Colchicine, but I don't really have headspace for him anymore.  I do miss him though; he was an awesome doll.  I also really miss Id... but I was so paranoid about her pink french resin yellowing that I wasn't enjoying her as much.  She was just so fun and I loved taking pictures of her.  Percy and Sebastian didn't have strong characters.., A Href Online Colchicine. and I never even got clothes for Sebastian... but I loved looking at them sitting on my beside table.  I do miss them.

Pics of Id, for nostalgia, A Href Online Colchicine paypal.

Oooooold DoA thread.

One Shot.

And her introduction.

Looking at the thread I find myself going OMG HOW CAN I GET HER AGAIN?  But then I'm like, dumbass, A Href Online Colchicine craiglist, you sold he for a reason. -_-;;.

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Prozac Dosage

Prozac Dosage, Just saw Toy Story 3 and left feeling vaguely depressed.  While I thought it was really good, and some parts were very funny... I have to admit that overall I didn't really enjoy it because there were also a lot of sad parts and issues that have been close to my heart lately.  It's definitely a movie where your mileage may vary.., Prozac Dosage us. Prozac Dosage ebay, but my guess is that toy lovers and BJD owners might find it a little intense and a little depressing at times.

I did enjoy Ken, 100mg Prozac Dosage. 250mg Prozac Dosage, :)

I had mixed feelings about the end.

I don't know.., 750mg Prozac Dosage. like I said, it was a well-done movie and the rendering was amazing... but I don't really feel like it needed to be made.  I could have been perfectly happy with Andy being seven years old for the rest of my life.

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Nevada Tetracycline Stain

Nevada Tetracycline Stain, I feel kinda sad tonight.  I get used to not seeing people, but when I see them again I realize how much I've missed them the whole time.  I miss my friends who I only get to see at Dolpa.  Most of my local friends aren't nerdy like me, so I can't really geek out over stupid things like dolls and comic books and video games.  It's all grown-up stuff like houses or work or pets or kids.

I need to hang out with Michelle and Nancy and Mandy.  We can geek out. ;_;

DoA is also hard to come back to, Nevada Tetracycline Stain india, especially since I've got stuff to do.  I have a whole bunch of stuff I need to square away (upgrades, 10mg Nevada Tetracycline Stain, a few plugins, anniversary contest setup, search FAQ, Nevada Tetracycline Stain uk, aesthetic FAQ...) and I just don't feeeeeeeeeel like it. Nevada Tetracycline Stain overseas, Inkling doesn't feel like being worked on.  I had thought I had her production worked out going through jpop, but some new friends suggested another alternative that sounds really exciting as well... so I'm going to look into that.  I cut down some PVC tonight for mother molds, 40mg Nevada Tetracycline Stain, so clay will be happening soon.  PRECISION MOLDING BABY.

I just feel blah tonight.  I need a hug. :(.

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Colchicine Calcific Tendinitis

Colchicine Calcific Tendinitis, I found the money that I thought had been lost to the streets of NYC. Joy, Colchicine Calcific Tendinitis mexico. 500mg Colchicine Calcific Tendinitis, Now if Truff is in good shape when I get home from work I can consider today an okay day. 200mg Colchicine Calcific Tendinitis. Colchicine Calcific Tendinitis australia. Colchicine Calcific Tendinitis canada.

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Synthroid Overnight

Synthroid Overnight, Chicline... very small heads.  I knew that, 150mg Synthroid Overnight, Synthroid Overnight usa, but it's hard to adjust to!  Happily, new Antagonist does fit his old outfit that Lenny made, 20mg Synthroid Overnight, 50mg Synthroid Overnight, though the pants that were already too big on the Narin are ginormous on him.  I will need to take them in in the back.

He needs new eyes, 30mg Synthroid Overnight, but those are in transit.  The biggest issue is actually that I have no wig for him and really need one.  It'll be hard because of both the length of the fur and the actual size of his head.  I'm not sure who to commission.  I think his head may be close to pukifee size?  Not sure.  Will need to look up pukifee measurements again.

I really like the resin color.  I have never seen Fairyland white, but pictured it being the ivory-ish color of Delf resin a few years ago.  He's actually very white.  I'm not sure when he's getting painted.

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Amoxicillin Light Headed

piratebaby. 150mg Amoxicillin Light Headed. Amoxicillin Light Headed paypal. Amoxicillin Light Headed japan. 50mg Amoxicillin Light Headed. 30mg Amoxicillin Light Headed.

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Cipro Anthrax

Cipro Anthrax, I had an awesome time in NYC and really enjoyed meeting up with some old friends and meeting some new.  It was really awesome!  We did a lot of fun things and went to a bunch of places outside of Dolpa that I really enjoyed - Kee's for chocolate and macaroons, Fluevog where I ended up buying a new pair of shoes, Korean Barbeque, the TokiDoki boutique, Toy Tokyo, and really tastytasty restaurants.

I also managed to fulfill every offer I made to pick up items for people who couldn't attend... and while I would rather have had those people there, 500mg Cipro Anthrax,  I'm glad I could help out. Cipro Anthrax craiglist, I came home with a White Rabbit (current unnamed) and I will be receiving Williams (the new Vanilla)  in August.  Yes, Captain Clusterfuck (sorry, Admiral Clusterfuck) will be getting his final form and I am so excited, 20mg Cipro Anthrax.

Today has had a few downer items since getting home to Rochacha (lost some money, 10mg Cipro Anthrax, Truff's ass was covered in loose poop when we picked her up from boarding), but it was a great couple of days overall. :), 1000mg Cipro Anthrax.

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Ic Erythromycin

Ic Erythromycin, The pinhead cometh.

SO EXCITED, Ic Erythromycin canada. Ic Erythromycin us, I hope to come back on Monday with a confirmation for a Williams... to be greeted by my ChicLine El, 100mg Ic Erythromycin. Ic Erythromycin ebay, :)  Please. :D, 750mg Ic Erythromycin.

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Retin A Usage

Retin A Usage, We're playing DDR for the first time in probably a year.  Truffle is perplexed.  whenever we trade off, she walked over and walks around on the pad, trying to figure out what the big deal is.  I'm tired from mowing the lawn, so I am regally sucking.  Good exercise though.

Tonight, Retin A Usage usa, Retin A Usage overseas, I have several tasks to accomplish...

  • Make unbirthday gift for Dolpa

  • Decide what the heck Crash is wearing to Dolpa

  • Make Mandy make my necklace for Dolpa

  • Add a bit of Apoxie to Shadoweyes so I can sand it off and be ready to mold.  I found one spot that wasn't quite ready yet.  (OTL)

It's funny.., Retin A Usage uk. Retin A Usage india, I think people will recognize Crash, but not know why, 40mg Retin A Usage. ;).

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Prozac Disadvantages

Prozac Disadvantages, I can understand being upset about Soom re-releasing dolls, but... the some of the hatemail being directed at Soom verges on creepy.  I guess I'm just sort of whatever because so many other companies re-release limited dolls, but.., Prozac Disadvantages australia. I just don't get it.  Most companies by now make it clear that "limited edition" refers to the fullset, Prozac Disadvantages mexico, not necessarily the head sculpts.  This Beryl has a different skintone and no hooves... so.... they really aren't lying when they said that MD Beryl wouldn't be released again, Prozac Disadvantages coupon.

I would sort of like seeing some of the MD heads made available in normal skintones. 250mg Prozac Disadvantages, Today I bought my compressor, yay!  It's 32 pounds of pressure pumping power!  Mandy didn't relate to my excitement, even when I tried to put it in terms of antique typewriters or cool old medical equipment.  I am excited though..., 200mg Prozac Disadvantages. time for claying. :D :D :D

And, uh, actually figuring out how much silicone I need to order for Inkling's pieces.

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