Diflucan Zocor Interaction

Diflucan Zocor Interaction, I'm placing an order with ED.  If you would like eyes, please let me know.   I'm hoping to order on Friday. :)

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Retin A Results

Retin A Results, I picked up my 3DS, waiting on game releases that I want.  The 3D is really pretty amazing, wow... even without any games, 1000mg Retin A Results, 500mg Retin A Results, there are fun built-ins like the 3D camera and AR cards.  I totally had Link standing on my kitchen table.   I may buy Nintendogs even though I have it in 2D because I can't even imagine how cute it must be to play with kittens in 3D.  This is a REALLY COOL system, 20mg Retin A Results. 150mg Retin A Results, Totally in love. 200mg Retin A Results.

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Bipolar Depression And Prozac

Bipolar Depression And Prozac, With all the buzz around Mikhaila/Puns, I started thinking about other 'big' cases of inspiration or copying.  I realized that there's not really any one listing of the big stories!  So here it is.  It's pretty freaking interesting. Any tiny pics link to full-sized images.

Please link the entry if you wish, but do NOT hotlink my images.

The earliest bootlegs that most people can remember were the Forever Dolls, which were so surprising that some English-speaking doll enthusiasts actually purchased them on Y!J in good faith.  The dolls, whcih were cast of powdery, brittle resin, were actually painted a fleshtone color!  The dolls broke easily and were generally terrible, toxic-smelling bootlegs.  I looked for pictures to post, but it seems that the internet has lost them after all this time!  If anyone has pics I can use to update my post, let me know!  I'll be dipped if I actually remember the year.  I think it was pre-2004.


(2004 - same size) CP/LUTS Delf Ari (right) was accused of being a recast of Volks Nono (left).  LUTS pulled the sculpt voluntarily, but Ari Wink (a version with a smiling mouth and winking eyes) remained available on the site for awhile, until it eventually was sold out and not restocked. I've seen both Ari and Nono in person and I would definitely believe that Ari was heavily inspired, but I don't think it was recast.

This was around the time that Volks also took Customhouse to task for their 60cm Ai boy body, which they felt was uncomfortably similar to the Volks SD13 boy body.  I can't find any pics of this body to make a comparison photo, Bipolar Depression And Prozac.


(2004 - same size) Bimong's Narin (right) was accused of being a heavily inspired copy of Gentaro Araki's Unoa boy.  Similar allegations and photo comparisons have been made for Narae/Unoa girl, down to similarities in the hand posing.  The original Narin dolls had an eye mechanism like Unoa, which was later removed (some say due to the scrutiny) and some said that the mech hole remained so you could put potpourri in the doll's head.  I kid you not!  This was a big deal at the time because Unoa was the only mature mini, so the inspiration was very noticable. 30mg Bipolar Depression And Prozac, shoryu

(2004/2005. - same size)  Ocean Moon released Shou-Ryu, an artist-head.  Many people cried foul (particularly in Asia) and said it was a copy of Volks Chris/Lucas.  Ocean Moon disappeared for awhile, but came back and made a formal statement that it was not a copy, then went on to produce other dolls.  The Western community believed for a long time that it was a copy, but looking at the pics now it seems so... obviously not.  At this point, time and Ocean Moon's relative obscurity have mostly erased this one.  (In photo, Volks Chris is on the left, Ocean Moon Sho-ryu is on the right).

kanonlucas Bipolar Depression And Prozac, (2004/2005 - same size) A Korean artist by the name of Kanon released 20 each of two heads, Yui (smiling version) and Louis (neutral/moody version).  Public outcry was that it was a recast of Volks Lucas.  Kanon seems to have vanished and not returned.  (As an aside, I own the both a Lucas and a Yui and there is little resemblence in real life.)  In the photos, Lucas (well, Chris, actually) is on the left and Yui is on the right.


(2005. - same size) Soom released their Gem body.  Many people were uncomfortable with the similarity in the low-waist jointing and body line as they were unique to LUTS Delf at that time.  (Other boy bodies were in the Volks mode of soft and solid, rather than willowy). In owner pictures, it was easy to confuse which body was in use, with the exception that the old Soom body didn't pose as well due to engineering and lacking Delf's unique joint shims.  No formal accusations were ever made and people happily bought the Soom body. (Photo shows Delf on the left and Soom Gem on the right).


(2005 - same size) Dollzone hit the scene with their first 4 kitbashed mini dolls composed of modified (and sometimes unmodified) combinations of different minis that were on the market at that time.  The most obvious bootleg was a recast of LUTS Kid Delf Woori (shown on the top right).., Bipolar Depression And Prozac. I believe it was named Lyn (top left).  Several of the other dolls were suspected of being modified recasts (Volks Ken on the bottom left, Dollzone... Nina, I think, Bipolar Depression And Prozac canada, on the bottom right).

copymoreen01pu7 copymoreen06bb4 copymoreen05da4 copymoreen02az5

(2006 - same size) Dollshe Craft accused Dollmore of modifying and recasting the popular Hound body as the Dollmore Model male.  Dollmore denied the allegations, but Dollshe made several very damning overlays that included everything from swapping the pieces from the Dollmore Model to showing toolmarks that were identical on the insides of various pieces. This was also noticeable because at the time, Dollshe was the only maker of 70cm boy bodies and the only maker of bodies in this long, lanky body aesthetic.  Several owners of the newly released Dollmore Model boy refused to post pictures of the insides of their dolls, so the only comparative pics we had were from Dollshe.  Dollshe said he was going to take Dollmore to court (and to my knowledge, he did), but either the court did not side with Dollshe or the case is ongoing.  The western world doesn't know. Bipolar Depression And Prozac, EDIT: According to some posting on DoA from 2007, Dollmore and Dollshe both called in outside engineers to examine both bodies and determined that Dollmore was not creating a copy.  The issue is at a standstill as Dollshe doesn't want to get sued for libel and Dollmore wants a public apology for the accusation.

DollzoneVolks1 DollzoneVolks4 bhfhh turned1

(2006 - different sizes, 67cm and 70cm) Dollzone released a 70cm body that many people suspected was made in whole or in part of recast pieces from Volks SD16.  Others thought it was just heavily inspired by the SD16.  Pictures could be found on the Dollzone website showing the dolls side-by-side, showing that they did have an SD16 in their possession.  Around that time, Volks made a nebulous "Don't buy copies message" but did not specifically mention Dollzone; Dollzone also posted a message that did not state that their work was original, but that it was not illegal.  This was also interesting in that Volks was the only company making a beefy boy body.

eabe7a07 ab143167 p215461209 c631f030f30c4ea5bdefc39106f1d5

(2006-present, all sizes) Lolidoll appears on Taobao, selling direct recasts of Volks School A and LUTS Chiwoo.  Over the following years, Lolidoll would become so bold as to offer to do group orders by acquiring specific dolls to bootleg if demand was high enough.   In 2010, Lolidoll also began produced bootleg headplates to make Volks bootlegs seem extra-special legit. (All of these photos show counterfeit items)

phantom1 phantom5 phantom11

(2007 - same size) Another case of direct recasting was Phantom's Korat, a doll with an original head but a Happydoll Body and Cerberus Project hands.  When asked, Phantom swore that the body was her own work.

comparison_frontclosecopy new_comparison_backcopy new_comparison_frontfullcopy new_comparison_sidecopy TinyComparisons_08 soomtinies

(2007 - same size) Soom released their Teenie/Teeny Gem.  People receiving the dolls were uncomfortable with their similarity to Volks YoSD and the community wondered if they were recast.  YoSD-style dolls were fairly uncommon at this point, so it didn't seem coincidence. 100mg Bipolar Depression And Prozac, Two members who owned the dolls met in person and took photos that showed that while the dolls were heavily inspired, they did not appear to be recast.  The community outrage at the time was high when they were thought to be bootlegged, but most everyone moved on when they were just deemed "heavily inspired by." (In the photoshop comparisons, the doll on the left is Soom Teeny Gem, right is Volks YoSD.  In the owner pics, the doll on the left is Volks YoSD and the doll on the right is Teeny Gem).


(2008 - different size 67cm and 70cm) Rickydoll Helios (left) and Volks SD17 body (right).  Many members felt that Ricky's new large body was derivative of Volks SD17 Reisner's body, but the community response was mixed.   The doll was not hugely popular, so there was little community reaction.  Again, as in other cases, this was a "new" body shape still, so it seemed very unusual for the resemblance to be a coincidence, Bipolar Depression And Prozac.

comp5 comp3comp2 comp1

(2008 - same size, but...) This was more a case of copying a concept and some ad copy, for the dolls were entirely different.  Members noticed that AoD Jurgis was remarkably similar to Soom Io's promo photos.  Soom came first. ;)  The community regarded this as more humorous than anything else.

Delilah-Narae4 Delilah-Narae2 Delilah-Narae1

(2009) Ashton Drake releases Delilah Noir, an MSD-sized vinyl doll bearing striking resemblances to Narin Narae.  Hobbyists who are fans of both the BJD and fashion world claim that the doll is at least partly a recast.  Dollfair/Narin did not call the doll a copy, but stated that they had not collaborated with AD.  Because the doll is vinyl and therefore off-topic for DoA, most BJD enthusiasts never heard of her.

sidsd17 uidmegu

(2009 - approximately the same size) Infinitidoll's SID body met the same criticism.  Infinitidoll provided work-in-progress pictures of both their SID body and their tiny, Cori (which has also been accused of being a copy of Volks YoSD Megu).  In the pictures, first picture shows SD17 (left) and SID body (right), the second shows YoSD Megu (left) and UID Cori (right).  The community response was initially very heated, but work-in-progress pics showing that the doll was sculpted from scratch quelled most complaints.

Epic-ness6 Epic-ness10 344206577 SN851393 Bipolar Depression And Prozac, (2009) "Lunadoll" and several eBay sellers begin selling a bizarre doll that is a modified recast of a Volks Lucas with an AOD body (male or female).  These are rather widespread for a bit and catch a lot of new and optimistic members.  The dolls are poor quality with bubbles and a strong, toxic smell.  One member is able to return the doll to the seller for a refund; others don't bother.

cielabadon lukaetc

(2009 - different sizes.  60+ cm and 45cm) This was another case where it wasn't a bootleg, but the community felt that a company had gotten a little too inspired by another company's fullset concept.  Angelheim released Luka and Ciel in fullsets resembling Soom's MDs  (second pic, Bipolar Depression And Prozac australia, shown left to right: Lukas, Soom Io, and Soom Chrom) and LUTS' recently released Abaddon of the Judgement (first pic, LUTS on left and Angelheim on right).  It probably wouldn't have received much attention, but they were both released at the same time.  Some in the community thought it was funny, others thought it tacky, and others still went out and bought them.


(2009, same size) B&G released Elf Nailo and the community first suspects him of being a recast of LUTS Yder.  This concern is put aside on more research and members figure that the doll was just heavily inspired.


(2010 - same size) NDoll released Louis.  No major accusations have been made, but a good handful of people cite this head as a case of heavy inspiration from Volks Lucas. (Louis on the left, Lucas on the right).


(2010 - same size between Unoss and Iris, Unon is taller) Everpurple releases Iris, a 58cm girl with body lines similar to Volks/Alchemic Lab Unoss and Alchemic Lab Unon and some facial similarities.  The second version of the body, released by Everpurple/Ariadoll as Narvi, shares lines and even more resemblance in the legs.  This is one of those cases where there wasn't a lot of outcry or anything formal, but the doll comes up in conversation and debate occasionally as an inspired-by doll example.  (The photo shows left to right Unoss, Iris, Narvi, and Unon.)

comparison-2 overlay1

(2010 - same size) LadySaiyuki was publicly accused by Asleep Eidolon of modifying and recasting the head of their mini girl, Pear, to make her new doll, Serenity.  Community comparison photos also point to the body having been a kitbash of Dollmore's mini girl body and hands from Dream of Doll, Bipolar Depression And Prozac.


(2011 - different sizes, 26cm and 40cm)  Dust of Dolls publicly accused Leekeworld of copying their tiny, artist doll Puns to create 40cm Mikhaila's unusual body shape.  Leekeworld was in a neighboring booth at LDoll festival and showed interest in Puns and printouts of Puns and a doll design by Lillycat/Cerisedolls are visible in the background of Mikhaila's work in progress photos.  Community reactions are mixed, with some calling this normal industry-accepted inspiration and others calling for a boycott due to what they feel is obvious copying.

There are hordes of other cases of bootlegging and heavy inspiration, but these are the ones that stand out most clearly in my mind... Bipolar Depression And Prozac us, without getting into the ridiculous level of listing out all of the strange recasts and modified recasts that circulate through eBay and Taobao. DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE BUYING.

There are also many times when companies have sold dolls that the doll community has complained have been too heavily based off of comic or manga characters. Just a few examples:

If you think I missed something spectacular, let me know.

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Rogaine Mixed With Retin A

Rogaine Mixed With Retin A, Thanks for everyone who bid on my auctions.   I'm transferring the money to my bank account, Rogaine Mixed With Retin A japan, Rogaine Mixed With Retin A india, then I will donate the funds to the Red Cross (and possibly part to a charity that's doing animal rescue in Japan).  So so happy and grateful to have been able to raise the money.  Thank you thank you thank you. :)

I'm off to go watch a movie and do some sculpting, Rogaine Mixed With Retin A uk. Rogaine Mixed With Retin A mexico, :). Rogaine Mixed With Retin A paypal.

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Erythromycin Tablets

Erythromycin Tablets, I posted a response to a forum member this morning and I'm sure it will be reposted... So I am posting it here in it's entirity so pieces can't be reposted out of context. Out of respect for the member, I'm not including her post. To summarize, she expressed her anger that DoA wasn't banning Leeke Mikhaila and demanded we put the doll to member vote.

As we have said, DoA is not a court of law and we cannot get involved in anything other than straight-forward cases of recasting. Please understand that companies copy each other nigh constantly, and were we to ban everything that resembled something else, there would be no dolls left on DoA, Erythromycin Tablets. We cannot just pick and choose cases to champion; while we are all pretty much uniformly fans of Dust of Dolls, 20mg Erythromycin Tablets, we can't side with them just because they are a small atelier against a major company. Should we then go back and retroactively ban the Dollzone 70cm body, which was accused very firmly of being a recast, then an EXTREMELY inspired-by copy. In Dollzone's case, we know from their own workbench comparison photos that they physically had an SD16 body in their possession and most likely sculpted directly from it. Should we retroactively ban B&G Nailo, 750mg Erythromycin Tablets, which was suspected of being a copy of LUTS Yder. Erythromycin Tablets, Should we ban the Everpurple body because of its resemblence to Unoss and Unon. Should we ban Impldoll Ciel because they copied the concept and design of LUTS Abaddon of the Judgement, albeit on a smaller scale. Should we ban Angell-Studio, who went so far to copy Soom Io that they actually mimicked their promo photos and ad copy. Should we go back and ban the original Soom Gem body, which was almost a clone of LUTS Delf. These are only a handful of examples from across our ever-changing hobby. (I am offering them as simple examples, rather than because I have any strong emotion about them or interest in debating those specific dolls with you.)

I'm sure you will disagree, but banning Leeke Mikhaila on Dust of Dolls' say-so opens up the floodgates for any company to accuse their competitors of copying with the expectation that the doll will be banned, Erythromycin Tablets. DoA simply cannot get involved in cases of intellectual property; as we said, Erythromycin Tablets paypal, we can only ban direct recasts.

We will never open DoA's policy up to member vote. The community whips itself into a two-week long emotional fervor several times every year and were we to allow that to dictate how the forum is administrated, we'd have either burned ourself to a cinder or been forced to close due to litigation. DoA's moderation team looks out for the community in the long term; we cannot be emotional. Erythromycin Tablets, As I said in the Mikhaila thread, people take for granted that "DoA will always be there," but all it would take would be one lawsuit to end things. It is unfair to a community of over 10,000 members to risk DoA's existence over an issue that does not actually concern them; truly, Erythromycin Tablets coupon, this is between Dust of Dolls and Leeke.

We are giving members the opportunity to give their opinions via their signatures and posts in debate and discussion. We are allowing members to "vote" with their money by choosing to buy or boycott. The issue isn't as one-sided as you think... we have received an equal number of Pro-Leeke and Pro-Dust of Dolls PMs and questions, Erythromycin Tablets.

I feel we have been rather transparent on the issue aside from giving our individual opinions on the situation. They are immaterial, as our blanket policy is that we only ban recasts... You will not find any official support or condemnation for either side.

I am happy to answer your questions, 500mg Erythromycin Tablets, but please be aware that it is in no way negotiation. I am speaking on behalf of all of our Admins and we are firm in our position. Erythromycin Tablets, It's complex. I will say that the admins are all mired in the shades of gray; none of us thought that this was in any way an open and shut case. DoA doesn't have to give an official "stance" on every issue... The world hums on. We're a doll forum, not a political body.

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Zithromax Dose For Aids

Zithromax Dose For Aids, Well, the toilet is leaking because it isn't sitting right because the floor in the bathroom is crooked.  The floor can be replaced for ~$420, but if we want to replace the tub (which we do) we'll need to go it first.   When we replace the tub we'll get a plastic surround put in, which means we'll need to remove the window in the shower... which means we need to have the vent installed.  Soooo the bathroom renovation is beginning.

The tub replacement is involved.  They'll pull out our 500 pound cast iron 1920's tub and completely redo the drain and trap.., 1000mg Zithromax Dose For Aids. then put in a new acrylic tub.  Then they'll pull out the window, Zithromax Dose For Aids us, cover it over, insulate it, and cover up the outside.  Then they'll put in the new surround and do some repair/replacement to the wall with drywall.  The tub is currently sunk into the wall about an inch on each end.  To get it out, Zithromax Dose For Aids craiglist, they have to remove the toilet. 200mg Zithromax Dose For Aids, All this is to the tune of around ~$2,350.  ;O;

Then there's the floor.

And then vent, 150mg Zithromax Dose For Aids.


Elf Shiwoo is up for sale... and I may destash a couple heads that I was holding on to.   Siiiigh.

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Cross Sensitivity Between Erythromycin And Zithromax

Cross Sensitivity Between Erythromycin And Zithromax, First, please check out Boo over on the Seed Blog.

100% of her sale goes to charity.  Bidding is over on Seed.

Next up, 250mg Cross Sensitivity Between Erythromycin And Zithromax, I am also auctioning this drawing that I did around 2 years ago. 10mg Cross Sensitivity Between Erythromycin And Zithromax,

It's the original rather than a print, mixed media.  Graphite + colored paper + watercolor + origami paper. Not framed, Cross Sensitivity Between Erythromycin And Zithromax india.

If you would like it, 40mg Cross Sensitivity Between Erythromycin And Zithromax, please reply to this post ON MY BLOG, NOT LJ FEED with your bid.  Starting bid is $20, inclusive of shipping in the US.  (If you're outside of the US, Cross Sensitivity Between Erythromycin And Zithromax canada, we'll talk about shipping.)  Auction closes next Tuesday at 10pm EST.

Payment accepted by Paypal.

Please link these around and help me get them seen. :).

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Daptomycin And Flagyl

Daptomycin And Flagyl, I want to have Starling finished so I can start the boooooooooy.  ;A;   Tedious jointwork is tedious.  Lozenge #2 is coming along, soon I will hopefully be ready to start fitting it up to the knee.  Ankles need to happen soon too, huh?  She currently just has... stumps, Daptomycin And Flagyl australia. Daptomycin And Flagyl uk, I am tiiiiiiiired.  Bizarre fixations are keeping me up at night. 100mg Daptomycin And Flagyl. Daptomycin And Flagyl ebay. 50mg Daptomycin And Flagyl.

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Amoxicillin Allergic Reaction

Amoxicillin Allergic Reaction, I feel like doing some face practice sculpting.  Draw me some picture references. :D, Amoxicillin Allergic Reaction mexico. Amoxicillin Allergic Reaction usa. 30mg Amoxicillin Allergic Reaction. Amoxicillin Allergic Reaction japan. Amoxicillin Allergic Reaction overseas.

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Over The Counter Amoxicillin

Over The Counter Amoxicillin, Thought I'd give some pics of what's been happening with Starling's body. :)  Please keep in mind that everything is in the fat, ugly, 10mg Over The Counter Amoxicillin, lumpy stage, so this doesn't really give an accurate idea of what things will look like when they're done.


New elbow joint... double-jointed!  She can easily touch her face.., Over The Counter Amoxicillin usa. and it's a very stable joint. :)


The new knees look very ugly from the front at the moment because they are still just globby for function.  I'll slim down them and get the nice muscle shapes in.  They also look particularly bad because I cut off about 1/2cm from the bottom so I can redo her ankle joints.., Over The Counter Amoxicillin. so her upper leg looks too long.  It won't when it's done... Over The Counter Amoxicillin mexico, and she shouldn't be much taller.  Oh, you can also see the start of the swivel joint at the top of her thigh.


It's the first I've actually strung this leg... and I see that I need to cut the stringing channels further.  But overall, Over The Counter Amoxicillin ebay, I like the look and function of the joint.  Now I just need to clean it up and do the other side.  Then it's on to the ankles and thigh swivel...


And the last change is pretty small... Over The Counter Amoxicillin japan, I am tweaking the headback so that the edges of the part that go down onto the neck don't show from the front.

I also started some new hands... and some people have requested high heel feet so she can wear Barbie shoes, so I might try to make some of those when I have a chance.  I need to find some Barbie shoes to test with though since I don't have any.

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