Lumigan Eye Lash

Lumigan Eye Lash, First, I have two scarves for sale.  Please PM me on DoA or email me at armeleia at gmail dot com if you would like one. :)

The first is fireflies.


Fireflies - $50, available

fireflies4 fireflies fireflies2

I like the bead accents on this one... it's more systematic than the usual little random sparkly clusters I put on.  The smallest fireflies have frosted glass dagger beads sewn on to the wings.  Other accents are a lentil bead with a swarovski crystal or a single little tiny glass pearl.   It's very pretty.

Fireflies are one of my favorite kinds of bugs... but until I did this scarf, I didn't think much about them beside their outer wing casings, which always remind me of the black outsides of sunflower seeds, and their characteristic glow.  I never really realized that have very large, rather lovely eyes and surprisingly pretty faces, Lumigan Eye Lash. 500mg Lumigan Eye Lash, The next is... Scutigera Coleoptrata, which more people would recognize as a common house centipede or "one of those creepyass things with all the legs."


House Centipede - $50, available.

housecentipede1 housecentipede3 housecentipede6 housecentipede5

House centipedes are another insect that I like - they're very misunderstood little creatures.  They are extremely beneficial predators - they eat spiders, roaches, beetles, Lumigan Eye Lash canada, bedbugs, fleas, and pretty much any other pest that you wouldn't want in your home!  In addition, they are completely harmless to humans... and don't bite or sting.  Really, 30mg Lumigan Eye Lash, they're a pretty sweet addition to the domestic wildlife. Lumigan Eye Lash, They also have surprisingly cute faces as well.  They're totally little "O HAI THERE" faces.

Anyway, this scarf is cutesy and a little silly.  It's pink and has hearts and sparkly swarovski crystal accents.  I like the linework a lot.

If they don't sell here, they'll go to Etsy in a few days.

Here's what was on the frames as of noon:


Left is blue-banded bees (they're Australian!) and the right is jellyfish.  YAY.

Then we went on errands, Lumigan Eye Lash coupon, and I picked up stretchers to make myself a 23"x23" frame (I had been suffering through an ill-fitting 16"x20" frame for the 22"x22" squares) and a 12"x24" frame so that I could do two 11"x11" handkerchiefs at a time.  Of course, I wanted to try them out, so...


We now have a 22"x22" waterlillies (dull), a honeybee handkerchief, an octopus with a tophat handkerchief (I drew the octopus off-center, so the tophat seemed a way to balance it), plus the ones from earlier.  I am totally psyched to start dyeing them!  I'm trying to really play with the different resists.., Lumigan Eye Lash. I am primarily using the gold and the clear.  NEAT.

I could ramble on for awhile about random life-y things, 40mg Lumigan Eye Lash, but I don't really think anyone would wade through it (as it is, I'm pretty sure that if you've made it this far it's only because there were pictures to break things up).

I am off to go and do some more finishing on Starling and Pussface - wish me luck.

For now, I leave you with these two pictures of my dogs.



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Can Clomid Work The First Month

- finish form
- make either jellyfish or house centipede scarf Can Clomid Work The First Month, house centipede.
- finish sanding pussface faceplate
- junkmold starling faceplate, Can Clomid Work The First Month uk, Can Clomid Work The First Month japan, maybe Derrida and pussface too.
- finish sanding and priming starling arms
- finish logo for new domain, Can Clomid Work The First Month overseas. Can Clomid Work The First Month ebay. Can Clomid Work The First Month craiglist.

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Diflucan Detox

Diflucan Detox, I was very productive over the last few days... I finished the scarf I posted the other day (mailed it out today!), Diflucan Detox paypal, 20mg Diflucan Detox, I cleaned my basement, and I filled in the trench in the front yard from when we ripped out the hedge.  Tonight I started surfacing and priming Starling's torso and elbow joints, Diflucan Detox india, 250mg Diflucan Detox, worked on tidying up her joints, then got Moonling/Pussface's faceplate ready for the first priming.  FWEEE!  I just need to keep going, Diflucan Detox usa.

Pics tomorrow of stuff.

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Colchicine Contraindications

Colchicine Contraindications, [gallery link="file" orderby="title"]. 50mg Colchicine Contraindications. 750mg Colchicine Contraindications. Colchicine Contraindications mexico. 200mg Colchicine Contraindications. Colchicine Contraindications us.

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Erythromycin Tx Copd

Erythromycin Tx Copd, Random items...

I ruined the piece I was experimenting on with acrylic.  It looked AWFUL.  Happily, I'd drawn that picture first on paper, so I could trace it onto another piece of silk.  (Normally I freehand onto the silk, 20mg Erythromycin Tx Copd, but it seemed like a bad idea with figural work.)  I attempted again, this time using a black resist rather than a gold and doing all of the shading with the dyes... Erythromycin Tx Copd paypal, I'm not sure if I like it.  I am just not having an easy time getting from my head to the medium on this one.  I'm going to still finish it and then attach it to a board for framing, but I may not keep it or put it up in my own house.  We'll see, I guess.


And I finished a scarf for a friend of mine.  It's a little mundane, 50mg Erythromycin Tx Copd, just orchids... but she's not into the creepy-crawlies or sea life, Erythromycin Tx Copd us, so I thought orchids might be a nice choice for her.  I really like how the colors came out.


I'll iron both tomorrow when I iron my shirt for work.  I finished drawing on the pictures for the next two - fireflies and cockroaches respectively.  Hopefully tomorrow I can dye one!   But there's a lot to do tomorrow, least of which is working on Starling.  I'm thinking of Livestreaming some batiking, though, Erythromycin Tx Copd uk, so I'll post if it looks likely to happen. :).

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Lawsuit For Users Of Cipro Antibiotic

  • sand Seedling2 thighs and knee peanuts (?)

  • sand Seedling2 arms and prime

  • sand Pussface's default faceplate

  • Mold Starling's default faceplate

  • Mold Pussface's faceplate(?)

  • finish MNF Rheia faceup

  • work on the silk/acrylic piece

  • call the dude about cleaning the gutters

  • buy fill dirt for front yard

  • cleanup paint edges in bathroom

Lawsuit For Users Of Cipro Antibiotic, AMBITION. I HAS IT, 150mg Lawsuit For Users Of Cipro Antibiotic. Lawsuit For Users Of Cipro Antibiotic usa. 30mg Lawsuit For Users Of Cipro Antibiotic. 10mg Lawsuit For Users Of Cipro Antibiotic. Lawsuit For Users Of Cipro Antibiotic canada.

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Armour Synthroid Conversion Chart

Armour Synthroid Conversion Chart, Life has been so incredibly busy lately... I feel like I am just now coming down from being on a frenzied high for almost two months.   The most notable happenings were KT's wedding and the surrounding events and preparations, then the last weekend of May I went to Anime North/Doll North as a panelist.

I feel like I've reached the point where there is too much to even summarize.  I'll just say that it was all lovely, and I enjoyed both being surrounded by people I care about and meeting new people.  If I go next year to AN, I will both bring dolls to sell and I will try out cosplay for the first time.

I cut my hair around 3 weeks ago and it's too short.  That is to say that I elected a cut that I ended up feeling was too short, not that the stylist did something incorrectly.  I wanted to try out a pixie cut... Armour Synthroid Conversion Chart overseas, and while everyone says that it's great and fab and all, I haven't quite settled into it and I think I will grow out the front and keep the back short and spikeable.  I'm incredibly laid back about my hair - it'll grow back, after all.  I did the photography for KT's wedding, so I dressed to coordinate with the regency theme.  I looked like this:


I loved this shirt. <3  This isn't how I usually style the cut, but I was going for a more boyish look since I was wearing trousers, Armour Synthroid Conversion Chart.

The summer diet/exercise has begun, though not with any ridiculous burst of unsustainable enthusiasm.  I would like to get down to my college weight (current - 30), though I'm not sure how it will look now that my face has thinned out.  It's strange... I was much thinner when I was younger, but my face was so much more plush.  I sort of feel as though if I lose even 10-15 pounds, 500mg Armour Synthroid Conversion Chart, my face will become unattractively gaunt.

I haven't felt very good for about two weeks.  I am attributing it to stress and prolonged use of allergy medication, but if I don't feel even slightly better tomorrow I think I will try going to the doctor.  I hate going, though, because it's always "I don't know what's wrong with you, so let's try bloodwork, oh look your bloodwork is fine, 40mg Armour Synthroid Conversion Chart, just deal."  It feels like a waste of time and a waste of a copay.

I'm trying to be artistically productive... Armour Synthroid Conversion Chart, but I have had both faceup and sculpting fail.   Feeling epic rawr jealousy for you ladies who are succeeding. :)  If you have any win you can bottle and send my way, please do.  I started a batik out of irritation with other media, so I'm going to try to continue with that to bolster my confidence before taking on this faceup again.  Tonight I'll wipe it and tomorrow I'll get back in the saddle.  The batik is an experiment... it will be a mixed media piece to frame.  I like how it's going so far, but I'm afraid I'll ruin it in later stages.


I'm going to do some more batik over the next few weeks.  Different insect-themed, mostly.., Armour Synthroid Conversion Chart coupon. next up will be more bees, a spider or two, more fireflies, and some fuzzy moths.  I'm trying to steer away from the more ubiquitous butterflies and dragonflies.  I may do some flower scarves, but I don't know... flowers are like the thing to batik, so I don't think I want to go down that path, Armour Synthroid Conversion Chart.

Whenever I see pics of my dad when he was young, I always realize how much I look like him. 250mg Armour Synthroid Conversion Chart, dad

Man, I love finding old pictures of my parents.  They were so cute.  I also love that my dad has had approximately the same haircut and way of standing since he was 20.

This has been a bit of a mishmosh... I'll try to get back to posting about dolls again soon. :).

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