Is Generic Cialis The Same

Is Generic Cialis The Same, The weekend was nice. :)  And now I have another 7 days off!  YAAAAAAAAAY.

On Saturday I went through all the clothes, eyes, and wigs to decide what was staying and going.  Lacey's entire trouseau is heading out, minus the Anotherspace DoA 5th anniversary outfit.  If you've ever wanted a red Atelier Momoni bunny outfit or the School of Vambane girl's outfit, well, I'll be selling them after they're lintrolled and photographed.

I am going to be listing the following heads on DoA as well:

  • White K-Doll Karon head

  • NS Ylisande head

  • NS Infinitidoll Louis head

  • NS Nanuri 2005

  • NS LUTS DoA Abadon with LE faceup (open-eyed)

  • Slightly modified NS POPO Doll NanGong You

  • Tan F-40 head

I'll also have a number of urethane and glass eyes that will be going, Is Generic Cialis The Same paypal. Hurrah. I hate selling things, though.., Is Generic Cialis The Same. it's such a hassle. This week, though I'm going to photograph everything and get it out.

I repainted Swill yesterday and he looks pretty awesome. His old faceup was something like 4 years old... Is Generic Cialis The Same, >_< What a difference. The expression is the same, 50mg Is Generic Cialis The Same, but the colors are much deeper and the linework is better. I'm hoping to photograph him too. I also repainted Mandy's Napidoll Shane, who is a new character. I'm not going to steal her thunder, but I'm pleased with him. The head was going on a Souldouble body, which is REALLY pink, Is Generic Cialis The Same. So I airbrushed it with a very translucent pink and it matches really well. I'm still not good with an airbrush, so I am always excited when I can make something work, 200mg Is Generic Cialis The Same. I'm sure she'll post pics sometime soonish too.

Next up for painting (hopefully this week):

  • Doc

  • Twist

  • Harlequinn

  • Shout

  • Delia

  • Eden

I'm excited that I'm getting an Alain head for Fitz!  It should be perfect.  I may start modifying Mandy's School A this week... Is Generic Cialis The Same, and I may resume working on my long-term automaton project as well.  I need to decide if the automaton is having both human-looking eyes or if I'm going to make one more mechanical.  I'm not sure now, since the School A has a mechanical eye.

I'm also torn on whether or not I want to repurpose a trio of dolls... Cog, Shai, and Breaker.  Cog would become Valentine, Shai would probably become Oscar, 150mg Is Generic Cialis The Same, and Breaker... well, he'd probably get sold.  I'm not sure, though.  Cog to Valentine is a good move (otherwise I was planning to eventually buy a Crobidoll Lance because they look very similar).   I'm not sure on Shai to Oscar, though.  The expression and eyes/nose are a good match for Oscar, but Oscar is always described as having full lips... which the Lucas does not have. >_<  Ugh, dolls, Is Generic Cialis The Same usa.

I need to order more Mr. Color.  Leeke has the most colors at the best price.  Does anyone want anything from Leeke?  I could organize a small group order if desired.

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Zithromax Suspension For Children

Zithromax Suspension For Children, I am loathe to part with the Narae body after I sunk so much time and carcinogen exposure into modifying it... so I swapped around a bit and now Swill (kill_u 2nd) is on that body.  I had initially thought that his head would be too big, but I actually really like the proportions.

I feel more enthused about my dolls now that I am refining my collection.., 40mg Zithromax Suspension For Children. though I won't say that it hasn't made me a little sniffly to pack up outfits, eyes, Zithromax Suspension For Children overseas, wigs of characters who aren't going to be around as dolls anymore.  I like sharing my space with physical manifestations of beloved characters, but when it comes down to it... I just want to have fewer things right now.   Certain dolls and characters are too beloved to be without, but others I will just content myself to looking at photos, 750mg Zithromax Suspension For Children.

I also realized tonight as I started putting together an updated version of my "Residents" page... I really need to repaint some of these guys.  I think that Shai, 10mg Zithromax Suspension For Children, Twist, and Swill have had their current faceups for over 4 years.  O_O  I think I will put Swill on the list for this week or next week and try to methodically work through painting everyone.  And cripes, I need to take good profile pictures.  I am such a lousy photographer.

I feel a bit melancholy tonight, Zithromax Suspension For Children ebay, but there are some fun things in the future.  I just need to get to them.

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Does Tetracycline Spoil

Does Tetracycline Spoil, I am SUPER EXCITED about an upcoming Seedling project!  I can hardly contain myself.  It seriously gives me a bit of steam to get this girl done and cast.   This is going to rock.

I will post more info when there's more to share, Does Tetracycline Spoil coupon. Does Tetracycline Spoil australia. 1000mg Does Tetracycline Spoil. Does Tetracycline Spoil mexico. Does Tetracycline Spoil uk.

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Prozac And Breast Cancer

Prozac And Breast Cancer, I'm selling the Fimo wig I made for the triathlon last year.

For it to fit your doll, she would need to have around an 8-9 head, 30mg Prozac And Breast Cancer, and not an overly long head (otherwise it might be short in back).  There is slight give to the wig that allows it to slip on.  It is made of translucent fimo, Prozac And Breast Cancer india, craft pearls, rhinestones, Swarovski crystal, 250mg Prozac And Breast Cancer, and hot glue.  Oh, Prozac And Breast Cancer us, and the toe of an unused sock for the wig cap. ;)

I have no idea what to charge for it.... it took around 10 hours to make.  If you might be interested in it, Prozac And Breast Cancer japan, please drop me a PM or DoA or email me.

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Bacterial Infections Tetracycline

Bacterial Infections Tetracycline, This change is always somewhat welcome, going from the semi-tropical heat and humidity of a New York summer into the crisp, sharp tang of autumn.  It's like being able to see again after a dense fog, being able in inhale again after being underwater.  It feels good, but at the same time I always notice that I am able to see the flaws and empty spaces in my life more clearly.

At the same time, autumn is usually my creative season.  It's bizarre being depressive and productive.

I am feeling a general low in confidence.  It happens.  I generally feel disempowered, Bacterial Infections Tetracycline craiglist, unvaluable, and rather thoroughly average.  I'm not fishing for compliments or reassurances (they wouldn't help anyway, Bacterial Infections Tetracycline canada, as it's an intrinsic valuation), it's just part of the autumn turnover.

I don't like the logo I designed for my batik site.  I think I may actually hate it.  In any case, I think it needs to be redone.   I am having a hard time finishing Starling.  I feel concerned because I haven't had much response to her at all on my journal, 20mg Bacterial Infections Tetracycline, which makes me worry that there won't be much of a market for her.  Seeing friends struggling with sales has made me feel a bit skittish as well, and I wonder if it's really a good idea to pro-cast her. 100mg Bacterial Infections Tetracycline, I'm going through a big upheaval in the doll collection... I'm downsizing bit, shifting beloved sculpts to different characters.  I'm hoping to get everything feeling a little bit more manageable, I guess, 500mg Bacterial Infections Tetracycline.

I have a week more, then I have a whole week off of work.  I am SO excited.  I am hoping I can get some sleep them and get the season righted.

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Typical Cipro Dosage

Typical Cipro Dosage, I'm thinning down the herd a bit... the following dolls will be for sale.  If you're interested in them, Typical Cipro Dosage paypal, 750mg Typical Cipro Dosage, please PM or email me. :)

LUTS White K-doll Karon head ($150)
White-skin Narae 60 Mature, 500mg Typical Cipro Dosage, 50mg Typical Cipro Dosage, modded to male ($550)
LUTS Abadon head with DoA LE faceup ($150)
Peakswood Hucky twins ($250 each)
F-34 with Hakkun faceup on an SD10 boy body ($325 head/$350 body)
Everpurple Iris ($350)
Zuzu Delf Lio Pirate fullset ($300). 20mg Typical Cipro Dosage.

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Colchicine Duration Of Action

Colchicine Duration Of Action, First, this body stands now!  HURRAH!  Just a few more hours of sanding and Moonling is ready to mold!  (Starling's expression plates are still in progress...)


starlingbody. 100mg Colchicine Duration Of Action. Colchicine Duration Of Action mexico. Colchicine Duration Of Action us. Colchicine Duration Of Action ebay. 250mg Colchicine Duration Of Action.

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Key Acheter Acomplia

Key Acheter Acomplia, I finally was able to string the new legs.  I was surprised by how much adjusting they still need to be fully functional.  At present, the body can't stand unassisted... though the leg poseability is really nice for seated poses.  When these are finished, they'll be really nice.

A difficulty with doing a doll at this scale is that I need to keep the resin at the joints a certain minimum thickness.  Perhaps I am making things too thick after being lightly traumatized by the casting issues with Inkling, Key Acheter Acomplia australia, but I want to make sure that these dolls do well in professional production. But anyway, Key Acheter Acomplia overseas, it presents difficulties with the double-joints because the knees have to be thicker.... which means the legs have to thicker overall.  As I look at it, I am a bit uncertain about the aesthetic of the legs.  I like them, but then, Key Acheter Acomplia coupon, I also like chunkier legs in general.

This is the fatsums lower torso, Key Acheter Acomplia japan, which is chubbier and more pear-shaped.  Starling won't have that (or the big-boob upper, for that matter), but Moonling will.  Moonling has a chubbier face, so I wanted her body to suit, 10mg Key Acheter Acomplia.



My workdesk is so messy.  I feel like my workdesk always reflects my mental state pretty accurately.

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