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In 1973, Kinuko Craft provided illustrations for Playboy's printing of Goblin Market.  I was introduced to one of the images during a class in college, 30mg Use Of Amoxicillin, and it turned out that was the only picture I could find online from the series.  I collect some erotica when it strikes my fancy, 50mg Use Of Amoxicillin, and this one was really cool... so I decided to hunt down a copy of that issue of Playboy so I could clip the picture and put it in a frame for my room.

I was a bit disappointed by the rest of the illustrations, Use Of Amoxicillin india, which weren't nearly so striking.  The best-known picture looks like it was based on this Rackham illustration:


(The Kinuko Craft image is linked below; I have labeled it Illustration 4.)

The other of the pictures are rather silly and obviously titillating... Use Of Amoxicillin paypal, but I'm doing my part to contribute to the internet by posting up the rest of the series. :)  I also LOVED going through the ads for 1973 menswear; half of the stuff was seriously clothing I would wear.

(Illustration 1)

These are from the September 1973 issue of Playboy.

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