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Generic Cialis Cheap, I made it to 10 rough sculpts!  Here they are in the order that they were sculpted.

First, 1-3, 50mg Generic Cialis Cheap.



I feel like I learned a lot.  I also like all of them, 10mg Generic Cialis Cheap, so I'll be finishing them eventually.  I like 2, 3, 6, Generic Cialis Cheap mexico, and 9 the best.  At the moment, 250mg Generic Cialis Cheap, I have to paint MH for Etsy and work on Christmas presents... so I'm not sure when I'll be sculpting again.  Next up is the torso, then I can make the neckholes on all of these heads and get working on them again, 40mg Generic Cialis Cheap.

I'm also planning to start molding Starling this week.  I hope to get her clayed in soon.

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