Prozac Calming Effect

Prozac Calming Effect, Well, commissions have started to arrive, so it's time to get back to work on those.

I have mixed feelings about Apoxie Sculpt.  One one hand, it is available in large quantities and easy to mix... on the other, 20mg Prozac Calming Effect, I find it's harder to tool, dremel, and smooth.  I'm actually just thinking of finishing off the rough shape of this costume piece, then molding it and casting it... THEN cleaning up the resin cast.  I'm having a hard time cleaning up the Apoxy Sculpt piece, Prozac Calming Effect uk.

The original head is going okay.  I'm working on evening out assymetrical areas... and I think I'm good to go.  I started making the headcap last night.., Prozac Calming Effect. but it looks like crap, so I need to work on it more.  The method I was using was not the Best Way To Go, Prozac Calming Effect india, so I will need to rethink it before I do the F-8s.

To do tonight:

  • Start Hewitt ears

  • Finish cleaning up MSD option hands

  • Sand Link mod

I also decided that no matter what the NY LE is, I'm not getting it.  The only thing I would want would be an SD13 boy, and it may or may not be one... and it would probably be $900+, Prozac Calming Effect ebay, plus the (I think) 10% NYS taxes.  I can't afford to spend that on ONE doll.  On that note, I bought two Senior Delfs (Delves) to get bodies for Burgundy and Knife.  If the MiniMee heads don't work on them, I like the Bliss heads enough that those heads could just be Knife and Burgundy in the meantime.  And they're bigger, Prozac Calming Effect us, taller, more mature dolls.... so they would just work out better.  I am still hoping that the next attempt at the MiniMee works, though.  *crosses fingers* Interestingly, I was comparing the measurements of the SD13 boy and the Senior Delf... and they're very very similar!  So my hope is that I can still use all of the same outfits and shoes for Knife and Burgundy.  That would be good!  :D  Happy.

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2 thoughts on “Prozac Calming Effect

  1. FWIW, I totally, totally recommend ditching the Apoxie Sculpt if you have to do any work to it after it cures.

    Unless they have changed the recipe since 2005, I have found that if you’re planning to sand or shape it, you have two choices. The first is power tools. I’ve used all sorts of Dremel tools and woodworking power tools on Apoxie sculpt because I was impatient. The cost? Lack of precision. (And sometimes a drill press just isn’t handy.) The second is handwork. The cost? It takes several millennia.

    Another thing. If the Apoxie is mixed with another material — say Sculpey — then the Sculpey will risk sanding down much faster than the Apoxie…

    I’m going to get a headache just remembering all the things that went wrong. So. I recommend casting. ^_^;

    Best of luck!