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crashface3.jpg crashface2.jpg crashface1.jpg Apthous Ulcers Colchicine, Crash came today.  He's beautiful, but I think I need to find a more appropriate wig - the bangs don't do it for me.  Anyone that can recommend a good fur wigmaker that uses the softer, fluffier fur and finishes her edges.

I love his lips the best, and his skintone... and his lovely hands.

Mostly, Apthous Ulcers Colchicine canada, though, I took pics of him with Swill.  Mostly, Swill pretended he wasn't interested.


swillcrash000.jpg swillcrash1.jpg swillcrash2.jpg swillcrash3.jpg

swillcrash5.jpg swillcrash7.jpg swillcrash8.jpg swillcrash6.jpg swillcrash9.jpg

I upped the contrast on those pics... but their skintones look nice together.  More like this, Apthous Ulcers Colchicine. Still, Swill makes Crash look darker and Crash makes Swill look lighter (and unhealthy), 20mg Apthous Ulcers Colchicine.

Cathead came for the weekend and we celebrated Moth's 1st birthday.  I'd never have a party for my own dolls, but it was fun getting a little cookiecake and dolly gifts for Moth.  We went to the park and took some pics for Catheads future blog, and some are really nice.  Won't post them, though, 150mg Apthous Ulcers Colchicine, so she can have the fun of doing it.

We went to the park though and onto the hiking trails.  Unfortunately, when I was climbing around in the ravine setting up for a picture, I fell and crunched my wrist.  (It was one of those comical moments where you have the doll in one hand, the camera in the other, and as you're going down, 1000mg Apthous Ulcers Colchicine, you try to figure which is better to fall on.)  It's swollen and bruised, I think sprained.  Blegh.  It's my left, at least... can't hold things firmly to work on commissions, Apthous Ulcers Colchicine coupon, unfortunately.  Just a few days should fix itm but it sucks at the moment.
Took a few pics of Swill before that... gathering mushrooms. (Otherwise he'd have no reason to be out in nature!)



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5 thoughts on “Apthous Ulcers Colchicine

  1. Mmmm, Crash!!! I thought his wig would be a brighter pink though.

    Aziza does fur wigs and they are finished along the edges from memory.

  2. Yaaaay, he’s home! Congrats! ^^

    If you can wait a while, maybe a Bitten Before wig? Or ask Cassiel to custom make you one? Kian and Harlow are wearing wigs by those two at the moment, and the seams are finished and the fur is fluffy. ^^

  3. Ahhh I think he looks lovely, it’s nice to see him with hair and eyes. And Swill of course looks beautiful.

  4. Eeeee, congratulations!! He’s gorgeous (omg pink eyebrows), and the boys look wonderful together . . . and those pics of Swill picking mushrooms are really lovely.

    How’s your wrist doing now?


    — A :)