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Synthroid Generic, DARGH.

MT ate my post.
Oh well, the text isn't important, really. Just a few quick pics of Mac in his suit that I took before work this morning. The camera's batteries were dying (and then died before I could take picture of anything else), so they're not great. Buuuut good enough, Synthroid Generic. The suit is really nice, I love it. Mac looks so pretty in it and the crispy wig. And really.., 750mg Synthroid Generic. MAN-like. Synthroid Generic, It's kinda cool. I don't think anyone would mistake him for a chick. The suit pants are a little bit long - so they would work on a long-legged SD13 boy too. (Mac's normal-legged... I gave his longer limbs to Rory.) I'm also happy because it's less than half the cost of the CP suit. It's not as nice, but the price is more conscienceable for me.

I kinda of want to post it on DoA, Synthroid Generic coupon, but I don't want people to think I'm showing off. ^_^* And people are kinda outspoken about how they don't like the Heath sculpt. *cuddles Mac* Doesn't matter though, I love him.

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2 thoughts on “Synthroid Generic

  1. I think Heath is a great doll. Mac is just wonderful. Such a great look for him..and the suit is to die for. IMO some wigless orignal Heath photos can look strange…as if he has no ears. But when a friend brought a Heath to one of our meets…people went nuts. There is a fan base for Heath.