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Bettafix And Tetracycline, I started a thread on DoA last week about feminizing and/or objectifying male characters.  I've really enjoyed the conversations with everyone, and it's really interesting to look into some of the deeper possibilities for why people do it on the whole.

For my own boys, I have one character who I would consider visually feminized, sexualized, objectified.  And that would be my darling Knife.


Knife is a tall, 500mg Bettafix And Tetracycline, muscular man with a strong jaw and above-average body strength... but he has long hair, wears make-up, and often wears corsets and rather revealing clothing.  The reasons for his being feminized are due to "the character's choice." Not even his sexual preference, 150mg Bettafix And Tetracycline, really...
In the society Knife hails from, his 'kind' of magic user is highly distrusted and disliked.  It's hard to find work and make a living, and it's hard to even deal with most other magic users on a day-to-day basis.  Knife tries to make himself look as vulnerable and unimpressive as possible.  This is really hard, as he's very tall, very strong, Bettafix And Tetracycline overseas, and very easily identifiable as a cyphon mage by his metallic eyes.  So instead, he makes himself out to be a pretty-boy sexual object, hoping people will neglect to see that he's an extremely powerful magic user.  People don't take him seriously, so they don't realize that he's as dangerous as he is. Bettafix And Tetracycline usa, knifeneweyes.jpg
Knife has never been molested or raped; people have tried to slip stuff in his drinks, and have woken up later, painfully drained of magic.  He's also never sold himself.  He'd sooner starve to death.

At the End of the World, he usually dresses more conservatively (except in summer, otherwise he roasts).., Bettafix And Tetracycline paypal. but he still wears makeup and keeps his hair long because it's how he's come to identify himself.

(More conservative Knife with celticgeekess' Mordred).

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2 thoughts on “Bettafix And Tetracycline

  1. I have been *loving* that thread . . . and it’s been really intriguing for me, despite the fact that I don’t have any ‘feminized’ boys (Aubrey is snakily ambisexual, but the girliest thing he’s ever worn was a ruffled shirt.) It’s interesting seeing *why* people choose their doll characters, and it’s nice to get “backstory” from a psychological perspective.

    Also, anything that results in more pictures of Knife = love!

    — A ;)

  2. That sounds like an utterly fascinating thread. I hope to check it out… sometime…

    Thanks for starting it (and mentioning it here)!

    And Knife sounds like a very complex, intriguing character. *impressed*