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Cialis No Perscription, I can no longer deal with working on Antagonist's head in the state it's in.  I'm going to make a junk mold so I can work on it all in resin.  I think refining the resin version will be alot easier than trying to deal with this monstrocity of resin, apoxy sculpt, and Milliput.

The errors are rather glaring after a coat of Mr, 50mg Cialis No Perscription. Cialis No Perscription ebay, Surfacer...


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4 thoughts on “Cialis No Perscription

  1. I think he looks cool! I can see that he still needs work and stuff, but I guess the thing about Mr Surfacer and primer/putty stuff is that it IS supposed to enhance the problems, so that you can either fill or sand them and then do another coat of Surfacer to see if you’ve still got any problems. I think we did about 5 rounds of fix and respray of the twiglimbs torso, and each respray was 3-4 coats to get it all smooth and even. Using a spraygun, Ron was switching between runny and thicker mixes and even using mixes with a lot of air to get a powdery finish.

    Anyway you’ve done a lot of work on this head, building it from scratch so it’s easy to get disillusioned and tired of it, especially when you’ve also spent a lot of time modding heads from other companies.

    Is Antagonist a big head? I would love to get a copy of the junk cast to play with… I feel very lazy at the moment and would love to not have to sculpt a head completely from scratch;)

  2. FWIW, I found it a LOT easier to work on a junk mold of Mau, because the Sculpey was so brittle. (And I may have to junk-mold Kitsu at this point, because the Apoxie Sculpt is so hard that I can only work it with power tools, and it’s killing my hands, gah!)

    I think he’s looking awesome, FWIW — you can probably only see flaws, but I like him a lot :>

  3. Twigling> You’re welcome to a copy of the junk mold, though I think I’m going to ditch the headcap I’d been working on and make another when I’ve refined the inside of the head (The inside is bad.)… rather than bothering to mold it and refine it. You’re welcome to futz around with it, of course! I’m hoping to bring a couple of the final cast with me to the BJD Artist thingy. (I need to email you about that so we can plot evil.)

    Andi> Oh no! It looks so wonderful, I hope you can continue! :( I find that I get very frustrated with the Apoxie sculpt too because it’s so hard… it’s really slowing me down on the MSD replacement torso. Stick with Kitsu though! I’m making you a little present for when you finish him! I started on a Lati-yellow sized kit head to be his bebby! XD

  4. Yay for plotting evil!! I am eagerly awaiting your communications XD

    No need for a headcap, I’ll build something else no trouble.

    Sorry to hear you are having a hard time with the apoxie sculpt, personally I love working with it and I find that it sands really easily and allows me to shape it.. or carve it coarsely and sand it back to a smooth surface with no trouble at all.