Cipro For Sinus Infection

Cipro For Sinus Infection, I forgot to post these the other day.

I took them with the Rebel... I used the automatic settings for the ones inside the balloon, 250mg Cipro For Sinus Infection, and outside I used the automatic for a few shots, Cipro For Sinus Infection japan, then switched to manual and plugged in the settings that the automatic setting had been using.  Then the light got weird and I switched back to automatic.  i kept it on autofocus the whole time, though.  I'm finding that I have a hard time looking through my glasses and the viewfinder at the same time.  I'm guessing I'll just get used to it.

Some tweaking in PS was required, 50mg Cipro For Sinus Infection. :(

These are the pics of the actual launch.  There were 29 balloons and most of them were really neato. 10mg Cipro For Sinus Infection, launch1.jpg launch2.jpg launch3.jpg launch4.jpg launch6.jpglaunch5.jpg launch7.jpg launch8.jpg launch9.jpg launch10.jpg launch11.jpg launch12.jpg launch13.jpg launch14.jpg launch15.jpg launch16.jpg launch17.jpg launch18.jpg

This balloon was coming in from the opposite direction shortly after that big group left.  So this one is landing:


They also had an old balloon envelope that was turned on its side and inflated with a  a big fan.  You could pay $1 to go in and walk around.  It was really neat, I think that was one of my favorite parts of the day.  The air from the fan went under the balloon too, so the "floor" of the balloon would ripple and billow.  The kids really loved it, Cipro For Sinus Infection us.

walkballoon1.jpg walkballoon3.jpg.

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4 thoughts on “Cipro For Sinus Infection

  1. I think they are nice pics. Balloons are great to watch and shoot pics of :D But reminds me of the balloon incident about a week ago in BC(?) One of the balloon bursted into flame :O One woman jumped out when it was about 15m high, just before the thing exploded :O

    Oh, join flickr!

    Also, I see 2 specks on almost every photo. Dust already? Or is it my monitor?

    *lick finger and scrub monitor*

  2. I see one speck of dust but it’s not that big of a deal. *kicks PJ* She can easily PS that. No need for her to go messing with the sensor. Aimee would DIE if she tried to fix that and it got scratched.

    The pics look good! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that you should buy a UV filter so you can protect the lens glass. I’ll email you a link from ebay of the one I bought. It’s pretty cheap and you won’t have to worry bout inadvertanly scratching or putting fingerprints on your lens.

  3. PJ> Eeek, I see the spots!!! *runs around in circles* What do I dooooo? It could be on the lens, maybe. It was very dusty out, and I think my lens got a bit dusty? I’ll take a test shot tonight, maybe…

    Jo> That would be awesome, I would totally appreciate a link!

    I had a dream last night that someone broke my camera. :( It was this weird pregnant lady and she smacked it out of my hands… and the lens got this big scrape in it and it popped open when it hit the sidewalk and got all full of dust. ;_; I told her to replace it, and she was like “Oh, I’ll give you $300″ and I was so upset. I woke up all anxious. I think I might be going a bit crazy. -_-;;;;

  4. Pregnant lady? IT MUST BE A SIGN!!!!!!!!!!!

    JO ARE YOU??????????????????????????????

    It’s inevitable to have dust XD Mine got them the second day already XD;;; Like Jo said just edit them out. Don’t mess with it too soon! When it gets really bad you can always send it back to Canon and have it cleaned. I’m reading on some tutorial how to clean it yourself. Maybe one day Jo will let me clean hers as practice? XD