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Symptoms After Ovulation On Clomid, We watched Donnie Darko last night, and I found it to be a really conceptually interesting movie... but for several reasons, I found it somewhat unsatisfying. Thoughts, contains spoilers... if you have seen it, lemme know your thoughts as well.

First, I need to make the disclaimer that I was painting a doll while I was watching it, so I may have missed some visual clues.... and due to the fact that everyone mumbled constantly, I believe that I also missed some verbal clues, Symptoms After Ovulation On Clomid. However, here are some of my questions and thoughts.

First, the movie is neatly paralleled by chapters of the fictional book, Philosophies on Time Travel... basic movie summary, what has happened is that a wormhole in the future has ripped an engine off a jet, then dropped it randomly 28 days into the past where it should have crushed Donnie Darko. However, Symptoms After Ovulation On Clomid ebay, Donnie listens to Frank, the mental projection of a man in a bunny suit, leaves his bedroom and is spared death. Symptoms After Ovulation On Clomid, This opens up a Tangent Universe that will last 28 days, and that Tangent Universe will take the real universe with it when it vanishes if the paradox is not corrected.

Okay, so once we figure this out, we know that basically, the universe will end if Donnie Darko doesn't get squashed by that engine.

There are a couple key terms to get here - the "Living Receiver" is the person who needs to be killed by the artifact (in this case Donnie via the jet engine). The "Manipulated Dead" are those who will be killed in this Tangent Universe who would not normally die in the normal timeline (in this case, Frank and Gretchen). The "Manipulated Living" are people who are directly touched by the Living Receiver. Who's who isn't particularly clear as you're just watching the movie, Symptoms After Ovulation On Clomid.


So. Basically, the Manipulated Dead are Frank (his sister's boyfriend) and Gretchen (his girlfriend). The manipulated dead have some intuitive knowledge of the situation and some limited supernatural powers and will act in such a way as to make the Living Receiver fulfill his purpose (= choose to die). Symptoms After Ovulation On Clomid, So Frank appears to Donnie in water-based visions (in the rabbit suit) and instructs him to do certain tasks that will lead him to the moment where he will have the opportunity to change time. One could also make the argument that though Gretchen does not directly instruct him through any supernatural means, some of her actions seem to show that she has some knowledge and is guiding Donnie to the choice.

Here is problem point #1: Donnie is initially saved from the jet engine by a vision of Frank, when he is told to leave the house and informed that the world will end in 28 days, Symptoms After Ovulation On Clomid canada. So the Tangent Universe is effectively created by someone from the Tangent Universe using powers that he only would have within the Tangent Universe, causing the whole time paradox end of the world. What. If Frank hadn't led Donnie out in the first place, the Tangent Universe never would have been created.., Symptoms After Ovulation On Clomid. ergo Manipulated Dead Frank wouldn't have had the supernatural power to guide Donnie out.

I hate time travel movies. They never freaking work.

I think, though, that the main reason that I felt dissatified with the movie was because of the scene where Donnie is talking to his science teacher about time travel, God, and predestination. Symptoms After Ovulation On Clomid, They talk about how because humans have the power of free will/choice, nothing is ever completely predetermined.

Yet at the end of the movie, Donnie essentially has been left with only one choice. His girlfriend has been killed, he has shot Frank, and he is watching his mother and sister's plane start to go down as the sky is splitting open in preparation to swallow up the world. The choice. Either die alone by getting instantly crushed by a random jet engine and spare everyone, 150mg Symptoms After Ovulation On Clomid, or watch the whole universe snuff out like a match in a vaccuum. And, uh, die alone on a hill with the corpse of your girlfriend, Symptoms After Ovulation On Clomid. Tough choice. Were he to choose to live at that moment 28 days in the past, he'd be killing the girl he's come to love, his mother and sister, and his sister's boyfriend... and y'know, everyone else in the entire universe. -_- And really, what difference does it make to the individual if the universe ends or if only you end. Symptoms After Ovulation On Clomid, Dying now-now or 28-days-earlier-now, you're still dead. Might as well do the noble thing, because it's not really going to change the effect on you personally.

Which seems sadder, too, because throughout the movie Donnie says over and over that he just doesn't want to be alone. By saving everyone else, he does die alone in his room (after being alone on the hill), and is alone in being the only one who has died.

Throughout the movie, we watch Donnie as he improves the lives of others - some in small ways just through his presence, 500mg Symptoms After Ovulation On Clomid, and others in rather violent ways... such as exposing the motivational speaker's kiddie porn dungeon by burning down his house, Symptoms After Ovulation On Clomid. In any case, we (and Donnie) are acutely aware of the impact that he makes as an individual during those 28 days. The world that he is no longer a part of is bleaker - the Chinese girl has no quiet defender, Gretchen will continue to be sexually harassed by the bullies (who show in the Tangent Universe that they're capable of violence as well), the motivational speaker will continue to produce kiddie porn while everyone thinks he's awesome, Donnie and his father will have never had the understanding that they end up with, his mother will never have the opportunity to take the lead as the chaperone for the girls dance team... so basically, the last however many hours of movie that we watched is kinda pointless because none of it even actually happened in the "reality" of the movie world.

It is a really interesting movie, and I did enjoy it... Symptoms After Ovulation On Clomid, I also enjoy having the things to think about. I liked watching Donnie's growth as a character and a person. I wasn't really upset about his death, it was more that it was also the death of the world where he had made a difference. On the flipside, though, you could also say that he had started a new world of potentials by making the unselfish choice... 100mg Symptoms After Ovulation On Clomid, and he has let millions of possibilities continue to open by the simple fact that life continues. Perhaps instead of being stripped of worldly connections to break him, you could also argue that he has had his priorities reset to a greater good and he's just become a really obvious (though bizarre) Jesus figure, Symptoms After Ovulation On Clomid. But Donnie has also done more in the 28 day span than some people do in their whole lives because he gets to find love (=get laid), find God (or at least faith in the existence of a God) and do something heroic... whereas if he'd just gotten flattened in the first scene, those opportunities would have never come to pass for him as an individual.

Either way, the concept was interesting and the acting was pretty good. The characters were very believable and rather likeable (where applicable). The guy in the bunny suit creeped me the hell out, though.

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5 thoughts on “Symptoms After Ovulation On Clomid

  1. I love this movie, and have watched it many times. You know how Danny is so afraid of being alone and then there is the discussion of god and time travel. I believe the whole story is one of Danny finding God. That God made all this happen to prove to Danny that he is not alone. I cant decide if that is really understated or really obvious, since it so obvious to me but I keep having arguements about what I think the meaning is with people. I agree with you that a story with time travel in it is just so much futility, unless you look at what has changed, and that is Danny. God or the universe gives him just what he needs so that he can go happily to his death.

  2. I enjoyed the movie when I watched it last year, but your explaining it to me like this makes it make more sense… I should watch it again, though.

  3. I didn’t really like this movie and have always felt outnumbered by all the people that adore it. It was enjoyable to watch, quite fine really, but nothing memorable or special about it. Rather contrived and Hollywoodish, I thought. I’m always kind of confused when people mention it as a favourite or as being really influential.

    But then, I hated Edward Scissorhands, so what do I know?

  4. I don’t take the movie at face value. I believe that what happens is along the lines of “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”.

    Everything we see in the Tangent Universe reflects what a teenage boy — particularly one who may not be sane* — would want to think of his (potential) influence on the world. He not only gets the girl but he’s a hero on an increasing scale: first the quiet bullied girl, then every future victim of the motivational speaker, and finally the entire universe.

    Even though his time travel delusion unravels, leaving him without the girl and with all of his minor heroism undone, he dies happy because his sacrifice saved the universe. And by extension he was, at least for a moment, the most important person in the universe.

    * Is he just a sleepwalking kid taking placebos? Or is that a bit of delusional whitewashing over the reality of a seriously disturbed young man who can function in society only as long as he continues to take his medication?