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Prozac Lower Rem Sleep, I have a couple pairs of eyes that I bought at Doll's Garden Nagoya a couple years ago. I don't really use them, in general, with the exception of some stunning green/olive eyes that I use as Rory's personal defaults, 250mg Prozac Lower Rem Sleep.

I was looking at a pretty golden-beige pair tonight, then I remembered that when I had returned home after DGN in 2005, 100mg Prozac Lower Rem Sleep, I had posted a gallery thread of my pics that included a link to the site for the artist who had sold the eyes.

Yeah, my "junk" eyes are freaking hitomiya eyes. *slaps forehead* I never even knew, 40mg Prozac Lower Rem Sleep. At the time I bought them, I had no idea who she was. 200mg Prozac Lower Rem Sleep, And after that, I forgot who the artist was.

Dang it, I sold a couple pairs of them for like $15, 500mg Prozac Lower Rem Sleep. LOL, I guess.

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4 thoughts on “Prozac Lower Rem Sleep

  1. You mean, you HAD the website, and never noticed the name?
    Remind me to slap you later.

  2. But how much did you pay for them in the first place? Supply and demand, I guess… easier to get hold of them at DGN than in the US, therefore they demand the higher prices here. If you had sold them for substantially more than you paid for them (on purpose) it would be scalping, right?

  3. Ahaha, you know, a little while back I’d looked at that very same report of yours (can’t remember why) but when I saw the eye bin, I figured it was Hitomiya. XD Don’t worry too much though, the eyes from the junk bin don’t go for much more than original price on Y!J anyways. (Though the pristine, matched pairs are another story, as my bank account can attest. T_T)

  4. Heh, it would be scalping, I suppose. The ones I have left, I intend to keep.

    I only had 3 pairs from the bin… the ones I still have are lovely matched pairs that were probably around $30 each? (Rory’s eyes being my favorite). The value’s not overly important, since I’m keeping them. I just feel stupid because I had these “brand name” eyes and I didn’t even realize it!