Effects Of Flagyl Alcohol

Effects Of Flagyl Alcohol, I've heard it's common practice that people will promise to buy dolls on the marketplace, and then the deals for whatever reason fall through. This seems to happen with amazing frequency, and it's just happened to me.

I'm so hurt and angry about it. I told [person] that I really needed to have payment sent by a certain date because I was moving home and I needed to ship the doll, and she said she'd send payment "in three days." Well, Effects Of Flagyl Alcohol canada, after having the doll on hold for almost a week, I got worried and PMed her. She didnt respond to my PM, though I could see that she had read it. I PMed her again, asking, pointblank, if she wanted the doll because I still had one other person who was waiting in case the deal fell through, Effects Of Flagyl Alcohol. Effects Of Flagyl Alcohol paypal, She read it, but again didn't respond until HOURS later. And what was her response.

"After a lot of thought (and trying to find the money), I don't think I can get him. Sorry."

What the fuck, 20mg Effects Of Flagyl Alcohol. Effects Of Flagyl Alcohol, That's IT. I had a doll on hold for her for a fucking week and that's IT. And it took her a WEEK to tell me this. I'm so angry and upset about this. All of my dolls are packed up and shipped, Effects Of Flagyl Alcohol overseas, and now I have to figure out how to get Yen home as well. The worst part, Effects Of Flagyl Alcohol. There had been another girl who REALLY wanted Yen, and she'd been waiting on me to see if the deal fell through. I messaged her this morning after [person] messaged me that, and unfortunately... the other girl ordered from CH just a few hours ago, 500mg Effects Of Flagyl Alcohol. So I've also lost the other buyer as well. Effects Of Flagyl Alcohol, If she had just PMed me back when she read the damn thing instead of deliberating or stalling for hours, I wouldn't have lost the other buyer. So I'm in a crap situation. I wonder when [person] was going to tell me that she was going to flake on the deal.

This situation SUCKS. I'm going to relist Yen and hope someone wants him.

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