Retin A Milia Under Eyes

Retin A Milia Under Eyes, It seems like cleaning took the whole weekend. Crazy. The apartment is much cleaner, though, and that is a source of happiness. 100mg Retin A Milia Under Eyes, I also watched more of Avatar, and I am enjoying it. I am also delighted because I realized that Toph's dad was voiced by the same guy who voiced Die Fledermaus on The Tick. He even used the same voice mannerism, Retin A Milia Under Eyes. Kinda weird. We just finished season 2. I've decided that since I can't get figures of all the characters, 200mg Retin A Milia Under Eyes, I'm going to make them as Volks 1/6ths. I haven't done 1/6th in awhile, but I think it would be nice... Retin A Milia Under Eyes, lots of sewing, though. It's a back-burner project for when I finish everything else. 250mg Retin A Milia Under Eyes, I had a hard time figuring out which models to use for each one.... it's not ideal, but I think it'll look okay when they're all done. If nothing else, all the characters are distinctive enough that even if the dolls aren't perfect, they'll be recognizable, 750mg Retin A Milia Under Eyes.

I also want to post some pics of Fawn, Retin A Milia Under Eyes. I haven't done too much on her, but since I haven't really even posted her here... thought I'd take a moment. :)

She makes me happy, Retin A Milia Under Eyes us, even though she's not perfect.

You can also see Percy sitting on the little shelf in the background, overseeing everything.  :).

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6 thoughts on “Retin A Milia Under Eyes

  1. Howling at the moon?? Fawn looks great!! Awesome effort on your part to deal with the cleaning.. I am behind on that front again.. maybe tomorrow.. too much sanding today. Might do the dishes though, before they pile up. Must reply to your email!!!

  2. Really a wonderful image . . . very cerebal, thought provoking and evocative. :)

    I found you here by way of LJ and Zagzagael. I’d like to add this feed and also your LJ. Kay? I will comment at your LJ as well. ^___^

  3. Aimee – Thanks! I kinda like how the photo itself came out, even though I was just trying to take a pic to show Fawn in profile. ;) I don’t like cleaning, really, but sometimes it just feels really good. Everything feels so much better after.

    Twigling – In fairness, Roommate also did a lot of cleaning. She is much tidier than me naturally, though… so she has less that she has to clean up, usually. My art sprawl is sort of intense sometimes. I’m sure you can relate. -_-;;;

    Zag – Thanks. ;) I’m hoping to finish her within the next month.

    Keena – Thanks for stopping in. :) I also friended your LJ, so we can hopefully get to know each other a little better!

  4. I’m glad to hear that you’re continuing to enjoy Avatar… and I squee inwardly at the thought of you working on 1/6 scale dolls of everyone! No pressure, though. ;)

    (but omg Toph as a Mini or Midi = SO MUCH LOVE)

    I am reluctantly coming to terms with the fact that I am, on some level, a voice-chaser. I didn’t think I was, until I started asking my husband if we could play our Blood Elves in World of Warcraft… because the male blood elf is voiced by Cam Clarke (Die Fledermaus).