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Amoxicillin 500mg, I DON'T want to go to this wedding and reception today. I hardly know the bride, I've met the groom once... but since our families are friends and we used to play together when we were like, 6, social obligation says I must go. Since I got out of the shower through legitimate means, I definitely can't blow off the wedding. The wedding I don't mind, but the reception... ugh, Amoxicillin 500mg.

I don't want to go so badly that I have literally been mulling over ways to inflict injuries requiring hospitalization and ways to induce serious illness. The worrying part is not that I've been cataloguing things I could try, but that I have been thinking about how to make it look natural. Amoxicillin 500mg canada, 9_9 The worst thing is that I have no one to commiserate with - my family doesn't understand. Both my father and stepmother are very social. Amoxicillin 500mg, I am not. They cannot fathom why I don't want to give up my entire freaking Saturday to go sit in a hot, stuffy church to watch people I barely know get married and then go and sit for hours making awkward conversation with people I don't know.

I hate these things too because they always seem to people are trying to compare the yardsticks of their lives. Yes, I am the 25 year old who doesn't have a house, doesn't have a boyfriend, doesn't want to have kids, and doesn't go out drinking. Yes, I know. I feel your unspoken comparisons, "[Golden Child] is making 200k a year!" "Oh really, Amoxicillin 500mg. Well, [someone two years younger than me] just got married.., Amoxicillin 500mg uk. they're closing on a house this week!"

I am particularly anxious about dealing with the Dreaded Questions:

1. "So, are you seeing anyone?"
Derivatives may include:
"Where is [ex-boyfriend of three years ago]. I thought you two were really serious."
"You should get moving, you're going to be too old to have kids if you don't get started..." (may also segue into the "don't you WANT to settle down and have kids?" bent if response is not cautious). Amoxicillin 500mg, While the fun responses would be to say that my ex is now gay, and my uterus was stolen to be sold on the black market while I was in Japan (it's a sore subject, thanks for bringing it up)... you can never say what you actually want to say because it would be rude. But I don't think people really ever realize how rude they're being when they imply that there's something wrong with being single and not wanting kids. Married life and propagating the species rocks for some people, but some of us just are doing our part to keep the population growth down. I actually had someone tell me once that I was selfish for not wanting children. Of course, the person telling me that was a man with 7 children, Amoxicillin 500mg.

The worst thing is that as soon as people (particularly family friends) realize that you're single, they cast about to hook you up with anyone under 40 who happens to have the right number of arms and a functioning penis. Amoxicillin 500mg australia, Even worse if that person happens to also be in attendance. Because obviously, you're both single and at the same social event, so you MUST be compatible. "Hey, I want to introduce you to Ted. Amoxicillin 500mg, Ted's really good with the ladies, but he doesn't seem to keep girlfriends too long and is always having his car re-upholstered." "I know this guy named Bob. Real sweet guy, a woodworker. Let me introduce you. Please pretend not to notice that he only has 6 fingers... and he's kind of self-conscious about his extra eye, so try not to stare."

2. "So, you went to school for teaching, what are you doing these days?"

"Actually, I'm not using my degree at all, Amoxicillin 500mg. I work in financial services, mostly watching other people, Amoxicillin 500mg coupon, most of whom are assholes, make a metric fuckton of money. Oh, by the way, I'm attending this reception now even though I don't want to and should really be home studying for the exam I'm taking on Monday."

3. "So, I notice you don't go to church..."

I know that another family friend, who is very Born Again, will be asking me at length if I have accepted Jesus as my Lord and Personal Savior. The answer is simple: I believe in Christianity, but there are several tenants of organized religion that I really have a hard time with. Unfortunately, Amoxicillin 500mg us, most of the people who will ask me about religion will be the type who are completely unsubtle. "Have you been eating well. You need to feed your soul too, you know." (Actual quote.)

Bleeeeeeeeeeeeh. I am going to go iron my dress and Mapquest my way to the church.

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6 thoughts on “Amoxicillin 500mg

  1. Gawd, it sucks that even though the world has made so many revolutionary improvements in the last few decades, the stupid wedding questions always remain the same.

  2. Oh god, i understand you. I got bombed with those question too until i married. Now i only get the ‘Are you pregnant?’ question every time i talk to my mother – who wants a child more than either me or my husband. We’re both young, why do i have to hurry?! And i wanna be financially secure if i ever have one. Thats the ideal situation though.

    If you’re really uncomfortable you can always plea a headache and hour into the reception or some such thing.

  3. Wow, that sucks!!! I agree you should feign a headache after an hour or so… I’m sure nobody would notice if you just snuck off;)

    Good luck on your exam!!!!!!!! *hugs*

  4. My husband and I used to deal with the kids question like this-
    I would burst out crying and leave then he would give them the old- “Didnt you know she was infertile speech”
    I am sure this helped prevent people from asking the same rude questions of other couples.

    Of course then we had some trouble conceiving down the road- the universe works in mysterious ways.

    I think you’ll do fine, you are great in social situations, I liked talking with you.

  5. De-lurking to say I feel your pain…heaven help us single girls. (if you don’t know anyone, I highly advise bringing a friend and making up an elaborate story beforehand.)