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Colchicine Cream, Five Things I was Doing 10 Years Ago
1.  Working evenings at my first job at a seasonal toy shop called All Wound Up
2.  Going through a rapid profusion of short-term boyfriends
3.  Dissecting oversized, imported Mexican cats in AP Bio
4.  Meeting one of my best friends
5.  Spending most of my free time drawing.

Five Things on My To Do List Today:
1. Work
2. Try to get the dog on a set feeding schedule
3. Colchicine Cream paypal, Try to actually get a few faceups done, in spite of dog
4. Order pizza with Roommate and Graham
5, Colchicine Cream. Do an entry for the Shirt Woot. Derby

Five Snacks I Enjoy:
1. Chocolate
2, Colchicine Cream uk. Wheat Thing
3. Colchicine Cream, Frosted Mini-Wheats
4. Brownies
5. Cinnamon Rolls

Five Things I Would Do If I Were a Millionaire, Colchicine Cream india, in no particular order:
1. Buy a house
2. Pay off any of my loans and those of my family and closest friends
3. Buy a Tsukasa, Colchicine Cream.
4. Go to Japan again, 100mg Colchicine Cream.
5. Quit my job and exclusively do charity work benefiting women and children. Colchicine Cream, Five Places I Have Lived:
1. My family's house
2. 40mg Colchicine Cream, My college's dorm
3. My apartment in Japan
4. My last apartment
5. My current apartment

Five Jobs I Have Had:
1, Colchicine Cream. Sales Associate
2. Call Center Representative
3. Nova Sensei
4. Receptionist
5. Executive Assistant


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2 thoughts on “Colchicine Cream

  1. The knowledge that this country imports giant dead cats to dissect is really screwing with my head.

  2. The best (worst) part is that these cats are probably 10 pounds of pure muscle… vacuum-sealed FLAT in bags of formaldehyde. Prior to dissection, we actually took a full class period to shampoo them to help take the smell down.