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Generic Prozac Vs, I find myself oddly tempted by Volks Ryoya.  I think it's because he's rather homely.  I have a thing for ugly Volks sculpts.

The SDGr body is really jacking the price on him, though... and most people are trying to bring the price of the body down to being reasonable by trying to do a split with the head in the $450 range.  It's too rich for my blood.., Generic Prozac Vs japan. I think I'd max out at $200-250ish, but at this point I doubt anyone would split for that.   I think I'll watch the Marketplace for the head.  My guess is that people will sell it when they receive the doll, Generic Prozac Vs india, and the price will eventually go down due to lack of demand.  (That's how I got my Eden head for very cheap.)

I don't have a character in mind for him, though, and I am actually "done" with my intended collection after Replacement Lacey arrives.   But I do like him...

Thinking of selling my tan 43cm Narin.., 200mg Generic Prozac Vs. he's so cute, but I guess life got really hectic and stressful right before he arrived, 30mg Generic Prozac Vs, and maybe I've transferred a bit of my frustration to the poor thing.  Not to say that he isn't frustrating all on his own, though... had a hell of a time finding a wig (on order), the EDs I ordered for him are a bit big.., 150mg Generic Prozac Vs. and he has no clothes yet.

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One thought on “Generic Prozac Vs

  1. I’m having some very similar thoughts about Mr. Ryoya, myself… Hopefully there’ll be enough of them floating around that the price eventually comes down to something more reasonable. (And I ended up doing exactly the same thing with my Eden, too. ‘Seem to be the way with that fellow. XD)