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Cheap Acomplia, Yesterday I woke up at 4:45 am and couldn't get back to sleep... so I got up and poked through my emails and wrote up one of the contest descriptions for the DoA 5th anniversary stuff.  I was tired, but felt like I'd at least accomplished something.

I woke up again at the same time, Cheap Acomplia mexico, and this time I'm just annoyed.

However, Cheap Acomplia paypal, I realized why.  I'd totally forgotten that Claritin makes me unable to sleep, and that's why I'd switched from the 24 to the 12 hour stuff.  It's not helping much anyway.... it takes the edge off, but I still have a lot of the most unpleasant symptoms of seasonal allergies.  I can't remember anymore what I've taken and what works at all.., 500mg Cheap Acomplia. for some reason, I am very resistant to any sort of medication (particularly pain medications) so it's hard to find anything that works.  I want to say that last year I took loratadine tablets, Cheap Acomplia usa, but when I tried them first this year before switching to the Claratin, they made me into a zombie.  A sneezing, hateful, red-eyed zombie, 1000mg Cheap Acomplia.

Anyway, so I'm up!  I have no idea what to do.

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2 thoughts on “Cheap Acomplia

  1. Loratadine is the generic of Claritin. Are you taking Claritin-D? It has pseudoephedrine in it and may wake you or keep you awake. Sudafed (pseudoephedrine) hits me like a triple espresso. You might try taking the Claritin-D during the day, but only the 12 hour, and then switch to one without the pseudoephedrine for nighttime and see if that helps.

    You might also want to try a prescription nose spray for the congestion. Sorry, but they are a life saver!

    Next year, start taking the Claritin or loratadine a couple of weeks in advance. The way my allergist explains it: It is like your immune system is an empty glass. Once that glass becomes full, your system is just constantly overflowing, and stemming that flow and reversing it becomes very difficult. If we halt it at the halfway point, or preferably even sooner, so that it never overflows… If you start taking the allergy medicines before you even come in contact with the allergens, you will arrest the process.

    I know I sound like an advertisement for allergy meds, but honestly, it works for me! And I get the generic Target brand loratadine (120 10mg pills for $14) and just add a generic Sudafed if a need it. You should also take a shower before bed to wash the pollen out of your hair and sleep with your windows closed.

    And I will now stop being a mother hen. :)

  2. I have serious allergies and the only think that works for me is Nasonex, which is a nasal spray. I often chase that with Zyrtex, but that does not help much. From my experience, allergies is just something I have to go through every year. I havent really found the right mix of meds that kicks in the right way. LOL.
    On a different subject, I was so planning on going to visit you guys, but there is no one that will care for my Grandmother is my absence. I am really upset actually. I had the best time last year. Well, I do hope you feel better soon and get some sleep.